Cup Fiction: A Café Library Dream Come To Life

I can’t believe I’m an entrepreneur now, I can’t even pronounce entrepreneur.

It all began one night when Jim and I bumped into our college friends, Pao and Tia. It was just a few days before Tia popped out their baby boy Noah. They said they wanted to do something with their space along White Plains and asked if we would be interested in partnering with them. We said yes and the months went by very quickly!

Pao, Jim, and I took a 2-week barista class from EDSA Beverage Design Group. Tia had just given birth and couldn’t have coffee so she sat this one out!





We even took an exam in the end!
We even took an exam in the end!

We started drinking doing research and development for our menu


Decided to skip hiring an interior designer and did everything ourselves








We interviewed people, hired a staff and did a kitchen test. A kitchen test is when you invite a handful of friends to order anything off the menu so the staff can time the process and see what needs adjustments. We also took the opportunity to cut down our menu items.




Only a few items made the cut and we’ve been up and running for exactly a month today. We’re still on soft opening, still ironing out some kinks, but so far the reviews have been great!







I’m handling marketing and so far we’ve been featured on these sites:


“Cup Fiction: For The Love of Coffee, Books and Comfort Food”


“We found the perfect coffee shop for creatives”

Photo: Janna Tee
Photo: Janna Tee

“Here’s Why We’re Excited to Visit Saab Magalona’s Newly Opened Cafe Library”



To those who have dropped by and sent us a shout out on social media: thank you SO much for helping spread the word about our little café. We get to see all the tagged photos and reviews and we really appreciate it. Our operations aren’t at 100% yet but we will get there with your help and comments :)

For the rest of you: when are you coming over?✨ It’s at 141 Katipunan ave, Brgy St. Ignatius, QC! Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) @cupfictionph 😘


Music Club: Candy Gamos

Why hello there! I’ve reformatted my Music Club section to introduce you to some local artists and friends. YAY. For my first feature, who else but Radio DJ, Cheats vocalist, host, and my best friend.


Art by Ana Luciano
Art by Ana Luciano

I’ve known Candy for a long time now. We met about seven years ago because our then-boyfriends were friends but we only got to say said hi and hello. Back then, she was still studying in Naga so I barely saw her. After graduating, she moved to Manila and I started seeing her more often. We became closer when I hired her, along with our mutual friend Carla, to style me for a show. Her bubbly personality just drew me to her and the rest, as they say, is history. (Wait, who are “they” and why do they say that?? JK)

Reunited in an ukay-ukay in Naga, 2011
Reunited in an ukay-ukay in Naga, 2011
Trike ride, 2011
Trike ride, 2011
Meiday Naga, 2011
Meiday Naga, 2011
Destined to be BFFs LELZ
Destined to be BFFs LELZ

We started GRRRL SCOUT, a production group that put together awesome gigs in various local bars (we should really make that a regular thing again).

GRRRL SCOUT Christmas Gig, 2012
GRRRL SCOUT Christmas Gig, 2012
Holding in our pee at Route 196, 2012
Holding in our pee at Route 196, 2012

GRRRL SCOUT featured Jim’s old band at a lot at our gigs. Their band, unfortunately, called it quits and on the night Jim was starting a new group, Candy and I just so happened to be hanging out. We started singing along and the boys decided to keep us. In my HUMBLE opinion, it was the best decision they’ve ever made. Hehehe.

Read on for my short interview with the hilarious and beautiful Candy Gamos!


Saab: Heyyyy! Kakagising mo lang, noh?

Candy: Yeah, super.

Saab: I know you weren’t always a morning person, would you say your whole lifestyle has changed since you became a morning DJ?

Candy: Ummmmm…… No. Hahahaha.

Saab: Ummmm.. I beg to differ.

Candy: In terms of waking up, yes, definitely. But contrary to what you think and what other people think, I still sleep after my board work so technically I just wake up early, do whatever I have to do and then I go back to sleep. I start my day siguro mga 2.

Saab: Hahahaha. Not bad.

Candy: Yeah, not bad, because I get things done naman before 12 eh so technically may nagagawa parin ako pero I wouldn’t say it’s changed me as a person. Fuck, no. Hahahaah.

Saab: You just really sleep a lot, huh?

Candy: Yeah. And whenever I don’t get enough sleep I get really cranky kasi the thing is I sleep late at night also. So maybe if I slept earlier, it would completely change my body clock so I can get more things done.


Candy: Hahahaha right?? I know.

Saab: Have you ever been late for work?

Candy: When I used to live an hour away from work lagi akong nale-late, man. Super hassle cos it’s really added stress to my everyday routine. So it felt like I was already at work while I was stuck in traffic. Eh I’m juggling 2 jobs right now so with the other job that’s online lang, I need to attend meetings in the morning. Before I couldn’t attend most of them cos that was my commute time and it’s never reliable in Manila to have a meeting online while in a moving car diba? And on top of that, I’m late pa for radio so t*ngina hassle talaga. But now I’m celebrating my 3rd week of living across the radio station so it’s a lot easier.

Saab: Woohoo!

Candy: I feel like a college student living in a dorm. My board work is at 9AM and I wake up at 8:30 hahaha! I wake up, get dressed up, cross the street and I’m there. After work, I take a bath and go to sleep. It’s very, very convenient. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Saab: Do you love your new-found independence?

Candy: Yes, so far I’m liking it. A big part of it is that I don’t need to make paalam to anyone. I’m a very walang pake person. When I lived in Marikina pa, whenever I wouldn’t go home pinapagalitan ako na parang “huy, magsabi ka naman sa mga kasama mo sa bahay!” and I’m like UGH I DON’T WANT TO. NAKAKATAMAD. Hahaha. Now I can do whatever I want and it doesn’t hurt that I’m super near everything. Like, walking distance. I think my only problem now is doing my own chores. Haha. Sobrang brat ba? Do I sound like a brat? I’m not a brat, I promise. Haha. The biggest adjustment for me was that because I always used to have a helper to help clean up my mess. But so far, it’s okay naman because my place is really small and I don’t have to really clean a lot because it’s just me.I wake up, take a bath, I leave. So I don’t really make a mess.

Saab: And even if you do, you’re the only one who will see it. Haha.

Candy: Yeah, just me! I think my biggest problem in terms of cleaning is my hair fall. Grabe yung hair fall ko. I can’t.

Saab: Maybe you need to switch to Dove. HAHAHA. Nag-plug???

Candy: Hahahaha! I would if it was free!!

Saab: Hahaha anyway, so it’s good to hear you’re never late now. But I know a lot of crazy stuff has happened while you were on board. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened while you were on air?

Candy: Well, there are a lot of embarrassing things that have happened on air already and I think you can attest to that because most of the time you’re tuned in.

Saab: I am!

Candy: But it usually involves not turning my mic off when I’m playing a song. I mean, I’m very conscious about it when I’m there. I don’t curse, not like someone I know.

Saab: Me??

Candy: Yeah!! Remember when you cursed?!

Saab: Hahaha yeah.

Candy: Remember when you would say SHIT on air?

Saab: Di lang yun, girl, remember we said P.I.??

Candy: … OH MY GOD. LAUGHTRIIIIP. I remember that!! And I remember the tech guys rushed in talaga!!

Saab: Hahahaahaha

Candy: Anyway, it usually involves not turning my mic off but one instance that happened super recently lang and I think it was the most embarrassing talaga. I was holding a contest on air and I told the winning caller to stay on the line so I could give him instructions on how to claim his prize off-air. So yeah, after that we went to commercial. So okay na, I turned off his mic so he couldn’t be heard na. I think his name was Jerwin? Yeah, Jerwin. And then I was like, “Jerwin? JERWIN!” Tapos wala akong naririnig. Hahahaha. Tapos yung pagkasabi ko pa, *does a Mariah Carey kulot* “Jerwiiiiiiiiiiiiin” ganun.

Saab: Hahahahhaa

Candy: AS IN. May mga high-pitched pa ako na JEEEERRWWIIIIIINNNN. May mga ganun pa ako, girl!!!! As in di ko talaga alam!! And then suddenly the tech guy, pumasok siya sa booth with a bewildered look tapos sabi niya, “ma’am,” and then he pointed to the mic. I was like, “Oh. My. Lord.” It was turned on the whole fucking time. It was more embarrassing than all the other times I left the mic on kasi nagha-harmonize pa ako!! Hahaha. Nakakahiya because a lot of people texted me and tweeted me, “your mic’s on.” Sobrang nakakahiya talaga, as in. That completely threw me off my game. I wasn’t okay for the rest of my board work. As in I just pretended to be okay but it REALLY shook me from the inside hahahaa.

Saab: Awwwwww. *WALANG SEGUE* What are the 3 songs you hate hearing on the radio?

Candy: UGH. My God. Actually, there’s a lot but, fine, sige three. Twenty One Pilots –  Car Radio. I hate that song. I fucking hate it. Yung, “and I just sit in silence!” I really hate it. Another song that I think I hate more than Twenty One Pilots’ Car Radio is Get It by Matt and Kim. I think you know this song? Yung ano, “at 1AM…”

Saab: Aaaaahhhhhh yung “god damn god damn”

Candy: UUGGGGGHHHH jirits diba?? Like why is that even a song?? You’re gonna fucking put “GOD DAMN GOD DAMN” in your song??

Saab: In the chorus no less!

Candy: YEAH!! “GOD DAMN GOD DAMN” JIRITS!!! Okay, I hate that song. Magka-level sila ng Car Radio pero slightly mas nakakainis yung Matt and Kim.

Saab: Okay, last song you hate hearing on the radio?

Candy: *thinks for some time* That Shania Twain song.

Saab: Which one?

Candy: That Shania Twain song! Basta it always gets played when I’m in a cab. Kasi diba yung sa mga cab, yung mga station nila is yung… Iba.

Saab: Hahahaha

Candy: Hahahaha

Saab: Which Shania Twain song though? You’re Still The One??

Candy: YEAH!! You’re Still The One!

Saab: You hate You’re Still The One???

Candy: No, I hate hearing it on the radio! Because every time I hear it on the radio it’s always after lunch!!!


Candy: It’s siesta time, girl!! You wanna sleep!

Saab: Omg this is so funny.

Candy: Tapos walang mintis yun, lagi pag mga ganung stations. Yung mga nakakantok na old school that remind you of your…. Yaya.

Saab: Hahhaa

Candy: I know it sounds like I’m entitled but I’m really not!! It just really reminds me of that time. Kasi it came out nung may yaya ako eh. Yun yung pine-play nila. That’s why I liked it when it came out. Cos it was new. But now… A hundred years later. I’m an adult. Tapos tapat ng araw pa after lunch. I don’t wanna hear this!!! I have work. I don’t wanna sleep!

Saab: Hahahaha thanks for being so specific, girl!!! Hahahaha!! Okay, moving on, can you name one local song you’re really digging right now?

Candy: The Bedtime Stories – Tag Along

Saab: Last question that I’ll be asking everyone I feature here: who should I feature next?

Candy: Miggy Matute (of Blue Jean Junkies)

As for her next hair color, you can ask her directly by following her on Twitter and Instagram @candygamos.


New App Obsession: Tide

I think I check new apps for productivity every month. I get sucked into a Google and App Store black hole that it’s actually counterproductive. LELZ. But at least once in a while, I get to discover some gems.

Art by Ana Luciano
Art by Ana Luciano

I’ve been using this app called Tide and my productivity has been on fire. It uses The Pomodoro Technique but with white noise to keep you even more focused. If you enjoy using Coffitivity like I do, I think you should give this app a shot.


It’s totally free! You can choose different sounds from forest to café — whatever works best for you. It also comes with an “immerse mode” so if you exit the app to check Twitter or another distraction, it automatically stops the 25-minute focus timer and your focus reports will *gasp* be affected.

Download the app

The downside is that it’s only available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. No desktop or Android version.

So to all my iOS-powered, easily-distracted brothers and sisters…. You’re welcome. For the rest of you, just use Pomodoro Time and Coffitivity COS IT’S PRACTICALLY THE SAME THING. Did I just waste my time raving about this app??? UGH. HAVE A PRODUCTIVE WEEKDAY TO US ALL!!!


Osaka: A Photo Diary

Some shots from our trip to Osaka last month


Jim and I landed in Osaka pretty late at night, met up with our friend Kyle who got there a couple of days earlier and the four of us had a very late dinner along Shinsaibashi. I can’t remember what the place is called but it’s open until pretty late and we ate there twice.




Checked in at our AIRBNB which was just a few blocks away

Photo from Airbnb
Photo from Airbnb

It was a cozy apartment but big enough for 4 people. Our other friend Enzo stayed for 2 nights. Great location, too. Click here if you wanna check it out.

The next day we set out to go around Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori





Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Passed by a pet shop and had to drop by
Passed by a pet shop and had to drop by
Would have taken more photos but they said it wasn't allowed huhu
Would have taken more photos but they said it wasn’t allowed huhu
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle




Best place to buy sneakers! There's a ton of ABC MART branches around Japan.
Best place to buy sneakers! There’s a ton of ABC MART branches around Japan.


A lot of tourists use the Glico Man as a spot for meet ups. "Let's meet by the Glico Man!" It's right by the bridge to Dotonbori
A lot of tourists use the Glico Man as a spot for meet ups. “Let’s meet by the Glico Man!” It’s right by the bridge to Dotonbori
Dotonbori is where you must go to eat!!
Dotonbori is where you must go to eat!!


We had conveyor belt sushi, of course.





We also ate at Ichiran twice while we were there. Wild talaga ramen dun, friends.
We also ate at Ichiran twice while we were there. Wild talaga ramen dun, friends.



sup fam
sup fam


My love
My love



Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle

The famed Pablo cheesecakes — SO YUMMY





Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle
Photo by Kyle

Funniest thing while I was trying on a sweater from Puma, they asked me to wear this bag over my head so my makeup wouldn’t transfer onto their clothes. I was also asked to take off my shoes before entering the dressing room


I no longer have photos of the following days because Kyle borrowed my memory card. He shot a music video for Cheats and I promise you, it’s worth it. Can’t wait for you guys to see it!! I also thought we weren’t allowed to bring cameras to Summer Sonic. Turns out they don’t check your bags at all. My tip if you’re going to the music festival next year: bring your own booze and line up early for the bathrooms because you may spend 40 minutes in line! Oh, and don’t forget to wear sunblock!! RADIOHEAD WAS FIIIIRE.


Looking For Interns

Hello~ I need help.


Are you:

Looking to learn about blogging, digital marketing, and more
Into making pretty stuff
~Mahilig sa ahrt~
A go-getter who likes ticking off boxes on your to-do list
In search of an internship to complete your hours


Required skills:

Good eye for photography
Skilled graphic and layout artist
Can handle different projects at a time
Organization skills
Editorial knowledge is a plus
Computer literate
Excellent English language skills
Creative copywriter
Skillz that killz


Help curate websites and accounts
Take photos
Plan events
Create content

Other Stuff You Should Know:

I’m looking for someone who can work with me for 2-3 months
Deadline for Applications is Sept 16
Ideal start date for internship is Sept 19
Allowance is provided for interns
The office will be along Katipunan ave. Quezon City (Cup Fiction!)
I’m looking for 2 interns so you don’t need all the required skills above, let me know which ones are your strengths so I can pick two who complement each other
If you are up for it and you are done with school, I may choose to hire you after the internship

Kindly e-mail your resume to (you may include photographs you’ve taken and posters you’ve made)

*photo by Kyle Quismundo, poster by yours truly


Grab All You Can Sa 7-Eleven

Cheats was lucky enough to be the very first group to experience Grab All You Can sa 7-Eleven!

You and 6 of your friends get to raid 7-Eleven for 11 seconds!! I know it’s a short amount of time but our drummer Enzo was able to get about Php10,000 worth of products!!! Don’t ask how much I got….. OK FINE I was the loser of the group, I only got less than Php900 worth. Hahahaha. You wouldn’t want me on your team.




To join the raffle, purchase a minimum worth of P100 at any 7-Eleven store to earn one (1) e-raffle or buy any booster product to instantly earn additional e-stamps for a chance to win a Grab-All-You-Can experience with 6 of your friends. Promo starts on August 24,2016 till September 20, 2016. 7 lucky winners to be drawn. This is raffle promo open to all ERC/CLiQQ cardholders.

If you win, here are a few tips I can give you:

Wear comfortable clothing. You don’t want your jacket to get caught in something while you’re running along the aisles. I should have taken off my big jacket haha.

Strategize with your friends. You really won’t be able to go around the whole store in 11 seconds. So talk to your friends and assign a category or section for each person. 1 will grab all alcoholic beverages, 1 will grab household cleaning products, 1 will grab all your favorite chips, and so on. You can just split everything equally after!

Have fun. Don’t take it so seriously. It’s a chance of a lifetime to be able to grab all you can at a store. Imagine you’re in a zombie apocalypse and you’re looting the convenience store. We had a blast shooting this video!!

Watch the ACTUAL 11 seconds BTS hahaha

If you wanna share the video above, please include the hashtag #GrabAllYouCanCHEATS :) THANKS AND GOOD LUCK!!



I just recently arrived from a 5-day vacation to Osaka, Japan with Jim and some of our friends. We originally went there to go to a music festival and watch some of our favorite bands (Radiohead! Weezer!). Really though, it’s also a food festival every time we fly to Japan. It was our fourth time to visit the Land of The Rising Sun and our second time in Osaka. Some people call it Osa-KAIN because of all the eating people end up doing there.

I had all of my favorite Japanese staples — sushi, sashimi (both with lots of wasabi!), tempura, katsudon, udon, curry, ramen, etc. HOW DO I SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU: I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD. HUHUHU. Jim and I may be back in Manila but we know where we can get our Japanese fix whenever we need it.

Donburi is a general term for Japanese dishes with meat and/or vegetables are served over a bowl of rice. It’s one of the best ways to satisfy a hungry tummy and Tokyo Tokyo has made it easy on our pockets to enjoy donburi meals!


Last year, Tokyo Tokyo launched two variants for their Donburi Festival: the Cheesy Pork Katsu and Tofu Steak. This month, they are introducing another exciting flavor to their donburi line: Teriyaki Meatballs Donburi!


This newest addition features juicy and savory tsukune meatballs with Japanese sauce and mayo served over a hot bowl of rice. Hungry yet? The meatballs are made with chicken seasoned with onion, salt and pepper. The misono vegetables, nitamago egg and onion leeks make this bowl extra tasty.


The best part about the Teriyaki Meatballs Donburi is that it’s reasonably priced at only P145. Other donburi products available at Tokyo Tokyo are Pork Katsudon, Chicken Oyakodon, Beef Pepper Donburi, Tempura Donburi and Cheesy Pork Donburi.

Head on to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo store and try the new Teriyaki Meatballs Donburi. Tag @tokyotokyophilippines on Instagram and Facebook and @TokyoTokyoPHL on Twitter!



Thank you so much to STRONGHOLD for making our music video!!

Just a little bit of insider info: we were not wearing seatbelts because we wanted to represent the carelessness of youth. Our society has been stuck in a drunken state for such a long time so we tend to overlook taking what sober people deem to be necessary precautions.

CHAROT LANG. We just forgot because we weren’t actually driving at all. STRONGHOLD rented a tow truck for our shoot so we wouldn’t have to think of the road while we did our superb acting. LOL. REST ASSURED we all wear seatbelts when we actually drive, and so should you guys.

The team!
The team!
Marry the guy who looks at you this way... LOL.
Marry the guy who looks at you this way… LOL.
Clown car
Clown car


CAN’T BELIEVE WE DON’T HAVE A PHOTO TOGETHER FROM THAT NIGHT but I want to give a special shout out to my best friend, Ms. Lauren Young!!! She was the assistant director for our shoot and she also helped me and Candy with hair and makeup. Bonggels. It was so impressive seeing her at work. She’s such a professional because we usually trash talk each other all the time (of course) but every time we would discuss anything about the video she turned into full-on producer mode. LOVE IT. If I’m not mistaken, she also conceptualized it. THANKS, LO!!! (VISIT HER AWESOME BLOG HERE)



Follow CHEATS on Facebook!!


The Littl Cute Dog

The Littl Cute Dog by my nephew and godson Ivo.

He made this after Joey stayed w ate Unna’s family while I was away 2 years ago. I’m very lucky that my family’s in love w my dog and they’re always volunteering to take her in when I travel.

My mom’s not a big dog person but she treats Joey like a grandchild. It’s bittersweet when I come home from a trip because on one hand, she’s happy I’m back but on the other, she’s sad to say bye to Bear.

It’s no surprise they’re crazy about her. She’s THE LITTL CUTE DOG after all.


My LASIK Surgery Story (Plus, Get A Discount From Asian Eye Institute!)

Before I got my LASIK surgery, I really couldn’t see anything but blurry shapes. There were multiple instances when my contacts would irritate my eye, I’d take it off, and it would tear. I was never really graceful.

I’m a pretty rough girl, I have gone many nights without taking off my contacts. It’s frowned upon because it can cause infections. Truthfully it’s not only frowned upon — it’s straight up not allowed. Like I always say, though:


I know that not taking off my contacts is unhygienic but what was I supposed to do? I’ve been wearing contact lenses since sixth grade. And when you get to a certain age, you tend to just fall asleep in different people’s houses.


You get to the age of unplanned sleepovers after going out with friends, not having a contacts case, not having contact lens solution, not having glasses… So you just say F it and sleep. Don’t judge!!

You can’t just call your mom and ask her to drop off an overnight bag. You’re not a psychopath who carries around an emergency overnight kit either. But if you were lucky enough to drive your own car in high school or college then good for you cos you probably had an emergency overnight bag in the trunk (and also, I hate you).

It’s not just that it’s a hassle to take it on and off every day of your life. I have neurotic tendencies and I tend to think of the worst-case scenario in most everything in my life.


It’s not very fun and thankfully I’ve toned down a little bit over the years. I started meditating recently. (Obviously, I’m such a noob because I’m totally unfocused and going off-topic by the second.) What I’m trying to say is that it’s always been a fear of mine that there will be an emergency and I will have to drive somebody to the hospital but I won’t be able to because I tore my contacts and I don’t have glasses. This scenario is also the main reason I got a driver’s license and learned how to drive. TRUE STORY.



So I finally got LASIK surgery last year as a birthday gift to myself, right? It was insane how I could see people and things WITHOUT wearing contacts or glasses. I was told my vision would fluctuate for a few months as my cornea healed.


R: -3.00 = -1.25 x 175
L: -3.25 = -1.50 x 10

The above prescription means I had a grade of 300 and 325 (it lowered from before when I reached 350 and 400!) with astigmatism of 125 and 150 the last numbers in each eye’s sequence (175 and 10) indicate the axis of my astigmatism. The negative sign means I was nearsighted.

Regression can happen and can vary from patient to patient. In my case, my bad eyesight was coming back sooner than most people.


R: -0.50 = -0.50 x 180
L: -0.50 = -0.50 x 15

As you can see, my prescription drastically improved but there was still a little bit of refraction and astigmatism left. I asked if maybe I could just get glasses for when I’m driving or reading but my doctor, Dr. Ang, said he refused to let me wear glasses again. So we decided to do an enhancement surgery which is apparently free of charge for all patients who get LASIK surgery in Asian Eye Institute! This is, of course, provided that your cornea is still thick enough and you have no cataracts or other eye diseases wherein vision may never be corrected to a perfect 20/20.

We did the enhancement surgery which took about 5 minutes each eye last month.


R: +0.50 = 0.50 x 80
L: plano = 0.25 x 105

The day after my surgery I COULD SEE SO CLEARLY I CRIED. Technically though, they made my right eye a little far-sighted (see the positive sign), my left eye no longer had any refractive error (that is what plano means) and I still had some astigmatism left. There was nothing to do but wait for my vision to fluctuate but honestly, I was happy with the results already!

Yesterday I went back a month after my surgery and did a thorough test




R: plano
L: plano


ANNNNNND not only do I have 20/20 vision — I have 20/15 vision!!!! No astigmatism for the first time in my life! Getting LASIK surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made (next to marrying Jim Bacarro). If you’re thinking of getting it for yourself, I REALLY REALLY recommend it. It’s an amazing investment. Don’t get a bag, don’t get shoes — GET YOUR EYESIGHT FIXED!!

To help you out, here’s a promo code you can present to Asian Eye Institute Rockwell so you can get a 15% discount on their services:

promo code saab ad sns 800x800 2 copy (1)

Patients just need to present printed or screenshot copy of this ad. They can also call or email Asian Eye and give promo code to avail of the discount.
Patients must undergo Lasik screening prior to surgery. Lasik screening is available in Asian Eye Rockwell, Trinoma and Mall of Asia clinics. Patients must call to schedule their screening at their preferred clinic.
This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.
Offer is valid from August 29, 2016 to November 28, 2016. Surgery must be scheduled within the promo period.
Valid only at Asian Eye Rockwell. All surgeries will be done at the Asian Eye Rockwell clinic.

Now I will be able to drive anybody to the hospital WITHOUT the need for prescription glasses or lenses. I’m hoping meditation will be able to help me with my malabo worst-case scenario thoughts. As for my better-than-perfect vision, I think it’s pretty clear who I can thank for it.

For inquiries and assistance, just e-mail: