Domestic Dispute 4: Marriage And Money

SAAB: This is—

JIM: Move into the country…

Of course

…gonna eat a lot of peaches

Alright, welcome to the 4th episode of Domestic Dispute. It’s been a long time, I’m so sorry we haven’t updated but you know… Life happens. What a bad excuse. If we really want to do this we should keep making it.


Yeah? Alright. Okay, updates! What’s been happening with you, Jim?

I wrote some songs for Papa P


So we’re on our way, actually, to record Piolo’s album

Yeah I’m so excited for that

And Cheats is recording our second album


The songs are done na but we’re recording pa. And then Linya-Linya just opened another store!


This is in Glorietta

You guys are doing really well!

Yeah, we’re gonna open a new one in Gateway


And then Trinoma

Yaaay! So excited for you


Well, I have some stuff coming up but I can’t talk about it yet.

*Sarcastically* GREAT

YEAH. But I’m so excited to share with you guys. I’ve tweeted about it so it’s not a secret anymore but Jim and I are opening a cafe/library along White Plains and we’re really really happy. So excited for it. We’re doing it with our friends Paolo and Kristia. If you remember them from my blog from a loooong time ago. We’ve been friends for a long time and we’re finally doing this. So excited. We’re looking for baristas and actually even line cooks so if you guys are interested, you can just send your resumés to


Sorry about that.

Okay, here—

Wait, I have a topic na!

Ah okay, I had something

Maybe later!

Yeah, mine’s gonna be bad

Okay haha but as promised 3 WEEKS AGO I said I would record this and finally we are! We are gonna be talking about a requested topic which is about handling money for married couples.


Are you excited?

Not really

Hahaha. Okay, I’ve got a few questions here but do you wanna do an intro about it?

I guess when we did a couple thing, a couple-orientation thing, what’s it called… Discovery Weekend!

Discovery Weekend! That’s a pre-cana seminar that’s required before a marriage, by the way.

I think for most of the couples there, the hardest part they had to deal with during the seminar was talking about money. I think what was different with me and Saab was we would talk about money. We were very open but I guess it’s a common problem among couples. So yeah


Pero for us, it was never a problem because hindi naman kami maarte, hindi rin kami maluho. Cos usually the problem is one partner is—

Or both!

Or both. Magastos, burara. Yung sa amin naman now, actually if there is any challenge it’s just really the system of how we will record it, how we will prepare for each month

Keeping track of it


And just to give you a backgrounder: we actually opened a joint account before we got married but that was after our engagement na

We did na pala!

Yeah, we did! I would recommend it for couples who are like a HUNDRED percent sure of each other

Boyfriend girlfriend pa tayo?

Engaged na tayo

That’s when we opened it?

Yeah cos the sole purpose was to make it our wedding fund

Yeah yeah

So it makes sense that we put money there just for the wedding muna. So I guess that’s safe? If I would recommend it, it’s safe because if – God forbid – your wedding doesn’t happen, at least the funds in your joint account (were) just supposed to be for your wedding.

Yeah actually I think, especially with the joint account I would suggest na if you ever doi get a joint account with a girlfriend of bf na hindi pa kayo engaged, or kahit engaged: don’t have an ATM for that account. Everything has to be by check.

Ahh, that’s good. That’s not what we did but hahaha

Oh fuck I missed the exit


Paano to

Oh no we’re on the highway, about to exit to Sucat.. Hmm.. Bawal ba to?


Alright then, we’ll just go another way because we are law-abiding citizens. ANYWAY, umm..

Paano to?

Hold on, I’ll pause this? Yeah I’ll pause this. Cos we might say some bad words. Hehehee


Alright, we found our way. Kay. Alright, what were we talking about?

Don’t use an ATM because I’ve had friends na they were living together or boyfriend girlfriend they had a joint account they would spend spend spend and then when they’d break up syempre it would be such a hard paper trail na parang “hindi eh, ito yung ginastos mo, ito yung ginastos ko, dapat ganito” so no one wins. But if everything is done through checks, and you’re able to monitor it, then good.

Okay, that’s a good tip. Also, kami ni Jim we have our separate accounts also for our allowance


Ay sorry i-off ko lang tong si Waze kasi ang ingay niya. Okay, game. so we have separate bank accounts for our allowance and we just allot what’s real, meaning we don’t deprive ourselves it’s really based on our spending it’s not exactly equal amounts kasi siyempre mas marami akong gastos as a girl like with grooming and stuff. Hehe. So let’s move on to the questions! Do you think it’s necessary to disclose all your purchases to each other?

Yes. I think aside from saying don’t get an atm, get aseparatae account, I think before that I think the most inmportant thing is to have the alk. All decisions after the talk will be smooth na. For example your question is “should we talk about purchases?” that will depend on when you guys talk

And what does this talk…… talk about? LABO


Hahahaha I mean what do you tackle in this talk?

Well you guys talk about your values, what are your priorities

What are your plans, and tama, your priorities like are you saving up for a house or a car?

Yeah so once you’ve set your priorities straight and you agree na “okay ganito tayo” then it’s easier to say yes or no. Well, commercial break…

Sorry, Jim just paid the toll.

I have a question, we’re still in the finance thing pero… Do you think women will ever experience the pain – Ay hindi, talo ako agad – of having your balls hit? Or natapik? Diba? Sure talo ako?

You wanna talk about pain??

Nasan ba? (we’re lost in Alabang FYI)

You know our boobs are very tender?

Ito nanaman tayo

Ito nanaman tayo sa boobs. Tama na yung boobs, Diyos ko. Okay, can we go back?? Cos THAT WAS RANDOM. OH MY GOD ANG INGAY NG ROAD. We should get a studio haha. Once again, we were talking about disclosing purchases to your partner.

So after the talk

Talking about your priorities, setting the record straight about what you both are saving up for and then what you are individually saving up for aside from the big goal like a condo or whatever or your child’s tuition fee. You can have your smaller individual goals like “this month I want a pair of shoes” or…

Yeah cos once you set na your values, like “Okay, I’m only 25 and I wanna stock up on fashion chorva” tas ako kunwari, “Yeah, I’m 25 I wanna buy guitars and spend my money a lot.”

I think that’s fine!

So therefore whenever you guys talk, “okay ito ginastos ko – bumili akong guitar worth 100k” then at least walang rason na magagalit kasi “o, nagkausapan tayo eh na magiging gastador tayo in our 25-28 age.” Tapos when you hit 28-30 you talk again na parang “hey let’s save up na for a house” therefore once you have that talk, it’s easier to say “hey why did you buy a guitar worth 100k if we’re saving up for a car or a house?”

Yeah ok tama ka naman doon pero talking about priorities like kunwari di niyo naman talaga number one priority ang house, you’re just looking really far into the future I think it’s
fine to put aside at the very least 2k a month. That’ll go into your house fund when you’re ready to put a bigger amount when youre earning more na and putting aside money for that bigger goal.


I think it’s nice lang to have a big goal na kaagad even if you’re 25 or whatever para you’re setting aside for that. Yeah? Do you agree?


Also, realistically speaking I would recommend having a talk at least once a month kasi you can talk like “ano, kaya pa ba?” Haha

Yeah it’s more of an update. Like you have the talk, “okay, we’re gonna buy a house. Let’ be diligent let’s be disciplined.” Every week, yun yung sinasabi mo diba na every week, “kamusta how are we?” tapos sasabihin ko “babe, SHIT, I bought a 50k piano”

I would recommend, “well I don’t want you to take from the house fund so can you please not eat out for the rest of the month?” Right? Mga ganung compromise.

Oo, I think that’s the keyword. I think that weekly meeting will be for setting up the level of compromise for whatever decisions you guys will make. Okay, next question!

And in all fairness to Jim, and I would recommend this to other couples: if one of you is more of an expert when it comes to money don’t put down your partner na parang alam mo na lahat alam mo na kung ano yung stocks, mga investment kasi ako wala akong alam sa ganyan. Si Jim may alam sa mga ganyan but he didn’t tell me like, “wala kang alam dito so wag ka nalang makialam” he explained it to me he made me a part of it because he wanted me to understand where our money is going

Actually yung struggle nga dun was thaht you grew up na your mom had that role, diba? So you kept trying to emulate that role like being the monmmy pia of our family tapos ako naman I was trying to be like how my dad was and so nagbabangga yung expectations natin until we finally talked, that’s when the constant bickering and struggle ended.


Tama yung point mo na you shouldn’t put down your partner. Aside from that, if your partner says “ok i wanna try being the finance head or whatever…”

The budget master!

Even though you’re more experiecne like kunwari ako, I did have more experience regarding those things but parang i guess it’s just like anything else in a relationship, you let your partner try it out. you don’t close the door on his or her potential growth as a person

Wooooow tarayyyyyyyyyy

Tarayyyyyyyy. *quotes Clueless I DON’T KNOW WHY HAHAHA* “You could be farmer in those clooooothes”

Hahaha labo! Let’s be honest, I think money is really a subject that couples tiptoe around and I will admit that jim and I would fight when we’d have budget meetings.



You should always eat before the budget meeting

Yeah don’t be gutom

Make it a date. Get wine, get food. Wag kayong gutom, wag niyo isingit sa schedule niyo. Make it a—

Make it a fun thing!

Actually yung sa calendar nga namin—WHERE ARE WE?


Bat tayo nasa Alabang Hills??

*minutes later*

Okay, we’ve found our way again. We were talking about our budget meetings. So yeah we would fight but THANK THE LORD we weren’t fighting about like “OH MY GOD GINASTOS MO YUNG PERA NA PARA SA GAMOT!!” mga ganon. Thank God. Ang pinag-aawayan namin was honestly my insecurity na parang “ohmygosh are you saying I don’t know what I’m doing??” You know, it’s very hard for me as an independent woman na honestly wala naman talaga akong alam sa budgeting I would just earn money and then just use that money.

The fuck? Saan tayo dapat?


So I’ll just check my bank account tapos “uy may pera pa ako!” and then go. Thankfully hindi naman ako nagka-problem so that was my thinking with money which was not the best. So when Jim came into the picture and siya yung may mas alam on how to handle medyo nangarag ako na parang “why are you telling me what to do?” ganun. So we would argue especially pag gutom hahaha


And in fairness we would resolve it and finally after all these trials and errors I’ve learned to not see everything as an attack, I’m no longer psycho mode.. Hehehehe.




I just embrace learning what to do and I must say an app saved my life. Hahaha. Para akong nagbebenta

Oh noooo kasi ako Microsoft Excel ako eh

Yeah Excel si Jim and I’m just like I DON’T KNOW HOW THIS FUCKING WORKS you know??? So I looked for an app. I’ve tried them all, mga Expense Manager, mga ganyan. And the best app I think is You Need A budget. It’s on your phone but it also has a desktop version where you actually conrrol your budget and I’ve learned to put aside money. To put them in metaphorical envelopes (pronounced uhnvelopes)

UHN-velopes o envelopes?

It’s uhnvelopes

Ganon ba talaga?

Well yun yung turo sakin ng teacher ko. Hahahaa. It is!!


It’s *speaking with a French accent* UNGVEHLOWP charot hahaha

Never mo kaya sinasabi yun! Like, “babe paabot naman ng uhnvelope”

No that’s cos we’re not recording that but we’re recording THIS. So…. ANYHOO


What are the other questions? WE’RE NEAR PIOLO. We’re near Piolo na. Okay, how do you divide your bills and savings? From what we earn, we pool all our savings into our joint account and then get our allowance from that.

But the most important thing that we’ve been trying to follow is whenever you have income, the first thing you do is you deduct savings. Uunahin mo siya. As opposed to: you earn money and then you spend on food and gas or whatever tapos the end will be your savings. No. What we’ve been doing is we earn money and then the first thing we do is we set aside a certain percentage – that’ll depend on you. Kumbaga the money minus the investment tapos pwede na natin gastusin yun cos we were able to save na.

That’s your NET spending money. Uyyy gusto mo yun? Alam ko na yung net.


Another question is who does the budgeting? I DO! Cos I learned

And she does it well

Thanks, honey

With her uhnvelopes

With my UNG-VEHLOPWZ charot “How do you save with your kind of lifestyle? How do you budget and still have the capacity to buy your wants? Lelz.” Ako kasi I’ve always had this thinking na—


Okay, we’re recording a podcast so maybe…

Ito ba yun?? Hindi noh?



ANYWAY — What I’ve always believed is that God will provide. But of course hindi pwedeng wala ka nang gagawin. Kunwari ako I bought a condo in 2013. I was thinking ALRIGHT LET’S DO THIS LET’S GO. I was 25 or something. I bought the condo so I have a home loan and in fairness what that loan has done to me is that it motivates me to keep working and to keep earning because for me to be able to keep doing stuff that I like and same with Jim diba we will have to pay off our debts first.

I think aside from “God will provide” kasi if you’re not religious or whatever I think what Saab means is like, sometimes you’ve gotta push yourself into a commitment that will force you to work harder. There are people who say “don’t have an installment plan because if you don’t have the money now then you don’t have the money.” In contrast to that, I think that’s what Saab is trying to say is…

Make that money.

Yeah, if you really do believe that it’s something worth investing in then you could make that call.

Another thing I will not scrimp on is travel fund. Diba. Kasi… YOLO. And FYI we’re here and we’re gonna meet P-YOLO. See ya later!


Supplementary reading for couples who want to figure out how to budget together:

When you’re budgeting by yourself, the idea that a budget is simply a representation of your priorities is fairly simple; there’s only one set of priorities – your own.

In your relationship, though, there are three sets of priorities. Yes, three.

Yours. Mine. Ours.

Read more here: Join Forces by YNAB


Tokyo Tokyo Launches Beef Pepper Ramen

Rainy days are definitely here again. I for one have been a fan of the cold weather lately. I like that I can layer my clothes, put my favorite boots on rotation, and snuggle with Joey in bed.

cuddle joey

Another thing I love about the rainy season is that it makes food taste so much better. Don’t ask me how – it just does!!

My top 3 rainy day comfort food (in no particular order):

  1. Home-cooked champorado with tuyo
  2. A warm cup of arroz caldo
  3. A really good bowl of ramen!

Filipinos are no doubt a rice-loving people (see: champorado and arroz caldo) but since the ramen craze hit our country years ago, we’ve proven we can also be a bit noodle-crazy! And on rainy, cold days, I find myself craving for a piping hot bowl of ramen.

Tokyo Tokyo Philippines has had the authentic Japanese noodle dish as part of their product line for years. Currently in their “ramen roster” are the flavors: Braised Pork, Spicy Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki and Seafood.

This year, in line with their Beef Festival, they’re adding a new flavor to the mix: Beef Pepper Ramen.


Beef Pepper Ramen is made with rich pork-based broth and is topped with savory and tender beef slices, corn, shredded cabbage, onion leeks, nori and Nitamago egg. For extra spice and flavor, black pepper sauce is added. A bowl of regular-sized Beef Pepper Ramen is priced at P195, while the snack size is only for P145!


Aside from the usual gyoza add-on, the Beef Pepper Ramen can be best enjoyed if paired with Chicken karaage or Japanese-style fried chicken and Tokyo Tokyo’s signature Red Iced Tea. You only need to add P55 for a complete meal!

Other dishes celebrating the Beef Festival in Tokyo Tokyo are the Beef Yakiniku Bento and Beef Misono Bento:


I’ve always been a beef-over-chicken-or-pork kind of girl so this is totally up my alley!!

Head on over to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch to get your beef ramen fix!


Took My Little Sister To A KPOP Concert or How I Became The Best Ate In The World

For months my little sister Clara had been hinting about wanting to go to a KPOP concert. She said mom wouldn’t allow her because she had no one to go with. Right off the bat, I volunteered to chaperone her! But then I learned that tickets were already sold out 😪

And then early last month she sent me a direct message on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.26.57 AM

Tickets were miraculously available again! So I checked the link right away and I was looking at the poster thinking, WHO ARE THESE GUYS? HOW’D THEY SELL OUT AN ARENA WHEN I’VE NEVER HEARD OF THEM??


Okay, if you’re a fan I know you’re ready to bite my head off for saying that but come on, KPOP isn’t played on the radio. I’m aware it’s very popular on MYX as I used to see a lot of Super Junior, 2NE1, and PSY back when I still had cable television. I’m just very oblivious when it comes to the world of Korean Pop Music, ok?

Anyway, back to the tickets: I saw some VIP Standing and Lower Box Standing tickets had freed up via SM Tickets’ website. I remember Clara saying she would be happy to watch from the lower box seats but I wanted the best for our bunso. Tickets were very expensive as in Justin Bieber levels if I remember correctly. But I also remembered how desperate I was to see the Biebs when he came here. I thought, “A date with my little sister will be priceless!” so I went ahead and bought two VIP tickets!

I told her I got the tickets and she couldn’t contain her excitement. I swear it was the first time she told me she loved in years HAHAHA.

I ORIGINALLY WANTED TO UPLOAD MY (self-proclaimed) HILARIOUS SNAPCHAT STORY THAT DAY BUT OMG IT DIDN’T SAVE ON MY CAMERA ROLL. Curses, Snapchat!!! Anyway, I couldn’t blame my 51-year old mom for wanting to sit this one out. I think I busted an ear drum in that arena with all the screaming that went on. Haha!

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan now but I really appreciated the choreography, the stage design and the cute moments they had with the fans in between songs. They really took their time to make their fans have the best night of their lives. A lot of winking, a lot of pa-cute, a lot of eye contact. These guys knew what they were doing. Apparently, it was their second time here in the Philippines and Clara told me they’re coming back here in September.

This isn’t a boy band that just banks on the members’ looks. These guys can sing and they obviously work very hard to learn the dance moves to each song. I still can’t call myself a KPOP fan because it just isn’t my cup of tea* but I do admire how the music industry in Korea really shells out to promote their artists.

What I am a fan of is my little sister’s happiness so I’ll probably take her to the next KPOP concert as long as my schedule permits and I can still afford it. LOL.


*I originally wrote “cup of kimchi” cos I thought it was funny but I realized it might seem offensive huhu haha

Best Personal Assistant: HeyKuya

I first heard about HeyKuya through a random e-mail back in January.



See, told you it was random! But somehow, it got me to check out the site.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 8.27.12 PM

I only have to pay for the cost? And Kuya will do everything for free? It’s too good to be true, right? WRONG!


The million dollar question! Well, we generate income from partnerships with companies that want to reach out to potential customers from our established user base. As a result, exclusive user-targeted promotions coursed through HeyKuya serve as virtual collaborations with these companies. We do not sell, share, or provide our users’ data to any third party. We do not share or even save any of your confidential data. Your convenience and security in using our service is our priority.

At HeyKuya, we don’t charge users for our service. Fees we charge to users are only to compensate our third party drivers (if applicable) and/or parking fees (if applicable) and for your item, of course! For your convenience, we accept cash upon delivery.

HeyKuya’s only promise is to deliver only the best to make ticking the most frivolous and the most tedious tasks off your daily to-do-list something to look forward to.(source)

So a few months later, I was panicking about my band Cheats’ album relaunch and having to find new suppliers because we didn’t like the last one. I remembered HeyKuya and the promise that he would simply help me with my problems. I registered online, got a confirmation soon after, and I asked him for help. He gave me an array of shops, their addresses, their numbers, and suggestions on next steps to take. I didn’t even know that there was a printing press literally right across Jim’s office before Kuya told me about it!

He didn’t charge me because there was no cost for him to research for suppliers. Amazing! I immediately compared him to Apple’s Siri. “Siri na totoong tao. Na Pinoy. Na alam yung mga ganap dito.” Hahahaha that’s how I explained HeyKuya to my mom.

I’ve used him countless times after that. I had to focus on some work one day but had to get my bank certification picked up for my VISA. I texted Kuya, he sent me a messenger so I could give an authorization letter, and an hour later I had my bank certification with me. All while I was writing in a café. I was charged for the 2-way trip. The bank envelope was sealed tightly and it was not tampered with at all.

I’ve also asked his messengers deposit checks to different accounts. Kuya assured me that his guys are trustworthy. True enough, I received photos of deposit slips shortly!

Here’s a super random moment when I didn’t have the energy to talk to customer service:



He saved me P100 pa!!

I’ve been so incredibly obsessed with Kuya, I’ve had documents picked up and delivered left and right almost every day. It really is #TextOneThenDone. I know Kuya can also give restaurant recommendations but I haven’t tried asking! Will do for our next date night!

I want to make it clear that this isn’t a paid post, I simply want to help spread the word because I would hate for HeyKuya to go away. I’ve converted Jim into a HeyKuya addict as well. Haha!

Here’s how Kuya helped his small business with its deliveries:



Jim has been using their services ever since. He asked me, “If there were a monthly subscription for the service, would you pay?” and I said “Yes!”

From booking massages, looking for discounts, buying movie tickets so you don’t have to line up, to anything else you’d ask a personal assistant to help you with, I suggest you guys get on it while Kuya has no plans of charging for his services yet.😜

Visit to learn more and sign up!


Music Club: Ourselves The Elves – Uncertainly

I’ve been listening to Ourselves The Elves’ EP Geography Lessons for months now. It only has 4 songs in it but I don’t mind having it on loop. I don’t mean to compare (but I will anyway because I mean it as a compliment hehe) but they remind me so much of one of my favorite bands, Tennis.

ourselves the elves3

The voice of Aly Cabral (sometimes known as Teenage Granny) just takes you to a time when everything was better. I love this band and their song Uncertainly is my absolute favorite.

Listen to it below:


Previously on Spell Saab

What’s Up: A Recap!

The past few weeks have been very hectic but in a good way.

Remember that smoke belcher we were discussing in the last Domestic Dispute episode? That was this PUV!


We played at the Rappler Studio


My Nihonbashitei cherry was popped: IT’S SO GOOD, GUYS!!!


Lots of sleepless nights


We kept going to SM Megamall to check on Linya-Linya’s first in-line store (cos their first 2 branches were kiosks).



Contractor was taking WAYYYY too long to finish construction that we had to take things into our own hands just to get it over with haha



Taught our salesgirl Tin how to paint so we could have more hands on deck.


PURSIGE, Hindi Puro Sige


Konting lambingan in the midst of stress hehehe (thanks, Ali, for the photo)


After a very tiring day, we’d come home to this crazy girl


And we’d wake up to get more kisses from her for good luck!


The morning of opening, we were there at 6AM. Here I am helping seal their paper products.




Super successful first day!!




Went to Megamall a lot on opening week. Ate at the newly opened Bahn Mi Kitchen.


Boys of Bahn Mi saw our post online and dropped by Linya-Linya in return hehe


Linya-Linya moved to a new office space!


Had a pizza party at the Bacarro residence



Frank treated us to a Gilas game!


Ive been devouring these Cassava biscuits given by Linya-Linya’s awesome intern Nica! SHES THE BEST. But she had to say goodbye because summer break is over. School always gets in the way…. JUST KIDDING. (They’re looking for new interns, if you’re interested: e-mail your CV to If you’re into graphic design and/or marketing roles!)



More Japanese food at Marufuku with Jim!


Tried on some fun eyeliners and eye shadows with Candy


Had a gig at 19 East


Picked up some glasses and sunglasses at Vision Express with Lauren


Cheats played at a private birthday party for Manny Pangilinan but we have no photos from the gig. Haha! But I had my makeup done by Candy’s ate Jill!


Joey’s been sick cos of the strange weather so she’s been using a nebulizer — poor girl


Linya-Linya opened their 4th branch at Glorietta 1!!!


Watched a basketball game with Kristia and her 5-month baby Noah!


Went shopping last night!


Also, I got my eyes checked again and I’ve got 20/20 vision but because I’ve been wearing glasses for so long, I’m finding my eye sight to still be a little blurry. Dr. Ang of Asian Eye Institute said they’re going to do an enhancement surgery on me to make me a little more far-sighted. I said, “I could just wear glasses, right?” and he said, “NO! You’ve come so far to wear glasses.” He’s right! So my surgery’s scheduled for today at 1:30PM! Wish me luck!

Promise to make more time for my blog. Thanks for always checking in, guys!


Listen to a Preview of Cube by Cheats

If you haven’t had the chance to grab a copy of the relaunched issue of our debut album, you probably have never heard our secret track CUBE.

Here’s a way to listen to it sooner than planned: vote for our song DRUNK on JAM88.3’s ALL GOOD RADIO and we’ll upload the whole song online by Thursday!

Our single DRUNK is currently at #2 on All Good Radio’s Top Ten Tracks. If we reach #1 by Wednesday, we’ll thank you guys by uploading CUBE online!

Here’s a preview of the song:

Simply tweet @allgoodradio that you’re voting for Drunk by Cheats!

No need to log in, no need to text, no purchase necessary — simply tweet to vote! Tweet as many times as you want to! THANKS IN ADVANCE!✨


Domestic Dispute 3: Boobs and Other Body Parts


SAAB: It’s our third episode

JIM: Anong nangyari dun sa last one?

Hindi ko type eh. So just say it again, this is more interesting than the last one we taped.

I mean..

Alright, hi guys, welcome to episode 3 of domestic Dispute. We are currently stuck in traffic. As yush. And we’re on our way to our gig for Rappler and Jim just out of the blue asked me how it felt to have boobs. So I thought it was interesting enough to be a topic for our podcast. What were you saying, Jim?

Well, I think it’s so funny cos guys think that boobs are the greatest thing ever and I agree. I mean, boobs beat anything.

Boobs beat…







The world is.. The world is… The world REVOLVES because of boobs.



That’s tweetable.

Industries, decisions made by government officials, can all be altered by the power of boobs.

Boobs or women?

Of course

Well boobs are attached to women

Kasi I always say, diba: women are divine. Women are the best thing ever. They’re supposed to rule the world but unfortunately someone made a sick joke and made men who are stupid apes have most control which is stupid


Yun. So…

I like where this is going.

No, it’s really true kasi any major decision in the history of everything has been altered or was affected by boobs. Yes, women, yes. Behind every great man is a great woman, diba?


Pero I wanna specify the boobs

Hahaha okay, wait, wait, before we start talking more about boobs… How we got here was: we were talking about bras. Jim said, “how does it feel to wear a bra?” I said it sucks! Sabi niya, “how does it feel to have boobs that are heavy?” I said it sucks especially going down the stairs, mabigat siya and parang may pasa ka especially when you’re about to get your period. It just sucks but of course I LOVE my boobs. But it’s just kind of funny how men love boobs when [actually] boobs hurt. Hahaha labo

I’ve never said BOOBS this much


Pero anyway, bakit for guys, like kunwari I don’t.. Of course we feel there are stuff hanging, diba?


No, no, no, I’m trying to compare that diba kayo boobs are… hanging.


Diba? Guys: balls are hanging

Oh God

I know and it’s so ugly diba, parang, did you ever hear a girl say, “FUCK! ANG GANDA NG BALLS NI…”


Diba? They don’t… It’s so stupid, again back to the domination thing.

Teka lang that would be so funny cos kunwari girls tend to show off their boobs and their cleavage. What if guys did the same with their balls? Gross

Yun lang, parang it’s so weird that the world is dominated by guys who carry such ugly things while girls carry like the greatest thing. Like, they’re better than mountains.

Hahhaa! But did you know that — well, you probably know this cos I’ve said this so many times, but for the sake of our podcast followers: the reason, I think, men are attracted to women with big boobs and a big butt is because nga it’s our natural instinct of–


Oh sorry wow there’s just an amazingly…


Wow, that was distracting

That was…

A smoke belcher here right in front of us. This is an Isuzu Crosswind–

I don’t think that’s him

UYC 338

I don’t think that’s him, it’s the truck

Ok sorry, well then scratch that anyway well back to our– WHOA SEE, IT’S HIM!

Oh it is!! It is!!

GOSHHHH TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT GUY. I-Viber mo talaga!! Sorry, sa likod niya nakalagay

El Shaddai pa (he had a sticker)

Gosh. Try to take a video. Pang Top Gear yan. Hahaha we got distracted. Okay, pause. This is more important.


Okay, anyway, we’re back. That was a total fail. Anyway, what I was trying to say is that the attraction to boobs and a nice fat ass is man’s primal instinct to go for a woman who will carry their child a.k.a. having child-bearing hips and a big bosom to feed their child


Oh, have I never shared that with you?


That makes sense, right?

It’s like a subconscious thing.

Parang subconscious na parang you’re choosing the woman who will bear your children

Yeah it’s more of a subconscious thing..

Yeah, cos guys.. don’t WANT to get a girl pregnant hahaha

I don’t know how many guys wanted Pamela Anderson pregnant

That’s.. UGH. Okay, so it IS a subconscious thing


DI NGA! Sinasabi ko hindi naman necessarily na gusto mong ma-pregnant yung girl!

Oo ngaaa I’m saying lang

The attraction comes from

Kayaaaa ngaaaa


So, Candy called so it got cut. We’re back again. Any more things you wanna say about boobs?

Hahahaha here’s a thing. I’ve been meaning to ask you actually these past few weeks.

Can you, um.. Project towards the recorder?? Hahaha

Is there something about other people that you always remember? Like kunwari like a feature, like their hands?

Are you trying to tell me you remember girls by their boobs??

NOOOO NOOO no I’m saying, if you mention someone’s name, I might know his or her.. hands.



You mean boobs

No no no not boobs! I don’t see that much people naked. [Note: I totally didn’t hear this part when we were talking but now that I’m transcribing it HAHAHA tawang tawa ako dito]


Ako ganun ako

Like whose hands? Ako siguro, [I remember someone’s] face?? Hahahahaha

Ako kasi I have a very deep memory. Like kunwari I can even remember how my… Cousin’s feet… My cousin who I haven’t seen in 15 years, I can still remember.

So you’re into body parts?

It’s not that I’m INTO it…

Not creepy at all

Wala kang ganun??


Like kunwari I mention someone’s name, hindi mo alam itsura ng ears?



No. Like, I know my little sister Clara’s ears are cute and weird [but no one else’s]

You can’t recreate his or her feature in your memory??

I can with eyes.

Yun! Oh!

Yun nga, sabi ko nga FACE NGA


Yeah but eyes are like… Normal. Hahahaa

Like, I don’t know anyone’s eyes.

Oh come on

I know!

Kunwari, bandmate natin, si Jason! You know his eyes.

I know his face, I don’t know his eyes. But I know his hands and his feet.

Actually, I know Jason’s facial expression.

Then it’s not his eyes

Maybe it’s the expression




Going back to BOOBS though… Hahahaha. Ummmm… Best boobs in Hollywood?

Best boobs in Hollywood?

Kate Winslet?


In Titanic?



No. Probably Scarlet Johansson.

San mo siya nakitang [labas ang] boobey?

Well, [even when she’s wearing] clothes.

Oh okay so you don’t have to see an actual nipple?

And she had a movie when she was naked.

Nude scene? Saan?

Yeah. She’s an alien?

Can’t remember the movie but you can remember her boobs, huh?

Hahaha ummm top 3?


Scarlett… Ummm..

I think Katy Perry’s boobs are great.

They’re good. Okay, magpalitan tayo.

Yeah, Katy Perry.

Okay, mine would be…



She’s a burlesque dancer, stripper

Okay. Uhh.. Demi Moore?

I don’t see it

You haven’t seen Striptease?


Angelina Jolie?

No. But I do love her. You know she took out her boobs, right?

Yeah. Okay.. Top 3 balls?


Hahahaha! Christian Bale?

HAHAHHAA YES! HAHAHAHA! Tom Hiddlesworth! Hahahaa HiddlesWORTH

Bakit Hiddlesworth?

I dunno I was gonna do HiddleSWIFT and then….

Aaahhhh… OKAY. GONNA EAT A LOT OF PEACHES! Move into the country gonna eat a lot of peaches!

BUT– for the record?


*death stare*

YES. Of course ikaw ang favorite boobs ko

HAHAHHAHAHAAHA that’s twisted but thank you. Hahahhaa alright, hope this short but sweet episode was… moving

Move in to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches….

I guess, yeah, we’ll think of more serious topics next time. But enjoy. Bye!


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