Four Days in Paris: Day 4

Isha and I only had two main agendas for our last day in Paris: to visit the Monnaie de Paris and to have lunch with our friend Barbi Chan!



Monnaie de Paris was recommended by Mich Dulce who showed us some photos from the current exhibit. Maurizio Cattelan is an Italian artist born in 1960. If art is supposed to evoke emotion, then Cattelan definitely succeeds in his shocking displays.

Novecento, 1997 & Untitled, 2007
Novecento, 1997 & Untitled, 2007
La Nona Ora, 1999
La Nona Ora, 1999

La Nona Ora is among Cattelan’s most well-known works. The realistic wax statue of Pope John Paul II crushed by a meteorite forms part of an elaborate theatrical tableau. The stricken Pope, dressed in formal ecclesiastical gowns, and holding on to his ferule, lies prostrate on a broad, red carpet covering the whole Salon d’Honneur. Named for the time when Christ died on the cross, the dramatic image of physical suffering is a powerful vision, symbol of his duty and the burden that he weighs on his shoulders. The Pope is one of many authority figures that Cattelan has targeted in his practice, and the artist denies that La Nona Ora is specifically anti-Catholic. The papal figure is also the one of the father, and today Cattelan can “say that the pope is linked to (his) dad, the father figure, but the work didn’t come up that way. Initially my idea was closer to that which had brought me to explore safety deposit boxes, that is to say, to stage the contrast between power and vulnerability.” — Monnaie de Paris

Mini-Me, 1999
Mini-Me, 1999
Untitled, 2007
Untitled, 2007

“The non-traditional canine family structure is far more acceptable today than ever before.” — Inez and Vinoodh, Photographers

Untitled, 2001
Untitled, 2001

Though the mise-en-scène suggests that a burglary is afoot, the details are ambiguous: is Cattelan planning a theft or is he simply seeking a more direct relationship with the art by circumventing the institution’s structured viewing? In the latter interpretation, he offers visitors a fantasy of alternate access points, creating a surreptitious channel between what is outside and inside the exhibition and encouraging viewers to look with fresh eyes. Alternately, Cattelan self-consciously cast himself as an outsider, thief, or impostor amid established art history. This interpretation resonates with the recurring theme of anxiety in his work, illustrating the character who fell into the art world by chance. — Monnaie de Paris



Charlie Don't Surf, 1997
Charlie Don’t Surf, 1997

“I’m from the same generation as Maurizio Cattelan and, like him, I experienced an extremely coercive educational system with corporal punishment at its core. ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child.’ Teachers used to hit pupils every day: it was a common practice. When I was about 7 or 8, one of my classmates spat in the face of a teacher who had just hit him. This astonished us. We were on the side of power, and subscribed to the idea that the system could use violence to educate us. The teacher was just as surprised and shocked as we were. He took the necessary steps to have this boy removed from the school. Before his expulsion, the boy had been called in with his parents to make his apologies to the teacher in front of the whole class – which he refused to do when he arrived. It was unbelievable. So unsettling that I don’t even remember talking about it with the other pupils. We never saw our classmate again and I forgot his name. The teacher was called Mr. Le Soir. It wasn’t until years later that I understood that this child’s action had been heroic. He alone among us was not paralyzed in the face of power and violence. When I looked at Charlie Don’t Surf, this childhood memory naturally came back to me. In my memory, the boy became like Charlie, a small being who zealously refuses to bow down to the omnipotence of the order which nails him to the spot. I can’t be against Charlie Don’t Surf, I am against with him.” — Thomas Lenthal, Creative Director

Untitled, 2007
Untitled, 2007

Like a hunting trophy in reverse, the untitled work is also the antithesis of the typically heroic equestrian monument familiar to art history. Cattelan’s horse appears to have attempted a valiant leap, only to have been thwarted by the thick wall. Neither striking a spectacular pose nor making a successful escape from the exhibition, he is stuck in the liminal space in-between. Likewise, the horse seems suspended between life and death, his decapitation suggested but hidden from view. — Monnaie de Paris

All, 2007
All, 2007

“Marble does not hide” As a man, and all the more as a man of government, before All by Maurizio Cattelan, I can only feel dismay at those nine lives cut short, witness to the migrants’ tragedy, about which our generation will inevitablybe called to account by those to come. Marble does not hide, marble preserves. And art that narrates reality is not a provocation or an irreverence but a warning about what must be done. — Dario Franceschini, Ministry of culture and tourism of the Italian government


We, 2011
We, 2011

It’s a double self-portrait of the artist in bed with himself that relies on scale shifts, doubling, and theatrical presentation to present a surreal, psychological depiction. Wearing tailored suits and well-made but scuffed shoes, the similar, but not identical three-foot-tall likenesses lie on a small wooden bed covered with delicately embroidered bedding. Without touching, they stare blankly into space. The waxen quality of the faces is eerily lifeless, suggesting that the bodies are lying in wake. — Monnaie de Paris

Reminds me of the Death Cab for Cutie song, "Brothers on a Hotel Bed"
Reminds me of the Death Cab for Cutie song, “Brothers on a Hotel Bed”
Untitled, 2000
Untitled, 2000


“Everything I do has an autobiographical resonance, but I can’t control it.” – Maurizio Cattelan

Him, 2001
Him, 2001


An encounter with Him unravels as a carefully orchestrated sequence of recognition. Approaching from behind, the viewer sees the figure of a boy kneeling at the back of the gallery. Neatly dressed in a gray tweed jacket and britches, his hair dutifully combed down and his hands clasped in prayer, the diminutive form presents a model of submission of piety. But the instinctive feeling of tenderness engendered by the figure is dramatically overturned the moment his face is seen, revealing the unmistakable visage of Adolf Hitler. The sight of one of History’s most reviled figures reduced to the scale of a vulnerable child and posed in an attitude of apparent contrition sets up a tacit confrontation with the Catholic doctrine of absolution. — Monnaie de Paris

Untitled (Gérard), 1999
Untitled (Gérard), 1999

“Comedians manipulate and make fun of reality. Whereas I actually think that reality is far more provocative than my art.” – Maurizio Cattelan

One of my best trips to the museum! I really enjoyed reading all the written interpretations by different people from different fields. Time flew and we rushed to Le Servan to meet with Barbi.

Barbi looking so excited to see us! I was too since I hadn't seen her in YEARS!
Barbi looking so excited to see us! I was too since I hadn’t seen her in YEARS!
Sorry for the low-resolution, I'd already packed away my camera by this time. Used my phone for this one!
Sorry for the low-resolution, I’d already packed away my camera by this time. Used my phone for this one!

Le Servan’s chef, Ms. Levha, was born in Manila but raised in Paris. She describes her dishes as, “traditional French cuisine with a little Asian twist.”


Heading back to the hotel
Heading back to the hotel

Isha caught an earlier flight and Barbi stayed to keep me company while I waited for my ride to the airport. We talked about her fabulous life in Paris with her husband and cute new baby. It was great catching up!

Then it was time to go home!!

Even after an amazing trip, I have to admit I was looking forward to going home to Jim & Joey!



(Click here to read about Day 1) / (Click here to read about Day 2)

I was most excited for our third day in Paris and for good reason.

Dove has always believed that you are most beautiful when you are happy and comfortable with who you are. In order to remind women to be kind to themselves, they built a 178-square-meter store dedicated entirely to true beauty.

Together with select girls from all over the world, and some French press (the media, not the coffee 😜), I was truly lucky enough to be one of the very first to set foot inside the Dove Pop-Up Store.





The store carried a lot of exclusive beauty gift items perfect for the holidays!



I liked this little corner:


In English: Make beauty a source of confidence. 8 out of 10 girls give up important activities of their lives when they do not feel comfortable with their appearance. The Dove Project for Self-Esteem reached more than 20 million girls to help them gain self-confidence and develop a positive relationship to their appearance. Write a positive message about beauty you would share with a girl.


Reminder to self 👆🏻

Of course, we got so excited for the customization stations where we’d personalize our own beauty bars, creams, and more!


At this station, you can customize your own body lotion, body scrub, body wash, or body cream! We got our skin tested for moisture and I learned that I had extra dry skin because of the cold weather. I chose the body scrub!

Next, we select a scent! I said I wanted to smell sexy, so I chose the option “beauté irrésistible”


We were asked to choose ingredients ranging from coconut milk to apricot extract.


You could also add some shimmer!

The lady recommended sweet almond oil for my dry skin! To complete the srub, I chose kiwi seeds!

While waiting, I moved on to the personalized beauty bar station!


Check out all the pretty names (you’re gonna have to squint haha)!! Isha helped me pick possible names for my future child. Hahaha!

You’re given the difficult task of choosing which beauty bar you want to personalize: blue-green coconut, vanilla shea butter, or rose fig!


I chose shea butter!

We were to pick-up our products that same night at the launch party for the Pop-Up Store. In the meantime, we were off to our next personalized activity! YAY!


Maille Leo is a boutique that prides itself in customizing pieces for their customers!



We each got to choose a shirt and become dressmakers for a half hour as we put our personal touches!

Isha doing a modified #MannequinChallenge




Heehee! We’re waiting to receive our finished shirts any day now in the mail ☺️

Next stop was lunch at Lazare, a restaurant located inside a train station!




Bonded with Brazilian Youtuber Karol Pinheiro because she also has a cute Pomeranian! She has a tattoo of her dog Cookie on her arm! Cute!!




The food was amaaaazing!!




We had some free time to shop and look around Le Marais, a favorite shopping district in Paris.

Our meeting point was this café called Season and OMG the strawberry cheesecake was… THE. BEST. I wasn’t able to try the chocolate cake but I’m sure it was heaven, too. Try it for me if you’re ever in the area.




Children holding hands while crossing the street
Children holding hands while crossing the street

Isha and I went to this HUGE concept store called Empreintes and everything was eye candy from the minute we stepped inside.







There was a café, also by Season, on the 2nd floor
There was a café, also by Season, on the 2nd floor







We were only going to window shop but we passed by smaller shops and ended up buying a few items. Heehee. No major damage on our wallets though! High five, Isha!✨



Walking back to our meeting point, a young girl surprised us on the streets! She started talking to us in Tagalog! She said she reads my blog. You can imagine how much that warmed my heart even in the freezing cold.

She spoke in Tagalog but had a Parisian accent, it was very lovely. She grew up there and is currently studying. It was so nice meeting you, Anne Claire!:)

Hotel Providence at night
Hotel Providence at night

After a quick stop by our hotel to freshen up, we headed back to the pop-up store for the launch party!


The Dove Pop-Up Store at 108 rue Saint-Lazare will be open until December 18th!

Look at our matching head tilt!! Haha! Russia, Japan and Philippines :)

We also got our finished products from when we visited the store earlier that day!


The other girls and I were talking about what we would do with our personalized beauty bars. We agreed we weren’t going to use it because it’s just too pretty!! Plus, it’s a reminder of our wonderful Paris trip with Dove. Mine is currently displayed proudly in our guest bathroom. If any of my guests use it by accident, I will totally wash their mouths out with it. Hahaha, I’m kidding!! (Or am I?)

Thanks to this beautiful girl who helped engrave more than 300 bars that day!
Thanks to this beautiful girl who helped engrave more than 300 bars that day!
Took home some personalized ones for my sisters, too!
Took home some personalized ones for my sisters, too!

For my totally limited edition body scrub, I asked them to help me translate Time-Turner (as in Hermione Granger’s nifty gadget) et voila:



I’ve used it twice already and felt gorgeous and silky soft after showering. The hard part is that I don’t want to finish it… Ever! Haha!

I feel very lucky to have experienced this at all. I’m obsessed with Dove products and their brand’s key message of embracing real and unique beauty.

We tend to be critical of ourselves. There’s this pressure that we’re not where we should be in life. That we’re not as tall, as thin, or as fair-skinned as our peers. Yes, of course, we’re NOT like our peers – that’s because we are totally different people! That doesn’t mean one is necessarily better than the other.

When we spend time obsessing over who we are not, we end up wasting time. You can try changing who you are and how you look to fit whatever you think is the standard of beauty, but if everybody did that then we’d all just look the same. Where’s the fun in that?

There’s only one you in this world. You are your own limited edition. Now isn’t that beautiful?😉


Eat Girl: Tokyo Tokyo’s Mt. Katsu Sumo Meal

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!”

As true as the famous Christmas carol may be, it neglects to inform us that it’s also the most hectic time of the year. Everybody’s rushing everywhere – mostly to malls to check off names off their lists. When we waste so much time stuck in horrid traffic, we also panic about not having enough of it for actual Christmas shopping. Let me share something my mother always tells me: “No matter how busy, you should NEVER skip a meal.”

Let me set the scene for you: you’ve conquered the metaphorical mountain that is EDSA and you’ve figuratively moved mountains to get your little sister the best gift. After all that hard work, you should be ready to EAT a mountain. Head on over to the nearest Tokyo Tokyo because they’ll have the perfect meal waiting for you. Celebrate your completely checked off list with the Mt. Katsu Sumo Meal.


The Mt. Katsu Sumo Meal comes with the newest addition to their menu, the Mt. Katsu, 4 pieces of prawn tempura, two bowls of unlimited steamed rice and two glasses of red iced tea for only P375.


What exactly is the Mt. Katsu? It’s a heap of their best-selling (and my personal fave) Big Chicken Katsu topped with teriyaki sauce, onion rings, and Japanese mayo. Doesn’t it look like a Christmas tree? Kinda? Haha!

The Mt. Katsu Sumo Meal is meant to be a meal for two but the servings are so generous that some people split it three-ways at times.

“Wish Jim were here to help me finish all of this!”
“Wish Jim were here to help me finish all of this!”
But deep inside gustong ubusin lahat LELZ
But deep inside gustong ubusin lahat LELZ

If you’re a light-eater and the whole meal is a bit too much for you, you can enjoy the Mt. Katsu on its own with a side of rice for only P189. You can also choose the bento meal option with a drink and sides for only P244.

This Christmas season, I’ll be skiing down a mountain in Japan for the first time in my life. I can’t tell you how excited I am to experience that!! In the meantime, I’ll be conquering the Mt. Katsu Sumo Meal right here at home. If you decide to do the same thing, don’t forget to share it with a loved one (or two!). It’s the most wonderful time of the year after all. :)



(Read about Day 1 here)

Our second day in Paris started with a quick stop for tea at a cozy crafts shop along Rue Deguerry called Klin D’oeil. Everything in that place was so pretty, I just clicked away on my camera.





Klin D'oeil means Wink of the Eye
Klin D’oeil means Wink of the Eye













One part of the shop was transformed into a Dove gallery so we could look at some products offered exclusively in other countries.





You KNOW there's nothing in that mug. Hahaha I was assigned an "I HEART NEW YORK" mug so I thought I'd grab this one for photos.😂
You KNOW there’s nothing in that mug. Hahaha I was assigned an “I HEART NEW YORK” mug so I thought I’d grab this one for photos.😂



Japan is the only country that carries a facial care line by Dove. Jealous!!
Japan is the only country that carries a facial care line by Dove. Jealous!!
They gave us a care package!!
They gave us a care package!!
I got a personalized notebook!! Huhu <3
I got a personalized notebook!! Huhu <3

Then we all went to lunch down the street at a lovely restaurant called Tannat.




Crunchy mushroom with beschamel sauce and pink cauliflower. It was divine.
Crunchy mushroom with beschamel sauce and pink cauliflower. It was divine.



We split up into smaller groups and ours walked back to Klin D’oeil for a briefing with Dove Global’s VP, Sophie Galvani. She reminded us what Dove is all about. She showed us some campaign videos from the past and although I’d seen some of them in the past, it still struck a chord with me. I got a little emotional and I want to share these empowering videos with you in case you haven’t seen them yet. Get your tissues ready, girls.

Not a lot of women believe themselves to be beautiful.

Dove’s social mission is to ensure that the next generation grows up with a positive relationship with the way they look and help them reach their full potential.

When they choose women to be part of their campaigns, they choose women who have beautiful personalities emenating from within.

Your Hair, Your Choice

Okay, wipe away those tears of joy. Do you feel more beautiful now? I really do hope so!!💙

Dove is not just all talk. They have a self-esteem progam that has 20 million young people reached across 138 countries. They’ve been educating children about self-esteem since 2004 and I think that’s very important especially in today’s digital world where we keep comparing ourselves to everyone we see on Instagram. I’m just very proud to be an ambassador for such an amazing brand.

To further their point about being unique, we made some DIY pins for ourselves! We were taught by Helene and Julien of – pls check out their DIY blog UGH IT’S SO PRETTY.



Here’s my pin:

Made a DIY pin back in Paris with the help of Helene and Julien of @hejublog 💙

A photo posted by Saab Magalona-Bacarro (@saabmagalona) on

Afterwards, we went to a couple of jewelry designers to get some personalized pieces!

First stop was Alice Hubert’s shop.

Alice Hubert
Alice Hubert




It was really inspiring to hear her talk about her humble beginnings. It was as if she was born to do this.













Loooooooooook <3<3
Loooooooooook <3<3

Jeweller number 2: OMBRE + CLAIRE




This was what I made hehe
This was what I made hehe










And then it was time to go to dinner, we did a bit of sightseeing on the way!

In English: Hangover
In English: Hangover
Le Louvre by night
Le Louvre by night

Dinner was at this super chic place called Chez Simone. It’s a yoga and boxing studio by day and restaurant by night. I KNOW, RIGHT??? Super cool.

I should get that S sign for my wall
I should get that S sign for my wall










It was the highlight of my 2nd day because I really bonded with the rest of the girls that night! It was so fun talking about our own countries and all the silly things from back home.



That’s it for day 2!! Stay tuned for day 3 :)


Four Days in Paris: Day 1

The Global team of Dove invited women from all over the world to experience their first ever Dove Pop-Up Store in Paris. “Why Paris?” some of us asked. “Because it’s the capital of beauty,” they answered. There’s no denying that. Here’s a photo journal of my first day in Paris. It was a free day for us. I checked into my room at Hotel Providence. It was a beautiful boutique hotel and no two rooms looked the same. It was in theme with Dove’s key message that everybody’s beauty is unique.


This mini-bar was made especially for the hotel.
This mini-bar was made especially for the hotel.





On the first day, I met Isha Andaya-Valles – editor-in-chief of Preview Magazine. She was the only other Filipina in the group so naturally, we bonded. We freshened up and headed out to lunch with some of our friends who lived in Paris.


I wonder where you can get nice things?
I wonder where you can get nice things?
Hey, moe!
Hey, moe!











We got lost looking for the restaurant. Apparently, we passed it thrice and hadn’t noticed it at all.

The sign was so tiny and semi-camouflaged!
The sign was so tiny and semi-camouflaged!

Semilla was recommended by our friend Erica Paredes. She’s been taking cooking classes in Paris for over a year now.


I shared my mushroom pasta with Isha
I shared my mushroom pasta with Isha
And she shared her scallops with me
And she shared her scallops with me
Lemon tart looking like Meringue Lights
Lemon tart looking like Meringue Lights
Mich Dulce also joined us for lunch!
Mich Dulce also joined us for lunch!

After a delicious meal and tons of chikahan, we said goodbye to Erica. Mich walked us to Monnaie de Paris, a museum that she highly recommended. The line was crazy long so we walked to The Louvre instead because Isha hadn’t been.


Di kami ready haha
Di kami ready haha


I don’t know what we were thinking because, of course, the line was even longer for The Louvre. It was alright because at least we got to take photos hehe




We went around the Tuilerie gardens instead. It was so cold so we were about to get some coffee when we saw a sign for hot wine. It tasted delicious, like hot spiced sangria.


Walked around some more with Isha towards the Centre Pompidou which we both had never experienced.


Giant meringue omg
Giant meringue omg
Cutie pie doggy
Cutie pie doggy
Heyyy that's not how you spell Saab haha
Heyyy that’s not how you spell Saab haha

But before entering the museum, Mich told us to meet her at Miznon – a very hip gourmet restaurant that serves pita sandwiches and more.



Sweet kamote! Not very photogenic haha but this was deeeeelish!
Sweet kamote! Not very photogenic haha but this was deeeeelish!



This was the best ratatouille I'd ever tasted in my whole life. Not kidding. Grabe siya.
This was the best ratatouille I’d ever tasted in my whole life. Not kidding. Grabe siya.
Who knew cauliflower could be this good??? It's boiled, grilled then drizzled in olive oil.
Who knew cauliflower could be this good??? It’s boiled, grilled then drizzled in olive oil.


Make sure to check it out when you’re there, it’s right beside the famous L’As du Fallafel. We said goodnight to Mich before heading to Centre Pompidou where we were not allowed to take photos (sadly) but we got in for free! I guess because it was a Sunday?



Being in the midst of works by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, et al was very humbling, to say the least. It was mind-blowing, to say the least.

I snuck a picture with my phone because I am truly Pinoy lelz
I snuck a picture with my phone because I am truly Pinoy lelz

By the time the museum closed at 9PM, both Isha and I were dead-tired. We took an Uber back to our hotel and passed out. We were very tired but also very excited for the days to come! Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of my four days in Paris:)

P.S. The not-so-great photos were just taken with our phones in case you were wondering!!



GRRRL SCOUT x PinoyTuner presents FRIGHT CLUB!!

Poster by Rob Cham
Poster by Rob Cham

It happens annually: I get so excited about Halloween and then I change my mind about my costume throughout the year. Right before the day itself, I come up with a half-assed last minute thing and get so disappointed with myself. Well this year, last minute as it was, I actually made an effort!! I made my costume FROM SCRATCH. So proud of myself, guys. I’ve never really sewn anything before. Haha.

My peg:

Bjork, 2001
Bjork, 2001

In 2001, Bjork wore this swan dress to the 73rd Academy Awards (The Oscars). The world went crazy! She was ridiculed, she was praised, people couldn’t stop talking about it. So yeah, contrary to popular (younger) belief, I didn’t go as “White Chicks” for Halloween. LOL.


That’s where the joke stems from. Bjork got a lot of scathing reviews about her dress!

“She dances in the dark, and dresses there too. Let’s dub her ‘Alice in Blunderland.’” — Mr. Blackwell, creator of the Worst Dressed List

“Björk’s wraparound swan frock … made her look like a refugee from the more dog-eared precincts of provincial ballet.” — Jay Carr, the Boston Globe

“Probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.” — Steven Cojocaru, TV fashion critic

“This girl should be put into an asylum.” — Joan Rivers

Well last year, the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art had an exhibit honoring the Icelandic singer and the dress was proudly on display. So these critics can suck it for bashing somebody who tried to go for something different on the red carpet.

ANYWAY ang haba ng sinabi ko. Here are photos by Gerard Del Mundo and Nicky Aureo from our Halloween gig!!



Jim’s peg:

Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura
Shirley Manson creeping in the background
Shirley Manson creeping in the background
Ernest was The Dude from The Big Lebowski
Ernest was The Dude from The Big Lebowski
The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes joins us (LOL I have one face in all the photos)
The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes joins us (LOL I have one face in all the photos)


Candy's ate and brother-in-law came as Mr. and Mrs. Ghost haha
Candy’s ate and brother-in-law came as Mr. and Mrs. Ghost haha
Manny and his girlfriend Janelle channeled Diego Castillo and Diego Mapa's The Diegos, calling themselves THE JEGOS
Manny and his girlfriend Janelle channeled Diego Castillo and Diego Mapa’s The Diegos, calling themselves THE JEGOS
Bjork, The Jegos, Snapchat Deer filter, Sandro Marcos, Bam Aquino
Bjork, The Jegos, Snapchat Deer filter, Sandro Marcos, Bam Aquino
Jam and Enzo as soldiers
Jam and Enzo as soldiers
Happy birthday Josh and EJ!
Happy birthday Josh and EJ!
The night was hosted by our faves, Lambert & Jobim who came as priests.
The night was hosted by our faves, Lambert & Jobim who came as priests.
Gerard as Slash
Gerard as Slash
Mark as "Depressed Pigeon" hahaha
Mark as “Depressed Pigeon” hahaha







Leah made new friends with some strangers. GET IT??? STRANGERS????
Leah made new friends with some strangers. GET IT??? STRANGERS????


Mayumi and Mau: Leia and Han Solo
Mayumi and Mau: Leia and Han Solo
Seña and Chelo: Ip Man & Japanese School Girl
Seña and Chelo: Ip Man & Japanese School Girl
Leah and Mika
Leah and Mika
Che Guevara shirt: BEST
Che Guevara shirt: BEST



UGH BEST BAND COSTUME: Sandwich as NWA. Straight Outta Compton!!


Craft was PACKED! Thank you, everyone for coming!
Craft was PACKED! Thank you, everyone for coming!

LOVE IT!! Let’s make this an annual thing. If you missed it this year, I hope to see you next year!!:)


Jim’s Bara-Bara Pasta

In almost two years of being married, I’ve been learning how to cook – slowly but surely. And when I say slowly, I mean S-L-O-W-L-Y. I’ve tried following recipes but I’m such a perfectionist that it takes me all day to make one meal. Chopping onions could take me half an hour. Cooking is just not my thing. Eating: that’s what my thing is.

Thanks to my wonderful Jim for continuing to fight, clueless he may be, against gender stereotypes and gladly taking on the role of our family’s cook.

We went to his parents’ house last Sunday and we (read: he) cooked dinner for the family. I asked him what he was making and he kept saying basta. He always surprises me with whatever concoction he comes up with. He NEVER follows a recipe, he always goes rogue. But he’s got a lot of heart and most of the time that’s what you need that to make a good dish.

So I present to you, his Bara-Bara Pasta. The Tagalog term bara-bara, in English, means anything goes. I tried researching its etymology but it kept leading me to just bara (clogged) so I stopped Googling, afraid I’d run into nasty images. Jeez, I shouldn’t be talking about this right before showing you photos of food. But I already did. So.

Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese
Lotsa spinach
Lotsa spinach
Heat your pan until it's as hot as yo girl
Heat your pan until it’s as hot as yo girl
Have your mom remind you that you should wear an apron in her kitchen
Have your mom remind you that you should wear an apron in her kitchen
Onion and garlic: "make gisa" lelz
Onion and garlic: “make gisa” lelz

If you have some white wine lying around, get some for your pasta but not before having a little sip


Shrimp bathed in white wine
Shrimp bathed in white wine
"I'll just take photos and cheer you on"
“I’ll just take photos and cheer you on,” she said before she sipped her wine and took a selfie

Jim likes to cook while listening to fun music. Very much like in the movie, Chef. The soundtrack of that movie is amazing, right? Here’s the playlist on Spotify in case you want to cook while it’s playing in the background.

Cubed chicken breast: peppered (white and black) and salted.
Cubed chicken breast: peppered (white and black) and salted.

Just add everything together



Olive oil
Olive oil
Add chicken
Add chicken
Add shrimp
Add shrimp
Add a little vodka (???) hahaha
Add a little vodka (???) hahaha
Cook your penne pasta
Cook your penne pasta
Taste to make sure it's perfect
Taste to make sure it’s perfect
Take a photo of your wife pretending she made it
Take a photo of your wife pretending she made it
Mix with different kinds of your favorite cheese and serve
Mix with different kinds of your favorite cheese and serve

Sorry, we can’t give you measurements of each ingredient but hopefully you can try and recreate it through the photos. If not, just get yourself a man who can cook with a whole lot of heart.


Ask Saab 49

Route 196 | Photo: Jeremy Caisip
Route 196 | Photo: Jeremy Caisip

Q: Does your band get paid for gigs?
A: Yes :)

Q: Hi Ms. Saab! Just a quick one, what adjustments do you make in Lightroom for those “unsaturated” kinda look on some of your photos? Any other tips on Lightroom adjustments? Thanks!
A: I bought some presets from VSCO.CO! I have 3 packs and just choose which filters work best for each photo :) I suggest you do the same! I think there are other presets you can buy or download for free elsewhere. It really makes a huge difference too when you shoot your photos RAW instead of in JPG format :)

Q: Can you give the most effective advice on how to get over from an almost relationship?
A: Get a hobby! Put all your time and energy in that hobby and you’ll be obsessed with that instead of your almost boyfriend/girlfriend. Plus, you’ll be happier and happy people are more attractive, you may find a partner better suited for you ;)

Q: Si Jim ba nagsusulat ng Linya-Linya newsletters? They’re super awesome! Palagi kong inaabangan tulad ng pag-abang ko sa new blog posts mo haha. :)
A: Thanks!! It’s actually their writer, Ali Sangalang. He’s really so funny! They’re compiled on their website — click here if you wanna read them.

Q: more wake up with jim and saab pls

Q: Hi Saab! I read in one of your posts na may Spotify account ka. Sana gumawa ka dun ng playlists with your fave songs and the songs that you currently like tapos follow ka namin dun so we can also listen to the songs you’re listening to hehehe I super love you and your music taste kasi! 💕 -Zarah
A: Hello! Thank you, and that’s a great idea. Our Cheats account will have playlists from the different members, uploading it for public access very soon!! Follow Cheats on Spotify!:)

Q: from all the countries you’ve visited, which one is your favorite and why? (haha lakas maka-slumbook pero curious hehe)
A: Definitely Paris!! I’ve just always been so obsessed with Paris and the French language so when I got there and I learned a lot about the French Revolution, it was such an amazing experience. Not to mention, the movies don’t lie about romance being in the air when you’re there. It’s absolutely beautiful there. Click here to read more about my adventures in Paris.

Q: Hi, Saab..? Uhmmm..ano height mo? Pwede magpa-picture? Superduper crush kita eh.. (=
A: 5’3″ haha! Yes of course, just approach me when you see me, I don’t bite :D

Q: Hi Saab. I think nasa quarter life crisis na talaga ako. How will you know kung ano ba dapat gawin sa life mo? I quit my job last year because of my boss and yun yung job na sobrang gusto ko. After that I took a job na akala ko related with that field and narealize ko na hindi pala and ang unhealthy talaga ng environment. I dont want to stare sa pc everysingle day for 9-10hrs. I feel so exhausted. Im planning to resign pero I still dont know what to do… kaya lang ako naghehesitate na magresign kasi the thought na baka mahirapan nanamam ako maghanap ng work. I really dont know what to do. Yung age ko na 25 feel ko dapat magsettle down na dagdag pressure pa yung friends/batchmates ko na nagpakasal na. Helpppppp! Thank you! :)
A: Hello there! The best way to know what you really want to do is to try them out. Attend workshops and seminars that pique your interest. Photography, writing, or whatever it is that you want. You can do these things on weekends — there’s no pressure to leave your current job right away. When you enjoy what you’re doing, staring at a computer screen isn’t all that bad :) Also, you can apply for other jobs while you’re still employed, a lot of people do that. Upload your resumé to LinkedIn, and make sure to read tips on how to write your CV really well so it stands out :) If you really liked your job but didn’t get along with your boss, maybe you should look for a similar job so you can still do that?

Q: Hi Saab! Updated make up tutorial please :) and state your affordable make up finds. Thanks!
A: I’ll do a makeup tutorial this week :)

Q: Hi saab! Do you watch true detective? (If not, YOU SHOULD REALLY WATCH IT!!) Hehe i noticed kasi that you really watch a lot of series. What are your favorites? Hehe i’m not a fan of reading blogs pero i really find your blog VERY INTERESTING AND HELPFUL. Thank you & more power!!
A: No I haven’t seen True Detective huhu but everybody says I should!!! I’m so happy you enjoy my blog :) I have a LOT of favorite series. Right now I’m watching Westworld — very obsessed with it. Also excited to watch the new season of The Walking Dead. You can click here to see some of the series I’ve shared here on my blog. Will update TV Club with the stuff I’ve been watching lately. I’m obsessed with television!!!

Q: Hi Saab! Just wanna share to you that I so love your family and that in my own world, I’m part of the Magalona fam( I’m 24 btw so I’m bet you and elmo hahaha) and sometimes when I’m bored I create scenarios where our family dines out at kasama ako,wahahaa. Anyways, did Jim make those linya-linya designs? :) Love you fam!hahaha
A: Hello!! Hahaha thanks! Linya-Linya designs are created by his partners Ali Sangalang and Panch Alvarez, but he’s part of the approval process. He’s more in the operations side of things :)

Q: What is your advice on having a relationship with a guy who has the same middle name with my surname? He’s pretty serious pa naman. BTW, we couldn’t trace our roots. :(
A: Hmmmm… I have never experienced this before so I don’t think I’m the best person to ask about this. But I have a friend who is getting married to her 2nd cousin soon. They both had no idea they were related until they went to the same family reunion. Apparently, there is no law against marrying a second cousin. If you try your best to recreate both your family trees (ask your parents and grandparents to help!) and there seems to be no close relations, I would say it’s alright. Especially if your middle and last names are very common. But like I said, I am no expert on the subject!!

Q: Hello Saab! I wonder how do you choose what books to buy/read next? Do you research about what’s the latest best seller or just grab anything that you think are interesting? :)
A: I’m subscribed to different newsletters. Fully Booked, GoodReads, etc. I’m also subscribed to Entertainment Weekly and I like looking at their many book, TV, music, and movie recommendations. Sometimes, I also grab a book if the cover catches my attention and the blurb at the back excites me. :)

Q: how long does it take until my question will appear on your blog?
A: Well this one took 7 months to get an answer I’M SO SORRY. But when I put my question box back on, it should only take a week or two :)

Q: which dove deo specifically? hehe
A: My favorite is the Ultimate White Stick :)

Q: naalala ko dati nung incugirl ka pa, may nag-ask sayo kung pwede daw ba niyang makita yung kili kili mo tapos ayaw mo =)) ngayon Dove girl ka na! <3

Q: Saab! Help me :( I like this guy 5 yrs ago and I think I still do after he sent me a message sa FB pero we’re not close, I know him as my 3 friends’ exbf and then he wants to get laid with me kagad. no courting or dates since di daw sya ganun. I’m a virg and I like him pero tama ba yung naiisip kong NO muna since I want my first to be special and he’s just making me feel like a easy slut :(
A: Reasons why you should not: 1) You’re not close, 2) 3 of your friends already dumped him, 3) he only wants to get laid, 4) you’re a virgin and I’m pretty sure that’s not how you want to lose your virginity. You are right to say NO. Just block him on Facebook. I can’t imagine why you like this guy, he sounds so sleazy.

Q: How’s Mary Lyn? Curious lang. Hehe :)
A: After 8 months with us, she decided to leave us. She said she felt guilty that her sisters and dad don’t have anything to eat and she gets to live a comfortable life. I tried to explain that she’s not just lounging around in our condo but she’s actually WORKING and she can send her family money to be able to eat. I tried to warn her that she would only add to the burden if she quits and lives with them. Of course, I didn’t want to control her life and there’s only so much explaining I could do. She was an amazing employee and I would have wanted to keep her under our wing (we were even discussing putting her through school, etc.) but she really wanted to be with her family again so I let her go. Jim and I found a new stay-at-home maid, Irene, and she’s been great, too.

Q: Who is your favorite Ateneo Lady Eagles volleyball player?
A: Oh no, I don’t watch volleyball :( But I really like Gretchen Ho as a person HAHA!

Q: what’s your favorite brand of tea to drink at home? and would it actually help one to lose weight?
A: You can get any green tea. My trainer told me that drinking 3-5 cups a day will help me lose water weight because it’s a diuretic, I keep peeing whenever I do it. Although I’ve read that it will stain your teeth if you drink too much of it. Haha! I need to do further research. But I drink at least 1 cup of tea a day, usually after meals :)

Q: how would you describe yourself?
A: Moody :p

Q: Hey Saab! Are you open to the possibility of settling down in another country? If so, what country is it? :)
A: Yes! Japan or Singapore hehe.

Q: what’s your favorite pasta?
A: Penne al telefono from Cibo hahahhaa

Q: How do I make my image girlfriend material?
A: You can’t fake it, girl!

Q: We may all have insecurities, if you have how do you handle it? How to overcome?
A: Do something about it. I’m insecure about my flabby legs and I figured, the only way to get over it is to actually work out. Hahaha! If it’s something you can’t really change anymore, just learn to embrace it. It helps if you find someone successful with a similar feature. If they can be confident, you sure as heck can embrace it as well. The world is so diverse now, you can find plenty of beautiful, happy, and confident women who don’t exactly look like Barbie.

Q: Hindi ba masakit magpa wax down there?? Diba may blog about it before?? Di ku na kasi mahanap. Hehe take care always saab 😊
A: Masakit. Hahaha!!

Q: Hi Saab! Is it okay to be with your ex’s brother? I mean, he was not really my ex… we dated way back in high school and now I started getting really close with his bro since we’re both in the same field. Any thoughts?
A: Oh dear! I think it would be weird and awkward. Unless you REALLY REALLY think you two would click and can be in a serious relationship, I would suggest not to even get into it. But if it’s worth the hassle, I think it wouldn’t be so bad especially since it’s been a decade since you went out with your ex.

Q: Please do an apartment tour everytime you move your furniture around, naalala ko yung post mo dati na may picture ng iba’t ibang arrangement ng furniture nyo! Super cute. Sana gawin mo ulit! :)
A: Good idea, we actually have a totally different arrangement now. Haha!

Q: Hi Saab! I had really bad allergies and rashes which resulted to ugly dark scars in my legs! Huhuhu do you know any way to get rid of them? Do you know any good creams?? Please help :(
A: Hi there! The best thing would be to consult a dermatologist so you don’t get tricked into buying creams that don’t work! Sorry, but I don’t have experience with this :( I have this ointment called Lucas Papaw that’s said to be a miracle ointment. I put some on my face when I see a little zit forming and true enough it goes away faster than usual. I’ve never tried it on scars though but if you ask around and do research, I think you’ll find something to help get rid of the scars or at least lessen their appearance.

Q: Who’s Eman Bolivar?
A: HAHA he used to be my IT guy when my blog was still under — sometimes when I forget to select myself as author, his name comes out. Rest assured, he has NEVER written for my blog. Nobody else has except for me. He just took care of backing it up and moving my whole blog to Juice and he also helped me move it to my new host.

Q: Hi ate Saab! I have a question. Do you think valid reason po ba yung makikipag break yung boyfriend mo kasi mas bata ka. Kasi ganto yun, 4years yung gap namin. Ako yung pinaka bata (Ofcourse lol) and nakipag break siya sakin kasi ang bata ko pa daw him. (For me, masaya maging bata. Happy lang, parang walang problema parati) So yun ang reason niya. Wala daw siyang natutunan sakin. Ewan ko ba. Pero to think na ako pa ang mas maraming experience samin. Mahiyain kasi siya. Pero ate, valid ba yon? My friends told me na sana imayos muna namin ito hindi yunh diretso break na. Sabi pa nga nila, baka daw may “iba” and he said, wala naman daw :( Actually, kinukulit ko pa din siya eh. Hahaha! 4days pa naman kaming break. Pero wala eh. Mahal ko eh :( PS: Hindi naman every minute or hour yung pangungulit ko. Hahahaha! Please help me ate :( Thanks!
A: Hello! Sorry to hear about your breakup! I think it goes beyond the age difference lang. Maybe there’s immaturity on your part or maybe he’s thinking of his future and he doesn’t see how you fit in it. Sorry if it seems harsh, but I’ve always believed that if a guy doesn’t like you enough to work things out, there’s just no reason to force it. Good riddance na yan. Work on yourself instead of running after him. There will be someone who will treat you better.

Q: do you know how to play the keyboard saab?
A: Nope! But Jim says he’ll teach me. Haha.

Q: Hi, Saab! Alam mo ba, ‘yung Cheats ang first purchase ko sa iTunes. <3 My current fave track is Accidents, grabe LSS ko dun. Whenever I'd want to zone out or gusto ko manapak ng officemate, makikinig lang ako ng music niyo. Hehehe. Anyways, what's the story behind Accidents? Thanks, Saab. Adoring you since 2006.
A: HAHAHAHA buti hindi mo sinasapak yung officemate mo. Accidents was written by Jim right after his band broke up. I don’t want to explain it word for word. Jim says he likes when his songs are open to interpretation :)

Q: Where can you buy th bumble bumble sea salt spray thingy?:)))
A: Not sure where you can get it locally. I get it from Sephora abroad. Locally, Lush has a nice sea salt spray.

Q: Natural ba curly hair mo noon?
A: Naturally wavy.

Q: Do you always wear your engagement ring?
A: Nope!

Q: Um, I think Apa Agbayani was making making fun of your answers sa Let’s Get Political ng Young Star. Check out his FB account and behold!
A: Who’s that? I just checked the article again online and HAHAHA some interviews turn out really bad when emotions and lots of words are edited out. I was mostly giggling throughout that interview. Like this line “When I turned 18, I registered to vote. But I can’t say the same for my peers. They didn’t care, they were partying at Embassy. But I lined up for two hours just to register to vote” — makes me sound so proud of myself LOL but I said a lot of my batchmates would line up to get into Embassy but they wouldn’t line up to register to vote. I wish I took it more seriously, yeah. But you know, a lot of people just really look for someone to make fun of so they feel better about themselves. He/she is welcome nalang. Lelz

Q: Hello Saab! I was a fan of your blog when I was in highschool. Its been 4 years since I read your blog and i can definitely say I’m still entertained! :))) I really like your opinion on Kim K’s nude selfie. Hahaha. Here’s my Q. What hair product do you use for your hair to keep it magulo tignan? I have the same cut as yours. I tried not to comb my hair to keep it magulo but when it dries, it tends to behave. Thankss!!
A: Believe it or not, some people would kill to have your problem. Hahaha! I would suggest sea salt spray.

Q: Aren’t you concerned about your health? You frequently drink alcohol.
A: No I don’t. I really don’t. At least not as much as I did when I was younger.

Q: Have you always seen yourself getting married so young? 28 is usually the youngest age women get married
A: Never thought I’d get married ever. Haha. I didn’t follow the average age people get married, but then again, who would wanna be part of the average?

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? New career? Motherhood? New house? New opportunities? New school degree?
A: New opportunities, new countries, new book.

Q: How was wanderland? Do you consider it as cheats biggest gig?
A: Wanderland was very fun! But I think Laneway Festival in Singapore was our biggest gig.

Q: What’s your longest relationship before Jim? And how did you move on? :)
A: Probably my college boyfriend. We were very young so I was heartbroken. We saw other people and then we eventually got back together thinking we were really meant to be. Then after a few weeks, we both decided it really wasn’t working out because there was a weird brother-sister vibe because we “grew up” together. Haha. That’s how we knew it was time to move on.

Q: Saab! May No Filter 3 ba?? HEHE PLEASE SAY YES
A: Hehe no plans right now but we have a book out!! It should be required reading for all millennials :) Hehe

Q: Hey Saab! Why not pursue your flight attendant dreams? I’m an aspiring flight attendant myself hihi
A: Oh I’ve never actually had dreams of becoming a flight attendant!

Q: do you know james reid personally? is he nice or suplado?
A: I haven’t met him.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you still have “TMJ Dysfunction”?
A: Yes :(

Q: hi Saab! i’m a bride to be (wedding is next year) and i’m looking for a photo/video team to hire but sure how to decide. If it’s okay with you, can you share your insights on how to make the right decision in a budget conscious way? BTW, sobrang ganda ng wedding SDE nyo at sobrang special ng pagkakagawa. Gustong gusto ko tlga that i always end up crying kahit ilang beses panoorin. If only we have the budget to hire them too. yun nga lang, im not sure if afford namen cla.
A: I would suggest to splurge on your documenting team because it’s definitely a day to remember forever. Especially since you’ll be so busy, it’s nice to see what else was happening while you were trying so hard not to trip in your heels. Hahaha. I’d suggest going through different videos you like and contacting the companies and just get the most affordable one. It doesn’t have to be very very expensive with a drone and all that jazz. But make sure it’s an experienced team. I would suggest to make a list of shots that NEED to be in your video or photos. There are lots of those shot lists to find online. Also put one of your bridesmaids in charge of the team, so she can point out the most important people in your life. I wish I did this so there could have been more shots of my sisters-in-law in our wedding SDE.

Q: may strechmarks kadin ba?
A: Parang wala naman. Cellulite, meron.


Cup Fiction: A Café Library Dream Come To Life

I can’t believe I’m an entrepreneur now, I can’t even pronounce entrepreneur.

It all began one night when Jim and I bumped into our college friends, Pao and Tia. It was just a few days before Tia popped out their baby boy Noah. They said they wanted to do something with their space along White Plains and asked if we would be interested in partnering with them. We said yes and the months went by very quickly!

Pao, Jim, and I took a 2-week barista class from EDSA Beverage Design Group. Tia had just given birth and couldn’t have coffee so she sat this one out!





We even took an exam in the end!
We even took an exam in the end!

We started drinking doing research and development for our menu


Decided to skip hiring an interior designer and did everything ourselves








We interviewed people, hired a staff and did a kitchen test. A kitchen test is when you invite a handful of friends to order anything off the menu so the staff can time the process and see what needs adjustments. We also took the opportunity to cut down our menu items.




Only a few items made the cut and we’ve been up and running for exactly a month today. We’re still on soft opening, still ironing out some kinks, but so far the reviews have been great!







I’m handling marketing and so far we’ve been featured on these sites:


“Cup Fiction: For The Love of Coffee, Books and Comfort Food”


“We found the perfect coffee shop for creatives”

Photo: Janna Tee
Photo: Janna Tee

“Here’s Why We’re Excited to Visit Saab Magalona’s Newly Opened Cafe Library”



To those who have dropped by and sent us a shout out on social media: thank you SO much for helping spread the word about our little café. We get to see all the tagged photos and reviews and we really appreciate it. Our operations aren’t at 100% yet but we will get there with your help and comments :)

For the rest of you: when are you coming over?✨ It’s at 141 Katipunan ave, Brgy St. Ignatius, QC! Follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) @cupfictionph 😘


Music Club: Candy Gamos

Why hello there! I’ve reformatted my Music Club section to introduce you to some local artists and friends. YAY. For my first feature, who else but Radio DJ, Cheats vocalist, host, and my best friend.


Art by Ana Luciano
Art by Ana Luciano

I’ve known Candy for a long time now. We met about seven years ago because our then-boyfriends were friends but we only got to say said hi and hello. Back then, she was still studying in Naga so I barely saw her. After graduating, she moved to Manila and I started seeing her more often. We became closer when I hired her, along with our mutual friend Carla, to style me for a show. Her bubbly personality just drew me to her and the rest, as they say, is history. (Wait, who are “they” and why do they say that?? JK)

Reunited in an ukay-ukay in Naga, 2011
Reunited in an ukay-ukay in Naga, 2011
Trike ride, 2011
Trike ride, 2011
Meiday Naga, 2011
Meiday Naga, 2011
Destined to be BFFs LELZ
Destined to be BFFs LELZ

We started GRRRL SCOUT, a production group that put together awesome gigs in various local bars (we should really make that a regular thing again).

GRRRL SCOUT Christmas Gig, 2012
GRRRL SCOUT Christmas Gig, 2012
Holding in our pee at Route 196, 2012
Holding in our pee at Route 196, 2012

GRRRL SCOUT featured Jim’s old band at a lot at our gigs. Their band, unfortunately, called it quits and on the night Jim was starting a new group, Candy and I just so happened to be hanging out. We started singing along and the boys decided to keep us. In my HUMBLE opinion, it was the best decision they’ve ever made. Hehehe.

Read on for my short interview with the hilarious and beautiful Candy Gamos!


Saab: Heyyyy! Kakagising mo lang, noh?

Candy: Yeah, super.

Saab: I know you weren’t always a morning person, would you say your whole lifestyle has changed since you became a morning DJ?

Candy: Ummmmm…… No. Hahahaha.

Saab: Ummmm.. I beg to differ.

Candy: In terms of waking up, yes, definitely. But contrary to what you think and what other people think, I still sleep after my board work so technically I just wake up early, do whatever I have to do and then I go back to sleep. I start my day siguro mga 2.

Saab: Hahahaha. Not bad.

Candy: Yeah, not bad, because I get things done naman before 12 eh so technically may nagagawa parin ako pero I wouldn’t say it’s changed me as a person. Fuck, no. Hahahaah.

Saab: You just really sleep a lot, huh?

Candy: Yeah. And whenever I don’t get enough sleep I get really cranky kasi the thing is I sleep late at night also. So maybe if I slept earlier, it would completely change my body clock so I can get more things done.


Candy: Hahahaha right?? I know.

Saab: Have you ever been late for work?

Candy: When I used to live an hour away from work lagi akong nale-late, man. Super hassle cos it’s really added stress to my everyday routine. So it felt like I was already at work while I was stuck in traffic. Eh I’m juggling 2 jobs right now so with the other job that’s online lang, I need to attend meetings in the morning. Before I couldn’t attend most of them cos that was my commute time and it’s never reliable in Manila to have a meeting online while in a moving car diba? And on top of that, I’m late pa for radio so t*ngina hassle talaga. But now I’m celebrating my 3rd week of living across the radio station so it’s a lot easier.

Saab: Woohoo!

Candy: I feel like a college student living in a dorm. My board work is at 9AM and I wake up at 8:30 hahaha! I wake up, get dressed up, cross the street and I’m there. After work, I take a bath and go to sleep. It’s very, very convenient. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Saab: Do you love your new-found independence?

Candy: Yes, so far I’m liking it. A big part of it is that I don’t need to make paalam to anyone. I’m a very walang pake person. When I lived in Marikina pa, whenever I wouldn’t go home pinapagalitan ako na parang “huy, magsabi ka naman sa mga kasama mo sa bahay!” and I’m like UGH I DON’T WANT TO. NAKAKATAMAD. Hahaha. Now I can do whatever I want and it doesn’t hurt that I’m super near everything. Like, walking distance. I think my only problem now is doing my own chores. Haha. Sobrang brat ba? Do I sound like a brat? I’m not a brat, I promise. Haha. The biggest adjustment for me was that because I always used to have a helper to help clean up my mess. But so far, it’s okay naman because my place is really small and I don’t have to really clean a lot because it’s just me.I wake up, take a bath, I leave. So I don’t really make a mess.

Saab: And even if you do, you’re the only one who will see it. Haha.

Candy: Yeah, just me! I think my biggest problem in terms of cleaning is my hair fall. Grabe yung hair fall ko. I can’t.

Saab: Maybe you need to switch to Dove. HAHAHA. Nag-plug???

Candy: Hahahaha! I would if it was free!!

Saab: Hahaha anyway, so it’s good to hear you’re never late now. But I know a lot of crazy stuff has happened while you were on board. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened while you were on air?

Candy: Well, there are a lot of embarrassing things that have happened on air already and I think you can attest to that because most of the time you’re tuned in.

Saab: I am!

Candy: But it usually involves not turning my mic off when I’m playing a song. I mean, I’m very conscious about it when I’m there. I don’t curse, not like someone I know.

Saab: Me??

Candy: Yeah!! Remember when you cursed?!

Saab: Hahaha yeah.

Candy: Remember when you would say SHIT on air?

Saab: Di lang yun, girl, remember we said P.I.??

Candy: … OH MY GOD. LAUGHTRIIIIP. I remember that!! And I remember the tech guys rushed in talaga!!

Saab: Hahahaahaha

Candy: Anyway, it usually involves not turning my mic off but one instance that happened super recently lang and I think it was the most embarrassing talaga. I was holding a contest on air and I told the winning caller to stay on the line so I could give him instructions on how to claim his prize off-air. So yeah, after that we went to commercial. So okay na, I turned off his mic so he couldn’t be heard na. I think his name was Jerwin? Yeah, Jerwin. And then I was like, “Jerwin? JERWIN!” Tapos wala akong naririnig. Hahahaha. Tapos yung pagkasabi ko pa, *does a Mariah Carey kulot* “Jerwiiiiiiiiiiiiin” ganun.

Saab: Hahahahhaa

Candy: AS IN. May mga high-pitched pa ako na JEEEERRWWIIIIIINNNN. May mga ganun pa ako, girl!!!! As in di ko talaga alam!! And then suddenly the tech guy, pumasok siya sa booth with a bewildered look tapos sabi niya, “ma’am,” and then he pointed to the mic. I was like, “Oh. My. Lord.” It was turned on the whole fucking time. It was more embarrassing than all the other times I left the mic on kasi nagha-harmonize pa ako!! Hahaha. Nakakahiya because a lot of people texted me and tweeted me, “your mic’s on.” Sobrang nakakahiya talaga, as in. That completely threw me off my game. I wasn’t okay for the rest of my board work. As in I just pretended to be okay but it REALLY shook me from the inside hahahaa.

Saab: Awwwwww. *WALANG SEGUE* What are the 3 songs you hate hearing on the radio?

Candy: UGH. My God. Actually, there’s a lot but, fine, sige three. Twenty One Pilots –  Car Radio. I hate that song. I fucking hate it. Yung, “and I just sit in silence!” I really hate it. Another song that I think I hate more than Twenty One Pilots’ Car Radio is Get It by Matt and Kim. I think you know this song? Yung ano, “at 1AM…”

Saab: Aaaaahhhhhh yung “god damn god damn”

Candy: UUGGGGGHHHH jirits diba?? Like why is that even a song?? You’re gonna fucking put “GOD DAMN GOD DAMN” in your song??

Saab: In the chorus no less!

Candy: YEAH!! “GOD DAMN GOD DAMN” JIRITS!!! Okay, I hate that song. Magka-level sila ng Car Radio pero slightly mas nakakainis yung Matt and Kim.

Saab: Okay, last song you hate hearing on the radio?

Candy: *thinks for some time* That Shania Twain song.

Saab: Which one?

Candy: That Shania Twain song! Basta it always gets played when I’m in a cab. Kasi diba yung sa mga cab, yung mga station nila is yung… Iba.

Saab: Hahahaha

Candy: Hahahaha

Saab: Which Shania Twain song though? You’re Still The One??

Candy: YEAH!! You’re Still The One!

Saab: You hate You’re Still The One???

Candy: No, I hate hearing it on the radio! Because every time I hear it on the radio it’s always after lunch!!!


Candy: It’s siesta time, girl!! You wanna sleep!

Saab: Omg this is so funny.

Candy: Tapos walang mintis yun, lagi pag mga ganung stations. Yung mga nakakantok na old school that remind you of your…. Yaya.

Saab: Hahhaa

Candy: I know it sounds like I’m entitled but I’m really not!! It just really reminds me of that time. Kasi it came out nung may yaya ako eh. Yun yung pine-play nila. That’s why I liked it when it came out. Cos it was new. But now… A hundred years later. I’m an adult. Tapos tapat ng araw pa after lunch. I don’t wanna hear this!!! I have work. I don’t wanna sleep!

Saab: Hahahaha thanks for being so specific, girl!!! Hahahaha!! Okay, moving on, can you name one local song you’re really digging right now?

Candy: The Bedtime Stories – Tag Along

Saab: Last question that I’ll be asking everyone I feature here: who should I feature next?

Candy: Miggy Matute (of Blue Jean Junkies)

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