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I can’t recall the first song I illegally downloaded on Napster but I do remember the excitement I felt waiting for my Linkin Park b-sides to reach the 100% mark on Kazaa (fuckyeah, Carousel haha).

Free music was a hard thing to resist for a young girl with low EQ and no ride to Tower Records. It’s still hard to resist for a 25-year-old girl earning her own money but somehow I am glad to pay for my own albums now. What a good citizen of this Earth. Pat pat pat (I am patting myself on the back).

It’s easy to reason out that Beyonce’s got enough money in the bank – she wouldn’t miss a couple of bucks. I paid $12 for her new album on iTunes and I am very satisfied. It includes 14 new songs and 17 music videos, most of them showcasing her beautiful booty.

“But what about bands I’m just getting to know? What if their albums aren’t worth my money after all?” I don’t know. I personally stream new songs online when they’re available. Thank the tech gods for LTE.

Then there are the bands that put their music out for free download. Is it a marketing strategy? Are they very generous people? Is it a “fuck-the-system” kind of thing? Or are they just not thinking at all?

There’s also the pay-what-you-want option that artists can offer their listeners. It’s a great system, yes, but it’s bittersweet to me. An artist puts all that effort into his work and releases it pro-bono because he knows people don’t really pay for music anymore these days. He’s happy just having people hear his songs. Pat pat pat (I am patting that artist on the back now).

Are physical albums dying/dead? Is the Internet the way to go? Let us know your thoughts. Because we’re releasing ours this year. YEAH!



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    February 10, 2014

    Hi saab! sori ngaun lang ulit nakapagbasa ng blog mo. mas maganda kung maglabas lang muna kau ng EP then couple of songs will be free but not the entire album. people will get excited for the full length album. hindi p naman cguro namamatay ung physical albums/CD format. mas ok p rin ung may autograph nung artist hehe..