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Anniversary in Siargao: Naked Island, Dako Island, and Guyam Island

February 23, 2017 18 Comments

Writing down the word ISLAND thrice just reminded me of how weird the word is spelled. Etymology: it comes from the Old English word īegland, which means watery land or thing on the water. There you go. Now you have useless trivia to share with your friends today!

When I went to Siargao last month (yes this post is VERY late), we dedicated a day for island hopping. We asked for help from Very Good Nice to plan it.

We planned to meet up with Wilmar and Kristyna at Harana Resort around 10AM.

Got some coffee while waiting for the others. The tiny coffee bar is called Fili Beans

Really good coffee!

We took habal-habals to the dock — just tell the driver that you’re going to Naked Island, they’ll know where to take you!

There’s a market right by the docks where you can buy food to cook at Dako Island!


~The scowl on your face lets me know that you need meeee~

Naked Island is about 15-20 minutes away by boat

The water is just mesmerizing

I kept thinking, “HOW IS IT SO BLUE??”

That’s naked island behind Li Shang from Mulan Jim!

Naked Island is called such because it’s a really bare island

We’re told that it changes its shape every so often


This is the only structure on the island (not including the man — that’s our surf instructor haha)

Muni-muni 1

Muni-muni 2

Muni-muni 3

The waves come in from all directions, it was an amazing experience to be right in the middle of it. The wind was so strong, it kept blowing the sand and it felt like tiny needles hitting our legs. It was VERY painful hahaha! I’d suggest having a sarong or whatever to cover your legs while walking.

Ang sakit



Jim & Saab vs The Wind

We win

Jim said he needed a Stanley Goodspeed shot (from the movie The Rock directed by Michael Bay — I haven’t seen it either so if you’re confused, SO AM I)

Then we sailed off to Dako Island to have lunch and to surf a little bit.

Dako Island is beautiful

It’s the perfect beach to do fun activities with your friends

We rented a cabana for P250

When Wilmar gave our food to the kitchen, he came back and said there were seashells being sold in case we wanted. I thought he was talking about some souvenir seashells until I saw what he meant.

He meant seashells with meat we could eat. Interesting. We said OKAY!

Kitchen preps

Eggplants, my fave!

Bought some rum

What a feast

The adobong seashell (sorry, I don’t know what it’s REALLY called but I’m sure it’s not “adobong seashell” LOL) was so yummy but my favorite was the coconut eggplant thing UGH ang sarap ng lunch namin

This guy was wearing a MAGALUNA jersey hehe apparently maraming Magaluna in Siargao

Then we went surfing at Dako Island, sorry there are no photos!! To be honest, I liked Giwan better (see previous post)! Maybe we surfed too late? I don’t know, but the waves weren’t that great when we were at Dako Island.

Just in time for the sunset, we went to Guyam Island. We were super tired from surfing, but Guyam is so pretty. There’s nothing on it except for sand and trees. Perfect for swimming and watching the sunset!

If you want to do a group tour with Harana or Kermit, I think it’s about 900 pesos per person and it includes food already! Check their Facebook pages for schedules of the tours. Personally, I liked going out on our own because it felt like more of an adventure, plus, we didn’t have to be with a noisy group of people. If you’d like to make new friends, though, a group tour is best!

I think that’s the last of my Siargao posts!! OR IS IT??? Omg I don’t even know. I’m back from my Singapore trip and hoping to update regularly again :)


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    February 23, 2017

    Woooooooow ! I like the place parang sobrang tahimik :) thank you for sharing saab :) May I know how much the expenses pag dalawa lang kayo ?

    • Reply


      February 24, 2017

      I would say the flight’s the most expensive thing. You can stay at really cheap but nice places, and surfing is for free unless you’re a beginner and you need to rent boards and instructors (just 500/hr and you’re probably gonna surf for an hour max if you’re a beginner). I think 1000-1500 per day per person is enough pocket money!

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        March 1, 2017

        WOW! pero super sulit na yun.. thank you saab! :) may idea na ko for our anniversary <3

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    February 23, 2017

    Hi Saab!
    I really enjoy reading your blog specially when it comes to beach topics. Waiting for stories to come!

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      February 24, 2017


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    February 24, 2017

    Hello Saab! Is it silly if I tell you OMG I L O V E eggplants too especially tortang talong (just with the egg, no ground pork etc whatsoever)! I want to recreate the eggplant dish with the coconut milk it looks so yummyyy. <3

    • Reply


      February 24, 2017

      YAAAAS tortang talong!!! Although I prefer the one with pork hehe

  4. Reply

    Audrey Sanson

    February 24, 2017

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, sana makapunta rin me dyan sooooon. haha, btw, cute ng Magaluna. <3 haha. and Jim really looks like Li Shang! ^^

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      February 24, 2017


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    February 25, 2017


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      February 27, 2017

      Oops!!! Kaya maselan lang mag update, bes. Hehehehe

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    February 27, 2017

    Its mee eygen (lol). I was supposed to book in Kermit but they were fully booked and so we decided for La Luna. We arranged our island hopping with them as well and there was like 3 of us in the boat for only 1500Php. We did hop from Naked, Dako and Guyam. I like Naked more and we called Guyam, bikini bottom because it kinda remind us about the island above bikini bottom (confusing I know). I didn’t know that you can surf in Dako since twas like crowded by the time we were there.

    I like your surfing attire (hearts) and also Jim’s cap (ahem). More love and adventure to you love birds.

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      March 1, 2017

      Hehehe sounds like you had a great time!:)

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    March 1, 2017

    haaaaaaaaaay i have a new hobby!!!!! kagagaling ko lang break up and need ko ng mga bagong pagkakaabalahan. hayyyy thanks to your blog!! hoping na magupdate ka lagi hihi i love you so much saaaaaaab!!! <3

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    March 3, 2017

    Hi Saab. Been there last December and its really nice right? It’s so relaxing and ang stress reliever ng beach and the sunrise there. btw, ang gwapo ni Jim sa picture with naked island ✌️😂

    • Reply


      March 7, 2017

      Hehehe always gwapo :p

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    May 25, 2017

    Saab! What cam are you using? :D Superb photos!

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      May 26, 2017

      Sony A6000 thank you!!