Spell Saab

Q: do you think punching walls are therapeutic?
A: No.. Screaming in a pillow is therapeutic haha!

Q: Do you cringe when you hear the word “stuffs”? Or even maybe “equipments”?
A: Furnitures. Luggages…

Q: I don’t mind you not posting this. Just wanted to say that I’ve always loved how true you are to yourself. It’s inspiring and envious, most of all beautiful. I was raised a people pleaser so just imagine my daily struggle. Thank you for being you! :) I love your wit & humor also! Tina Fey ng PH :))
A: THANK YOU!!! HAHAHA I love it! I actually took a “Which Mean Girls character are you?” quiz and I got Ms. Norbury!!:))

Q: What’s the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?
A: A lot of my fans send me gifts, I think it’s so sweet especially the letters that come with them. I appreciate their messages so much!!

Q: books that made you cry? (btw, have you read the probability of miracles?)
A: Wala pa naman so far…

Q: who gave you the nickname ‘Saab” ? I find it unique and cute! :)
A: My dad! Thank you!:)

Q: Do you also like watching musical tv series like GLEE?
A: I watched the first 2 seasons but then I got bored huhuhu

A: Hi!!!!!!!

Q: Are you earning cash from the products that your promoting/giving away from your Blog/Twitter/FB or they will just give you a sample of the product or gift?
A: Sometimes but not always

Q: how can you say you are a good friend?
A: I think I bring out the best in my friends. nakananggggggg

Q: Saab you should watch the TED talk by amanda palmer. Maybe you wanna follow how she “sells” her music. :)
A: Thank you! Will definitely check that out :)

Q: What places to visit in Antipolo? My friends and I are planning to have a weekend escapade! Hmm preferably beach or anywhere that involves adventure.. and any suggestion good resto? Thanks saab!
A: Parang wala yatang beach sa Antipolo! Hahaha! A good restaurant for a romantic lunch/dinner is Vieux Chalet :)

Q: why “cheats”? :)
A: The whole band loves playing video games hehe :)

Q: do you still get allowances? or does your mom still pay for your expenses? or all you spend for are all paid by you? :)
A: I pay for all my own things, that includes my own bills!:)

Q: Are you choosing questions worth replying for or you’re replying sa lahat?
A: I try to answer all questions but I don’t like to repeat my answers. And yung mga “bakit ang ganda mo?” haha thank you nalang!

Q: You used wordpress for spellsaab dati right? How did you moved everything to tumblr? even old posts?
A: I didn’t get to move everything to Tumblr. I didn’t back up my old files.. I’m trying to get a hold of my old host, maybe they know how I can retrieve my old entries.

A: Trying to run up the Gesu walls with my friend. My 5th year in Ateneo was my favorite year.

Q: Saaaaaaab!!! Are you good friends with Regina Belmonte? Is she a nice person?
A: We don’t see each other much these days but we’re good Internet friends haha her tweets are so funny. Of course she’s nice.

Q: Yay! Ask.fm! I still visit your saabthestrange when I get bored… HAHAHA I bet hiyang hiya ka? You’ve changed so much! (for the good). A lot less angsty ;)
A: Yes hiyang hiya ako!!! Haha

Q: Hi how old is your little sister clara?
A: 13

Q: sobrang tagal ko na binabasa blog mo, kilala ko lahat ng naging boyfriend mo hehe. may regrets ka ba with any of them?
A: Nope!

Q: Nagtaray ka na sa public?
A: I’m still not totally used to people talking about me as if I’m not there. “SI ANO YUN DIBA? SI MAGALONA! ANONG PANGALAN NYAN? YUNG SA GMA! ANO NGA ULIT?” in a really loud voice pa, it’s just so rude talaga. I give my most awkward WHAT-THE-FUCK smile and try to get away because they’re obviously not going to stop trying to figure out my name in front of me. Pero hindi naman ako nagtataray. Sometimes I ask some salespeople if may nasabi ba akong mali or baka nakaka-abala ako sa pagtanong ko about a product when they don’t even look at me or they answer in a super bitchy way but I usually just laugh it off like “ay, sorry na po ate, pasensya na, mukhang naaabala ko po kayo sa trabaho ninyo!” and leave. BURAT hahaha.

Q: What’s your height? You Magalonas look so tall kasi =))
A: Unfortunately I’m the odd one out. I’m only 5’3″

Q: Do you buy stuff that aren’t really branded??
A: I rarely buy branded stuff.

Q: What facial wash do you use?
A: I use L’Oreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover to take off my eye and lip makeup and then The Body Shop makeup remover (the pink one) afterwards for the rest of my face before going to sleep! If I don’t have makeup on I just rinse with water!

Q: Do you like coffee?

Q: if ever abs cbn offers a very interesting role, would you consider transferring?
A: I have an existing contract with GMA so I don’t have the choice to consider it.

Q: my bf’s dad died.. he’s kinda sensitive now.. his dad was his only family. no siblings.no mom.. how can I console him?
A: Sorry to hear about that.. :( You need to make yourself available for him as much as you can. You don’t have to tell him “it’s going to be okay” right away, just be available for hugs and be patient during his grief. Later on, encourage him to try new things – it’s important for him to accept that life will go on without his dad.

Q: Ikaw ba yung gumawa ng MOMOList na website?
A: Yup momolist.tumblr.com haha

Q: ilan na naging boyfriend mo po? :)
A: 5

Q: You don’t call Frank kuya? Or Maxene ate?
A: No, we only call ate Unna “ATE” – we don’t know why hehe. But Clara and Arkin call us all ate and kuya.

Q: kumusta na sina milky, tisha, and all your other college friends? haha you used to blog about them all the time!
A: Keri naman! Saw them over the holidays! Tia and Pao are getting married next month <3

Q: How would you call your sense of style? I mean in clothing.
A: My friend called it ‘sexy grunge’ back in college haha I don’t know if it still applies now.

Q: Friends pa ba kayo ni Lauren?
A: Oo naman!!

Q: maganda ba si vice ganda?
A: Mabisyo siya *badumm-tss* – I think he’s fierce.

Q: Your blog reader here since 2004! 10 years :) emily the strange days lol. hope i could catch a glimpse of you somewhere, it would be a dream come true, like REALLYYY w/ a drawling emphasis on the letter “Y”. Haha. Not a question actually, just letting you know you are an inspiration to me! -Audrie T
A: Thank you!<3

Q: thoughts abt ellen adarna?
A: Her skin is so fair! She calls her yaya “yaaaaa” haha (worked with her in Captain Barbell before.

Q: A lot of people don’t like the ladies of GIRLS and i don’t really understand why? I like all them all, even Marnie who can be annoying. Adam is awk, doesn’t care, makes the most sense, but crosses sexual boundaries. I love all the characters. – Ana Log
A: I think because on some level, the audience can relate to their behavior. Especially the stupid decisions the girls make. It’s frustrating, we get pissed at the girls but really we kind of get pissed at ourselves or our friends who make the same bad decisions as well. I hate and I love the characters. That’s why it’s such a great show.

Q: Saab! I’m so curious. What happened to your wordpress? Naging Tumblr na sya. I wanna re-read your old posts. :(
A: I happened. I can be real impulsive sometimes, I just missed Tumblr one day, went back, I don’t know what happened to my WordPress. Oh well!

Q: Does your sister Max have ask.fm too?
A: Nope!

Q: How do you choose the winners of your giveaway po ba besides the giveaway widget? I’ve been joining for two years na and was never been lucky. Hu hu.
A: Randomly! I count the number of entries, use random.org to choose a number and whichever answer corresponds to that number wins! Okay lang yan, there will come a time when I pick you!!:D

Q: What are your friendship dealbreakers?
A: I try to avoid people who don’t share the same values as me. I don’t hate them or anything, I just don’t think we would make good friends so I don’t really bother.

Q: how painful was your first tattoo?
A: Not painful. I learned my ex boyfriend was cheating on me the same day I got my tattoo so my ego was pretty bruised. Didn’t notice the pain from the tattoo haha! But I do remember it was like a small cutter going back and forth on my skin. Like I tell my friends, mas masakit pa ang brazilian wax haha.

Q: How often do you shop for clothes?
A: When I notice I’ve been wearing the same clothes for a looong time already. Probably thrice a year! I’m not big on shopping.

January 27, 2014