Spell Saab

Q: Anong genre fave mo?
A: I’m assuming you’re referring to music? Right now I’m super into rap. But I like all kinds of music. Depends on my mood, really :)

Q: Do you have any plans of cutting your hair short? :)
A: Noooo

Q: hey ate sab sino po crush nio?
A: For quite some time now, it’s been Josh Bowman from Revenge haha.

Q: Who is your fave tv OTP? =))
A: Brad and Jane from Happy Endings!!!

Q: Did it hurt getting a tattoo on your upper back? :)
A: Nope! Mas masakit pa magpathread ng upper lip. Haha!

Q: living independent? how’s your income?
A: Steady.

Q: When I visit your blog, sometimes it literally takes 20mins to load. Akala ko I had to refresh lang but other websites load fast. As I type this, spellsaab.com is loading in another tab and it’s been loading for 20+ minutes. FYI. Wonder if anyone else experiences this? Might be an issue on my end or
A: I got this question 28 days ago, I hope the issue has been resolved!!

Q: Hi saab :) Can I ask what is your favorite clothing line? By the way, i love you
A: Favorite brand is Topshop :)

Q: True about the spoilers! I hate them too haha. I think I said “nobody can ruin anything for you unless you let them” bec you said some followers ruin twitter for you.
A: Ahhh gets! Thanks!

Q: Is it worth to take a second bachelor’s degree? Do you know any school that accepts degree holders? More power to your blog. I’m an avid fan.
A: I have no idea D: Sorry!! Thank you!

Q: Hey Saab, can you give me a tips on how to make my girl back in the phils. sweep off her feet this valentines day? thank you. by the way. your the smartest chick I’ve ever known.
A: Hey I’m so sorry my reply is so late!! Thank you for thinking I’m smart!:) Next Valentine’s day, make her a homemade card asking her to be your Valentine. Sometimes boys forget that they should still woo their girlfriends. It makes us feel very special. Nakakababae. Hahaha

Q: http://spellsaab.juice.ph/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/IMG_4177-copy.jpg Ganda ng hair niyo!!! Love it! :) Anong color yan? :) – Jacqui
A: I answered na about my hair color before! I don’t remember the exact code eh but it’s on this page somewhere.. Hehe. Thank you!

Q: Hi Saab :) are you close with Julie Anne (San Jose)??
A: No, I only met her once!

Q: Hi Saab! What can you say about your stalkers. Like me! :))
A: Hi! Come up to me and say hello!:D

Q: me and ex broke up last year. after 5 months, he called me up and greeted me on my birthday. then we started going out again. until last week he told me he’s not sure if he wants us to be together again. what will i do? i was hoping that everything will be “just-like-the-old-days” again. :/
A: I really can’t answer that for you because I don’t know all the details. How old are you guys? How long were you together? Why did you break up? I know it’s cliche but ask yourself questions until the answer is clear. And don’t forget to ask yourself if he’s worth the trouble and a possible heartbreak. Good luck!

Q: Did Mikko cheat on you?
A: No!

Q: ano magandang bilin? iphone o samsung?
A: I like Samsung better.

Q: Wow, you have too many cameras? Do you get to use them all? Malamang hindi sabay-sabay :)) Pero, gaaahhh! Camera heaven! How about lenses, which ones do you have? :)
A: Just the standard ones that come with the kit and I got a 50mm lens in addition :)

Q: Hi Saab! When do you feel awkward?
A: Going to an event alone is the worst for a shy girl like me. If I don’t really know anybody that well at the event, I just end up being so awkward.

Q: Do you watch PLL? Who’s your favorite couple? :)
A: Arya and Mr Fitz!!!! BUT OMG DI PA AKO UPDATED LAST EPISODE NA NAPANOOD KO YUNG ANO.. NAKAKAGULAT. Hahahaa. Basta. I should catch up.

March 6, 2014