Spell Saab

Q: How do you choose which TV Shows to watch?
A: My mom recommends most of them. So far, all her recommendations are on point!! The others, I read about online and they have good reviews :)

Q: are you still friends with boybelost or is that buried in the past? haha
A: WHO IS THAT? Sounds so familiar. I am serious. I have no clue who that is

Q: why spell saab?
A: I answered this question – it’s up to you to ctrl+f it :)

Q: Hello ate Saab, are you following Sam Concepcion on twitter? :)
A: No why?

Q: Do you think there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance? How would you know you’re already going to the bad side?
A: If you totally disregard criticism no matter how constructive they are. I don’t know. I bet some people find me arrogant. I say they have no sense of humor. Does that make me arrogant? Haha!

Q: do you feel like a responsible adult already?
A: Totally

Q: why isn’t maxx part of your beshies group? i just thought she was
A: She is!

Q: Joey or Chandler?
A: Chandler!!

Q: sino ang mas nakakatanda si Arkin o si Clara? :)
A: Clara

Q: Are you scared of growing old?
A: Just a little bit.

Q: do you agree when people say that HIMYM is just a rip off of Friends?
A: No. It’s very different. FRIENDS is laugh-out-loud funny, HIMYM is exhale-a-bit-of-air-out-of-your-nose-to-react-politely funny. BURNNNNN hahahaa joke lang. How I Met Your Mother’s storytelling was very engaging at first. And then it just got boring :(

Q: can two guys watch a musical together? no homo?

Q: how many pairs of palladium sneakers do you have? i’m thinking of getting one!
A: I have about 6!! Go!:) Super comfy!

Q: The Walking Dead is not horror. Di din ako nanonood ng horror so i guess you can watch it alone. More of suspense and action kind.
A: Yes, I know, I didn’t find it scary naman when I watched the first season but yung puso ko tumatalon sa gulat haha di ko kaya mag isa hahaha

Q: Hi Saab! What not-so-expensive, slr compact type camera do you recommend? I’m kinda torn what to buy for my 1st! Thank you! Thank you!
A: I am very happy with my compact Sony NEX 5N!:) I’ve had it for years. I had the Sony NEX 5 before this, super minimal differences (this one is a touch screen but I don’t need that naman) but this new model was a gift from Sony. You might want to inquire about Sony NEX 5. I haven’t used other compact cameras in a while. Last one was Canon G11 I think?

Q: JLaw or Lupita?
A: I haven’t seen 12 Years A Slave :(:(:(

Q: Hi saab ! I want to see you in person :D
A: Watch Duster/Cheats live!!:D Follow us on Twitter @cheatsph and @weloveduster for gig announcements!

Q: For quite some time now, it’s been Josh Bowman from Revenge haha. – OMG, your Jim reminds me of Josh Bowman! (Didn’t ask the question, just wanted to point it out.) :)

Q: Hi! Saab, I was at SM Rosario yesterday, pinanuod ko talaga kayong lahat(The Magalonas) I’m a BIG fan of yours and your family especially kay francis m. btw here’s my question before I forget HAHA! is there a chance na ma Follow mo ko sa twitter??? PLEASE??????
A: Hi! Thank you so much!!!! But I only follow people I know personally (aside from Hollywood and news) on my social networks! Rest assured, I read all tweets of my followers directed to me :)

Q: omg nanonood ka pala ng revenge :)any thoughts about it ?
A: Sana matapos na!! Haha I love Emily and Daniel ♥

Q: coral or red (as lip color)
A: Red

Q: thread or wax?
A: Wax

Q: shorts or skirts?
A: Skirts (because my thighs are so huge and jiggly now) tapos I wear shorts underneath. Huhhu

Q: top 5 grocery items that you always get
A: Toilet paper, paper towel, dog food, milk, cereal.

Q: You remember mommy cyn? I was a medical rep and she’s one of my doctor. I got to visit her beautiful house in White Plains and saw M’s picture. Hahaha! Tinanong ko siya kung kilala ka niya at may chinika siya sakin charot lang! Haha how was your relationship with her then? May balita ka ba sakanya n
A: I was not close to mama cyn. She was very quiet but she always looked cool.

Q: Have you ever cheated on a significant other before?
A: Emotionally, yes. I had a boyfriend I realized later on I did not truly love pala. Flopey!

Q: Saab, is it normal in a relationship to go through “sawaan” phase? I believe it’s just normal! Have you already experienced that?
A: I don’t know, maybe sawa sa ugali. Like I got tired of being taken for granted, I got tired of an ex not wanting to get a job, etc. We would talk about these things that bothered me, but they just wouldn’t budge. So nagsawa na ako.

Q: I love your honesty. I’m just a little surprised because not everyone does that especially when you’re a public figure.
A: Thanks :) It’s all a matter of being polite and appropriate.

Q: your best asset?
A: My brain HAHA feeling smart.

Q: tank top or tees?
A: Tank tops!

Q: grease or rent?

Q: fave color combination?
A: Oooohhhh… Black and white haha. Don’t say white is the absence of color – may white na crayon.. Color yun. HAHAHA

Q: Ate Saab, honor student ka ba noong elementary at high school? :)
A: Yes, always. Nung college lang medyo na-waley kasi tambay nang tambay!!!!

Q: Dati ba pag nagtetext ka Jejemon? or gumamit ka din ng mga shortcuts pag nagtetext? :)
A: No. Pinaka-shortcut ko na is “hu u” and “wru” haha! and the most jej of all – mwahugs :D:D:D

Q: Hi Saab! I just found out that my 3 year old shih tzu has inguinal hernia. The vet said that a surgery should be done to remove it. I’m kinda scared that maybe if she underwent an operation everything will be different or she won’t get better, (I don’t want to be away from her, since the vet said sh
A: Elmo’s dog also had a hernia, he was less than 5 months old when he underwent operation. He’s perfectly fine and healthy now!!:) Do it! Overnight lang usually kailangan i-keep sa vet.

Q: Hi, Saab! I remember I’ve read somewhere in your blog about Just A Drop Bathroom Odor Eliminator. Ask ko lang sana sa’n mo nabili yun? Sa US lang yata available yun eh. Thank you~
A: True Value :)

Q: Hello, ms. saab ikaw ba nag mamanage ng lahat ng social media account mo or you have assistant! how you handle na ma update lahat ng social sites mo inspite of your busy sched.?
A: Wala among assistant and nasisiraan na ako ng ulo hahaha

Q: Hi1 Ms. Saab ask ko lang ung contact info bla bla mo, is it free for sign up? san ba pde mag register? i want to have an email like yours, thanks:!)
A: Oh, no it’s not! You have to buy a URL like I did with spellsaab.com and set up your e-mail there :)

Q: I just love how comfy you are with yourself and how you’re not “pa-chix” like any other people out there. You inspire me in so many ways! Most especially your fashion sense.
A: Thank you! I do not know exactly what pa-chix means but it sounds like an awful thing haha

Q: Hello Saab! Me and my sister got LSS with what you posted in IG way way back… the “di mo ba makita, wala nang papalit sayo, di ko mapakita” Can you tell us the title and the whole lyrics as well! Haha. Been singing that line the whole day.. paulit ulit :( Thanks so much for answering I LOVE YOUUUUUU
A: Oh wow thank you!! Wala pang title yun!! Hahaha it goes “di mo ba makita wala nang papalit sago, di ko mapakita wala nang papalit sago” may verses na rin soya. Di ko lang alam, baka I’ll record it as a BBYGRL track hindi bagay sa Cheats hehe

Q: What soap or face wash gamit mo sa face mo? I heard cetaphil is good pero ang mahal eh :(
A: I don’t use facial wash, I just remove my makeup using L’Oreal Gentle Makeup Remover!

Q: Are you friends with Japs?
A: The only Japs I know is Japz our PA in Adarna and yes we are friends!!

Q: bakit ang taray mo po sa Adarna? :))) hihi
A: Sabi ng director eh haha

Q: can you play musical instruments?
A: I’m best on the drums. I am not great. So imagine how bad I am with a guitar hehe.

Q: Have you watched the movie ‘Captain Phillips’? :)
A: Yes it was intense

Q: Paano ka kiligin? :D
A: I laugh haha I don’t know!!

Q: Have you heard the song “Samson” by Regina Spektor? :)
A: Youtube-ing it now… Oh yes I know this song. Why?

Q: What would you do if you only had one day left to live? :)
A: Make sure I’m camera-ready for my apocalypse selfie. Chozzz

Q: Please get married soon! Hihi :D
A: Hahaha! Cute mo

Q: Thanks for updating your blog consistently! :) you are wonderful!
A: I’m happy you noticed I’ve been more consistent!!

Q: uso po kasi ngayon ang landian diba? porke ldr and may history ng panloloko tama po bang bitawan nung boy ung almost 2 years na relationship nya kay girl just because he like someone prettier than his gf? may anak pa man din sila nung gf nya ..
A: Hindi tama pero nangyayari yun.

Q: bakit ang daming lalaki na feeling nila lahat pwedi nila makuha porke gwapo sila?
A: Ay it’s up to us to prove them wrong. I’ve dealt with these types. Showbiz guys usually. KEBS!

Q: hI! MMay royal blood po ba kayo? :D
A: Yes, my dad’s the king of rap hahaha :p

Q: Anong movie ang book po ang may “the best” meaning and definition of love?
A: Homework mo ba to? Haha!

Q: Can you tell us Pao and Tia’s proposal story? If ok lang kay Pao and Tia of course!
A: I think they went hiking and Pao asked him to marry her at the foot of the mountain. He told nobody he was planning to ask her. ♥

Q: Hi Saab! I love Ukay Alalay and the support you continue to give to people in need. Aside from Ukay Alalay, do you feel passionate about any other advocacies/movement like women’s equality, sexual health, LGBT rights, education, or body acceptance? I ask coz you’re a blogger/celebrity but I also see
A: Ask.fm apparently has a character limit! I advocate reading, and all of the things you just mentioned. I wish people would keep an open mind.

Q: I used to see Tia and Pao in Ateneo. They’ve really grown together!

Q: do you not watch modern family na? I’m watching it bec of you!! Love the show. Thank you for recommending it. ;)
A: Oh, I have yet to start season 5!!:)

Q: do you not watch modern family na? I’m watching it bec of you!! Love the show. Thank you for recommending it. ;)

Q: Ang pogi ng drummer! lol, http://spellsaab.juice.ph/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Valentines-Day-22.jpg
A: Haha

Q: what color exactly is your hair? I know you posted it already but I can’t look for it on your page as of the moment :| thanks!
A: L’Oreal 6.45 HT RC Mahogany Copper Dark Blonde

Q: Favorite Friends character?
A: Chandler

Q: Hi saab, help! im only 23 but i looked older in my age. gawd yun eyebags ko ang lapad. any advise? should i take vitamins? :(
A: Sleep early, drink LOTS of water, take vitamins, be HAPPY!!!

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your fave cologne/ perfume for everyday and mga events? =)
A: I rarely spray anything on but I have had the same bottle of Body Shop’s White Musk for about a year now. Haha. I spray it on when I remember to!

Q: hi saab! where did you purchase your Go Pro? i cant find it sa mga mall kase. thank you so much! <3
A: dbgadgets.net

Q: What phone do you use, and color? Are you a Globe or Smart user?
A: White Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Globe

Q: go pro!!!!! what edition nung sayo miss saab?
A: Hero 3!

Q: Hey thanks for answering the ex girlfriend dilemma. Well he told me he wasn’t thinking properly and he did it and he assured me it’s nothing naman na. Anyway, what’s your take on The Body Shop’s White Musk? :P
A: It smells lovely

Q: Do you play any videogames??
A: Yes, I really enjoyed Uncharted 2 and 3 (haven’t played 1). And GTA 5 is THE BEST. I started Assassin’s Creed on PS4 but omg I did it right after GTA 5 and I felt like I was turning into a bum na. Had to do a cleanse from video games. Haha.

Q: Hi, saab! :) What book can you recommend for people who are just starting to have interest in reading like me. Madali kasi ako mabored kapag nagbabasa lalo na pag hindi interesting. Hihi thanks!
A: Definitely Young Adult books. When I was in high school I read Gossip Girl and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, those might be good to start with. If you don’t want to read about high school drama though, try the Shopaholic series rin. Easy to read for “beginners”

Q: What cam are you using? :D
A: Sony NEX 5N

Q: Why do we push people away??
A: I don’t push people away. I stay away from people I don’t get along with. That doesn’t mean I’m only friends with people who agree with me. I get along with people who disagree with me. People I don’t get along with are those who have totally different core values from me.

Q: Saab! Kelan ulit gig ng GRRRL SCOUT? :)
A: Sana April! Candy and I have been focusing on Cheats kasi eh!

Q: Do you get pissed off to people who tweets you saying “greet mo naman ako bday ko kasi”?
A: No, not really, as long as they don’t flood my mentions ok lang naman. I greet them when I see it :)

Q: What phone do you bet, for now. Is iPhone too mainstream for you? :)
A: Not that it’s too mainstream. I just like a bigger screen. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 -I think it’s the same phone Ellen used to take that record-breaking selfie at the Oscars haha

Q: What is your favorite color? :D
A: Red

Q: What is your favorite hangout with your bf?
A: Watching movies and TV series, dancing to live music, eating and arguing hehe

Q: Kailan ang huling beses na nilabag mo ang batas?
A: Probably that time I tried to smoke marijuana. That was almost 5 years ago?

Q: Gay or Lesbian?
A: I have more gay guy friends. I only know a handful of lesbians. This is a strange question.

Q: Anong klaseng car yung ginamit niyo nina Frank pauwi when you went surfing? Sobrang naaastigan ako grabe!!! Parang ang daming windows haha! :)
A: Oh it’s his BMW!:) Or is it a benz?! I know very little about cars SORRY haha!

Q: Saab, your fashion statement is so fetch! I am so amazed how you put pieces together, any ideas where I can get such cute clothes for a lower price? Can you please suggest an online store or a shop where I can get fab clothes that won’t hurt my budget?Please? Pretty please :)
A: Wow that’s so nice of you! Wow this actually seems like a planted question for an advertorial but I swear it isn’t!! Anyway, I have amazing news coming soon. I am working with a brand that has super pretty dresses sold at a very affordable price!! It’s in the works, will reveal late April :) Stay tuned!

Q: Hey I want to write for a living (part-time job that is) and I know not everyone is cut out for things like this but I believe I can actually do it, any tips? please? Where should I start? i tried odesk and linkedin. So far, I have zero feedbacks. :( Do you know anything else I can try?
A: Oh there are plenty of publications that welcome young writers! E-mail Philippine Star’s Young Star (ystar2.0@gmail.com), Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Youngblood (here are tips I found by Googling), online magazine Stache Magazine (info@stachemagazine.com). Submit your resume and at least 2 sample works enough to catch their attention! Good luck!

Q: hi saab im ria, sobrang big fan mo ako… your so pretty.. i just wanna ask if ano yung secret mo para to stay sexy and pretty.. thanks and Godbless…
A: Thanks so much. I believe I gained weight but I credit staying sexy and pretty in the eyes of others because of my brains. Hehe. Be well-informed – READ and you will find yourself attractive as well :)

Q: Have you received my email (photos from your cook out 2 help out gig)? I love you <3
A: Yes, thank you!:)

Q: Ano height ni Arkin?
A: I don’t know. Ask him on Twitter, sorry I don’t really keep track.

Q: How’s your bullet journal going?
A: Still using it to keep organized :)

Q: Kelan po ulit namin makikita si Arkin mag rap onscreen? super galing niya at his age. Thanks. kakamiss siya magrap, and onscreen.
A: I do not know

Q: is marriage still a long way down the road for you?
A: It’s something I am looking forward to.

Q: Bakit “Father Arkin” at “Barq” tawag niyo kay Arkin? kakaCURIOUS. hehe. I guess fatherArkin kasi he acts like a father sa inyong magkakapatid? hehehe. Tama ba? :)
A: Father Arkin cos he sits in pop’s place at the dining table at home and he speaks with a deep voice and he’s very wise for his age. Barq is his nickname after Barq’s rootbeer.

Q: who’s your favorite author?
A: JK Rowling & Roald Dahl are my childhood heroes. As an adult, probably Augusten Burroughs.

Q: any advice on skateboarding?
A: You’re asking the wrong person!

Q: What is your biggest “what if”?
A: What if my dad was still around

Q: Hi ate saab! Just want to ask what kind of girlfriend are you? Are you moody and mataray? Or malambing and pa-sweet type all the time? Thanks! :)
A: I’m all of those things. I care very much about my boyfriend’s happiness. I usually put it before mine. I love so much but I’m not stupid. I’m very happy Jim gets me like no one ever has.

Q: Hi Saab! I remember your post regarding a car mechanic in Marikina however I can’t find that post na..would you mind sharing the name and location? Thanks in advance!
A: Anthony – 09176224239. I think it’s called Trejvill AutoHaus or something. Basta I contact Anthony directly!

Q: Saan po yung Jamming place nyo po (cheats) sa eastwood?
A: Not in Eastwood! We jam at August 8 Studio in Ortigas or at Cholo’s place in Fort.

Q: Why did you like Julius? Gald you and him are no longer together. I met him at one of theit gigs, I liked his music until all he did all night after they played was trashtalk about everybody else. Worse was he thought he was so funny.
A: He was totally different when he was with me. He’s a better guy when he’s happy.



Q: Hi Saab! What does it mean ng Tattoo mo sa wrist? Yung lines lines thingy. :) And if you don’t mind what age did you have your tats? :)
A: It’s grade school writing lines. I got my first tattoo (out of 2) at 18 I think!

Q: best thing about jim?
A: His laugh is better than pizza

Q: i know marami ka followers kaya baka pwede mo iblog about Tom Attwater.. so that other people can help.. thanks beautiful! here’s the link http://kindnessblog.com/2014/02/12/tom-attwater-is-dying-his-daughter-might-die-too-the-letter-he-left-for-her-is-unforgettable/
A: Thanks for this.

Q: Would you choose the guy you like or the guy you’re friends with?
A: Vague question. As in choose either guy to be in a relationship with? Why can’t you be friends with the guy you like? Why wouldn’t you like a guy you’re friends with?

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been a reader of your blog since 2006. Sana you will keep on updating your blog just like last time..sana more family and friends photos din.Thank you for always making time to update us about your life. :) Ask ko lang din, pano mo ginagawa yung handwriting na title sa posts mo? thanks
A: Thank you so much for appreciating. This question was asked over a month ago when my layout was different. I actually hand-wrote those titles haha.

Q: Aren’t you getting tired of people asking you to transfer stations?
A: Yup!

Q: what is your favorite song that your dad sing?
A: I’ve got plenty of favorites. Make Your Move, Tindi Ng Sapot, Peace On Earth, 3 Stars and A Sun, I love all his songs.

Q: Ate Saab, gusto po sana naming kunin kayo as VJ para sa upcomimg event namin this summer sa La Union,:)
A: VJ? How does that work? You may e-mail info@spellsaab.com for inquiries!

Q: What’s your favorite Incubus song?
A: Hirap naman. Ayoko na ng mga “what’s your favourite” na questions!! Haha I really don’t know.

Q: would you just hate if you found out I asked you a lot of questions here? (btw, you answered most of them)
A: No, that’s the point of having this hehe

Q: what do you think of Jamie Dornan.. is he a perfect Christian Grey?
A: Super kebs ako sa 50 Shades of Grey, sorry!

Q: OMG nastarstruck ako. I didnt expect that you’d reply HAHAHA (this is not a question actually haha i just want to tell you that I seriously like you now!) woooo
A: And you just jokingly liked me before huh haha

Q: What first dance song for a wedding do you suggest? :) -The Bips <3
A: Oh God, I will keep wedding suggestions to a minimum. I need ideas for my own because I have NOTHING. Haha.

Q: Can i know your full name? and ethnicity? btw im your new fans
A: Ang dami mo naman! Chos. I am Filipino.

Q: Gaano kadalas ang minsan??
A: Palagi

Q: are arkin and clara still your babies?
A: Totally

Q: canon or nikon?
A: I have never tried using a Nikon. My dad used both brands and really enjoyed them though.

Q: Hi saab! can you please blog about your GoPro? gusto ko din kasi bumili but i can’t find a reliable or much detailed source about it (actually di ko lang maintindihan yung iba hahaha). thanks much saaby!
A: I bought it on impulse, will study it further. So far I am happy with it. I have the Hero 3 model!

Q: are you squeamish?
A: Blood-wise, vomit-wise yes

Q: How many kids do you wanna have in the near future? :)
A: 2-3 probably.

Q: how would you rank your most loved crafts? singing – writing – acting.
A: Writing, singing, acting

Q: Hi. What did you use to take the photos from your La Union trip? Did you use an olloclip?
A: The blog post contains the answer :)

Q: anong product nilalagay mo sa hair mo?:)
A: Mostly, wala. Sometimes I use seasalt spray

Q: Saab, here’s my question: Do you think 25 is “too old” to pursue College? Ive felt out of place and insecure; it’s depressing when reality pinch you in the butt – I have a 16 y/o classmate/s, depressing. Tsk, like I’ll never be cheerful again.
A: No! I remember Rica Peralejo taking the same course as mine (Creative Writing) 2 years below me. People in Ateneo were fascinated having somebody older walking the halls with us. If you were my classmate, I would totally befriend you because being on Earth for more years than most people in our class – I would find you more interesting :)

Q: hi saab! can you share your skin regimen? we have almost the same skin color, but since i entered college in ateneo, i’ve started getting darker from all the walking ive to do. what sun protection do you use? thanks!
A: I wish I’d put sunscreen more regularly back then. Even today I keep forgetting. Most moisturisers/BB creams have SPF protection so it doesn’t look unnatural! I know Pond’s BB Cream has SPF 30! BB creams make you look naturally flawless pa.

Q: In my new work, I have to deal with my teammates. I am actually outgoing, but I felt that my teammates are “old-fashioned”. One time, one of my teammate mentioned something about sex and I gave the “really?” reaction. Their response to me was “Weh? May anak ka na, di mo alam?”. I felt offended, feel
A: Oh no, I think there’s a character limit here!! Di ko makita the rest of your questions!!!! STUPID ASK.FM!!!

Q: Saab! Ung mga iba mo bang fans club nag paplan na kunwari, christmas magkakaroon kayo ng christmas party?
A: Nope, never!

Q: Hello Ms. Saab! I would like to ask for summer job suggestions. I don’t think I like yung mga tipong fastfood crew gnon. I like more yung mga bookstore, coffeeshop mga peaceful and quiet places but I’m still studying kaya If ever meron kayong suggestion ng bagay sa isang student gsto ko po sanang ma
A: Putol rin yung question mo, sorry! I am not sure if there are paying summer jobs for high school students (I am assuming you are in high school?) and I think you are asking the wrong person :( I never had a summer job either so I wouldn’t know. If you’re in high school you can intern in a place that interests you (sorry but interns usually work for free) but it will do wonders for your resume when you are actually looking for a real job.