Spell Saab

Q: What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
A: A meme of J.K. Rowling

Q: If you could re-live that day you first met someone, who would it be and why?
A: Ooh good question. And a hard one. Geez. Probably the first time I met Jim. Because I don’t remember. Hahaha. I wouldn’t change anything. I just want to remember. I just know it was in the Ateneo cafeteria that I met him along with our other friends.

Q: hi ate saab, :) may mapapayo ka poba for students na nag stop dahil sa pag tambay tambay. hehe. :)
A: Bumalik ka na sa school. Wala kang mapapala sa pag tambay. Productivity is the best!!!

Q: do you like Jennylyn Mercado?
A: Yes, she’s very nice!

Q: Hello Saab! :) I just wanted to know which brow salon you had your brows fixed and colored? Thank you!
A: I got my eyebrows colored back when I first had my hair colored in Toni & Guy Tomas Morato but I didn’t exactly love my eyebrows in a light color so it’s back to it’s normal color now! As for grooming I just get it threaded at David’s Salon Eastwood. If you want really good shaping go to Browhaus in Serendra or Greenbelt. Pretty expensive at over Php500 but it’s worth it! Just maintain it afterwards!

Q: Hi ate Saab you miss your dad? Idol ko po kc sya ..
A: What do you think?

Q: Where do you get your seasalt spray? Or is it DIY? :)
A: Bumble and Bumble at Blow Out Bar, Makati!

Q: Do you still smoke?
A: Sometimes when I drink!

Q: Do you remember the indie song na pinost mo wayyy back 2012 (i guess), tapos French clip about two girls doing wild things while living in a convent ata. Wild din ata yung nuns. Hahaha even just the movie title is okay
A: The song is Dasma Girl by Bee Eyes. Clips from Don’t Deliver Us From Evil. Here’s the link to the video I posted: http://vimeo.com/26861297

Q: Pizza o lovelife?
A: Put them together!!

Q: Para sayo, ano ang meaning ng salitang “kalayaan”?
A: Pang beauty contest ha!! Para sa akin ang kalayaan ay ang pag-iisip para sa sarili. Sa bawat paglawak ng iyong kaalaman, ikaw ay nagiging mas malaya. Keri?

Q: do you answer all of your questions? or you just choose which to be answered?
A: I’ve got a huge back log right now so I’m only choosing those I want to answer (mostly those that haven’t been asked before)

Q: What salon do you go to? I have “sabog” hair and I don’t want my hair to be rebonded or straightened. I just want a proper haircut that might possibly go well with my hair. :) what’s a good hairstyle? any suggestion? :D Thanks Ate!
A: Try my ninang Nimfa at Nimfa Ferrer Salon, Greenhills! It’s beside Bruno’s Barbers.

Q: How much do you love your fiance? ;)
A: Keri lang. Chos! So much that I’m spending the rest of my life with him!

Q: “Q: sino ang mas nakakatanda si Arkin o si Clara? :) A: Clara” Hindi ba si Arkin?
A: Omg did I say Clara?! I guess I read the question as sino ang mas matangkad LOL

Q: sino pinaka makulit sa inyong magkakapatid?
A: Maxx!! Haha

Q: Hi Saab. I’m James Fernando, head slave of www.teetank.co How can we have our items be given away?
A: Hi! Please e-mail inquiries to info@spellsaab.com :)

Q: Ano ang tingin mo sa mga homosexual ?
A: Just the same as every other person. But to be absolutely honest, I feel an instant connection with them more than heterosexuals. Haha.

Q: How longa have you been with Jim? You’re bandmates right?
A: Yes we’re bandmates! We’ve been together for 3 years.

Q: Sino mas maganda, Kylie Jenner or Kendall Jenner? Sa tatlong Kardashians (Kim, Khloe, Kourtney), sino ang pinakamaganda?
A: I don’t like to compare siblings!

Q: Sino first lab mo? :D
A: Di pa ako nagkaka-labrador eh. Pomeranian palang. #waley

Q: Hi, Saab! Do you listen to Japanese bands?
A: Cibo Matto! Love their accent ugh

Q: What is the most beautiful gift did u ever had?
A: The gift of life. Charrrrrrrr

Q: bakit dika crush ng crush mo..?

Q: What to ask?
A: What to answer?

Q: Hi Saab anong filter or camera app ginagamit mo sa IG photos mo? Thanks! :)
A: Snapseed and VSCO!

Q: what liquor is your favorite?
A: Red wine

Q: laptop or desktop?
A: Laptop

Q: Hey Saab! May i know what you did to color your hair purple before?Thanks!
A: Had to bleach my hair for that. Flopey cos it faded after a while my hair looked like corn. You can do cellophane nalang may konting purple effect siya when hit by sunlight.

Q: What’s the brand of your camera? :)
A: Sony!

Q: Gaaah. My girl crush is getting married already! I’m soooo happy for you and Jim! Congratulations! More babies to come!! I love you, Saab! :) Hope to meet you soon! :)
A: More babies agad???? Hhahha wala pa nga! :)) Thanks!!!

Q: How do you make your relationship with Jim strong and fun at the same time? And I love you, saab. ❤️
A: Don’t forget that you’re best friends. Sometimes he calls me pare by accident and I secretly love it :)

Q: Anong shades ng MAC lippies do you frequently use? :)
A: Right now my 2 favorites are Yash and Chili :D

A: Hmmm.. Taylor Swift because I know more songs of hers hehe

Q: what photo editor are you using to your photos? is it photoshop?
A: Lightroom

Q: anu pong meaning ng “Daisuki desu?”
A: Ewan ko

Q: If theres 1 anime character to come in real life who would it be ?
A: Char

Q: Ano ang Paborito mung Kulay ??? At Bkit ???

Q: Nasa Boracay ka rin ba nung Labor Day?
A: Nope!

Q: Were you watching Dawson’s Creek when you named your dog? On that note, who did you ship Joey with? Discuss :)
A: Hahaha no, I named Joey after a baby kangaroo cos she jumps a lot! Anyway, Pacey of course!!

Q: what is your fave nail polish color?
A: Black :)

Q: Minsan naisip mo na rin bang magnakaw, lalo na ung bagay na gusto mo?
A: No, mas okay yung feeling pag pinaghirapan mo yung bagay na gusto mo :)

Q: Hi Saab, in your most recent post, you said “Because when I bring this up, no one explains why he’s bipolar.” – pls refrain from using “bipolar” to describe someone who can’t make up their mind. It minimizes the disorder, as if choice nila ang mood swings nila when it’s complicated brain chemistry.
A: This is about Peter Parker not being able to make up his mind about being with Gwen Stacy? I doubt it was “his choice” to have mood swings and in no way did I imply that being bipolar means that. A symptom of bipolar disorder is transitioning between being really sad and really happy and that’s what I saw with Peter Parker in the latest Spiderman movie with regards to his relationship with Gwen. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, just calling it as I saw it.

Q: Fill in. First impressions _________. :)‎
A: of Earth

Q: Nagala’ jejemon ka rin ba dati ?
A: Since grade school ako, buo ako mag-type ng words sa text eh. Haha. Except “wru” lol

Q: If Jim did not ask you to be his girlfriend, so pano po naging kayo ate Saab? I really wanna know how and get kilig!!! :)
A: We kissed and I only kiss my boyfriends so understood na yun. HAHAHA

Q: Hi,Saab! I just want you to know that i really love your style!
A: Thanks, dear!!

Q: hi saab alam mo noon pa man sobrang crush na kita, halos lahat ng SAABTV episode mo napanood ko na sa youtube, sana mameet kita sa mga gigs kasi alam ko ngbabanda ka na din ngayon. Sorry ha kung hindi ito tanong. Anyway, take care always!!! -Your superelectromagnetic-diehard-fan from Bataan

Q: Do you walk your dog Joey everyday?
A: As much as possible, yes!

Q: Are you bffs with Andi Eigenmann?
A: Nope!

Q: Were same name but different spelling. Can you notice me?!
A: Hi

Q: Do you still wear glasses? :) anong grado ng eyes mo?
A: 400 and 375

Q: What do you drink to keep your liver healthy since you go on gigs and you can’t avoid drinking alcohol? thanks!
A: Wala naman.. I just drink a lot of water and hindi naman lasinggero levels ang pag inom! Haha!

Q: After reading your blog about your engagement (and the comments and your replies) i wanted to follow all your blogs and will definitely backtracks.. i only hve fb, no ig and twitter so i.would like to know how can i follow your blog that wil prompt.me you have a new.one.. arent you posting it on fb.
A: Sige I will post on my Facebook page :)