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saabhorseHorseback riding in Baguio, 1993

Q: Hi saab! Do you want to be thin or okay kna sa body mo? :)
A: I don’t want to be thin, I just would like to be toned because I am very blessed to have an hourglass body. Seryoso, hourglass ang shape ng body ko talaga, natatakpan lang ng fat from all the pizza and beer I eat. Haha. So I’ve been laying off the bad stuff so I don’t waste the great bod~ hiding underneath hehehe.

Q: What’s your favorite handmade christmas gifts? :-)
A: Probably home made food

Q: Hi Saab! Can you make a music corner where we can find your taste of music?
A: Sure, let me fix that up right now. I’ll upload a daily song :*

Q: tinder
A: Nope

Q: Are you sometimes Boyish type?
A: Sometimes to a fault – my boy friends forget I’m a girl and joke about inappropriate stuff haha but sometimes lang naman. Most of the time they are absolute gentlemen who refuse to let me carry heavy things.

Q: where’s your eyebrow tutorial? :)
A: Ugh I still don’t have one D:

Q: Hi Saab! How old are you when you got your first tattoo? :)
A: 20

Q: How did you meet Candy? And how is she as a friend?
A: Our exes were friends and I just really liked her energy haha she’s an amazing friend except she unapologetically burps and farts all the time!!!

Q: Hi Saab, I was wondering if you could help me choose between a KoboGlo and KindlePaperwhite. Which one is better? Thanks in advance! :)
A: Oh no I have never owned a Kobo! But it looks nice naman! I lost my original Kindle so I got the newer model. I absolutely love my Kindle. Easy on the eyes :)

Q: Hi Saab, what is the meaning of your tattoo on your left wrist?:))
A: It reminds me of my childhood, particularly back when I first learned how to write. I think words are extremely powerful and I like being reminded to choose them carefully.

Q: Hi saab! How tall are you? :)
A: You mean how short am I? Hehe. I am only 5’3″ :p

Q: What’s your favorite MAC lipstick rn?
A: I’m assuming “rn” means right now? Hmm still MAC Chili right now :)

Q: paano magagamit ang confidence at confident?
A: Confidence is a noun while confident is an adjective. A confident person has a lot of confidence.

Q: hi saab? any advices about a fat girl na walang confidence sa kanyang sarili and by means of fat yung obese talaga? :(
A: When you say obese that means it is a health risk so my advice is to see a doctor/nutritionist to see what you can change about your eating habits! Sometimes it’s not just the lack of confidence that brings you down but I’ve experienced feeling really sad especially when I put a lot of unhealthy food in my body. Binge eating and depression are closely related and when I exercise and eat right I feel a million times better about myself! The confidence comes back not because I look amazing (still working on that) but because there is no guilt and I know I am taking care of myself a.k.a. I am loved by me! Aside from weight loss, find something you love to do and focus on that and you will also feel good about being productive. Happy people have an easier time making friends and when you’ve got good friends you will definitely have more confidence in yourself. Good luck with your journey to a better you <3

Q: Where did you buy your shoes in this photo? :)
A: Topshop but that was a long time ago I doubt they still have it!

Q: do you support sex before marriage?
A: I don’t blatantly support it but I’m definitely not against it either.

Q: frank magalona
A: I think you’ve mistaken this for a search box hehe

Q: whats your favorite book?
A: The first novel I finished was The Big Friendly Giant by Roald Dahl and it was such a milestone for me, I absolutely love that book.

Q: can you give me a singapore tour closet? please? :)
A: What does that meeeeean?

Q: Ano height ni Arkin?
A: He got tall overnight I think he is 5’3″ or 5’4″ basta he’s a little bit taller than me D:D:D:

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