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Cheats at Satchmi Vinyl Day / Photo by Bel Certeza of Indie Manila

Cheats at Satchmi Vinyl Day / Photo by Bel Certeza of Indie Manila

I haven’t done ASK SAAB in months so there is quite a LOT of backlog. Hope you don’t mind waiting a while for answers to your questions!! Love you guys!

Q: Hello, I saw your post about the Rouge Dior shade 539 “Trafalgar”, and i really wanted to know where you bought it?
A: Hello there! Dior sent it to me as a gift but I’m pretty sure you can get it from Rustan’s :)

Q: Hi Saab, may braces ka pa din ba hanggang ngayon? :)
A: No, I haven’t finished my Invisalign because I keep taking it out and I haven’t worn it in months huhuhuhhu

Q: What are your income resources? And how do you save your money? Any tips? Gustong gusto ko talaga pagiging baklang babae mo. I love you it hurts.
A: HAHAHAHA. My income resources? I’m not so comfortable talking about money. I’m no expert either so I’m not the right person to ask. I’m only just learning with the help of Jim who’s more business- and money-savvy! I’ll try to blog about what I’ve learned so far. Thanks for the idea!

Q: HI Ate Saab! I want to start a blog but i’m not that rich kid, and I don’t have a cool camera. How to have a cool blog without those? Hihi help? :)
A: Hi there! I believe in the saying “Nasa Indian yan, wala sa pana” meaning you don’t need an expensive SLR to be a good photographer! I’ve had the same camera for years now. I don’t think I’m a pro but I believe I have an eye for nice photos! You can use your phone to take photos, it’s best to take photos in daylight! Also, you can have a cool blog by reading other blogs for ideas and inspiration. You don’t necessarily need a lot of pictures for a “cool blog” hehe. You can use websites like Canva.com to create nice headers for a text-based blog post just for visual stimulation :)

Q: Hi saab! What laptop do you use? Need to replace my lappy. Nag crash ung macpro ko eh. :(
A: Hi! I’m using a Macbook Pro! I just bought it a few months ago!

Q: Im redirecting my question here! :) Can i se e a photo of you and your kilikili? :)) I’m a fan since your emo days. haha
A: Hahaha thank you but stop being a creep :)))

Q: What’s the one thing you must do in Singapore when visiting?
A: Walk a lot around the city and take photos. If you’ve never been, I really do suggest Universal Studios. I always have fun there!! Ride The Mummy and Battlestar Galactica :)

Q: What if your boyfriend cheated on you? But he didn’t even admit it even if its true. Do you think its better to leave than to continue it?
A: How can you tell if it’s true or not? Well, to be honest, if I had even a 5% feeling that my boyfriend was cheating on me I would leave him. There’s no point staying with somebody you don’t trust completely. Don’t you agree?

Q: What do you miss most about your dad?
A: I miss his laugh. He had the best genuine laugh.

Q: Saab, why kaya nag break si megan young at niko salva? just asking hahaha
A: Ang luma! Next!

Q: I’ve been in a same sex rel for 3 years now, she’s almost perfect except for the fact that she’s a she. i don’t know how to break up..
A: Why break up?!?!?! Are you in love? Then who cares if she’s a she?

Q: Curious lang ako, kapatid ba ni Jim si nunki? Ang cute niya eh! Hehe. Been reading your blog since emily/incugirl days. Hehe. Keep it up!
A: Yes!

A: I’ve never been to El Nido but I’m dying to go some time soon!

Q: Hi Ate Saab. I just wanna know what camera/phone you’re using on your shots? Thanks <3
A: Sony NEX 5N :)

Q: Can I meet you in person? please?? :((
A: Come to Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre this Saturday afternoon. I’ll be there with the rest of Mirage Team Saab! Btw, pls vote for me. Hahaha http://newmirage.ph

Q: Sino po yung pinaka close mo sa mga best friends mo?
A: Oh em. Hahaha. Excluding Jim and Maxx, I think it would have to be Candy.

Q: What are the top 5 books that have stayed in your heart?
A: Off the top of my head: Roald Dahl’s Big Friendly Giant, Dr. Seuss’ I Wish That I Had Duck Feet, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, Memoirs of A Geisha by Arthur Golden

Q: Hi Saab! :) I really love your photos, Are you using filter in taking those photos or you’re using any photo editor software? Thank You :)
A: Hi! I just use Adobe Lightroom to adjust the temperature, that’s it :) You can use other software for that but since my laptop came equipped with Lightroom, I like using it.

Q: Do you have plans to release an album of Cheats? Will be it release on a major label or to an indie label? What will be the format cd or vinyl?
A: Hi! It will be an indie release under LockedDown Entertainment. Should be out by June or July :) We can’t afford to get it pressed on vinyl so it will be in a CD format. Although our song Accidents is on Jam88.3’s Fresh Filter Volume 1 record coming out this month.

Q: Hi Saab! What do you call Jim? Do you have terms of endearment for each other? :)
A: I call him bunny he calls me belly

Q: What kind of couple are you? Clingy ones? Laging nagbibigay ng gift? :) kwento ka naman about you and Jim
A: Not clingy hehe. We’re a stay-at-home couple. We’ve been told time and time again that we have to go on dates outside of our condo so we drag ourselves outside haha but naturally we both like to marathon-watch TV series and movies. And we play DOTA a lot hahaha. Plus we’re in a band together so we’re always making music. Jim likes to tell me I’m beautiful, I like to drive wherever he is to give him food. We’ve got different love languages but we’ve been making it work hehe

If you have any questions, you may ask by typing on the ASK SAAB box on the right side of the page. Take note there’s a character limit!




  1. Jie

    May 15, 2015

    Hi Saab!
    Sayang hindi ako nakapag tanong. Haha! I’m looking forward sa virtual bookclub mo. Pahabol: which one do you like best-palladium or doc martens? ((:

    Stay cool and beautiful!((:

    • Saab

      May 20, 2015

      Hi Jie! I think Palladiums are more comfortable :) But DMs are definitely bad ass.

  2. Lei

    May 15, 2015

    I’m just curious about the endearment thingy, why does he call you belly? is it because of the tummy? haha.

    • Saab

      May 20, 2015

      Hahaha yes but also because he calls me Isabelly <3

  3. Jamie

    May 18, 2015

    Chinese Cinderella <3 I think the first book that made me cry. ALSO! I was just thinking randomly (you know how it is when there's suddenly time for it) while on our way home about you not answering your questions anymore unlike before when you had a separate blog for it. Tapos suddenly when I visited, you have answers. Yayyy! Huhu am I weird? Hehe. #fangirlprobz

    • Saab

      May 19, 2015

      You are psychic!!!! I am too!!!! Feel ko lang. HAHAHA. Baka our minds connected~~~

      • Jamie

        May 21, 2015

        Oooooh maybe!! LOL. Wasn’t a psychic tho when you tweeted earlier about readers. Huhu what was that about kaya. I wish I got to reply fast enough. <///3

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