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Q: Hi Saab. Do you follow a schedule when blogging? And how long does it usually take you to create a blog post? :) Btw, I hope you will come visit Davao soon! Even if I can’t really meet you up close, it would still be great to see you :)
A: I’m trying to make a schedule like how a magazine team does it! Hehe.

Q: Hi! We currently have two siberian huskies and they are shedding everywhere! I read your post before on the Furminator(though I can’t find it anymore) ! I was wondering how did you purchase it? :)
A: Through galleon.ph good luck!!

Q: Hi Saab! Diba nakapag mall show na kayo sa SM Batangas? Meron ka bang hindi makakalimutan doon na fan/fans? :)
A: There was this group of girls who gave me a hug :)

Q: favorite coffee shop? What branch? :)
A: I like Starbucks’ coffee but Coffee Bean seems to have a better ambience.

Q: frank and nica still together?
A: They haven’t been together in soooo long!! Haha!

Q: Hi, have you tried brazillian wax? Does it hurt? And saan waxing salon ka nag papa wax?
A: Yes, try Strip sa may Serendra or Greenbelt it’s least painful.

Q: Hi, I know this is such a random question but do you know the story behind the Alquedas and Talibans? Like, how they formed and why US is battling against them up until today?
A: I have a strong feeling this is for your homework and I am not answering this question for you! Hahaha!

Q: Can you say something in French?
A: Qu’est-ce que vous faites dans la vie?

Q: I like your dresses :) Where do you buy them? :D
A: Different places – Topshop, Forever 21 mostly!

Q: Who is your favorite cartoon character?
A: Here

Q: Are you watching Suits?
A: Yeah, when is season 4?

Q: Do you think that you and Maxx were made on Valentine’s day? :))
A: Yup! Haha

Q: na inspire ako sa bangs mo.
A: Goww

Q: Best part of being in show business?
A: Having people write me letters or personally come up to me to tell me how much I inspire them. Priceless!!

Q: hindi ka ba nagkakaroon ng dark underarms kapag nagsshave?
A: If the hair is thick, yes, but since I did a few sessions of underarm laser hindi daw ako pwede mag wax eh. Shave lang. The laser sessions also made the hair thinner anyway

Q: Hi saab! Look at my profile here in ask.fm. Ako ung naka gray na pinakamaliit katabi mo. Haha. Remember me? Trixie. :) Here’s my twitter acc: ‎@TrxIlagan
A: Hindi ko makita kung ano sinasabi mo! Haha!

Q: iphone or samsung?
A: I can never make up my mind :(

Q: best place in asia? (aside from the Philippines, I guess haha)
A: I’ve only been to HK and Singapore and they both have their ups and downs!

Q: sobrang idol ko kayo ni Sarah Gaugler! SOBRA!
A: Hi!! Pareho kaming Globe Tattoo endorsers, we’re both in bands and favorite ng GRRRL SCOUT kunin ang Turbo Goth for gigs because they are so easy to work with and they’re always a riot to watch!

Q: Ano yung mga blogs na fina-follow mo? :)
A: I am only trying to keep my blog alive, I don’t have time to read other blogs :(

Q: Is premarital sex a sin against God?
A: I don’t believe so.

Q: is telling someone “it’ll be okay” a bad advice?
A: I think unless you KNOW it’s going to be okay, you shouldn’t say that.

Q: What are your favorite make up brands?
A: MAC & Chanel!

Q: What is your favorite book? Romance to be specific. Hehe
A: Romance book? Gone Girl. Chos. Come to think of it, I haven’t read a lot of romance novels.. I thought Bridget Jones was very funny and sweet. I also liked The Fault in Our Stars, of course. Eleanor & Park is also kilig.

Q: Hi girl crush!what do you think of RH Bill?hope you meet you personally :-)
A: I think sex education is important

Q: HIIIIIII!!!! God what should I say? ammhh. been a reader of your blog a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. AHH! okay, I’m done. Hope you flood your blog so I have a lot to read. Bye!
A: Hahaha will try!!

Q: Saab do you still long board? :)
A: Not anymore

Q: Hi saab! :) After reading all these questions, let me share that I am so grateful meeting you thrice and had pictures with you! Not everyone is blessed with that! ;) Plus I layered my hair just to had the same with yours! :) I just wanna know what perfume/cologne are you using? saab-ish ♥
A: Sweet! I don’t wear perfume.. I think I should start wearing perfume. I am a lady..

Q: Nagkakapimples po ba kayo? Ano po gnagawa nyo? Any advice how to remove pimple scars.
A: Fortunately I don’t get pimples anymore. When I was younger I did get a few, I know you’re not supposed to pop your zits but I always did. I squeezed the puss out. I don’t think I am the right person to ask. D:

Q: naging kayo ba ni victor basa?
A: We dated for a short while.

Q: Hi, Saab! You blogged about a good waxing salon in The Fort before but I can’t find your post anymore. What’s the name of the salon again? Thank you so much! :)
A: Strip in Serendra. People have also been raving about Wink near Jamba Juice (New High Street) but I haven’t tried it there yet!

Q: Best advice to a fresh grad who’s still unemployed?
A: It’s not a guarantee that you will love every job you’ll get right away but unless you find yourself VERY depressed already, you should stick with it. There will be rewards and, hello, jobs aren’t supposed to be easy anyway. Just brace yourself for a ton of work so you’ll be ready when it comes!:)

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been reading your blog since 2005! I’m glad you now have an ask.fm. Anyway my question for you is..What qualities do you look for in a friend? :D
A: Hi!! I like a friend who can make me laugh but whom I can also talk about serious things with!:) Naks parang dating game to ah!

Q: Do you have friends sa ABS-CBN? If so can you name some of them? :)
A: Si AA (Cristine Reyes) and Angel!

Q: i have bf but we don’t have communication for about 2 weeks or maybe a month what am i gonna do?
A: What place will he go to with no wifi?? I don’t know. I can’t go 2 weeks with absolutely no talking to Jim!! Baka nga hindi ko kaya ang 1 day no communication eh.. CLINGY?!??!?!!

Q: Ano’ng height niyong magkakapatid? :D
A: kejblqecnlqjkcbq hindi ko memorized ang height ng pito kong kapatid huhuhu basta ako 5’3″

Q: do you have any blogger crushes?
A: Tricia Gosingtian is my crush! Haha!

Q: wow i was seriously thinking of grunge too! love your style! :)
A: Thanks :)

Q: ohh hi ate saab :) when you go shopping what malls you usually visit? :) what is your favorite bookstore? :)‎ – Keziah Luces
A: Shangrila or Rockwell for shopping! My favorite bookstore is Fully Booked High Street!!

Q: What’s your favorite lipstick?
A: Right now, MAC Chili

Q: where else in the philippines do you wanna go?
A: El Nido.. And I want to climb some mountains starting with Mt. Pulag!:) Oh and I want to go to Caramoan!

Q: what do usually wear on date nights?
A: A nice dress and my Palladium sneakers because my boyfriend loves my style :) And because when I do try to wear heels, I always hurry to go home because “ang sakit na ng paa ko!!” LOL

Q: Does your feet smell? Or may nilalagay ka bago magshoes? :)
A: Omg no. Haha. I wear clean socks.

Q: What top 5 places you want to visit?
A: Japan, Paris, Hawaii, New York, Spain

Q: are you a Friends fan?
A: chandler YES

Q: Ate Saab, do you read like western comics? I’ve just finished Deathmatch (1-10), any recommendation for my next one?
A: I love DC’s Blackest Night!!

Q: Describe your handsome brother Arkin :)
A: He’s wise beyond his years

Q: Have you ever tried smoking weed?
A: Yes, di ko talaga type eh.

Q: hey saab just wondering what your height and weight are or BMI. mej peg ko body mo lol (trufax)
A: Hahaha funny! But I do not know my BMI! I’m 5’3″

Q: i know it’s kind of a personal question.. but… what’s your weight? :)) you look so slim :( #jelly
A: Last time I checked I was 125lbs which is 15 pounds over my ideal weight. I’ve been eating a lot. Thanks for thinking I look slim!

Q: Nagpapafacial ka po ba?:)
A: Nope

Q: can i see ur armpits
A: I don’t know, CAN you?

Q: What does the fox say?
A: Sabi niya “I hate this song”

Q: What’s your makeup routine on a normal day? What brands and products do you use?
A: Abangan

Q: Hi! Uhmmm.. Just wondering, how many times you drink in a week? And you smoke din diba? I saw pics of you holding a bottle of beer and yosi on the other hand, hehehe
A: I drink on the weekends and on special occasions. If I could, I would drink everyday but I can’t because ayoko ng beer belly lol.

Q: Where did you get your first tattoo? :) I’m planning to get one on my wrist soon! Hehe
A: P&P Tattoo

Q: Where in Mnl can I buy the naked 3? And how much?
A: Di ko alam teh wala ako nun bat ako tinatanong mo…

Q: if your first name is Li, which last name would you prefer “bog” or “bag”?
A: Bag. Dahil ang libag, kayang i-scrub lang. Haha.

Q: What was your first tattoo?
A: The smaller version of my dad’s 3 Stars and A Sun tattoo on my upper back.

Q: what was your worst heartbreak among your ex?
A: Hmm. At the time of break up? The worst was with Mikko SP because I really loved him, he was my first love so ang sakit sakit talaga ng heart ko noon. Haha. But now I see him around often because we have a lot of common friends and it’s like seeing an old friend.

Q: do you still talk to julius? does he have a girlfriend na?
A: No and yes, I think so. Why?

Q: Will you marry me?? CHAROOOT. Am a girl and defo not a les haha. I just admire you so much! Ultimate girl crush!
A: Hahaha cute mo

Q: I’m always a big fan of yours :) Nasubay bayan ko na lahat ng mga changes sa blog mo hahaha. I even cut my hair like yours hahaha! sobrang pretty mo. Ang sosyal mo mag inarte gahd! I love you! :*
A: :*

Q: Do you have any particular diet?
A: I see food, I eat it. Right now though I’m on a “you’re just thirsty” diet. When I’m having cravings in between meals I remember Jim telling me I’m just thirsty so I drink water. It’s horrible. I have been eating too many pizzas lately though so it’s only right I get punished. Huhu.

Q: OMG SAAB! I just watched your Rappler interview and I’m loving you even more! Haha! I love actors/actresses/bloggers like you who wouldn’t want to be in the limelight just so he can have a “normal” life. Keep it up Saab!! <3
A: Thank you :)

Q: Ow. Em. I was surprised to know that you’re turning 26 this year! Thought you were younger than me. I’m 21 btw. Wanna share your secret for that younger-looking face? Keep your awesome-ness!
A: Thanks, grrrl! I give my parents credit for good genes, mostly. Hehe. And I try to remove my makeup before sleeping each night!

Q: Why’s Maxx not active in blogging anymore?
A: She’s just not that into it

Q: Hi Saab I love you cause you love books. I’m on the verge of choosing from Haruki Murakami’s The Wind Up Bird Chronicle or Norwegian Wood and Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys for my first book this year. What would you recommend? Thanks bunch
A: I haven’t read any of those but I would probably read Anansi Boys first hehe

Q: Backreading your ask.fm (hehe sorry!) right now and it looks like I’m not the only one who wants GRRRL SCOUT here in Iloilo! Hahahaha! Hi Saab!! Thanks for always being nice when I see you :)‎ – Gremeline Esther Flores
A: Hi Grems!! Haha Yes, I hope for that to happen someday soon!:)

Q: Do you like watching movies/series? If so, what would you recommend?
A: YES! Pls watch Orange is The New Black if you haven’t already. Happy Endings got canceled after 3 seasons and I can’t take it because I can watch it over and over like I do with Friends :(

Q: Are you still close to Regina Belmonte?
A: I don’t necessarily cry on her shoulder but I always see her tweets so it’s like we’re still always hanging out even if not really.. Yay, internet!

Q: what iphone apps do u use when you edit your pictures?
A: VSCOcam and Whitagram

Q: How do you feel about Julius and Pauline Prieto? … was Pauline the girl Julius cheated with?
A: No!! Haha Julius never cheated on me!

Q: Is Lauren Young your Best friend?
A: One of my best friends!

Q: Do you still smoke?
A: Yeah, sometimes

Q: hey! what bands are you listening right now?
A: Not much new stuff..

Q: what made you make an account here?
A: On ask.fm? I missed my kweschun vax circa 2004

Q: Hi, why are you so freaking awesome? =)))) Huhuhu
A: tina fey vogueing

Q: did you try watching how i met your mother?
A: Yes, season 9 is absolute piss

Q: worst criticism you’ve had
A: I think I’m always right. Because I know that’s my biggest flaw. Only because I TRY to do everything right so when I’m called out on it, I get overly defensive.

Q: you still watch cartoons?
A: Adventure Time

Q: boots or heels?
A: What do you think? Here’s a hint: it does not rhyme with feels

Q: are you friends with your exes?
A: Some, not all.

Q: do you think 21 year old girls who “give up on love” are out of their minds?
A: Definitely.

Q: if you didn’t take up creative writing, what course would you have chosen?
A: Wow, I’m a little stumped by this question.. Hmm. In retrospect, Marketing would have helped me today. Haha. I know nothing about accounting, operations management, all that shit Jim always talks about.. Hahaha. I guess that’s why I have him in my life. So he can take care of all the numbers. Haha but if I was a high school girl choosing a course, I would have chosen something also in Fine Arts.

Q: Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Jay Leno, or Conan O’Brien?
A: Team Coco forever!!!

Q: did you ever like science when you were in school?
A: Physics in high school. Science in grade school was awesome. I wish I listened more in college. I got too distracted by life. Chozzz. Well, kinda choz. SCIENCE, BITCH!

Q: you never seem to sugarcoat things and that’s probably one of the things i really like about you
A: Thank you!

Q: were you ever annoyed when you got compared to your sister?
A: Yes, even if it’s to say I am prettier – I don’t know why anybody would like to hear that.

Q: do you like j.law?
A: Yes, she’s cute and funny!

Q: Hi saab. This isn’t really a question. You’ve probably gotten this way too many time but I just want to let you know that you are my girl crush…ever since 2009 (tumblr days pa). I’ve read all of your entries in both of your blogs and since then, I check ur blog. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
A: Thank you!!! And I will try to update my blog EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for readers like you!!!

Q: pwdi po ba magtanong about kai kuya Elmo?? ahmm, di na po ba talaga babalik ang JULIELMO loveteam??:((
A: Ahm,, ask nyo po sila

Q: Girl crush!! I super love reading your blog! Sobrang nakakapanghinayang di ko nabasa ung blogs mo before. :( ito na lang ba ang active blog mo? Ung dati waley na?
A: Hi!! Yes wala na yung dati..

Q: What type of hirit or joke automatically makes you pikon? :D
A: Secret haha ikaw ha

Q: Are you planning to make more covers?
A: Yes!! Me and Jim hehe. Wow that rhymes with She and Him. Imma tweet dat

Q: Hi Ate Saab. I just want you to know that you are very pretty. Hope to see you in personal and makapagpapicture together. anw. Saan ka po nagpapagawa ng colored contacts mo? I have astigmatism and I used clear contacts.
A: Thank you!! Sparkle Contact Lenses sent me colored contacts and I wore them for a while pero malabo siya yun pala hindi ko nasabing may astigmatism ako when they asked for my grade :( Apparently, no colored contacts have astigmatism.. So I’m back to my clear lenses!

Q: Jsyk i keep refreshing and checking whether you’ve answered new questions #number1fan

Q: if ever po you got pregnant na wala sa plano, how would you take it?
A: I’m 25 I think I’d be okay!

Q: miley or amanda?
A: Miley

Q: what’s your shoe size?
A: 7.5 or 8

Q: Whats Jim’s name on your phone?
A: Jim Bacarro. We’re pro lyk dat

Q: where is your wordpress blog :( did you delete it? It’s really fun re-reading your blog posts.
A: I’m so sorry, dear.. I accidentally deleted all my old blog posts because I wasn’t thinking :( Now I can’t recover them na. Huhuhu.

Q: Pabor ka ba sa third generation peralejo-magalona? ;)
A: What does that even mean?! Haha sino?

Q: fave cuisine?
A: Japanese, Filipino, Mexican, Italian.. All food!!!!

January 27, 2014