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Photo by Mango Red

Photo by Mango Red

Q: hi, Saab! I love your hair! may I ask who’s your hairstylist? :)
A: My ninang Nimfa Ferrer, she has a salon in Greenhills :)

Q: Please do an update what’s in your bag. I always find the things in your bag (from your previous posts) interesting and quite similar to mine.
A: Okay will do :)

Q: If you have to choose between Jim and Joey who would you choose?
A: That’s just painfully unnecessary…

Q: Hi Saab! :) Do you eat street foods? And, curious lang, who is Tia&Pao? some people at Ask Saab 11 I think were asking about them. :) THANK YOOUUU! :)
A: Hi! Yes I am a huge fan of fish balls, isaw na baboy at manok, and dirty ice cream. Tia and Pao are my college friends. We’ve known each other for like a decade now. They got married back in February 2014, been together since first year college :)

Q: Will Marquis be attending your wedding? You two have been bestfriends long and you no longer post about her/the two of you.
A: I admit we’ve lost touch through the years but we’ve tried to remedy it naman. She had already booked her ticket back home for my wedding when her teaching job in Singapore deemed it impossible for her to make it. Super sayang but it’s okay, I understand naman! Her ate Iya was there reppin’ the both of them.

Q: Do you have a favorite blogger?
A: I’m inspired by Carina Santos of nothingspaces.com :)

Q: current bff?
A: Candy

Q: where is the location of your prenup?
A: Bulb Studios in Makati

Q: Hi! Not a Q. I’m the one who asked kung sino sila Tia&Pao. Ok na. Natapos ko na lahat basahin yung ASK SAAB. :) Fan mo kami ng ate ko. :) -LASS
A: LOL okay! Hi!

Q: What’s your current favorite song? And i love MAC Chili btw HAHAHA Hope to hear Cheats play soon <3
A: Current favorite song?? Ugh.. It changes weekly. This week it’s Buhangin by Sandwich haha. I’m going to the video launch tonight at 19 East. I was told Cheats has a cameo in the video.

Q: What sort of non American crime dramas do you watch?
A: Ummm.. Haha I can’t think of any non American crime dramas.

Q: OMG! I love Pao&Tia na! :) Sorry. First time ko tignan/basahin blogs mo! I love them all! Can’t wait for you to blog your own wedding! Love you Sabb!
A: HAHAA okay :)

Q: Hi Saab! I’m inspired by your aura, personality & your amazing relationship w/ Jim. can you suggest top 5 movies/series to watch w/ your bf? :)
A: Hi! Thank you so much :) Ooooh interesting topic for POP QUIZ! Will put in my to-blog list :)

Q: Hello there Saab! :) When did you start doin’ gigs? Is music your passion ba talaga ever since? Thanks!!! :)
A: Had my first band back in 2006, I think. Hahahaha. Yes.

Q: Hi Saab, super duper fan mo ko. You’re so cool, nice and pretty. How can I meet you in person? OMG!:))
A: Come to Cheats’ gigs!:)

Q: What everyday camera do you carry around for “emergency” blog moments? :)
A: My Sony NEX 5N. It’s small and light enough.

Q: May Chinese blood ba family niyo? You look so asian, girl :)
A: Not that I know of haha but probably if meron mga 20% lang haha! I look Asian because I’m Asian!!:))

Q: You really do make time to answer our questions and comments here :) Thanks and Godbless! – C
A: Yes!

Q: omg saab i was reading your previous Q&A’s. Gosh u rly do answer their q’s honestly
A: How else would I answer?

Q: Will you still be writing blogs after you get married?
A: Does this answer your question? Hehehe

Q: How many boyfriends have you had before meeting Jim?
A: Technically I only had 1 boyfriend before meeting Jim. Haha. But before I dated Jim I had 6 boyfriends. Lelz. And when I say boyfriends, I mean I exclusively dated them for a time.

Q: Hi, Ate Saab! :D You’re so beautiful inside and out. :)

Q: Do you dance?
A: Professionally? NOPE. When someone’s playing my jam? YES.

Q: I noticed that you’re both good in conversing and writing in English.Can you give me some tips on how to improve in grammar?
A: Oh thank you :) I suggest you subscribe to Grammar Girl’s podcast! I love it! And of course, read read read :)

Q: What can you say about the religious views of INC?
A: I can’t say anything because I am completely unaware about their religious views.. Should I read up on it? If yes, why? Explain in 3-5 sentences. Chos.

Q: Naging si Coleen Garcia ba and Elmo Magalona?
A: No! Lelz

Q: Are you still friends with AA & Angel? The Ampalaya group?
A: Haven’t talked to Angel in years because there’s just been no opportunity to talk haha but AA and I exchanged texts when she gave birth and I got married.

Q: What can you say about Kylie Jenner?
A: Pa-yummy si girl

Q: How often do you answer ASK SAAB questions?
A: Tryna do it everydayyyyy

Q: hi sab. any tips in surviving “the ateneo”?
A: Here’s a tip: learn how to spell. S-A-A-B… Nasa URL na nga, ate girl.. Lelz. But seriously, you’ll have to read a LOT of articles when you’re in Ateneo. You’ll do a lot of reaction & reflection papers, too.




  1. Nicole Jimenez

    May 27, 2015

    Hi Saab!!! What do you do with your brows? They’re lovely!!

  2. Rox

    May 27, 2015

    Saab! what do u usually apply on your face? It’s always glowing.. I lavit!

  3. Rosalia

    May 28, 2015

    Hi isabella, san showing ang aloha tomorrow? updated ba ang juice? why they dont have aloha sa coming soon nila?

  4. Jill

    May 28, 2015

    Hi Ms. Saab, for the longest time I’m hoping na sana makita o makasalubong man lang kita o si Ms. Maxene sa Shang kasi I know na you usually hang out there. And then finally dumating rin ang time na nakita kita last Sunday with your hubby. Ang saya ko lang sa wakas nakita na kita in person, faney n faney lng :)

    • Saab

      May 28, 2015

      Aww sana you came up and said hello!!

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