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Hanging out with Lauren last Thursday

Hanging out with Lauren last Thursday

Note: The following questions were sent in January 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: I LOVE your nose! Seryoso! Kung bagay sakin matangos, ipapa-ayos ko like yours hahaha :)
A: Haha thank you?!

Q: Best place/shop to have your down-under waxed? :)
A: Strip

Q: I hope you won’t overfilter your photos. Sometimes, the blog tends to look dull when all the photos are of the same shade. Tip lang. Wag magalit :(
A: Hi! I totally get what you mean! I stopped doing that already. I like more natural photos now :)

Q: if you will be given a chance to talk again to the king of rap francis magalona, what would you tell him?
A: I would make sure he knows how much I love him and how much he is loved by those he left behind.

Q: can i ask who is you favorite local singer?
A: Armi Millare

Q: Hi Saab!! I totally love you. I think we have common personality chos hahaha. I hope you visit Naga City, Bicol! Excited for your wedding day!!! :)
A: My best friend Candy is from Bicol! I’ve been to Naga once!!:D

Q: Hi, Saab! When is you’re wedding? HUHUBELLS
A: Wedding (huhu)bells have been rung!! Haha

Q: Hi Saab!! You are sooo cool, and you’re like my fashion peg!! I hope makapag-post ka din ng #ootd sa ig mo kahit once a week lang, hehe. I love you!!
A: Wala akong photographer eh huhuhuhuhuhu

Q: What are your wardrobe staples?
A: Boots, shorts, jacket, dress

Q: Hi Ms. Saab! Nagbabasa ka din ba ng ibang blog? Ano favorite mo?
A: Hindi ako nakakapag basa ng ibang blogs eh!!!:( I want to though! For inspiration! Any recommendations?:)

Q: does clara call arkin ‘kuya’ ? :)
A: Yes

Q: Hi ate saab? Can you pls. give me some advice to be a good blogger like you. Thnks :*
A: You really think I’m a good blogger?! Hehehe thank you! I should probably make a post about this one!

Q: pizza
A: yes

Q: Hi Saab. What’s you favorite drink?
A: You mean alcoholic drink? Dark beer. I also like Scotch on the rocks. I think I may be a man.

Q: J am utterly obsessed about how cool&confident you are in your own skin&style. What cam do you use for ur blog photos? Congratulations on the wed btw!
A: Thank you so much :) Sony NEX 5N hehe I should really make an FAQ page?

Q: Congratulations on getting married, Saab! Maybe you could post your wedding vows on your blog? I heard they were beautiful ♥
A: Thank you very much :) I should really do that hehe. I’ve already put it in my to-blog list!:)

Q: congrats saab&jim!!! hope to meet you one day!!! i love youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!! :)
A: Yayyy thank you :)

Q: mac wallpaper with your name: http://www.allmacwallpaper.com/mac-wallpaper/SAAB/4657
A: Haha yes, SAAB is an automobile brand. There’s also a plane with my name on it. How cool is that?

Q: Congratulations on pretty much the coolest wedding ever! Also in the middle of preps now. Obligatory question (since it’s ASK Saab): Do you play LOL?
A: Thank you very much!:) No, Elmo and Arkin play LOL. I play DOTA 2. I haven’t tried LOL yet. I’m afraid I will get hooked on it as well huhu. Good luck with your wedding if it hasn’t already happened!!

Q: since when did you start blogging ate saab?
A: One cold night in December 2003. Chos, hindi ko alam kung cold yung night or mainit na hapon basta December 2003!

Q: saaaaab, do you think I can have a love like Jim and you in the future? Relationship goals: 99999. I love you guys and best wishes ♥
A: Awwwww hahaha if I found it, you can too!!!

Q: Hi Saab! What camera do you use to take your travel pics?
A: Sony NEX 5N :D

Q: Whats the meaning of life?
A: Life is like the TV show LOST. It can mean whatever you want it to mean. Lol.

Q: Hi Saab! Where did you get your orange/yellow ombre macbook case? I want one!
A: I got it from A Shop in Eastwood :)

Q: Hi Saab! I love your hair! How did you do it like that? :)
A: Since this was posted back in January, I’m assuming you meant my hair color around the time of my wedding? I colored my hair brown using L’Oreal products :)

Q: Hey there! Congrats on your wedding. just wanna ask kung saan makakakita ng lyrics ng songs nyo? Cant find one e, ecept for Newspaper Girl. Thanks! :*
A: Thanks so much!! You can find a lot of things on our Facebook page! Here you go: https://www.facebook.com/cheatsph/posts/382797798514383

Q: hi saab! ano pinagawa mo sa hair mo? i like it kasi parang natural waves lang sya. Natural lng ba tlga yan sa hair mo?
A: I think they look natural because they are natural waves hehe

Q: Hi Saab. How do I revamp my style without having to get a stylist? Like, where do I start? accessories or clothes or..?
A: Experiment with dark/bright lip color. It’s a small step to boost your confidence enough to just start experimenting with clothes!

Q: how are you sure that you are in love with someone?
A: When you’re on a road trip and the person falls asleep on your arm and you try your very best not to move even if your arm is falling asleep too, just because you want that person to sleep peacefully.

Q: What’s one advice you’d tell your daughter someday?
A: Don’t be afraid



  1. Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario

    June 1, 2015

    Can I join your book club and then let’s have a meet-up? ♥

    PS. I love your book blog posts and giveawayzz.
    PPS. I hope to meet you soon in Fullybooked BGC. Teehee ♥♥

    • Saab

      June 1, 2015


  2. Ella

    June 2, 2015

    I realllly like your advice about revamping one’s style! I am 23 but aint into fashion at all. But hey. Change is good. I mean, i dont have to go deep into fashion just to change my style. So yey!

    • Saab

      June 5, 2015

      Yay :)

  3. Rico David

    June 2, 2015

    Hello Saab ,

    Quick question lang anu font ang gamit mo sa Banner ” Spell Saab ” mo for Blog.Thanks.

    • Saab

      June 5, 2015

      It’s not a font, it was doodled by my friend CJ de Silva :)

  4. Ma. Patricia Garcia

    June 4, 2015

    Hi Saab! Ang cute ni Lauren! Crush ko kayo pareho. hihi.

    I remembered you said that you don’t find Rebel Wilson funny. Hahaha. Tama ba? Well, I agree with you. Pitch Perfect’s a good movie, but I am not a fan. Hahaha. La lang share lang. :)

    Good day!

    • Saab

      June 5, 2015

      Yes haha hello!

  5. Elspeth

    June 6, 2015

    Hi Saab,

    Love the color of your hair. Hope you don’t mind me asking whats the shade of your hair? Thank you.

    • Saab

      June 14, 2015

      It’s ash brown from Matrix Philippines :) Thank you!

  6. Danica

    June 8, 2015

    Hinahanap ko ung link for #asksaab pero hindi ko ma figure out kung nasan haha. (Sobrang outdated ko sa technology) Anyway, What book can you recommend para sa first time reader like me? Gusto ko sana maging productive during my down time sa work hehe. Thanks Saab!!

    • Saab

      June 14, 2015

      Try BJ Novak’s One More Thing, it’s a collection of short stories!! Super fun to read :)

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