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Cheats 2015 / Photo by Jam Velarde

Cheats 2015 / Photo by Jam Velarde

Note: The following questions were asked in February 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: hi saab! I so love your wedding. Its exceptional. My daughter’s name is saab by the way. She’s a 4-year old sweet little girl and pretty like you
A: Omg CUTE!! Thank you!!:)

Q: why did you choose baguio as your venue? :)
A: Honestly? I sweat easily so I wanted it to be cold. Haha.

Q: Bakit hate ka ni jim dati?
A: Kasi hindi niya ako girlfriend. LELZ

Q: I don’t mean to offend you but isn’t it a bit awkward that your ex-boyfriend (Mikko SP) was there in your wedding? Haha!
A: Not at the very least. We’ve been hanging out with him for years, we have his blessing (not that we need it but it’s nice that we do). I didn’t think it was a big deal and it goes to show my ex-boyfriends don’t hate me. All the more reason for Jim to love me, diba?! Hehehe.

Q: Hi Saab! What book are you currently reading? :)
A: The Pocket Wife

Q: How do you stay in love with each other? What was the worst fight you both got into and how did you manage to get out of it?
A: The only real fight we got in was when he went on an overnight trip for work and he was updating me so much (without my requirement ha!!) and then he suddenly stopped at around 4pm. It got me so worried and upset when I realized he hadn’t replied to me for about 6 hours already. And then I got angry because I thought it was the most inconsiderate thing ever!!! I went all psycho mode and called the hotel he stayed in at around 3am, woke him up, SHOUTED AT HIM BECAUSE HE WAS ANNOYED PA THAT I CALLED AND WOKE UP HIS ROOM MATE. Hahaha. I’m not sorry. Malay ko ba kung buhay pa siya noh?? I broke up with him and we didn’t talk to each other for a total of one and a half days. Anyway, it was a misunderstanding because he thought I was being inconsiderate and not thinking of him and his work but I was angry because he totally FORGOT about me. It’s understandable that his phone died, and he was busy running around fixing the program for their event and being so tired he passed out right after. But still, I mean it’s so easy to borrow your officemate’s phone and let me know you had no more battery kaysa almost 12 hours na walang update when I’m used to the opposite. Siyempre I felt so small. He ended up apologizing profusely and he has more than made up for it. The thing is, I wouldn’t have gotten upset if he wasn’t really the updating type. So, yeah, try not to do the same to your girlfriend. Haha. We made up after one day and he proposed to me a couple of months after.

Q: Hi Ms. Saab! Can you give me some advices on how I can improve my blog? I mean how can I start gaining readers? How can I make my blog post appealing?
A: I feel like you need to be appealing in real life before you can start working on attracting blog followers! Diba?:)

Q: Hi! Do you use baby powder on your face? ^_^
A: No

Q: Hey Saab! Could you do a post about Public Displays of TOO MUCH affection? I’d like to know your thoughts about it. Thank you very much! :)
A: I always think “get a room!!” with others but I end up always being PDA with Jim hahahaha. I always say “sorry, we’re on our honeymoon” to save face. :p

Q: hi ate saab :) im charlene. im your fan :) paano po ako makakajoin ng band kasabay po ng study ko because im only 13 :) thanks :)
A: What instrument do you play? Keep practicing your craft, maybe when you’re in 3rd or 4th year high school you can start practicing with friends after you do your homework :)

Q: what’s the model of your prada bag? bn2106 or bn2541? Thanks!
A: OMG hindi ko talaga alam. Basta it looks exactly like the one in this photo :)

Q: Hi saab! I was just curious, what’s your day job aside from blogging? :)
A: My day job used to be acting but I’ve taken a break from that. I am going to have a radio show very soon :) I figured I really needed a day job to keep myself disciplined. I easily lose focus :p

Q: Hi! I’m an avid reader and silent fan. I would like to know what YA books fascinate you recently? Thanks!
A: Just check my BOOK CLUB section regularly!:D

Q: Hi Saab! Turning to be an Avid Reader & Fan here (I MEAN IT!) =) Actually, my hubby is one of your long lost relative (hehehe) here in Negros Occident
A: Oh cool! Nice to have you here :)

Q: Really love the pics! You mentioned that you only adjust the temperature of your photos. Do you also adjust the brightness and contrast?
A: Not anymore!

Q: Saab!!! What was your wedding march song? I heard before that Jim wanted La Vie En Rose but I kinda wished na sana Evening Sun by TS!
A: Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty played by a string quartet :)

Q: Hey! Loved your wedding video! What’s your fav Julian Casablancas song? How abt your fav Strokes song (other than Evening Sun hehe)
A: Hard question… What Ever Happened, Barely Legal, Someday, Take It Or Leave It… I can’t decide

Q: Hi Saab! :) Anong perfume ginagamit mo?
A: As of the moment I’ve been using Gucci Guilty :)

Q: Hello Saabae <3 Gusto ko din magpakulay ng hair na katulad ng sayo kaso lang, hindi tayo magkasing puti! Nakakaloka! Hehe :))) Bagay kaya sakin? But a
A: Try it!! Ask your hairstylist :) Also, sorry pero may 150-character limit yata yung question box ko!!

Q: Hi saab! When and where your band will release the EP album? Im so exited. Labyu

Q: Who is your favorite hero in DOTA? :)
A: Drow Ranger!!

Q: What is the shade of MAC lipstick you used on your wedding day?
A: Please Me :)

Q: hi saab! if it’s okay, could you introduce all members of your band and how it started? :)
A: I feel like this calls for a blog post hahaha!

Q: hi saab! I have to ask you this, haha! ((: because I am a huge fan of yours, esp your style! ano mas bet mo, palladium boots or doc martens? hehe! (:
A: I like both, can’t really choose!

Q: Hi Saab girl, i’m so happy to see your gayfriends on your wedding- bridesmaids ba sila?kelan mo naging superfriends ang mga becks? love u from Gensan
A: Yes, they were bridesmaids. Been friends since college :)

Q: why did you choose baguio as your venue? :) ang ganda ng wedding! simply yet classy :)
A: Cos I like it cold! Thanks :)

Q: Been obsessing with your brows! What eyebrow pencil do you use? and what shade? :)
A: MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in Deep Brunette :D

Q: Hi ate Saab! I love your laidback style. Where do you usually buy your clothes? and what are your key pieces/must haves?
A: Hi! I like shorts, sneakers, flowy tops, dresses, boots. I usually buy my clothes from Topshop because they fit me well. I feel like they understand girls with hips. Lelz.

Q: how are you as a Catholic?
A: I want to go to mass every Sunday but I miss some. Jim and I pray together every single night. I don’t know how to answer this question.

Q: Hi! This is Jeka (butingtings) Wala lang. Gusto ko lang sabihin na ang saya saya ko for you. Sobrang crayola ako sa wedding video mo. im happy for you
A: Hi Jeka!!! Hahaha thank you :)



  1. Kaya

    June 15, 2015

    Hi Saab! Can you post details on your upcoming album launch? Like, how much is the ticket (is there a ticket?), can we buy it in advance? Thank youuuu!!!! Please, we’re so excited! We’re far from Saguijo kaya it would be really helpful if you can answer this naaa :))

    • Saab

      June 16, 2015

      Hi Kaya!! Will post as soon as I get all the details. Thanks for asking!

  2. mackdaddy

    June 15, 2015

    i love you since 2008 and still counting! :)

    • Saab

      June 16, 2015


  3. john

    June 15, 2015

    hello ms.saab I want to follow ur blog

  4. Jie fuentes

    June 15, 2015

    Hi Saab!
    I guess, well can’t remember, haha, that I asked that palladium and doc martens question. Palladium girl kasi ako. But I like the “big fight” question and answer one. haha! and yes you have a point nga naman. Kasi my fiance abroad if he ran out of battery and if he’s at work, he borrows his colleague’s phone to send me and to let me know na lowbat na siya. Ang cute lang if your bf is like that. Anyway, I’m still happy na kayo pa din ni Jim after that misunderstanding. Of course, til forever ;)
    Stay gorgeous, Saab and hoping for more post about books and book clubs! hehe!

    jie <3

  5. Neecee

    June 15, 2015

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my! I just read the question I’ve posted last Feb..So overwhelmed for your answer! AVID FAN & READER here! Stay witty & pretty Mrs. SMB =)

    • Saab

      June 16, 2015

      Thank you!!

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