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Rockeoke with Megan, 2014 / Photo by Mimi Morada

Rockeoke with Megan, 2014 / Photo by Mimi Morada

Note: The following questions were asked in February/March 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: why did you choose baguio as your venue? :) ang ganda ng wedding! simply yet classy :)
A: I sweat easily in the heat so I wanted to make sure I looked fresh HAHA. Also, Baguio is special to our family. We used to go there a lot as kids and it was the last vacation place we went to with our dad before he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Q: Saab anong magandang Mac lipstick ang masusuggest mo para sa 18 years old and can wear it everyday. :)
A: MAC Brave is nice for everyday! Yash also.

Q: what would be the names of your future children?
A: You’ll just have to wait :p

Q: Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander?
A: Omg I love this question. CHAR CHAR.

Q: What was your workout routine ?
A: Since this was sent in February I’m assuming you’re asking about my workout routine before the wedding? Would you believe I did not work out?! I sprained my foot in December, just when I promised I’d start working out to get fit. So I have to give a lot of credit to Diet Diva for helping me stick to a healthy but yummy diet. Read more about how I slimmed down here.

Q: Hi Saab, aren’t you planning a Meet and Greet for your fans? I’m looking forward to see your beautiful face and have a picture with you! :(
A: I am!! I just don’t know where to start. Wanna help me? Hehe.

Q: really broke my heart when you got married, doll! you’ll always be my all-time crush. you always remind me of Brook Davis from One Tree Hill.
A: Aww xxx

Q: Hello Saab! Does Jim dislikes Binay? His puns are hilarious though. :D
A: Yes. Haha! Politicians, beware!!

Q: Hi Saab. Thank you for replying about the Sony Nex 5n!! Anyway, I just want to ask if you have the wifi card for your camera? I suggest you must have
A: Naputol yung question mo!! Pero no, walang wi-fi yung camera ko now which is why I am upgrading to one that has wi-fi!! I am so excited.

Q: Starbucks or Gloria Jeans?
A: Starbucks

Q: what’s your favorite color? :)
A: Red

Q: Hi Saab! Im so obsessed with your blog! About your hair, um. Di ka ba takot na madamaged hair mo? Grabe yung pagbleach na naganap ah. Nth times. Hahah
A: Yeah it got pretty damaged especially since sobrang sanay ako sa low maintenance hair ko. I didn’t ever use conditioner and it’s only now that I started using it and I try to use a hair mask once a week. I started brushing my hair too. Better to brush it before taking a shower to lessen breakage!

Q: Saab where did you buy the white dress you’re wearing on the picture of your article called Ask Saab 16?
A: Topshop!

Q: Hi Saab, any plans to publish your own book in the future? Thanks, Chesterlyn
A: I have a publishing deal already but I can’t decide what to write about!! D:

Q: Can you relate to hipsters? Are you one of them? I love you!
A: Lelz. Aren’t you supposed to be hip to be a hipster? I’m pretty sure I’m not.

Q: What’s your take on religion?
A: Sadly, I think it divides people. It’s a very powerful thing.

Q: Suggestions on books that are affordable but still good?
A: Go to Book Sale!! Lots of gems there.

Q: Can I hangout with you?
A: Come to a gig!

Q: What gym do you go to? And approx how much does it cost to have a personal trainer? thanks
A: I’ve just been working out at home for the past 3 months!

Q: Super Blooming mo. Promise.. can you share your skin care regimen. Or do you take any beauty supplements? salamat Girl Crush!
A: Thank you! No beauty supplements, I just make sure to wash my face every night before I go to sleep. I got some tiny pimples last week and my dermatologist told me to stop moisturizing first because it’s so hot and the sweat and moisture just end up blocking my pores. Now that it’s super hot, I’ve just been wearing little-to-no-makeup!

Q: Hi there saaby! Just wanna ask if who is your favorite character? like Max who is really in love with Hello Kitty. Thanks! ☺️
A: Spiderman or Batman. Originally Spiderman because he’s always been my crush but Jim claims he *is* Batman so… Siyempre love ko na rin si Batman. Haha.

Q: Hi ate saab! :) please please please suggest books!!! I’ve read the ones you blogged about and they were nice so i trust your judgement! Hehe thanks!
A: Oh thank you!! Yes, just watch out for my Book Club :)

Q: Hi Saab! Your wedding video was one of the best weddings I have ever saw!!! Thank you for proving to me and the whole world that true love exists!!!
A: Awww you’re welcome!!!

Q: Where did you have your giftss registered? :) and how did you tell your guests that you had your wedding gifts registered? :)
A: Rustan’s. We got a lot of the things we wanted. It’s so efficient. We just put a “we are registered at Rustan’s” line on our invitations hehe.

Q: Cheek tint or Powder blush?
A: At the moment, cheek tint.

Q: Hi Saab! How’s it like writing your long name during grade school? Hindi ka ba nahirapan? I got a lot of comments when I gave 3 names for my daughter.
A: I usually have to drop Simone on documents because my whole name doesn’t fit :(

Q: When are you planning to have kids with jim?
A: In about 3-4 years.

Q: What does Jim do for a living?
A: He is the Marketing Head of JB Music and Sports. No, he is NOT JB. Haha. It just so happens those are his initials. Lelz.

Q: https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2055 Please?
A: Omg…… I think I can start trying next week? I have my food ready this whole week. This is so scary for me but I want to help the animals D: There’s no dairy in beer, right? Lelz jk

Q: whats the best and affordable eyeliner for you? =)
A: L’Oreal’s Super Liner eye pencil has lasted me for so long. It stays on the whole night and doesn’t smudge even when I get sweaty. It’s super small na and about to run out though. I’m about to try K-Palette’s Real Lasting Eyepencil in brown!



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