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Taken with my new SONY A6000 with absolutely NO FILTER xx

Taken with my new SONY A6000 with absolutely NO FILTER xx

Note: The following questions were asked in March 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: What dry shampoo do you use? ^_^
A: The dry shampoo of Lush.

Q: Hi Saab! With your Sony Nex 5n, are you using any accessories (flash, lenses, etc.)? Planning to buy one kasi :)
A: Not really, I just use the lens that came with the kit and I barely use the flash :)

Q: what BB cream do you use? :)
A: Kiehl’s Correcting & Beautifying BB cream!

Q: Hi Saab! I really like you. Can i ask if where did you bought your prada bag? Thanks :)
A: Hi! Thank you! Jim got it for me for our anniversary 1-2 years ago from his trip to Italy!:)

Q: How does it feel to be married? Congratulation btw :)
A: It’s the best!!

Q: Hi, Saab! You look so fresh and glowing on your wedding? Who did your makeup? I like it kasi light lang. ;)
A: My friend, Jigs Mayuga! Thank you :)

Q: Anong year ka nagpabangs ate saab???? and paano mo malalaman kung bagay sayo full bangs?
A: I got bangs more than once! I think I got bangs in college and again after college, I just went for it before kasi obsessed ako kay Emily the Strange lelzzzzzzzz. Well, there are those fake fringes you can buy now if you wanna see what you’d look like with bangs! I just have no idea where to get one.

Q: I browsed through your Q&A from 2004, tawang tawa ako sa mga sagot mo! Sobrang angsty 15 year old! Hi from a blog reader who grew up with you <3
A: OMG kakahiya!! Hahaha HELLO!!!

Q: Hi Saab! How to get your face look so fresh and clean everytime. Huhuhuhu my face is a mess kasi. :( Any help?
A: It will take patience but simply wash your face every night!

Q: Hey Saab, do you edit your videos on Final Cut Pro? If not, where? Thanks
A: I used to but my videos are so simple, I just use iMovie.

Q: Hi Saab! Sana magkaron ka ng raffle, tapos yung prize, sabay kayo magpaparlor nung winner! chos
A: Hahaha that’s a good idea! May sasali naman kaya?!

Q: Hi Saab! I just want to ask where did you buy your “Rainbow Cake”? I saw it on your your party. I just want to give it on my mom’s birthday.Thank you!
A: OMG this answer is obviously too late but they got it daw from Epicurious in Shangrila!

Q: I know this is personal, but how do you get rid of armpit hair? hahaha!
A: I did a few sessions of underarm laser (TMI: my underarm hair is naturally thick heehee) and now I just shave each time it grows back. But I’m thinking of getting more laser sessions because it’s been years and never ko natapos yung initial laser thing ko kasi OF COURSE tinamad ako. D:

Q: What are your thoughts on Silent Sanctuary?
A: They seem like a very sad band.

Q: omg love your purple hair! planning on making mine purple too, but will have it cut it super short first. <3
A: Thanks! Get ready cos it’s very high maintenance!!

Q: where did you buy your locket with your late father’s picture in it? i thought it was a sweet gesture on your wedding day. wanted to do the same. :)
A: I asked my mom if she had a locket I could borrow and she went out to buy me one. I don’t know where from though!! You can tweet her @piamagalona.

Q: how old are you….sorry for the stupid question but i dont know hahahahaha
A: I’m turning 27 this November.

Q: How was it like being married?
A: WAS TALAGA?! Ano kami, hiwalay na?! Hahaha!

Q: Hi Saab! Can you share how you and Jim met and all the kilig happenings in between? Hihi
A: Owemmm long overdue na to… Sige na nga I promise to work on that blog post.

Q: Saab! Can we see your newly renovated home? Mukhang super cool sa IG photos kaso bitin :(
A: I just had the walls painted and some furniture moved in! I think you may have sent this in before I posted my Mandaue Foam blog post :)

Q: What’s the most expensive thing you have bought for yourself and what is the most “kilig” moment Jim had made for you?
A: I love how your 2 questions are so unrelated to one another haha. The most expensive thing I bought myself is a condo at The Fort which I’m still currently paying for. The most kilig moment would be the first time he met my mom. We just started seeing each other, I didn’t think we were anything serious and then I got dengue and he visited me in the hospital even if I said my mom and ate were there. He wasn’t too shy to come over and face my mom and that’s when I knew he was serious about me. He was in obvious LIGAW mode ♥ ANG CUTE AND BANGO PA NIYA.

Q: Hi Saab! If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to Grrrl Scout?
A: It’s just floating in the air, waiting for me to have the energy for it. Haha. Candy and I became so busy with gigs of Cheats, to stage our own gigs would be overkill na. We felt like we had to focus on one lang muna especially since we were in the process of making an album.

Q: Ano po yung title ng song sa prenup video po nyo? :)
A: I have no idea!

Q: Naisip mo na ba na baka nagtanong na rin si Jim dito sa ask.fm mo? :)
A: Uy, hindi to ask.fm! Old school to. Haha. And I really doubt that. LELZ yun pala siya yung lahat nang “tell us about kilig moments with Jim!” HAHAHA kadiri!!

Q: Mayaman ba ang mga taong may sariling mundo?
A: Mayaman sa imahinasyon

Q: Parang super generous ni Maxx! Ikaw ano love language mo?
A: She’s the most generous person I know. Ako service. Like back in school, I would drop my own homework to help others with their projects. It still happens now – I drop my own projects to help others with theirs.

Q: Hi Saab, how did you potty-train Joey Bear? How long did it take for her to learn?
A: Oh she’s a super fast learner. I got one of those drops that have the scent that attracts them to pee? But that was just for the first time. Best if you take out all other rugs at home so she’s not distracted. In our condo we have to make sure all bathroom doors are ALWAYS closed so she doesn’t pee on the bathroom rugs. Also, when your dog is a puppy and you catch him/her peeing — pick them up and run to where they’re supposed to pee and drop them there. Don’t forget to praise them with high voices and ear rubs right after they pee in the correct spot. I’m no expert though. But my Joey is the best.

Q: Hello there! I just want to know your skin care routine hahaha and if you do anything special or something. :3
A: I use makeup remover, toner, and Kiehl’s Miracle Recovery Concentrate every night.

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been reading your blog and it has inspired me to continue my blog. You inspire me really much! :D Thank you and God bless <3
A: That makes me so happy!!!

Q: hey saab, how does your hair feel with dry shampoo on a ph weather?
A: Keri lang naman! Mainit. HAHA.