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Gigil at Cheats album launch / Photo by Myktography

Gigil at Cheats album launch / Photo by Myktography

Note: The following questions were asked in April 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: What was your first lipstick :)
A: Oh wow! Hmm.. I remember my mom gave me what I called “magic lipstick” because it was green but when you applied it, it would turn red. She gave it to me when I became part of a play in kindergarten and let me keep it for myself. When my grandmother saw me wearing it at home she was furious. She said I could paint my nails but never my face. Hahaha. It didn’t stop me. I would still secretly wear it but take it off when I knew she was coming over. I can’t remember the brand though.

Q: hi saab! do you use kiehl’s eye cream? can you recommend a good eye cream for puffy eyes please
A: I use creamy eye treatment with avocado by Kiehl’s :)

Q: This is not a question.. This is a statement.. You’re so gorgeous.. and it’s a fact.. I’m a fan! =)
A: Hehehe thank you! I’ll let that one slide but I’m only posting questions on Ask Saab from now on :p

Q: Hi Saab! I have a question, if you’re out the house do you leave Joey alone? Kasi i’m scared of leaving mine alone kaya she stays with my mom. T_T
A: Yes, I do! I’m so glad we have a yaya who comes over and cleans from 1-4pm so she can check on her and walk her when I can’t. But before that, yes, she stays home alone when I can’t avoid it. I make sure I’m home by dinner or that I prep dinner before leaving. I leave her with mom or my ate if I know I’ll be gone from home for more than a day. If your dog’s a puppy, though, don’t leave her yet!

Q: Hello Saab! :) I love all your pictures from your Sony Nex 5n. And I’m planning to buy one too for my upcoming trip. I was wondering, however, if you
A: Oh no, you got cut off!!

Q: Wala lang. Natawa ko dun sa ‘only legit job’ question. She/he is probably the only one who thinks that way about you! Love you Saab!
A: Thanks, dear!! Ay hala, hindi nanaman question!!:))

Q: Hi Saab! I just want to know what lens are you using in your Sony Nex5n :) I’ve been reading about lenses and I noticed that you take great pictures
A: Just the one that comes with it!:) Glad you like my pics!!

Q: Can you share a quote that inspires you the most? :)
A: “One of the most important things in life is the way you raise your children.” – my mom. Not verbatim but something like that. Haha.

Q: Hi Saab! Which PS4 games would you recommend? Thanks
A: Uncharted!!

Q: What do you prefer feed on instagram? Squared or insta sized?
A: Square

Q: how to achieve a flat tummy? :(
A: Veggies veggies veggies more than protein and carbs and sweets (feeling ko naman flat ang tummy ko)

Q: Hi Saab!! Have you ever been into sports? I saw Jim’s picture wearing football attire back then. HAHAHA kyot nya
A: HAHAHAHA omg that picture of Jim. :)))))) Yes, I was (believe it or not) part of the varsity wall climbing team back in high school hahaha. I also really enjoyed playing futsal and basketball during intrams.

Q: Are you still a virgin?
A: Yes, we’re waiting until we have a baby before having sex.

Q: what’s your perfume?
A: Gucci Guilty

Q: does little black dress appropriate for graduation?
A: Yes, I think it’s appropriate.

Q: Hi Saab! :) This question is zombie related thing. Here it goes, if a person in a wheelchair got the zombie virus, is he still be on a wheelchair?✌
A: What dick zombie would attack a guy in a wheelchair??

Q: Hi Saab! what’s your top 10 indie band and songs this season? thanks!
A: Oooh I feel like that should be a pop quiz entry!

Q: Hi Saab! why are you so adorable?? ❤
A: Hehehe I don’t know how to answer this……….

Q: Hi Saab! I’m a fan since the 09’s!! I love you and your fashion style ever since. But why did you stop wearin’ DM’s?
A: Hello!! Haha I didn’t stop naman. Para maiba lang. :)

Q: Hi Saab! Are you still playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood?
A: Nope

Q: Hi Saab! can you give your top 5 mostly used apps in your phone? and what phone are you using now? Thanks.
A: I’m using an Xperia Z3! Instagram, VSCO, YNAB4, PlayMemories, Twitter

Q: Hi Saab! what can you say about Maxx being the least at YFSF? Me thinks, it’s not fair. Maxx is great.
A: Aww thanks I agree, she’s great! But it’s fine, she’s a good sport and that’s what’s even more great about her!

Q: Do you still love JBiebs? Because I still do. ❤
A: Yes!!

Q: Hi Saab! Do you wear your engagement ring all the time? I’m kinda afraid to always wear mine. Hehe.
A: After 5 months, I decided to stop wearing it. Napapraning ako eh hahaha.

Q: Hi Saab! What are the books that you would like to recommend for teens?
A: Stuff by John Green is a good read for teens. The Hunger Games. I just started reading Game of Thrones omg it’s so good

Q: What are your top 5 move on songs? Desperately in neeeeed!!
A: Ooooh good pop quiz idea

Q: Listen to The Cohens on soundcloud! Sila lang ung gusto kong band ng AMP HAHAAH sorry not sorry
A: Sige I’ll give them a listen :)

Q: When are you planning to have a baby?
A: Maybe when I’m 30

Q: What point in your life you know ( just know) that he (Jim) is the one you want to spend life with?
A: Since day 1. CHAROT. I meean.. He makes me laugh all the time, we make up right away after fighting, we’re in a band together, I think it was pretty obvious after a while that I was meant to be with him forever.

Q: all in all, how much did you spend when you went to usj? Was it worth it?
A: Just the tickets, the train ride going there, a little bit for food. I can’t remember exactly how much it was but yes of course it was all worth it.



  1. Gigi

    July 7, 2015

    Hmmm may, june. Malapit na i-open ang question box!

  2. secretwalangclue

    July 7, 2015

    congrats on your album launch! nasa Spotify ba yung album?

  3. bea

    July 8, 2015

    Q: Are you still a virgin?
    A: Yes, we’re waiting until we have a baby before having sex.

    HAHAHAHA! I just can’t. =))

  4. Farn

    July 8, 2015

    Hindi ba Avon yung magic lipstick? hehe, wala lang..

    • Saab

      July 8, 2015


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