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Photo by Arabella Paner

Photo by Arabella Paner

Note: The following questions were asked in May 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: Hi Saab! What are you up to atm?
A: I’ve been rehearsing almost everyday for my upcoming play with The Sandbox Collective, it’s called No Filter and it opens on July 25. I blogged about it a couple of times, you can read back for more info! I also started my training for my radio show with Candy on JAM 88.3 :) Our band just launched our album so we’re busy doing gigs and answering online orders. Plus, I’ve started work as marketing manager for FMCC and working on a new, younger line for people my age. And I’m still blogging and doing some random projects for some clients :)

Q: What’s your favorite store-bought item from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
A: My very own Marauder’s Map!

Q: what software ginagamit mo when editing videos?
A: Just iMovie. Sometimes Final Cut when I feel like it but if it’s nothing fancy — and I haven’t really done videos in a while — then I just use iMovie.

Q: May i know your current hair color please and thank you! :)
A: Ash blonde :)

Q: hi saab! i’m a semi-adult in need of relationship advice. i’m heavily crushing on Jaqen H’ghar and my boyfriend is getting jealous about it… is it right for someone in a relationship to be obsessive about a celebrity? is it even right to be crushing on someone else? is this cheating?
A: HAHAHA NO!! It’s perfectly fine!!! Unless you’re constantly writing the guy letters and actually expecting a reply – I think that’s unnecessary and your guy will definitely feel like his attention is inadequate. But if it’s like “OMG ANG KERE NI PAUL RUDD!!!!” like how I was last night while watching Antman and Jim just gave me a smirk and the side eye as a warning to keep it to myself hahaha I think that’s normal. I also just asked Jim who his Hollywood crushes are and here’s his quick answer: “Well, my forever loves are Jennifer Connelly, Rachel McAdams, and Natalie Portman. My flavor of the month is Ariana Grande.” TARAYYYY may flavor of the month?!?! AND “FOREVER LOVES?!” Sapakin ko to eh. Hahaha. Joke lang. It’s normal and healthy. I think it’s really cute too when he makes an excuse and says kamukha ko kasi sila. Like saan banda ko kamukha si Ariana Grande?! Haha still, I give him an A for effort. Maybe tone down the obsession and make sure you assure your boyfriend that you wouldn’t wanna be with anyone else but him. Make a joke about it nalang so he doesn’t take it so seriously.

Q: Where did you study college? :)
A: Ateneo de Manila University

Q: How do you keep your skin healthy and glowing? Do you have any skin regimen? I really admire your flawless skin. I love it! <3
A: I drink a lot of water! Plus I use Kiehl’s products :)

Q: How often and how long do you shower?
A: I shower for 5-10 minutes every morning. Depends on how dirty and sweaty I am at the end of the day, sometimes I shower again, mostly I just clean up before bed.

Q: How can my blog be successful?
A: You’ve got to be passionate about it. My blog started becoming successful back when I was living for my blog. HAHA. I swear, with everything I did I always thought, “I need to blog about this.” I should go back to doing that, actually.

Q: Hi Saab! Are you a moody girlfriend before ba? Hehe just wanna know! And how does Jim put up with that? :)
A: Yes. He takes it to an extent but if it gets too much to handle, he puts his foot down. “Hey, kanina ka pa ha.” and I snap back to normal. Haha.


is this Jim??? AHAHAHA or kalookalike lang? =))

A: OMG THAT’S HIM. Hahahaahaha crush namin siya ni Kim Marvilla (the girl beside me) niyan hahaha. His band played at Magnet High Street.

Q: hello I saw you with your purple hair I was wondering where you did it and what did you use as dye???
A: Hi! I went to Matrix Philippines, they bleached my hair a couple of times and used Wonderlight Violet :)

Q: Hi saab :) have you blogged about the time when jim proposed to you? can you answer this question with a link if ever? :) Thankiiee
A: Here you go: http://spellsaab.juice.ph/am-i-really-engaged/

Q: hey saab what is your full name? and what is the inspiration behind it? I love your blog and you’re my new girl crush! :) xoxo
A: Thank you so much :) My name is Maria Isabella Simone. Maria because all girls in my family have Maria in our names probably because my parents are very patriotic. Isabella because my dad thinks my mom looks like Italian actress and model Isabella Rossellini. Simone

Q: I’ve ben following your blog and vlogs and parang almost everything “from Maxx”. Is she generous to almost everyone? :)
A: Yes, she’s the most generous person I know. Seriously, her love language talaga is giving gifts.

Q: ilan po kayong magkakapatid? please arrange din po if na answer niyo thanks ate saab! ily!
A: Unna, Nic, Maxx, Frank, me, Elmo, Arkin, Clara

Q: What camera do you use right now?:) (if ever u switched, what cam did u use on ur honeymoon in Japan? Hehe
A: I used my Sony NEX5N in Japan but now I have the new Sony A6000 and I’m obsessed!!!

Q: Have you tried purchasing something in Amazon? Gano katagal yung shipping and OA ba yung price?
A: Yes, I got my kindles from there. I bought one and I lost it after a year so I got a new one. Shipping was within a week and the price isn’t so bad. Hassle-free.

Q: Hi saab!! What lens are u using in ur sony nex??
A: Just the one that came with it.

Q: Can you teach me how to put mascara even on the bottom lash? im scared hehe :>
A: Just open your eyes, angle your face down while looking at the mirror so you don’t accidentally hit your pupil. Use a small mascara brush if you’re not used to it!

Q: ate saaab! what are you gonna do if you feel like your bf’s relatives dont like you? di naman nila sinabi, gut feeling lang.
A: Make an effort even if you’re not comfortable. Ask them if there’s any way you can help with anything, clear your plate after a family dinner, offer to wash it, smile as much as you can, make eye contact when talking. It’s really important to be in good terms with your significant other’s family. Ask your boyfriend about them para you have starting points for conversation. “Hey *boyfriend* told me na mahilig ka sa One Direction! I saw nga na Zayn is mad at Naughty Boy!! Do you think he’ll go back to the band??” Haha stuff like that.

Q: do you regret any of your tattoos?
A: Not at all

Q: Hi Saab! How do you edit your photos? Do you use any type of filters? I especially like the ones in your condo.
A: I adjust the temperature, I make it cooler (more blue instead of yellow) instead of warmer. Glad you like them :)

Q: what’s your myers-briggs personality type?
A: I think I am an INTP

Q: Hi Saab! I’m trying to lose weight as much as possible but I don’t have the budget to try dietary plans & go to the gym. Do you have any tips?
A: For every meal, at least 60% of your plate should be veggies. YouTube has a lot of workout videos! You can workout at home!:)

Q: You had braces before, right? How long did you have it? :)
A: I only had Invisalign. I’m still not done with it cos I always forget to wear it huhuhuhu

Q: Hi saab! where did you buy the table na natutupi and has drawers? :D
A: Mandaue Foam!

Q: hi saabae, Kelan nyo balak magka baby ni Jim?
A: Maybe in 3-4 years!

Q: Hi! Are your Adidas Superstars comfy? Do you know which branches have them here in the Philippines? :) btw, it you look really cool wearing them <3
A: THANK YOU! Yes, they’re very comfy! I wouldn’t know where they sell it here cos I got mine in Japan!

Q: Are you & Unna buendia close to each other? Labyu saab
A: I’m closer to Una than I am with most people so yes. Labyu too pohwz