Spell Saab

Q: ate saab, should I wait for the perfect moment to tell somebody I like him too? because he admitted to me that he liked me but our convo was cut short and now we barely talk
A: Ummmmm.. WHATCHUWAITINGFOR,GURL?!?!! If he admitted that he liked you and you like him too – GO AHEAD. Kebs sa perfect moment! Ask him to hang out randomly, kahit coffee lang or whatever you 2 like to do (watch a live band, go skateboarding, tween-watching LOL) and then just blurt it out. I’m sure you’ll blush and he’ll go crazy. Aww good luck!!!

Q: Hi saab! Still remember me? My name is Trixie. Ung sa Ukay Alalay na bata. Ung nagpapic sayo? :) -TrxIlagan
A: Hi!!

Q: paano kayo naging mag kaibigan ni cristine reyes?
A: I don’t even remember haha basta she was Maxx’s friend first. Tapos nanonood kami ng gigs together, aww man I miss her!!

Q: Kelan ka po pupunta sa Davao?
A: Not any time soon..

Q: How’s working with Arkin Magalona? #adarna
A: I’ve only done ONE scene with him. Kasi mayaman ako and mahirap siya.. Robin doesn’t go to the slums often. LOL.

Q: What’s your exact hair color? By tony and jackey tomas morato right?
A: Well you can get it done anywhere, basta it’s by L’Oreal Professionnel na shade. ARGH di ko maalala yung shade but I tweeted it about 2 weeks ago!! Sige na nga hahanapin ko!! FOUND IT!! L’Oreal 6.45 HT RC Mahogany Copper Dark Blonde :D

Q: Hi Ate Saab. I’m a big fan of yours! :>‎ – Tricia
A: Hi Tricia!!:)

Q: could you do a british accent?
A: Yes I can and I’ve been told I’m quite good. I tell myself that. Lol.

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your height? Just curious. :)
A: 5’3″

Q: Super starstruck padin ako until now nung nakita kita sa F&H event sa Trinoma hihi! Plus I super love your hair!!! Anong shade ng brown yung color ng hair mo? :)
A: Oh no.. I tweeted it about 2 weeks ago, I can’t remember anymore what it’s called!!:( Thank you though!!

Q: I really really like your fashion! Do you like any foreign models?
A: Thank you! Somehow, I have no idea about any models aside from the famous Victoria’s Secret ones. Miranda Kerr is so cute! (I had to google it to make sure I was talking about the correct one hehehe sorry I’m clueless)

Q: do you have Chinese blood?
A: Doesn’t everybody? Haha. I don’t think I have any significant amount of Chinese blood aside from our presumed ancestors.

Q: Ate Saab I hope you’ll giveaway a book na pwede rin kunin i any branch ng FullyBooked. :( I love you! <3
A: Aww right now kasi Fully Booked BHS lang pwede eh :(

Q: kelan po ulit magkakaroon ng Part two yung interview video mo kela Arkin n Clara. ang cute nila.:) #saabtv
A: Hahaha sige gawan ko ng follow up interview :p

A: Hell no hahahaha