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Photo by JC Gellidon

Photo by JC Gellidon

Note: The following questions were asked in May 2015. I am trying to clear my back log before I open up my question box again!

Q: Do you read Jessica Zafra’s books or blog?
A: I read a couple of Twisted books in high school — greatly enjoyed them!

Q: when was the time nung nasabi mo sa sarili mo na “ermagahd feeling ko may crush na ako kay Jim”? *just asking this quest gives me butterflies gaah :D*
A: I think it was at a gig in Magnet High Street when his old band played. We didn’t really talk but we sat beside each other drinking beer. Cute niya. Hehehe.

Q: Hi saab! What’s ur hair color & brand? Thanks!:)
A: You’re probably asking about my old hair color, it was Ash Blonde from Matrix Philippines :)

Q: How do you maintain a flat tummy even if you’re a beer drinker??
A: Definitely had to cut down on beer drinking haha. And my tummy’s not as flat as you think heehee

Q: Hi Saab! my boyfriend and i sometimes bumps to his ex and she keeps staring at him. Sobrang titig. What should i do? It’s annoying.
A: Stare at her

Q: What do you think about a guy being the younger one in a relationship?
A: I think that’s fine. I do believe that girls mature faster so unless your guy is an exception, you’ll probably make it work. Did you hear about Ed Sheeran and Nicole Scherzinger? Probably not true but it’s interesting!

Q: Hi saab you are my ultimate life peg! Just like you I have a very very vibrant older sister. How did you get over the constant comparisons?
A: Hi! Thank you!:) You just have to learn to tune it out. Some people will really have no boundaries and say it to your face. Even if it’s to say “mas maganda ka sa ate mo” it really does not make me feel good. I have no idea why anybody would think that is an appropriate thing to say. I just totally pretend I don’t hear the comparisons.

Q: Where did you get your living room table?
A: Mandaue Foam

Q: Hi saab! How do you get rid of your scars? Especially sa legs. I have leg scars from mosquito bites kasi :(
A: I’m fortunate enough not to have any scars! I do have two on my left foot but it’s barely seen anyway.. I’m sorry I can’t help you with this :(

Q: have you read sandman?
A: I haven’t but I know I must!!!!

Q: hi saab! any advice on how i could reattract/rebuild a romantic relationship w my ex-bf when we still chat but haven’t seen each other irl in a while?
A: Make him laugh!

Q: Hi saab! :) how much yung Sony NEX5N?
A: I think it’s around 25-30K :)

Q: Hi, Saab, do you wear contacts everyday? Have you ever considered LASIK? :)
A: Yes, I do. :( Yes, I’m saving up for LASIK. Kinakaya ko pa naman yung contacts everyday, I mean I’ve gone through half of my life doing it so I’m just putting away some money every month and when I can comfortably afford it, I’ll finally get the surgery!!:)

Q: Hi Saab! Do you like the collab of Miley and Arianna Don’t dream it’s over? :)
A: Yeah, they’re both very talented!

Q: What’s your favorite Teen Nick show? :)

Q: Kelan ka ulit babalik sa TV? :)
A: Wala pang balak!

Q: Bakit kayo nagkaroon ng falling out ni mei bastes?
A: She was going through some stuff and I could not deal

Q: Hello Ate Saab! do you have plans of making a blog theme/template? I’m on blogspot.com and i really like your themes! :( make one for me:)
A: Oh! Haha how flattering! But I don’t use Blogspot and I don’t know how to make a template there.

Q: On what bank do you invest? For the mutual fund? Will you recommend a student to do the same?
A: BPI. Yes, why not?:) You’ll have money by the time you graduate if you set aside some cash every week :)

Q: hello I saw you with your purple hair I was wondering where you did it and what did you use as dye???
A: I went to Matrix Philippines :) Read more about it here.

Q: Hi saab how do u take good, non blurry gopro pics?:(
A: Don’t move! Haha! Also, sometimes I take screencaps from the videos.

Q: hi saab! would you recommend UP vet med? :)
A: Yes, if you’re on a budget but I tried Vets in Practice White Plains and I really like Joey’s vet, his name is Dexter so I’ve stuck with him.

Q: do you watch friends? or himym? :)
A: I’ve seen both series, but I’ve seen the entire FRIENDS series about 10 times already hehe. Will never tire of it.

Q: what do you do during your freetime? :-)
A: I read, play video games or watch the latest episodes of my favorite TV series :)

Q: when pa kayo nagkakilala ni Jim? :-)
A: First day of college

Q: Hi saabelly! I’m a fan of comic books such as Archie. How do you think I can be able to read and finish a novel? I easily get bored
A: Try audio books first! :)

Q: Hello! What is your favorite book/series of all time? :)
A: Probably the Harry Potter series? But I just finished book one of Game of Thrones. OMG.

Q: saab are you avoiding my question abt andi and you? why?
A: No, I just haven’t had the chance to answer questions!

Q: How many kids are you planning to have?
A: With global warming and the world turning to shit, I’m seriously thinking twice about having kids.. D:

Q: Have u tried buying clothes from ukay ukay?
A: Yes