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Q: Kamusta naman ang buhay may asawa? :)
A: Okay naman. Hahaha. I get that question from acquaintances like once a day!!

Q: hi Saab! You are my life peg!! I just want to ask, does Joey know any trick? And mahirap ba sila ma train? Hehe love you!!!! ❤️
A: Thank you!!:) Joey follows when I tell her to sit and stay down and she squirms and her tail wags SO CRAZILY but until I say “OK” she stays down. I love her. So obedient xxx

Q: Hi Saab! You are my life peg! :) How can I be fluent in English? I talk tagalog with my friends because ‘di naman sila nag eenglish kapag nag-uusap. I would say some phrases inEnglish or like mga expressions. Sa bahay namin, tagalog din. I want to be good in English where I don’t have to pause just to think for what I have to say. Help!! (I also read books and watch movies—if that even helps)
A: Hello!:) Actually, the trick is to start thinking in English. Also, movies, TV series and books help a LOT more than you think :)

Q: What is your opinion on PMS?
A: I think it’s to balance out all the wonderful things about being a woman. God was probably like, “you’re too perfect, I’m gonna give you a few days a month to feel completely shitty about yourself and cry and think everyone is calling you fat behind your back.”

Q: Hi Saab! Any advice to lighten underarm skin? Like natural remedy or drugstore creams to whiten that area? Thanks! Keep being gorg!!
A: Thank you very much!:) If you shave, make sure to replace the blades after maybe 10 uses at the most. A lot of the time it’s blunt blades that cause redness and bumps. I use Dove deodorant and my pits have been feeling very smooth in fairness :) You can also try getting laser sessions and ask advice from an actual derma if it’s really a concern. Good luck!

Q: close ba si Ely sa family ni chelo?
A: Yes, we do double dates a lot :)

Q: anong work ni candy?
A: Apart from being in Cheats, she’s a writer and she’s my radio partner on JAM 88.3 :)

Q: Hi, Saab! What are your top 5 all-time fave songs?
A: Oh God, I can’t do this right now hahaha. No top 5 favorite anything, I’m a fickle person. Lelz.

Q: Hi ate saaaaab! San po madalas yung gig niyo? Meron din po ba dito sa Cavite? Thankie :)
A: Hi!:) So far wala pa sa Cavite.. Usually sa Saguijo (Makati) or sa Route 196 (Katipunan). Punta ka sa Thursday sa Route 196 :)

Q: Hi Saab! How much is your new Sony A6000? =) i think your SONY NEX 5N’s photos are better though. Love you, girl crush!
A: Oh wow thanks a lot for letting me know my photos suck now. :/

Q: What lens do you have on your Sony A6000?
A: Just the one that came with the kit.

Q: What’s the name of the therapist you go to at Browhaus for threading (and which branch)?
A: I believe the last time I went to Browhaus Serendra, the girl’s name was Cora?

Q: Hi Saab! Does Joey sleep in your bed or does she have her own bed? I have a Lhasa Apso named Trixie who sleeps beside us. She always puts her butt to my face when she sleeps!!
A: She sleeps in bed with us, by our feet. She likes it there so she’s near the door in case any intruders come in. Hehe. Omg cute naman ng dog mo but hindi ko kaya yan. Haha.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you shop in ASOS?
A: I had to Google that. Hehe. No, I don’t.

Q: Hi Saab! I really like your previous hair color and I want to try it kaso natatakot ako kasi never pa ako nagpakulay ng buhok. Huhuhu. San ako kukuha ng lakas ng loob? Hahaha sorry.
A: I will quote a line from No Filter: “you’re only a 20-something 9 times so might as well make the most of it.” In short: YOLO. Lelz

Q: What degree did you take nung undergrad?
A: BFA Creative Writing

Q: kapag po ba pumunta ako sa next gig niyo papansinin niyo ako? papakiilala po ako na ako yung nag-ask dito. hahaha.
A: Yes, of course! Come to Route 196 on Thursday :)

Q: masaya ka po ba sa short hair mo?
A: Sobra.

Q: anong tip mo para mawala mga zits? miss ko na mag make-up eh. and ano magandang pang cover ng pimples (make-up)
A: Don’t touch it.

Q: Omg Jim is the cutesttttt!! I see him in this guy I’m crushin on; he plays in a band din and he loves dogs (actually animals in general) but I’m always too shy and awkward to speak to him. We have Cheats in common though we’re big Cheats fans (atually indie bands in general haha)!!!!
A: OMG perfect — invite him to a Cheats gig!!!!!!!

Q: u and jim are relationship goalzzz ?
A: Hihihihi.. HUY hindi question yan ?

Q: OMG SO HAPPY I CAN FINALLY ASK YOU AGAIN! Okay, here.. I L O V E your hair! And, Im planning to attend the event this coming Sept (MatrixCutForCancer) since my hair is super long, It’s irritating na lalo na pag mainit. But, I still love it sometimes.. do you have any regret?? (I mean of course > makakatulong ka naman, so no regrets > but, yknow, di mo ba siya namimiss haha!) Love you, Saab! x
A: My hair used to take around 2 hours to completely air dry and I can’t be bothered to use a blow dryer or a fan to dry it so I’m really so happy how fast my hair dries now. Jim also thinks I look like a spy and he finds it sexy. I’m really happy with my hair. I went to the children’s hospital (PCMC) where Matrix is donating all the hair they’re getting at the event and since I put a wig on one of the kids, I can’t forget the smile she had on her face. I have absolutely no regrets.?

Q: Ate Saab, yung short hair mo ba, pinaplantsa mo or natural lang siya na bagsak, hindi wavy? :) kasi di ba yung long hair mo wavy talaga?
A: See photo above for non-blowdried hair. Siyempre yung sa promo materials ng Matrix blow-dried yun :)

Q: Hi Saab! Can you sing at my wedding? Seryoso! Love you! huhu
A: Book Cheats! Game!!

Q: Hi Saab! ano yung kanta na pag narinig mo sumasakit talaga puso mo? lol
A: FrancisM – Rainy Days

Q: Saab do you still eat rice?
A: Very rarely but in Singapore: YES. Hahaha

Q: Hi Saab! Wherr in Europe will you go this year?
A: Paris, Rome, Venice, Greece, Italy, Montenegro :)

Q: Hi saab, do u personally know the owner of IG Store death_by_lipstick?
A: I just met her online and she went to one of our 3 Stars and A Sun mall shows where I personally met her. She’s a very sweet girl :)

Q: How do you find the length of your hair now? Mine’s a nightmare hahahaha buhaghag levels! I have the same hair type (?) as you – naturally wavy/curly at the ends… I wish I didn’t cut my hair haha
A: Talaga? I love my hair!! Attitude lang yan. I’ve always loved messy hair.

Q: what essential apps do you have in your macbook?
A: Photoshop, Lightroom, Evernote, TextEdit, Chrome, VLC player