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Q: Hello Saab! I decided to cut my hair short again can you give me ways on how to style it? p.s love you and your style! keep it posh and classy. – always your fan, Z
A: Thanks Z!:) Get some sea salt spray, I personally like Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray which you can get at Blowout Bar, or the one from Lush :) It’ll keep your hair messy chic. Hehe.

Q: What can you say about the BPO industry and the people who work there?
A: I hope they take lots of vitamins especially those that are on the graveyard shift. Can’t be good for you, reversing your sleeping sched!

Q: Aren’t you Ellie’s (andi’s daughter) godmother?
A: Nope.

Q: what’s ARE your favorite Taylor Swift song/S or atleast any song you know thats underrated. Asking this ’cause I think you’re starting to like Taylor Swift na. Omg.
A: Blank Space? Haha and Trouble. I don’t know any non-singles eh! Her songs are hella catchy

Q: Hi Saab~~I’m ur fan from Taiwan. Love to read your blog so much. How’s your closet look like? How do you arrange your clothes in the closet?:))
A: Each drawer has its own category: underwear, shirts (arranged by color), dressy tops, shorts and pants, dresses, more dresses, and my nicer stuff are on hangers. I don’t have a lot of clothes. I always do spring cleaning. Haha.

Q: I love the way you style yourself. You are my peg. hahahaha. I love you! Mag give away ka naman ng mga make-ups. Hihihi. Or old clothes? :))
A: Hahaha make up maybe but old clothes?! Sa next Ukay Alalay nalang :p Thank you!!

Q: Hi Saan! Nabasa mo na ba yung Eleanor and Park?
A: Saan? Charot. Yes!

Q: Hi Saab! I have a blog and since favorite blogger kita, yours is my peg. Here it is: epistlesofpee.wordpress.com. Hehehe. Looking at my posts, what do you think are the other things I can blog about? Medyo nabablanko ang utak ko madalas eh. Salamat! :) PS. You have the same cam with my boyfriend and I’ve used it at some shoots and it’s really maganda!! That’s why I totally understand your feeling na obsessed ka and you can’t stop using it. Hehehehe. Thank you again! God bless you! -Aby
A: You’ve actually got very interesting topics!:) Writing takes practice, so try doing it everyday. A good tip I read from the book Everybody Writes by Ann Handley: start your page with “Dear mom,” or “Dear *insert your best friend’s name,” and just imagine yourself telling your story or sharing your thoughts with them to get you more comfortable. Keep writing and taking photos! Sony A6000 – apir!!

Q: I’ve read yung Totoo Pala ang Pagibig Cookies na post mo, di kasi ako masyado mahilig sa sweets pero gusto ko itryyyy. Masarap ba? :)
A: YAS! Do it!!

Q: who inspire you to write a blog? :)
A: You mean who inspired me to start it? I don’t really remember but after the craze of mIRC (it was a chat app, had the same effect as Twitter, I guess) people started making online guestbooks where strangers would write stuff about the person (way before Friendster and testimonials existed), and then I discovered Blogger and Livejournal. My first online blogger friends were Ralph Mendoza and Chika Navarro.

Q: is that the first time you chop your hair? as in really short. but still beautiful! :)
A: Yup, the last time I had hair this short was in 5th grade. Hehe. Thank you:)

Q: what does Jim thinks about you not wanting to have a baby?
A: He’s convincing me to re-think things and he says having a baby makes life so much more worth it. We’ll see!

Q: i don’t understand yung answer mo when asked if you’re still a virgin. you said ye and you’re waiting to have a baby before having sex. how is that possible when you’re married already? :(
A: It’s possible when you’ve got a sense of humor, luv!

Q: I love your purple hair! I’ve been wanting purple hair for so long! Pero ayoko kasi magpableach (scary!) super damaged na kasi ng hair ko. from plantsa and hair color. :( I always do red hair. kaso ang bili magfade. and hassle cos it leaves stains when it’s wet. :( did your hair got damaged after bleaching? Cos I remember Arianna Grande used to dye her hair every 2 weeks to maintain her super red hair before. It got damaged bad that’s why she maintains the half pony hairdo.
A: Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend bleaching! It’s so high maintenance.

Q: is it a sin to touch yourself? *yaknowhatimtalkingabt wink wink
A: I personally don’t think it’s a sin but hey, different strokes (get it) for different folks!

Q: I’ve read almost all your previous post about “Ask Saab” and YES! you should totes have like a give away wherein you can give a free makeover date with you! Will totally join!!!! I wanna meet you and take a photo with you but I’m not really the type who goes to gigs. :( You can also maybe giveaway movie tickets to watch with you? Just a thought. :”> (Hopefully cinemas in Makati, BGC or RW? hehe. I’m pushing it. lelz sorry)
A: A meet and greet would be nice!!:) I don’t know about watching a movie, I’m super anal about noisy cinemas haha. I think Jim and I will only watch movies in SM Aura Director’s Club from now on. There are like only 30+ lazy boy seats and they’re ALL far apart as in Jim is more than an arm’s length away. As a result, there’s no whispering or chatter in the cinema!! Downside: the projector has a pretty noisy buzz so don’t sit near it! WALA LANG, JUST SHARING!!

Q: What lipstick and shade are you wearing on the Matrix photo with Maxx? You look so pretty with your new hair!! <3
A: Oh I don’t remember, it was the makeup artist’s choice, sorry! Thank you!!:)

Q: I really admire how well you express yourself. I am having the hardest time being confident with myself :(
A: That’s what WIKIHOW is for!!! Hehehe. How To Be Confident.

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been waiting to ask you questionS! It’s my first time to try your question box. DID YOU WATCH ALL STAR WARS MOVIES? as in pati yung ep4-6? My bf is a star wars fanatic (AS IN!). He got me to watch ep1-3 pero dko ata kaya yung 4-6 sobrang old na :( nabobored ako. But I want to know the story since ep7 is coming up. Any suggestions? Or maybe you can make kwento nalang over lunch? Chos! :”> Love you. xx
A: Of course!! I saw episodes 4-6 before I watched episodes 1-3 which is how I think everyone should watch it. If you have a hard time keeping up, you can use subtitles. And, I don’t know, if you don’t watch episodes 4-6, don’t bother watching episode 7 because if you don’t find 4-6 interesting, then what’s the point of watching The Force Awakens??? OMG WHAT’S THE POINT?????? Hahaha affected masyado.

Q: Can you please suggest good books for an 18 y/o? HEHE I’ve been trying to get myself to read lately but i get so lazy and disinterested.
A: When I was in high school, I read the Gossip Girl series and The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants. They’re very easy to read and they’re fun enough to keep you interested. If you’re a beginner reader, it’s best to read about things you can relate to. Try John Green novels. If you’re afraid of commitment and reading a whole novel, go for B.J. Novak’s One More Thing. It’s a collection of short stories. It’s SO GOOD!!! And PLEASE read the Harry Potter series if you want to enter a whole new world.❤️

Q: Hey Saab!! How do you feel about having your hair cut? You look young as ever! I’m a fan hehe :) <3
A: I feel great!! Thank you :)

Q: Hey Saab, how do you maintain your short hair? Ive also cut 8 inches of my hair for a cause (donateyourhair.org) and im so glad you did the same. :)
A: I don’t really do much, I just get out of the shower, brush it and go to work! The dishevelled look works for me lelz but I do want to get sea salt spray because I ran out already.

Q: What’s your favorite nude and red lipstick? :) And what foundation do you use? :)
A: Nude: MAC YASH. Red: MAC CHILI. I don’t use foundation, just BB cream from Kiehl’s!

Q: Hi, Saab! Do you have any plans on having fan meetups? Would def be there <3
A: I really should do one!!! Maybe in November?:)

Q: where did you buy your white romper? the one you wore when u were in Singapore with Jim’s family? peg na peg ko haha feeling ko bagay sa collarbone ko kahit hindi naman bakat, unlike yours haha!
A: H&M!!:)

Q: Why does Jim call you cloud?
A: I don’t know.. Because my cheeks are white and “fluffy” lelz and because he knows I’m obsessed with clouds.

Q: Hi Saab! Where did you buy your white floral romper and yung dress na white? Yung ginamit mo sa SG trip mo with Jim’s family? plus, paano ang budget mo when it comes to shopping for clothes? ps: Yung clavicle mo, UGHH kainggit =))
A: Both from H&M! Thank you :)))

Q: Osaka or Tokyo?
A: If it’s your first time, choose Tokyo just because it’s SUPAH COOL. If you want to go for a culture-trip (and go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter), go to Osaka.

Q: I like your kilay. Any tips in grooming eyebrows? <3
A: Don’t over-tweeze/thread/shave!

Q: Saab, anong take mo sa LDR?
A: Di ko keri.?