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Hello poh

Hello poh

Q: Will you blog about No Filter? Please do!!
A: Of course!!

Q: How often do you have band rehearsals?
A: On months we have a crazy gig sched, it’s hard to squeeze a band practice in especially since we’ve all got day jobs/school. But if someone is going to be a sessionist, we HAVE to rehearse :) If our schedule is pretty open, we try to have at least one jam every 2 weeks!

Q: Do you fight with Clara?
A: Nevarrrrrrr! I love Clara, she’s the best and she loves her ate Saab – I’m dreading the day she realizes I’m such a tita. I always like thinking of myself as her cool, ka-barkada. Alas, I was born in the 80’s and can’t understand some Vine references…

Q: What did Clara do to help you with your blog when she was “interning”? :)
A: Helped with my schedule and did research for me :)

Q: How did you treat yourself after the success of No Filter?
A: You mean, treat myself as in if I bought myself a treat? Or how I treated myself? Hahaha!! I am so proud of myself and the rest of the No Filter team for being so game for anything. So I think I love myself a little bit more after this project hihihi. I did not buy anything big if that’s what you’re asking. Haha

Q: Did you ever use whitening soap or any whitening products? :)
A: Nope! Except for Dove Deo with whitening chorva but I didn’t buy it for the whitening factor.

Q: Has Ely Buendia met Jim’s parents/family? :)
A: Yup!

Q: What is the cool story behind Nunki’s name? ❤️
A: If I told you, it’d tarnish the mystery. It might lessen the coolness factor hehehe ?

Q: What’s Jim’s family business?
A: It’s called “none of your” business. WALEY. Joke lang. They don’t have a family business. Jim’s dad was a top CEO of a multi-national corporation but has since retired and started his own consultancy business! His parents are also in the process of building a farm in Tagaytay.

Q: How much was your wedding budget? I’m getting married soon and we want to prepare for it na! Pero ceiling namin 500k. #gasp
A: I’m too shy to talk about money huhuhu

Q: hi.. what camera do you use? is it mirrorless? thanks.. :)
A: Sony A6000. Yes :)

Q: Is Julius still a friend? If not, will Jim be ok if you will be?
A: He’s a Facebook friend LELZ and Jim has always been cool with me hanging out with him. But we’re in different circles now so I barely see him anymore!

Q: Did Chino and Maxx make pansinan during your wedding?
A: I didn’t notice, I was busy getting married…… HAHAHA joke lang. Yes.

Q: Has your band ever covered any of your Dad’s songs? If you have, can we hear ’em? :)
A: I think we covered “Sapot” years ago. It’s my dad’s old song with Raymund Marasigan and Rayms sang with us on stage. Sorry, we don’t have a copy of it :(

Q: Hi, bakit hindi “ate” ang tawag mo kay Maxene?
A: I don’t know, we all just call ate Unna “ate” and everyone else is on a first name basis. Except for Clara and Arkin, they both call us all ate and kuya. Hehehe.

Q: Hi Saab. What’s your favorite nail polish brand and color?
A: Chanel Rouge Noir and Orly Liquid Vinyl

Q: Hey saab! Love your new hair! looks perfectly on you! :) Can you share some tips on how you maintain your hair without making “tikwas” or just making it look effortlessly sexy without going to the salon? OMG I’m so annoying! But I just love it, a lot! HAHA Sorry! Loveeee youu :-*
A: THANK YOU! Well, may tikwas pa rin yung hair ko pero kebs! How to make it look effortlessly sexy? BE SEXY. And be effortless. As in wag ka mag suklay. Haha. Tapos mag dark lipstick ka para ma-intimidate sayo yung ibang tao. Tignan natin kung maka-comment sila sa pagkagulo ng buhok mo. Hahahaha!!

Q: Hi Saab! Going to Cebu on Aug 22 for our 10th anniversary with my bf. We have 5 days, and all I have in mind is the city tour and Oslob. Any suggestions what else we can visit?
A: OMG late reply!!!! Sorry!!!

Q: Dear Ate Saab, I just went through a breakup from an almost relationship. How to deal when di naman really naging kayo? So confusing.
A: Sometimes, that could be worse than breaking up from an actual relationship because you’re left with so many what ifs. But at the end of it, there’s a reason why you didn’t end up together. Focus on those reasons and understand why you’re not in a relationship. Accept it and let go.

Q: Hi Saab! Just broke up with my ex and I hate it that he’s moving on so quickly while I’m still really hurting. Am I really selfish? Advice pls!
A: No, it’s perfectly normal to be hurting!! The important thing is not to act on your selfish impulses. The 3-month rule does not exist. If you break up, then you’re broken up. If he’s already hitting on other girls then that’s all the more reason for you to move on as well. Kaya mo yan, girl!! Pero hindi kailangan na gumanti ka ha. Better to focus on yourself. Stop stalking him. Go find a new hobby and keep busy xx

Q: Where did you buy that jacket from your ask sab 30 photo? ?
A: Bench

Q: Why is Saab spelled with a double a ?
A: It’s from the car brand SAAB

Q: What do you think about your new hair? Will there be a video uploaded soon when you got it cut? P.S. I LOVE YOU <3 <3
A: Yes, there will be a video soon!!

Q: Hi Saab! I guess I’m going throuugh phase right now. It’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to start. Any advice? Love you and your personality! <3
A: Hi! Oh no! I don’t know what to say, I guess all I can give you is: it gets better!!!

Q: We have the same birthday as in the month and day…hahaha sobra akong naamaze cause I’m a fan! :D

Q: fave frank ocean song/s? and what do you feel about the fact na di natuloy yung album release niya nung July? :–(
A: Novacane. Medyo kebs because I haven’t listened to anything from him since Channel Orange!!D:

Q: How do you deal with selfish people? I have a cousin whose selfishness is getting out of hand. I tried to talk to her about it but ako pa yung lumabas na masama ._. any advice? :(
A: I know she’s your cousin but it’s best to avoid people who only think about themselves.

Q: hi Sab! my birthday is fast approaching (Aug 21) any ideas on how to celebrate my 19th year of existence? :)
A: Sorry I’m late huhuhuhuhu invite your friends over to your house and play a board game. Afterwards, everybody has to light a candle and wish out loud for you to never lose your youth. Blow all the candles and cry as you realize their wishes will not come true. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Q: OMG! Saab I miss your waivy-astig long hair! Did it make tampo? hehe
A: I wouldn’t know.. Dedz na siya..

Q: Paano kayo nagkakilala ni Candy?
A: Our exes are friends

August 25, 2015



  1. secretwalangclue

    August 24, 2015

    those star wars bags are AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    • Saab

      August 25, 2015


  2. Kamil

    August 25, 2015

    That silly-kids photo, best pose to Jim! ((: and your bag. And the two of you; sobrang ideal couple niyo nakakainggit sarap maglaslas. Hay. Hope to see you, soon! <3

    • Saab

      August 25, 2015

      Heyyyyy wag

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