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Singapore, 2015

Singapore, 2015

Q: Hi Saab, what book are you planning to read next? any thoughts about The Pocket Wife book? Looking forward for SpellSaabBookClub posts, Thanks Saab! :)
A: I honestly got distracted by Game of Thrones book 1 so I haven’t started The Pocket Wife :\ I’m going to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing next.

Q: Hi. I saw you in Distillery last year. When are you going to visit Cebu again (with your band)? :)
A: Hi! No plans of doing so right now, unfortunately! Maybe next year?:)

Q: Teh Saab, may pa- giveaway ka ba dyan ng China Rich Girlfriend? :) You’re so lucky to have met Kevin Kwan!
A: Hehehe not right now! You think I should?:D

Q: do you miss your long hair?
A: Nah!

Q: What dry shampoo do you use?
A: I have a bottle of Lush powder but I barely used it cos it’s so hard to use. I want the spray kind. I want to try this Batiste dry shampoo!

Q: Hi Saab :) how come you are so skinny now what do you do? i am so envious! ?
A: I make time to exercise almost everyday and I owe a lot to Diet Diva. I’m still on the no-rice program :)

Q: Hi Ate Saab! :) I love your short hair, you look younger! :* I also have short hair, nainspire sayo. haha anyways, I wanna see you perform (cheats) san kayo madalas mag gig, sa Saguijo ba? and tuwing kelan? thanks. xoxo :*
A: Yes, usually in Saguijo or Route 196. I’m going to post our gig sched on the right side of my page from now on :)

Q: What’s your love story with Jim? You two are so cute together! <3
A: I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this yet. Haha! It’s a pretty long story. I’ll find time to write about it soon. Thank you!

Q: Do you listen to Hillsong United, Planetshakers, Kari Jobe, Aaron Gillespie, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin and/or other Christian worship artists? What is your favorite worship song?
A: Nope. Is Vertical Horizon a Christian worship artist?

Q: Hi Saab! I posted this comment but since I am makulit, I’ll ask din here. :D Your wedding pictures and video are so lovely! What made you decide on choosing J Lucas Reyes and Notion in Motion? :) Also, how was it like working with them? :) Hoping you can blog about your experience with your wedding suppliers! :) Thank you so much! :*
A: Notion in Motion was recommended by Maxx’s longtime makeup artist, Ivan. His niece is part of the company and when I met with them I found out that the boys are actually brothers of Bob Nicolas. For J Lucas Reyes, I was just researching for photographers and I saw his site. They’re the first suppliers I met with and I liked both right away so I didn’t bother meeting with anyone else. So happy with the turn out xxx

Q: Hi ate Saab!! :) Tips on being a blogger, please? :) Thanks for continuing to inspire writers like me! <3
A: Write what you know :*

Q: Saab, where’d you go for your grade school and high school education? :)
A: Miriam College, Assumption Antipolo and Montessori Antipolo :)

Q: what makes you so “avoiding” the thought of having a child? -shakey
A: Well, hindi naman.. I see photos of babies online and I’m just like “hhnnnnngggggghhhhhhh I want!!!!” But it’s just not a priority for me right now. If I need to be around cute babies, I just go to my sister’s house and hang out with her kids. Hehe. In the future, perhaps! Our families keep hinting about wanting a cute little Magalona-Bacarro. But right now, I’m like… I want to drink beer, okay? LOLJK.

Q: What lippie are you wearing during the fullybooked event? :)
A: MAC Studded Kiss

Q: Are you into DIY Beauty Stuff?
A: Hmm.. Like beauty products? Like what?

Q: Among all the songs your dad wrote/sung, what would be your favorite?
A: My favorite as a child was Peace On Earth because of the whale sounds. I also really love rocking out to Make Your Move.

Q: can i get pointers from you on how you were brought up by your mom in terms of extra-curricular activities you joined. I wanted my daughter to be as smart as you are. hihi thanks.
A: Oh wow thank you! My mom was strict like I couldn’t go to malls with my friends after school haha. But I’m thankful in a way because I had to find ways to keep busy so I read a lot of books, played a lot of video games, started writing.. My mom’s just anti-tambay. She didn’t actively enroll me in any extra-curricular stuff (I’m the only girl in the fam that didn’t take up ballet LOL). Extra stuff I did in high school? I founded our school paper!! Wow, I sound like such a nerd. When I entered college, I asked if I could take drum lessons from Yamaha and she said yes. I asked if I could take up Creative Writing and she said yes. She lets me make my own decisions, always encouraging us to be the creatives we are at heart. I love her.

Q: I am 46 years old and at your young age, I find you inspiring! -emma
A: I know it’s against my rule, posting something that’s not a question but OMG I love you xxx

Q: this might be a weird question, but are you still friends with your high school friends? I’m just sooo worried that my friends and I will drift apart after hs :( :(
A: I’m not. But I barely had anything in common with my high school friends so I’m okay. If you guys are best friends talaga, try to keep in touch. It’s not that hard with Facebook and Twitter, etc. :)

Q: Hi Saab :) !! Ive been waiting for this box to be open :D yeeehey. Anyway (hehe) I love the way you dress up and admire how you carry yourself along with it. I just need some advise when it comes to shopping, I mean hindi naman ako palaging bumibili ng damit kaya minsan pag namimili na ako, na ooverwhelm ako and i ended up buying the ones na hindi ako comfy. :( And minsan masyado kong conscious about what could other people think about my style. :( What should I do first to be myself like you? I would really love to have some encouragement from you Saab :) Thanks.
A: Hello! Try sticking to basic items, don’t go for trendy ones. Let your personality shine through because even when I’m in pambahay chic (LELZ), I feel so comfy with myself I don’t mind what others think!

Q: Hi ate Saab! :) I’ve been blogging all my life, but I because of my busy sched back in high school to college, I am not able to actually be consistent on them. (I’ve had more than 8 blogs). This time I wanna be consistent, and I’m starting back in WordPress again. :) Any tips? Like, which theme to use, etc? Thank you so sooo much in advance! (You’re my idol, I swear!!!!!) PS. Hope you notice me in instagram! Hehe :)
A: Hello! You can go for the basic TwentyTen theme, that’s what I started with. Try to write once a day!! It’s so hard but I’m trying to do that as well. Just gotta make time for it :) Good luck!

Q: sino gumawa nung drawing sa right side ng blog mo, below Hello,
A: CJ de Silva :)

Q: Hi Saab! I was one of the PT interns who got to myofascial release your calf in Moro! I never thought that someone’s calf would make me that happy!! Hahaha! I’ve been a reader since theincugirl days and imagine my happiness when I saw you there! Thank you for making my internship life complete!!!! :)
A: Omg hindi nanaman ito question pero sobrang natawa ako!!! KAKAHIYA!!! Hahaha HELLO!!! Sana hindi ka na-skandalo sa leg hair ko!!:))))) Thank you!!!

Q: Hi Saab. I just want to ask where ka bumibili ng gadgets mo? like phone or laptop? Swap ba ginagawa mo? kasi i remember parang sinabi mo yun sa blog post mo dati kaso hindi ko na makita :( Thanks!
A: There’s a small corner stall in Greenhills Theatre Mall. Go to the 2nd floor and ask people where Janet’s stall is, they’ll probably know where she is. She name drops so many celebrities hahahaha but I like her.

Q: hello saab! i love your blog! everything about it <3 anyways i love your new hair, i hope you make a blog post about it. Musta naman ang short hair? haha
A: I’m loving it!! I’m posting a video about it very soon!

Q: Saab, do you read books from Wattpad? Can I send you a copy of my self-pub book? Tagalog siya.
A: I haven’t! Sure, you can send it to me! Can’t promise I can read it right away though I’ve got so many books lined up!!!

Q: Fave Eraserheads songs?
A: Dami! Shake Yer Head, Fine Time, Wishing Wells

Q: pleaaase do a blog feature (photo shoot!!) with you and maxx switching clothing styles cos your styles are way different from each other hehe

Q: how do you feel about fangirls going gaga over jim? i heard you used to be annoyed when the girls get his attention during his ernville days x(
A: WHAT??? Of course not!! Ako pa nga nago-offer mag take ng pics nila with Jim. Haha! With how Jim is to me, do you think there’s ever a reason for me to get jealous?:)

Q: i hate you but i love you. maybe i feel like i hate you cos i want to be like you. idk but i think i love you more than i hate you. do you get me?
A: Huhuhu please love me more than you hate me

Q: I’m 21 and I’m still a virgin. I feel like I’m being left out. Some people say I’m being prude but I’m just waiting for the guy who’s worth giving it to. Thoughts?
A: Y’know what? You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Be a virgin, you’re a prude. Sleep with someone, you’re a slut. Don’t listen to what others say. Except to what I have to say. Dahil tinanong mo ako. HAHA. I say: go with your gut. Wait for the right guy if that’s what you want to do. It’s your vagina.??

Q: Film an everyday makeup routine video? Puhleeeeeeeezz? ???
A: You mean a new one? OKAY!

Q: anong buong pangalan ni jim?
A: I find this suspicious… Ano ka, identity thief?!

Q: Can I ask you, Jim and Candy to hangout with me at Dyce N Dyne in Pasig? Let’s play boardgames there!! :D Promise, I’m harmless and you’ll enjoy :) -Meryll :)
A: Heyy we’ve been wanting to try that place!!!

Q: Can I get a good luck for my board exam this november? Haha!? Hi Saab! How was your day? ☺
A: GOOD LUCK!! Wag ka na mag-small talk, girl!! Mag aral ka na!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha ?

Q: saan mo balak magpa lasik? ako rin kaya lang i have qualms like my age (33), blah blah… pero parang gusto ko talaga
A: My mom got her LASIK from Asian Eye Institute when she was 40+ and it totally changed her life. I’m probably going to get it done there as well!!

Q: Hi Saab,what can you say obout living-in together ?
A: I think it really helps you see all your partner’s flaws. I wish it was a required thing before getting married. It could be a game show, “KAYA MO BA TALAGA?!?!” It’d probably help lower the rate of divorce LELZ but what do I know?

Q: top five must visits in Japan? :3 Arigato gozimasu!
A: Search for my Japan blog posts!:)

Q: Hi Saab! Are you still using WD Passport external drive? I’ve been planning to buy a PHD and I read your review about it. Just wondering if you’re still using it :) Thanks!
A: YES! It’s what I use to watch all my TV series

Q: Hi Saab! My friend and I think Jim is the ultimate dreamboat! You’re so blessed. Please share more Jim stories. PS, loving your short hair! Love youuu!
A: HE IS. Thank you xx

Q: If there’s a rewind.. what do you want to change.. about your life?
A: I would have made exercise a part of my life years ago. Babaw ba? HAHA

Q: Things you can’t leave home without?
A: My phone, wallet, keys, my EOS lip balm.

Q: Ever thought of doing a daily vlogs?
A: You’d get so sick of me

Q: how did you make the stickers for your band’s album launch?
A: Bought sticker paper, printed them out!

Q: what happened to the man that hit you?
A: He fled to the States with his sister the day after

Q: Hi Saab! I’m a fan! I super love you and Jim teehee! Anyway, pano ka nakapag decide to cut your hair? Ang kapal kasi na hair ko and di ko maachieve ang short hair :(
A: Sobrang kapal ng hair ko! I decided to cut my hair because I just wanted to change my look. And when I heard about Matrix Philippines’ cause, I was pushed to finally do it. But they said “sa August pa ang shoot” that’s why I dyed my hair purple then ash blonde, because I knew I’d cut it all off soon, I might as well ;)

Q: Have you ever had chickenpox? How did you get over the marks? OMG :(
A: I had chicken pox when I was about 6 years old. Thankfully there are no scars!

Q: Ayaw mo ba maging bida naman minsan sa mga palabas mo? I think you’ll do great! :)
A: Girl, isang taon na akong wala sa TV

Q: I caught my bf texting with a girl from omegel
A: Okay..

Q: When did you lost your virginity?
A: Are you lost, teh?

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