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With Jason at a GROUP STUDY gig in TUP / JDV Photograpy

With Jason at a GROUP STUDY gig in TUP / JDV Photograpy

Q: Saab, do you wear your wedding ring during gigs? Curious lang hehe
A: Yes xx

Q: Tell us how you and Marquis made up. :) Please?
A: She was at my bachelorette party hehe Maxx invited her and I was just so happy haha

Q: What do you do when you feel like doing nothing when in fact you have lots to do?
A: I say “AGGGHGHGHGHGHGGGHGH” and then get to work D:

Q: Can Cheats cover Yard of Blonde Girls by Jeff Buckley? :)
A: We’ll consider it, thanks :)

Q: Ilan na naging work mo?
A: I think my line of work is project-based so I can’t really answer your question.

Q: what will you do when you figured na your bf is in omegle?
A: Tatanungin ko siya “BAKIT??? BAKIT?? HAYUP KA, SUMAGOT KA!!” char. Tanungin mo siya bakit siya nasa Omegle.

Q: Pls post any witty random convo of you and Jim. :)
A: Not what I’d call witty but here’s one: *while watching NBA* “YUCK I hate Tim Duncan. He’s a cheater!!” “You mean Tony Parker” “…YUCK I hate Tony Parker. He’s a cheater!!”

Q: Do you plan to move to a house anytime soon? :)
A: Not right now, no

Q: What are your “luhos”? And what are Jim’s? :)
A: Probably lipstick. And apps. Jim’s luho is anything to do with his vape haha and lately, shoes.

Q: did you ever feel intimidated with Chelo? She looks like she has a strong personality :)
A: We were sworn enemies in college!! Hahaha but we’re like BFFs now haha

Q: Before you and Jim got married, how do you address Jim’s parents? :)
A: Tito Gerry and Tita Bing

Q: What do you like most about being in showbusiness? ❤️
A: Getting messages from fans. It’s always nice hearing from them hehe especially if they write me to say I’ve inspired them to start blogging or join a band.

Q: Do you have a link of where I can watch your Taste Buddies shows?? Namiss ko lahat kasi I have work :(
A: Aww man I don’t know, would you believe I never got to watch any of my episodes either?! If you find one let me know

Q: I LOVE ASK SAAB!!! I learn so much from your answers <3 I've been your fan of all your phases, looks and blog layouts! Which brings me to my question. Why do you like "cheap cakes?"
A: Aww thank you!! Cheap cake as in the one from Shoppersville in Katipunan. It just takes me back to a lot of good memories :)

Q: How do you stay fresh duing gigs? Parang lahat pawis na, ikaw parang bagong ligo at powder lang!? Ang effortless ng ganda mo huhuhuhu #anakkangDiyos
A: Are you serious?! Baka naman dahil ang pinopost ko lang sa Instagram ay yung mukha akong fresh hehehehe. But thank you!!! I just try to pat myself dry after a gig. :)) Shet natawa ako sa hashtag!!

Q: Do you ask Jim pa if you can post certain topics? Or ikaw na bahala and he fully supports you lang? :)
A: I DON’T NEED PERMISSION FROM ANYONE!!!! I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN!!!! RIGHT, JIM??? Haha joke lang. No, he has no say on what I can and can’t post. He’s very supportive of me.

Q: What was the flavor of your wedding cake?
A: UBE!! Cos we were in Baguio, it only made sense

Q: I asked about the cake kasi gusto ko ng cake ngayon.
A: Go lang, girl

Q: I’m torn between these two please help me pick. Adidas Stan Smith (Wite and Green) or Superstar (Black and White)?
A: Superstar

Q: What’s your go-to outfit na pwede din for a univeristy? (Describe in details please) Haha super love your style kasi! Thanks! :)
A: Black skinny jeans, boots, a comfy and loose top. Thank you!!

Q: Say it’s the end of the world and you’re given a chance to be anywhere, where would u be?
A: Mars

Q: What soap do you use and tips for a smoother skin? :)
A: As in body wash? I use Kiehl’s Creme De Corps

Q: How often do you answer questions?
A: I try everyday but since your question was sent in 13 days ago, I must not be doing a good job huhuuh

Q: Penge naman fashion tips from my fave blogger please? :)
A: Go for comfort!!

Q: What makes you really angry? And when would you say na “friendship over”? (When is enough, enough?) HAHAH
A: Pag gutom ako.. I’m like “OMG SHUT UP I HATE YOU” tapos after a meal, “HEYYYYY, we’re friends again!”

Q: Were you active in orgs and university student councils when you were in highschool and college?
A: I was the founder and Editor-In-Chief of our school paper in high school. I didn’t join any org in college. Except for the Ateneo Musician’s Pool but just for a while.

Q: If I’m a college student and I am planning to open up a bank account which is better a savings or a current account?
A: Savings!:)

Q: Which do you prefer paper back novels or hard bound books?
A: Ooooh.. I like paper back so I can bring them around with me wherever I go. But if it’s just a short read, like a graphic novel, I prefer hardbound.

Q: What instruments can you play?
A: In my head, I’m a very good drummer. That’s pretty much it.

Q: Hi Saab. I so love you and your style, wa echos! Like you are one of the people who inspire me to be myself and blog, super duper.. :D How did you quit smoking? I’ve been smoking for almost a decade now. is there any alternatives you’ve done?
A: I got sick. I got bronchitis so I had no choice but to totally quit smoking. I vape once in a while but I don’t NEED to use it. So, before you get sick I think you should just quit cold turkey. Try not to go out so you don’t get tempted. Keep yourself busy. Meditate. ??

Q: How to be close to siblings who are easily annoyed and parang user (mabait if kailangan ka ganon) haha honest answer please :(
A: Whattttt?? I have no experience in this haha but just talk, I guess. Ask them to get coffee with you. Tell them how you feel.

Q: Do you mind if for example nagsstroll or shop ka sa mall tas may biglang magpapapicture or what sa iyo?
A: No I don’t mind it at all

Q: Hi Saab! whay did you feel when you were finally getting your hair cut that short?? nanghinayang ka ba? hehe You still look pretty tho. always naman :) and btw. girl crush kita hihi
A: Thanks! I felt excited!! I couldn’t wait, actually.

Q: i like your floral jacket!! with the green sleeves hehe where did you buy it? love your new hair too :)
A: It’s actually not mine hehe I wore it for a shoot. It’s from Bench. Thank you :)

Q: have you had your hair straightened/permed before? if so, do you have any tips for hair maintenance?
A: I got my hair rebonded in high school. LELZ!! Condition once in a while.

Q: Do you really shop at GreenHills? I love you Saab! :)
A: For phones, yes! xx

Q: What happened to your old condo unit?
A: It’s my mom’s unit, I was just squatting there. Hahaha. My older brother moved in there.

Q: Did you take up photography or film in college?
A: I took a digital film class under Marie Jamora in my 5th year

Q: Hi Saab baby! What time ka po pupunta sa Matrix Event this coming September 19? Nag sign in po ako for batch 4 – 12pm. Sana magkita tayo!? :D
A: Perfect!! I’ll be there around 12-2 :D

Q: Hi saab! SUPER DUPER HAPPY TALAGA AKO KASI SUPER IDOL KITA AND TAGAL NADIN AKO NAG AANTAY NA MAG OPEN UNG QUESTION BOX MO ! Anyway nagkaron ako ng maraming pimples sabi nila maganda sana ako kaso may pimples may ire recommend ka po ba na product? :) i love you saaaaab! Super! Godbless
A: HI!!! I think it’s best if you go to a dermatologist and ask them about your options if it’s really a problem! It’ll be so worth it, just make sure to follow what he/she says. I’m sure they know what’s best for your situation :)

Q: Hi Saab!! I asked you previously about your opinion on PMS and I mean pre-marital sex! Hahaha lol sorry di ko na specify ??
A: I have no opinion about it, really. It’s an intimate thing between two consenting partners and all I would like to say is if it’s something you do, make sure to stay safe because pregnancy isn’t the only result of unprotected sex.

Q: Hi Ate Saab, if you weren’t a celebrity, what would have been your career? :)
A: A columnist, I think.

Q: Hi Saab!!! Do you approach your fans first or do you let them say hi to you first (even if you already know them)? :D
A: I say hi to them if I’ve seen them more than once and I recognize them :)

Q: Hi Saab! Are you planning on getting another tattoo? If yes, what design? :)
A: Nope!

Q: what size are you s xs m? 6? 8? 4?
A: I’m a UK 8

Q: Did you have the iPhone6 in Space Grey?:)
A: Yup!

Q: how did you deal with your very first heartbreak? how did you move on? I’m scared that me might move on faster that i will.
A: I will admit, I needed a distraction. Another guy was showing interest in me and so naturally my ex-boyfriend was trying to win me back. That’s after he broke up with me and watched a movie with another girl like 2 days after. I would have gotten back with him but I think it’s good that I realized there were other options. I politely declined (dahil maraming beses ko na siyang iniyakan) and he genuinely cried. It was the first time ever and I felt so bad but I won’t lie, it felt good too because I realized omg I guess I AM a catch and I shouldn’t be going all psycho about him going out with another girl. Lelz. You know what, listen to a lot of Destiny’s Child. Haha. They will tell you that you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. Just ask yourself this: do you really want to force yourself on someone who doesn’t want you? DON’T. In my case it was someone who only wanted me when others showed interest. Ick. I’m better than that.

Q: I adore you for eating rice “very rarely” #dietgoals :) Are you weight conscious? What do you usually eat to keep fit? Thanks, Ate Saab! Love your blog! xx
A: I’m not weight conscious per se since I haven’t weighed myself in years. I just make better food choices!:)

Q: I really love you and your style ❤️ Where do you shop most of the time? :)
A: Thank you!:) Topshop is my go-to!

Q: Do you own LinyaLinya? Kyot. :)
A: Nope! I’m a huge fan ? Get their shirts at www.linyalinya.ph and make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to get exclusive content and special offers :)

August 31, 2015


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