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PAHINGI NG PAHINGA shirt by Linya-Linya / linyalinya.ph

PAHINGI NG PAHINGA shirt by Linya-Linya / linyalinya.ph

Q: Hi SaaBAE! If you’re going to start a business, what would that be? :)
A: I’d probably be a web designer hahaha but I need to study more.

Q: Saab, what lipstick are you wearing here? – I’m in love w/ it and I’ve been waiting for idk years to ask you (charot mga 3 weeks lang) Haha thanks!!
A: Hhahaha that’s Lime Crime Velvetines in Salem, you can message @death_by_lipstick on IG for it :)

Q: My boyfriend cheated on me pero naging maayus na kami ahm cheat na just chatting lang naman pero matagal na nagkaayus na kmi i give him another chance pero minsan nag dududa padin ako , what should i do? Bakit nag chicheat sila kahit love nila ung girl?
A: Wag na yan. Sorry pero hindi ka niya love kung ganon.

Q: Secret para sa magandang selfie ;)
A: Angle

Q: Gusto ko magbawas ng timbang pero hindi ko kaya hindi kumaen ng rice and tamad din akong mag exercise :( what should i do!!?? HUHUHU tuwing nakikita ko post mo sa ig naiinspired ako magpapayat pano mo nagawa? Haha
A: Nasa Diyos ang awa nasa tao ang gawa. Do it one day at a time. It’s not as bad as it seems. You just need to make adjustments.

Q: Do you watch Sherlock (series)? Miss you btw! -Meryll :)
A: I still haven’t!!!D:

Q: When’s your TV series with E! showing? Excited for the Mags!!! <3
A: It’s not a show, just a special feature :) I have no idea when it’s coming out!

Q: Naging fan ka rin ba ng F4 at Meteor Garden? LOL
A: YESSSSSterday

Q: u said that you are still a virgin po, and kapag gusto niyo na ni jim magka baby before doing it. Bakit po? I mean.. you guys are married na. just curious lang po. Love your new hair! :)
A: Girl, I was kidding. Thanks!

Q: Sana merong Ask Saab and Jim edition hehehe pls? :D
A: Hahahahaha pwede!!

Q: HI Saab :) have you ever been to bohol? :)
A: Yes but I was with the laziest boys (Jim, Manny and Ernest) that we just stayed in the resort hahaha

Q: may I request for Jim to write a blog post about your lovestory? or parang his&her blog post. para malaman namin ‘yung side niya at makilala pa namin siya, hehe. cute niyo #relationshipgoals

Q: What’s one thing you want to say to your Dad?
A: You will never be forgotten

Q: What’s the best gift you’ve ever given and received?
A: My engagement ring hehehe

Q: Can I get your steam ID number? I just want to play with you. :D
A: Search for PIZZAAB haha!

Q: My ex is trying to win me back, he’s changed a lot since we broke up but sometimes I still see the reasons why I chose to end up our relationship. Plus it’s a LDR and it’s been confusing trying to fix it with him. Any advise? Thank you, I love you super lelz!x

Q: Have you seen One More Chance? May part 2 omg!
A: YES! Can’t wait

Q: If you come from a wealthy family, do you think you’d fall in love with a person who’s not as well-off?
A: Hey, it always happens in the movies so why not? LELZ. I personally think not having money and not having drive are two different things. If he’s hardworking I don’t see why you would not fall in love with him.

Q: I once dated a guy who was the same height as mine and admittedly it bothered me for a while na di ako kaya ipag-laban nito physically. Do you or did you get any similar thoughts with Jim?
A: WHAT? Bakit ka niya kailangan ipaglaban? Di mo ba kaya ipaglaban sarili mo? No of course not, I think Jim and I were made for each other.

Q: Does Jim smoke before?
A: Yes, it’s been 3 years since he quit

Q: Hi Saab, at what age did you start being intimate with the opposite sex?
A: My first kiss was at 16.

Q: Uuwi pa ba si Marquis sa PH or is she gonna stay in SG for good?
A: She’s working in Singapore so she’s staying there for now.

Q: Hello Saab, do you mind sharing how you manage your finances with Jim? Who’s responsible for paying/providing what? I notice this is a common dilemma for newlyweds who’s only beginning to share their finances, bills, investments, etc etc.
A: We have a joint account where we put everything, then we transfer monthly allowances in our separate accounts. I write the check for our condo dues, electricity, water from our joint account and we withdraw for groceries from that account. We pay for our phone lines, credit cards and everything else from our separate allowances. I do the budgeting :)

Q: Have you met the guy Maxene is currently dating? If yes, what do you think of him?
A: Yeah, I like him

Q: Ano ang pinaka kinaiinisan mo kay Jim? :P At pinaka kinatutuwa mo pag ginagawa nya? Haha!
A: Lakas niya mang asar. Sobra!! Eh pikon ako so gusto niya ako inaasar talaga. But when I finally say “OMG STOP!!!” sobrang lalambingin niya ako. Hahhaa.. It’s SO annoying.

Q: if ever magkakaron ka ng isa pang dog, anong breed gusto mo?
A: Corgi

Q: Does your husband snore?
A: Nope. Sobrang gwapo niya matulog, meanwhile I’m always snoring with my mouth open and my eyes half open…

Q: What was the last lie you told? :P
A: I’ve never told a lie. ? This right here ?

Q: What’s your biggest inhibition? Or is there anything, really? You look so perfect!❤️
A: I usually find it hard to talk to new people. But I’m slowly trying to get better at it hehe. Why thank you ?

Q: do you advice na magpafull bangs ang malaking muka? yung may chubby cheeks. Malaki kasi ang fezz ko pero gusto kong magpafull bangs, wala akong lakas ng loob :'(
A: Kung pawisin ka like me, wag nalang. Ang high maintenance!! Hahahaha!! But you only live once and hair grows back so I say go for it!!

Q: Hi Saab! OMG. Blooming ka talaga ngayon! May Glow! :D What’s your everyday routine usually? Pano ang married life? Who gets up first in the morning, Who cooks breakfast? Who takes joey out to pee. Haha Can you blog about days about your married life? I just love you. So happy that you’re happy! Take Care :3
A: Right now my schedule is so weird. I wake up at 4:30 everyday, I’m out of the house by 5 and I stay at the radio station until around 10AM. I go home and since we started our show on Monday, I’ve been taking at least an hour-long nap right when I get home. I don’t cook breakfast, I’ve got Diet Diva and Jim orders food or cooks his own breakfast. If I don’t get to walk Joey myself, our house cleaner (who comes in from 1-4pm daily) walks Joey every afternoon. She’s also trained to pee or poop only on her pee pad indoors :) THANK YOU!

Q: what is you and jim’s term of endearment? or do you have pet name for each other?
A: Belly ?

Q: Hi Saab! I’m a great fan of yours! :) Anyway, do you also a watch Filipino movies like One More Chance? What are your favorites? Love yah! :*
A: I love One More Chance!! And A Very Special Love hahaha. OTJ is the bomb!

Q: How long did it take before you agreed to cut your hair?.. was there a point you wanna back out?..
A: I said yes right off the bat!

Q: what is the name of the salon did you get your hair cut done? the one that you said that is owned by your ninang.
A: This time I got my hair cut by Matrix Salon (they’re not really open to the public – their products are sold in David’s Salon and other hair salon branches) so I could donate it to Kythe. But regular haircuts, I get from Nimfa Ferrer Salon in Greenhills. Yes, she’s my ninang!

Q: What’s your perfect pizza? <3
A: Cheese, more cheese

Q: Saab, you look great in your new hair! Is your Ate Unna part of 5&Up? coz I see pictures of her kasama sila Chynna, Atom and the rest of the gang. #Justcurious!
A: Thanks!:) No, Maxx was a part of 5 & Up but ate Unna was in the same age group as the older kids so she got along with them too :)

Q: Hi Saab! Do you pay for your diet diva meals? Where do you get the motivation in eating healthy on a regular? heeeelp hehe.
A: They sponsor my meals and I am so so so grateful. They’ve been a HUGE help in fixing my unhealthy habits!

Q: hi saab! Can you share here your daily meal plan? :) you’re my fitspiration <3
A: I just order Diet Diva meals, they do the thinking and cooking for me!:)

Q: McDonald’s chicken or KFC chicken?
A: LELZ sabay fast food. KFC chicken

Q: Hi miss saab pretty!! Pwede mo ba kami tugtugan sa event namin, “Rock Out Cancer”, a beneficiary concert for Cancer Warriors on October 3, 2015 in PUP oval Sta. Mesa, Manila. Please helplllllll us. Thank you.
A: You may e-mail cheatsph@gmail.com for any inquiries :)

Q: hi saab. thank God mukhang ginaganahan ka magsulat ngayon. I always check your blog..like everyday sa office! Lelz. Anyway, ano ginagawa mo kapag nagaaway kayo ni Jim? Boys tend to be the matiisin type right? Do you usually apologize first? Or you’re the matampuhin type?
A: I say sorry!!! Di ko siya ma-take hindi kausapin. And most of the time I have to admit ako talaga ang mali. HAHAHA. I know he’s the one talaga, hindi ako ganito eh :)))

Q: why do you use bb cream instead of foundation? what’s the diff?
A: It has a much lighter coverage, I honestly use it more for the sunscreen factor. But it helps that it evens out my skin tone without caking.

Q: Hi Saab! Where did you get the dress you were wearing when you interviewed Kevin Kwan? Love ittt, and I love you!! Heehee xx
A: TopShop! Thanks!:)

Q: Hi saab!! Pumunta ka na ba ng Pampanga ?
A: Used to tape there all the time for my TV show, Koreana :)

Q: Hi Saab! I really want to be a book blogger and to receive ARCs from authors. Any advice?
A: Buy books at discount stores or borrow from friends, post reviews, send your link to book stores and publishers?:)

Q: why does jim call you cloud? :)
A: Because he knows I’m obsessed with clouds and he says my cheeks are like clouds.

Q: Nagwowork ba yungCreamy Eye Treatment from Kiehls? I have really dark bags under my eyes huhu pang Tim Burton movie! Haha
A: Yes, in fairness!!

Q: I really love your hair color sa post mo na “Group Study”! Huhu kainggit. Magwowork ba sya sa hair ko if ever kahit hindi ko pa sya napapakulayan since birth? Haha
A: I had to bleach my hair twice to get that color :)

Q: i know sobrang pang TBT na to, pero why did you and Julius broke up? If okay lang itanong :) Hehe
A: It just wasn’t working out!

Q: Hi Ate Saab! Fan po ako ng show nyo dati sa ch5 na Lipgloss! Tanong ko lang kung natatandaan mo pa po ba yung first onscreen partner mo na si Nico Ibaviosa? :)) Have a nice day!
A: Omg no, my first onscreen partner was Kevin Lapeña! LELZ

Q: sawa ka na ba sa mga tanong tungkol sa short hair mo? lol
A: Mej, but hey at least I’m spreading the word about the cause :))

Q: Hey Saab, I just found your twin haha
A: Haha! You think so?

Q: I’m addicted to Benedict Cumberbatch. Help huhu
A: Why fight it? Order this

Q: Hi Saab, I’m a super fan! Like fanfanfan!! I always copy whatever you wear or blog about. The only thing I can’t copy is your current hairstyle (short, black, shoulder length). My boyfie wouldn’t approve, he prefers it long and brown. Hahaha #weirdobsession . Anyway, magBaby na kayo ni Jim. Please lol. Ktnxbye.

A: Why do you let your boyfriend dictate your hairstyle?:(

Q: Hello Saaaab! Do you listen to The 1975?
A: No but I know they are the band that yodels. Kind of. Hehe

Q: What is your favorite Chvrches song?
A: We Sink

Q: how do you make friends? or start a good conversation? HUHUHU
A: I learned the best tip: pretend you’re a detective. Ask a lot of questions about them (without being overly creepy, of course), just listen and be genuinely interested :)

Q: I loved Crazy Rich Asians and China Rich Girlfriend! Can’t wait for the movie. Can you do a fancast of the movie?
A: Everyone should be played by John Lloyd Cruz + Bea Alonzo + Sarah Geronimo. Charot!

Q: remember the way you fixed your hair short? Sabi mo ganun hair do mo when you get old. Ang tanda mo na! hahahaha

Q: Hi Saab! Natapos mo ba yung P90X3 challenge? Ipopost mo pa ba yung before and after pics? Effective ba talaga siya? haha. You’re so sexy & healthy looking, even the skin! So Pretty pa! : )
A: In fairness I lasted 70 days hahahaha I think I’ll do the challenge again.

Q: How much is the dry shampoo from Lush and how do you use it?
A: Found a tutorial here.

Q: How old is your Ate Unna?
A: 32

Q: What kind of questions do you answer here? Ang dami kong sinubmit na questions pero walang nasasagot :( How many questions do you get? P.S. you’re my ultimate girl crush, i love you! -zyxwvut
A: I answer those that haven’t been asked before! Sorry, daming backlog, thinking I should catch up today! There’s about 600 to go!

Q: Date ideas?
A: Coffee is always the best. Conversations are awesome!! Go play a board game. Lots of board game cafes now.

Q: Can you please blog about your book collection/bookshelf? You are kind of my reader peg, you have good taste in books (and movies, music—everything! you are my life peg. chos. <3)
A: Awww nahihiya ako eh!!!! I have so much more to read!!

Q: I always get sleepy at work kaya I always end up eating snacks while designing para di ako maantok. I don’t want to gain weight pa naman huhu any tips?
A: Unlimited black coffee (no sugar/milk), green tea and water! When you think you’re hungry, you’re probably just thirsty!

Q: Who was your fave character in Modern Family
A: Phil!! And Cam, of course!

Q: How did you get fullybooked to sponsor you? Huhu so jealous! I love reading and I get free books once in a while courtesy of Ardentbookgeek on Instagram pero I wanna get huge deals sana like NBS or Fullybooked sponsors haha is that too much of a dream ba?
A: I slipped something in their drink

Q: Hi Saab! I super love your answer about PMS. You are such a witty gal. ♥ So, follow up question about PMS, what symptoms do you usually feel when you have it? And how does Jim deal with you? Hehe. Thanks. :)
A: I just hate everyone and I can’t explain it. Except Jim and Joey, I still love them but I get very annoyed by them. Jim feeds me. Hahaha

Q: May Blog ba si Max? Have you tried encouraging her to making one? Or maybe blog about a day in her life. I’m so curious about her since you say that she’s so sweet & generous. ?
A: Yes!! Encouraging her to keep Maxene.ph up-to-date! Pls tweet her, she’s the sweetest talaga.

Q: do you sing newspaper girl in your gigs? ano un usual setlist nio? hehe
A: Rarely, we like the more upbeat tunes :)

Q: Hi Saab, paano hindi maging clingy sa bf?
A: Have your own life. Take up hobbies or play video games haha!

Q: I went to your Guijo gig (with my boyfriend who’s very supportive of my fangirling) and I loved your set! But I’m very shy so I didn’t approach you. :( I hope you could sign my cd! Are you guys planning to release some merch like what other indie bands do for marketing? :) -Real
A: Hi Real!! Sayang naman!! Would have loved to sign your album for you!! Thanks for getting one, by the way :) We have 2 shirt designs actually. You can message us on Facebook for inquiries :)

Q: OMGGGGG I didn’t know Kevin Kwan is coming to Manila!!! I missed it!! Huhuhuh how is he like? Super liked Crazy Rich Asians!!
A: He was SOOOOOOOOOO chill!! Parang kwentuhan with a long time friend. Or feeling close lang ako. Haha

Q: Hi Saab! Can I order a “CHEATS” tee from you? With a short note & a signature from you? I’m from Baguio though. How’s that? (And just cause i’m a fan of yours…hihihi…please make it possible?) PS. Went down to Manila just to watch you in NO FILTER, but downside: you went to SG instead. LOLS #IstillLOVEYA #TYIA ?????
A: OMG sayang naman yung No Filter!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course you may order a Cheats shirt!! Go ahead and e-mail your details to cheatsph@gmail.com :)

Q: Hi Saab! what’s your most recommended khiel’s product/s?
A: Midnight Recovery Concentrate!

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