Spell Saab
Photo by @meetkeso

Photo by @meetkeso

Q: What is your fav Pinoy ulam?
A: Bistek Tagalog and Tortang Talong ?

Q: Do you see yourself being an EXPAT?
A: Sure, I think it would be nice to live and work abroad even for a while.

Q: Will you ever do a morning routine vlog? Hahahaha
A: You think I should?:)) It won’t be pretty. LELZ

Q: Hi. What do you use for birth control? People say pills are a no-no coz of what it can do to the body. >_< PS. nag aambisyon ako na kamuka kita. in my defense, feeling ko mejo pareho yung pagka curl ng hair natin.
A: I use Yasmin as recommended by my OB Gyne :) Haha! Go lang, girl!

Q: as a filipino citizen, what can you say about VP Binay?
A: He shady

Q: hey dangergirl, do you miss tumblr?
A: Haha, I do, actually!

Q: do you and mong alcaraz still talk when you see each other in gigs or hi-hello na lang?
A: Hi-hello, sometimes we talk too when time permits!

Q: I want to ask you would push through the meet and greet giveaway with makeover or whatever with you?? huhu. please do it. hahahahahaha pick me! :) Love you. Kahit meet and greet lang okay na :D
A: Gawin natin ng November, game? Anyone wanna help me plan it? E-mail me info@spellsaab.com hehe.

Q: Can I get your steam ID number? I am looking forward playing a game with you in a party! :)
A: Just search for Pizzaab!:)

Q: If there would be a movie about your life, sinong actress gusto mo bumida bilang Saab and why? Sino rin gusto mo gumanap na Jim? International or local keribels!
A: Wow, hirap. Siguro si Rachel McAdams. CHOSERA. Ako si Juday, si Jim si Ryan Agoncillo. ?

Q: Hi Saab! Where did you buy your c3p0 backpack? The one you used in SG just recently. I super love it! Thanks! :)
A: Jim got it for me thru his sister who works in Disney Channel, Singapore :)

Q: Hi Saababe :) Im having my own version of your book club keme but i normally do it on IG by having my own hashtag :) im showing the books that i am currently reading. How could I make it more interesting to others? I mean I do that just to share that I really enjoy reading and kumbaga gusto ko din ma inspire yung iba esp my friends yung benifit of reading. Would it be ok to give away some books, things like that hehe, anong pwedeng ibang gawin for a beginner like me. :) THANKIIE SAABABE :)
A: Hi! Sure, you can give away books but I think it would be more engaging if you include the synopsis and your opinion on the book (without any spoilers) in the caption :) You can also ask for your followers’ own recommendations!

Q: Hi Saab! I know this is kinda weird but worth the try… anyways di ba you’re part of fullybooked family;.. do you happen to know a staff named Allan Blanca? REALLY NEED TO reconnect with him huhu. help please. sa BGC branch ata sya but im just too shy to barged there and look for him
A: Oh no, sorry I don’t :(

Q: Are you registered to vote for the elections next year? Who’s your presidential bet?
A: Of course I’m registered ? Presidential bet? Still undecided ?

Q: Do you eventually wanna move into a real house or you really prefer living in a condo?
A: I think I’ll stay in a condo first. I like the cozy space. Easier to clean and maintain! Don’t want a live-in cleaning lady right now. Nice to be just me and Jim for a while :)

Q: I’ve just read your blog about interviewing with the only one, KK! I love it! But hey, what catches my attention was really the part when you’ve mentioned that you personally write “mostly” non-fiction, are you planning to publish it then? Please say yes! Cause, I think you should at least publish a book, because you’re so smart, bold and I can say that you would be one hella fascinating author! And imagine your daughter reading your story/ies when she turns 16. <3 please, share your own fantasies (even the reality) + thoughts before you turned 30! - Loving Saabaefan.
A: Aww, that’s very sweet!! I’ve actually had a book deal since last year but I’m too afraid to start my book ?Maybe a little more time, I’ll write it when I’m ready!

Q: hi saab if it isnt offending can i ask what size you are? youre my body peg are you a 6 or a 4?
A: I’m an 8

Q: nakapag-commute ka na ba?
A: Yes, I’ve ridden jeeps, FX, bus, MRT, LRT, trike.

Q: If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen?
A: I’d like to have witnessed The Beatles writing songs. That must have been a fun process.

Q: sino mas malakas/mabaho ang utot? ikaw o si jim?
A: Ako. Kasi Jim’s such a gentleman, he doesn’t want me to smell his farts. So I’ve only smelled mine. And they stink, as most farts do.

Q: hi saab! what’s your number one pet peeve? whenever im on break i always visit your blog! your so pretty!! :)
A: Thank you!! My number one pet peeve is when people stare. I find it very rude. And when they talk about me as if I wasn’t right in front of them. “SI ANO TO DIBA? ARTISTA TO? SI MAGALONA!” It’s not very nice.

A: I never have, actually.

Q: What’s your faith/religion?
A: Roman Catholic

Q: Hi Saababe, How would I encourage my boyfriend to be confident? He is currently jobless and i really believe that he has a lot of potential. :(
A: Compliment him! Also, when someone says something nice about him, make sure to let him know about it. Keep encouraging him. Find out why he is jobless and look for a way to fix that without making him feel like you are forcing him to get off his lazy ass or anything like that. It’s all in the way you speak to him, make sure it is full of love and that your words are heartfelt. Good luck!

Q: Anong masasabi mo sa tambalang #AlDub? ?
A: Cute nila!

Q: Hi Saab! Effective ba ‘yung Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Treatment? Thanks!
A: I believe so!

Q: Do you have any experience in debates? Probably in college or high school for english class? Any tips? Thankyouuuuu (from your reader since ’11)
A: No, sorry!!:( HELLO READER SINCE `11!!)

Q: hello :) did you apply to jam or sila nagoffer sa inyo to become a dj?
A: They offered it to me but I still had to do 2 months of training!

Q: Sup, Saab? What happened to your 90-day challenge ng P90X3? Please share your “after” photos.
A: I only made it to 70 days so I’m a little disappointed in myself. Will re-do the entire thing.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you use an image hosting site and insert link of your photos in your blog post or you just upload it right to your Media Library in WordPress?
A: I upload them straight to my media library

Q: Saab!!!!! may abs ba si jim? i find him very hot!!! haha share nmn ng pic. (ang arte lungs!) :D
A: Hahaha!! Sabi niya “pag hindi kumain, may abs” hahaha he is very sexy, indeed!?

Q: Hi Saab, I really like your photos! May I know what’s your camera’s brand & model? I think I would like to invest on it. Hihi thaanks! :)
A: Sony A6000 – do it!!

Q: Hey Saab! Did you always know that you were meant for the creative world? I mean did u have other dreams besides doing what you do today? I figure that with your creativity it could also allow you to soar higher even if you weren’t in this field. Hahaha.
A: Hi! I think I’ve always wanted to be in the creative world. I’ve never imagined myself in the corporate world. Although when I was younger, I had dreams of becoming a librarian. Haha. I do enjoy secretarial work and office supplies though.

Q: Thoughts on Tinder?
A: It’s probably fun for meeting new people. I like using my friends’ Tinder app and swiping for them.

Q: Hi saab! How’s life? I just wanna ask how did you know that you were ready to get married? I think we’re about the same age and I like to think life is just beginning to become more interesting for me and there’s so many things to become before one can truly be ready.
A: I don’t believe there’s an age you’re supposed to get married. I’ve gone through a lot of life stages, I’m lucky I met the right man for me when I did. Besides, who says life can’t be interesting when you get married? My life is so awesome now that I’m married. At least I think so ?

Q: Bakit wala kang “about me” page or something? Curious lang. :)
A: Ain’t nobody got time for that. Chos. Should I make one? Katamad ? Pero sige gagawa ako. For you.

Q: does jim smoke?
A: He vapes

Q: Natutuwa ako kasi ang sipag mo na sumagot sa askfm haha (k nashare ko lang) so my question is would you consider bringing back saabtv?
A: What do you think of a Jim + Saab podcast?

Q: ano bang meron kay Andi at lagi ko siya nakikita sa mga Ask Saab?
A: Hindi ko rin alam ?

Q: hi saab, if you’d be given a chance to interview J.K. Rowling, what would you ask her? btw, i love your new hair :) -Chesterlyn
A: “Teach me your ways, master”

Q: hi Saab! omg! fan mo ko ng almost 10 years na ata.. naalala ko si Rachel McAdams pag nag smile ka then naalala naman kita pag napapanood ko sya. ang weird ba? sorry! haha! may nakapag sabi ma ba sayo nun?
A: Si Jim!!!!! Omg he’s not alone!

Q: Keri mo ba manood ng horror films kapag mag-isa ka lang sa bahay? :)
A: NO!!

Q: Can I sing with you? :(
A: Go to a Cheats gig, you just might get called on stage!!

Q: has your mom started dating again? will you (and your sibs) like it if she does?
A: No she hasn’t but I wouldn’t mind if she did!

Q: Hi. I really admire you being frank and straightforward. Minsan nga kahit naiinis ka, di mo tinatago. Pinapakita mo talaga na tao ka lang din and you feel diff kinds of emotions.. hehe. Wala lang, minsan lang kasi ang celebrity na ganyan. Anyway, just want to ask you if you had a falling out w/ andi? Curious lang ako. Thanks
A: NAIINIS NA AKO SA MGA GANITONG TANONG!!! Charot. Hehe first, thank you for your kind words. Andi and I kind of lost touch but we’re okay now. Just haven’t had the chance to bump into each other.

Q: Hi Saab! na try mo na ba yung Harry Potter themed Cafe sa Maginhawa? xoxo ♥
A: Not yet!

Q: Hi Saab! I saw you & jim backstage sa Bside nung JB Battle of the Bars last May. Relationship goals! i was too shy to say Hi to you guys :’) Anyway, what do you prefer burgers or pizza? o db relevant? lelz
A: Hi! PIZZA!:)

Q: Mahilig ka din ba sa coffee saababe? – Liz
A: Yasss

Q: Hello again, Saab! :) I just made a blog post! Hehehe. Here’s the link: https://epistlesofpee.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/one-more-chance-pa-more/ :) how about you, what can you say about One More Chance movie and its sequel? Hehe. I actually wanted to ask you this para sa blog post ko kaso nahihiya ako. Baka masyado ang feeling close. Hehe. Kaya share ko nalang yung post ko then share your take naman about the movie, its sequel and relationships in general. I’m sure once you’ve answered this, madami ka nanamang matututunan sayo ang readers mo. Please keep inspiring us! God bless you! Btw, your mom looks like my mom sabi ng marami. Hahaha. Wala lang ulit, share ko lang ulit! Hahahaha! Kulit noh? Hehe. K, bye for now. Hehehe -Aby (again) :D
A: Hi! Nice blog post!:) I LOVED One More Chance!! Hahaha and I’m definitely watching the sequel. Ihanda na ang tissue!!

Q: Hi saab! Were you wearing contacts during your wedding? Coz you cried a lot hehe. if yes, what brand? Fan girl here :)
A: Yes, I was wearing prescription contacts (no color) I use Air Optix :) Hello!