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With Cai Cortez at the Young Star Pajama Party (July, 2015)

With Cai Cortez at the Young Star Pajama Party (July, 2015)

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been a fan since forever! I just want to ask, does it get better in time after a death of a parent? I lost my Mom when I was 22 and I lost my dad when I was 24. I am 26 now but I still have dreams about them, miss them so, so friggin much and cry when I remember them. Naiiyak ako habang tinatanong ito! haha Hope to personally meet you someday! XOXO
A: Hi! So sorry to hear about your parents :( I can’t imagine what you must be going through. My mom’s been a huge part of why we are doing alright even with my dad’s passing. I think it would be best if you talk to a professional to help you get through this loss. I highly recommend it. ❤️

Q: Hi Saab, pareho tayo ng buhok, short and wavy. Pero sayo, effortless ang ganda. Mine’s frizzy and dry. :/ What can you suggest? And shat do you do in your hair? Comb or Brush? What kind? And do you have a treatment or care that you use and put on your hair every night? Like ano yung pinaka regimen mo? hahaha. Haba na, sorry.
A: I put a bit of serum before going to bed every other night (a.k.a. when I remember to)!

Q: Hello Saab, i want to cut my hair short but my face is round and chubby. i don’t know what to do hahaha
A: Round and chubby rin ang face ko pero kebs lang ako. Contour is your friend.

Q: Hi Saab, pag nagspring cleaning ka, san mo usually dinadala clothes mo?
A: I send it to Jim’s house, they do garage sales and they’ve got a lot of staff (helpers and drivers) at home so a lot of my stuff goes to them especially kapag Christmas.

Q: Anung masasabi mo sa college student na hindi nya pa alam ang gagawin nya in the future wala syang kasiguraduhan sa mangyayari sakanya and she doesnt have plans at all
A: Hi

Q: hi Saab! im a very big fan of yours truly.. can you give me some tips on how to maintain colored hairs? i just colored my hair red recently and i think its fading na :( thanks!! P.S i love your short hair. you look absolutely pretty!! :*
A: Choose the right shampoo, don’t shampoo everyday, condition! Here’s an old post of mine. Thank you :)

Q: Does upgrading your RAM boosts your laptop’s speed? :)
A: I have NO idea. Probably.

Q: Hi Saab! I always read your blog because it very laid back and I feel a touch of reality and rawness in it haha. I’ve always wanted to write/blog but I don’t know how to do it. I always end up deleting everything. Any tips? Thanks and POWER! :D
A: Just let go! Write as much as you can (it’s easier to have a timer, let’s say 30 minutes). Take a 5 minute break and come back to what you wrote, then start editing unnecessary information. Keep it light and breezy as much as you can :)

Q: Hi Saab! I have a keen interest in photography but I don’t have a professional camera. My colleagues were making fun on me because I’m just using a digi cam. Any advise? Btw, I really really love your blog. You inspire a lot of people ♥
A: Wala sa pana yan, nasa Indian. Here’s an article I found for you. If I were you, I’d invest in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom and read up on how to use them to make your photos look better :)

Q: what’s the difference between wit and intelligence?
A: I think a lot of witty people are intelligent but not a lot of intelligent people are witty. Witty people are more quick on their toes and I believe you’ve got to have a sense of humor to be witty. But I don’t know everything so don’t quote me. Lelz

Q: Ate saab! Ang tagal ko nang gustong itanong to pero iniisip ko baka di mo sagutin eh. Im a fan of yours kasi matagal na, nasa first year high school palang ako binabasa ko na tumblr mo.Ngayon jusko ang tanda ko na.!Ahaha! Pero gusto ko talaga ung haircut mo. Gusto kong itry for the first time. Pero di ko alam kung pano ko ba ieexplain sa salon kung ano tawag sa haircut mo. Huhuhu! Please help! P.s. nakakaiyak talaga kapag pinapanood ko yung video nung wedding nyo. Ang daming masasayang nangyari sa life mo. Sana ganun din sakin. Lol. P.s.s. sana bumisita ulit kayo sa japan pero this time together with your anak na. :)
A: Hello :) Why don’t you just print a photo and show it to your hairdresser?:) Thank you so much for all the kind words!

Q: If you could read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: Does a compilation of short comics count? Mine would be The Essential Calvin and Hobbes.

Q: Bakit ‘di kayo mahilig mag-greet ng listeners sa radio show niyo? Huhu!
A: Huwaaat? We always do. Just tweet us! @JAM883

Q: did you ever consider taking up med? Or law?
A: Hellz nawww. I would fail so hard because I find them to be totally boring. As I’m sure a lot of med/law students would find what I do completely useless. Different strokes for different folks!

Q: Heeey Saab! What are your tips to rock a short hair? Really love your new look!! <3
A: Thank you! Attitude lang yan!!

Q: Are you excited sa Harry Potter Spin off Fantastic Beasts Movie? btw you are so pretty!! ♥
A: Totes!! Thank you :)

Q: Paramore? or Save me Hollywood? – Liz
A: Paramore

Q: What’s your current favorite food?
A: Anything with cheese

Q: I really like your style, actually! I want to know about your Dr. Martens collection. How many, what styles, and where do you usually buy them?
A: I don’t have a lot, actually. Maybe I can make a post about that though.

Q: i always stutter when talking english to a lot of people Huhu i can’t help but stutter, what should i do?
A: Practice makes perfect you better! Keep practising! Read a lot, too! Watch TV shows in English. Start thinking in English :)

Q: Hi Saabie! Can you give us a link or where can we watch SandBox No Filter: Let’s talk about me? Pretty pretty please. Thanks Dear! x
A: Here you go :) I will be in all Oct 3 and 4 shows, and tentatively the Oct 29 one as well :)

Q: Who’s your life peg in general aside from your grandma and your mom?
A: Tina Fey or Conan O’Brien

Q: who’s younger you or Chelo?
A: Chelo

Q: Hi sab! I started watching The Office and season 1 was kind of… slow for me (please dov’t kill me) should I continue with the series? P.S JIM AND PAM = JIM AND SAB :) ♥
A: Wrong spelling wrong ? Nasa URL na nga, teh…

Q: kathniel or jadine? HAHA
A: Hahahahaha Kathniel I guess

Q: how do you remove hair from your UA?
A: Shave

Q: Hi! I remembered you mentioned before that you used drops when you were potty training Joey. What is it called and where can I buy one? Did you use pee pads, as well? I plan to potty train my 2 month old black lab. :)
A: You can get drops from any pet store, I don’t remember the brand in particular eh! But you can ask your pet store which one is most effective. I also use pee pads everyday here at home in case she can’t hold it in!

Q: Hi Saab! I’m not really fat naman but I have a cheeky/round face and I cut my hair just like yours nga e! But I am having a hard time managing it kasi since bagsak ang hair ko, na-eemphasize tuloy ang aking big fezz :) Can you recommend something that will make my situation less a problem? Lol. Or can you blog on how you keep your hair cuz u too have a cheeky face diba(tho your so sexy)? SUPER THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Like I said, contour is your friend. Look for contouring tutorials on YouTube!:)

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve noticed you and Maxx have been wearing H&M garments lately, specially Maxx. I even saw her once at H&M Robinsons Magnolia. And I’ve seen your ootds in Singapore wearing them. Is that your favorite clothing line as of now? (Cause I, too been buying clothes there since the day they opened here in Manila and I’m inlove with the store!) And what specific mall/branch of H&M you mostly visit so that I can get to see you (stalker) haha. Btw, we had the same dress, the feather-printed black dress you wore in singapore and at cheats album launch hehe
A: Hi! Yes, we like shopping at H&M! Usually in the Megamall branch :) Yay! Come on Saturday, Cheats is playing for H&M Megamall’s event at 6:30pm :)

Q: hi saab how do you put your photo on the upper right side? thank you! and btw, you are awesome! your blog and ig account were part of my to view, daily. :) Lavya! staychic!
A: Thank you :) The photo is part of the widgets on my page layout.

Q: Hi Saab! I just wanted to say that I love your blog talaga. I’ve been a reader for a while now and I’m so happy with what you’ve accomplished with your blog. I was wondering, for someone like me who is into writing as well, how important is the visual aspect of blog posts for you? I’m into photography too, but I try to focus on writing as much as I can since I think it takes a little more thinking and effort to be able to come up with an intriguing piece that others would want to read. Do you think photos/graphics are super important with writing? If so, what process do you go through when you choose a graphic that you think would catch other’s attention?
A: I think it’s important if it aids what you’re talking about. If you want the perfect graphic to use for your blog posts, you can try exploring with Canva.com :)

Q: Hi Saab! I am currently finding a job and nahihirapan ako to prove sa interviews na kaya ko. I always feel so nervous medyo introvert din kasi ako. Tapos wala ako confidence sa sarili ko. Pano ko ba mapuprove sa kanila na kaya ko yung work na inapplyan ko and how to be confident sa srili ko? Haaay thanks!
A: Make sure you are well prepared for your interview. Research all you can about the company beforehand. When you meet your interviewer, shake his/her hand, make sure you use his/her name when they give it to you (“I’m Saab” “Hi, Saab, I’m *your name here*) and use it when you say goodbye as well. It leaves a good impression. Practice your interview skills with a friend. Also make sure you are properly dressed for the interview but of course you have to be comfortable in what you wear, too. Good luck!

Q: Hi Saab!! Ever since the first time I chanced upon your blog I fell in luuv hehe :D Ang galing kasi na you can switch to english and ‘masang’ tagalog seamlessly. Youre really a storyteller ;) Anyway, can you share what your perfect day with jim would be like? (You guys are the definition of adorbs <33)
A: Heyyy thank you so much!!:) My perfect day with Jim would be to wake up, have coffee, eggs and toast, workout, take a shower, walk Joey Bear and watch her run around, go back to bed and take a 30-minute nap, have pizza for lunch, watch MasterChef all afternoon in a dark airconditioned room, play 2 rounds of DOTA, eat steak with wine, go to a gig, dance, sing, drink, go home and pass out.

Q: Have you read Beautiful Disaster? If so, what can you say? Kakilig no!
A: No, I haven’t!

Q: Magkano pag binook ko Cheats on my birthday? Hehe
A: lockeddownph@gmail.com

Q: Hi, Saab! I’m so obsessed with your blog… as in!! Hay, sana ganyan din ako ka-creative when it comes to blogging. Actually I have one on Tumblr but I find my blog so boring. And I don’t know what to do. I just made one ’cause I want to express myself when no one is around, when there is no I can share my thought with. But again, I find my own blog so boring. Huhu. Do you have any tips on how can I make my own blog interesting as yours? :( biancapnglnn.tumblr.com hope you could drop by and tell what improvement I could make to my blog. Thankies! :*
A: I think your content is nice, you may want to explore other layouts though :) I don’t understand the left part of your layout, there’s a blank square and blank links?

Q: How’s Creative Writing as a program? What are your favorite subjects and did it really help you a lot to be better at your craft?
A: I believe so. My favorite was our non-fiction class. You just basically write about anything you want and it gets passed around for notes.

Q: Do you remember familiar faces in your gigs? Just wondering if you’d remember a fan like me. Hope to see Cheats play again soon! :)
A: Yes, I do! Especially when you keep going and when you talk to us after!:)

Q: Hi! I admire how you’re able to take care of your Joey Bear. I’m just curious as to how you were able to live with her alone considering (assuming) your busy schedule? My De Niro (Shiht-Poo) stays with my family while I’m away in my condo on weekdays. I want to bring him in my condo but I don’t have help. Help? Thanks!
A: When I first got her, I was lucky enough to be able to be home every morning, lunch time, and evening to be with her. I used to bring her with me to tapings (with our yaya Gleza to help take care of her) because I wanted to raise her on my own talaga so I couldn’t send her off to my mom’s house before she turned 8 months at least. I only ask my family to baby sit her now that she’s older. Her habits are all from my training of her. She’s a very good girl. I LOVE HER. Huhuhu.

Q: Hi! I admire you for being “jack of all trades” (that’s how I see you). It seems you get to do a lot of things. I jst want to know what’s your primary job? The main thing. Also, how do you balance everything. I have a heart for that too. I want to do a variety of things not just the typical office day job. I’m just afraid of not being able to sustain the lifestyle.
A: My primary job right now is my radio work. I wanted to have a “regular job” of sorts because I want to keep writing. When I saw my blog as “work,” it really threw me off my game. I’m still in the process of getting back to normal. My schedule is shit right now, I barely have time for personal stuff but it’s okay, these super hectic periods of time don’t last forever. There are glorious breaks in between.

Q: What’s the size of your adidas superstars? Was it the exact size of your feet or did you have to go half a size smaller or bigger because of the design? Gets mo po ba? lelz

Q: hi saab! love you and your fam! do you have a planner or a diary/ journal??
A: Yes I have a planner and a journal :)

Q: what are the extent of your cooking skills, saab? are you worried na since you’re on dietdiva, you aren’t learning how to cook for yourself and jim?
A: The extent of my cooking skills? Bacon and eggs. Why should I learn how to cook for Jim? He knows and enjoys how to cook so we’ve got no problem there.

Q: how many calories na kinakain mo sa dietdiva ngayon? 1200 pa rin? if so, bakit? are you still trying to lose weight? you look so great now. body peg!!!!
A: Thank you! 1,200 calories yes. It’s not about wanting to lose weight, it’s just healthy eating and maintenance :) Plus the food is yummy.

Q: Hello! Do you consider yourself a religious person?
A: No I don’t. I believe in God and I pray to him every night but I don’t think I am religious.

Q: do u have those days where u just hate everyone (including the innocent bf) and dont know what to do with your life? huhu
A: Yes, girl. I-iyak mo lang yan. Tapos marathon ng funny TV series hanggang makatulog ka. Bukas, okay na.

Q: Hi Saab!!! I really really (really) need you to answer this please: where did you buy your off shoulder croppped top? The one you use as in inlet when you use your overalls. Please. T_T I’ve checked F21 and H&M and nada. :(
A: Topshop!

Q: Hi Saab! You’re one of the few people I really look up to right now and reading your posts (esp Ask Saab!!) is such a comfort! I’ve already seen you in person twice (once when I was an usherette at the Claritin Reditabs and second when you were taking pictures during egress of the Global Pinoy Bazaar) and I always wanted to have a picture taken with you but I’m really really shy!! :( I hope I get to catch Cheats perform some time!! All the best!! <3 <3
A: I know this isn’t a question but HEY next time, say hi to me!!

Q: how much for the Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray because I can’t seem to find the price online? Is it really good for styling? Thanks saab
A: I don’t remember na but hey I found this DIY Salt Spray link

Q: I’ve been wondering about your diet diva thing: do you recycle the plastic containers they come on?
A: I send most of them to Jim’s mom and titas because they love to recycle plastic containers (they always cook and give out food to friends and family). I keep some at home too for left overs.

September 14, 2015