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Q: i love best coast and tennis.. pls recommend other artist similar to them. thank you
A: CHVRCHES is so cute

Q: Hey Saab! What’s the title of the video you posted before in your blog? It was Baby by Justin Bieber sang in an old way or its kinda like a vintage style… I cant find it in your blog since you changed and in youtube… Huhu I love that song! :(
A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_8g48KsVxU

Q: Hey Saab! What’s the title of the video you posted before in your blog? It was Baby by Justin Bieber sang in an old way or its kinda like a vintage style… I cant find it in your blog since you changed and in youtube… Huhu I love that song! :(

Q: Hi! Have you used the greeting cards (Panic Art!)I sent you? -Meryll :)
A: Hi Meryll! Yes I have, thank you!!:)

Q: sino ang pinakamatalino sa inyong magkakapatid?
A: I think we’ve all got our strengths and weaknesses.

Q: size ng shoes/paa mo? wala lang!:)
A: 7.5-8

A: The photos in text posts are too small :( But I’ll still update it with photo posts!!

Q: I wonder what you’d say about 7107 when your band isn’t part of the line up
A: I’d say it even if we are part of the lineup. I was looking forward to more international acts and I am not a fan of Kaskade. I’m still very excited about the 90minutes of RHCP and 1 hour of Kendrick though.

Q: Whatever happened to your friend Chikka?
A: You mean Chika? She moved abroad about a decade ago but we are still in contact through Facebook :)

Q: Hey Saab! I have a pet dog too, but I just can’t control him sometimes. He chews too much, bites too much and growls when I try to get my slipper from his mouth. Did Joey undergo the same stage as well? How did you handle it? Thanks and stay pretty! <3
A: You have to be consistent! Don’t let your dog think he’s your master. Use a deep strong voice when telling him off. Also, do the power move when you grip his nape and push down on the floor, loose enough so you’re not choking him but firm enough that he won’t be able to struggle out of it. Growl until he calms down and slowly let him go and tell him he’s a good dog very gently for behaving. He will understand that you’re the leader of the pack if you keep doing that when he misbehaves. He will know that if he is calm you will reward him with praises. Also, don’t leave stuff on the floor and don’t punish him when you don’t catch him in the act. I never have to do the power move on Joey anymore because she is always on her best behavior!!:)

Q: How was your UA&P gig? Matino naman crowd?
A: One of the best crowds. They were sitting at first but by the middle of our first song they were all in the mosh pit dancing and jumping!!

Q: Do u like julielmo?
A: I like them together and apart but some fans can get too controlling, it’s scary.

Q: I love the way you dress and also your dresses, especially those with sleeves. Where do you buy them? And do you know where to find some affordable cute dresses? Thanks! Hihi xo ;)
A: Forever 21 and Cotton On have affordable dresses :)


Q: Saab. anong year ka nag 1st yr. college? 2006? or 2007? ang aga mo kasi grumaduate eh.
A: 2005

Q: ano mga cameras mo? i am really interested hehe
A: Canon 550D, Canon 1000D, Canon 7D, Instax Mini 8, Sony NEX5N, Go Pro Hero 3+

Q: What lip balm do you use?
A: Chapstick cherry or Carmex cherry :)

Q: miss saab, maganda po ba instax? i want sana instax mini pero ang liit masyado ng photos kaya im also weighing my options with instax wide…..
A: I only own an instax mini and I’m happy with the size :)

Q: When you learned that your ex was cheating on you, how did you deal with that and how’d you move on?
A: I didn’t even cry. It was a blow to the ego, that hurt more than his “betrayal” I guess because I had fallen a little out of love already. It’s complicated, what happened. But I just called my friend Danni to pick me up and she took me to Polo Club and I just watched her ride her horse. Then we both got tattoos on our napes after. Hehe.

Q: saab are you and maxx still friends with cannu? :)
A: We don’t see each other as much but I bump into him during becky gatherings haha

hi saab

A: Mmmm you’ve got to stop stalking me haha

Q: what concealer and foundation do you use?
A: Already posted my makeup kit’s contents in my recent blog post!:)

Q: I really wish you could publish your own book! ❤️‎ Kamilagonias
A: Maybe someday!:)

Q: may massuggest ka bang mga bands similar to best coast?
A: Tennis

Q: What can you say about Justun Bieber’s latest drama?
A: I hope he gets over himself. He needs to be under his mom’s guidance again. Turning 18 doesn’t make you instantly mature.

Q: Hey saab where can i back read to your old blog entries? I’d love to read all about your college days in ateneo ❤️
A: No. Haha! I wasn’t really active when I was in college, except the first year. Even if I was I wouldn’t let you read it hahaha kakahiya

Q: “Oh well. Katext ko siya ngayon. Sabi ko “Bakit di ka parin nag sign sa guestbook.. [sad face]” Sabi niya, “Sorry.. Pero.. Miss lang kita, sobra.. Love you.” HAHA.. YEHEY. ALAM KO NA” – remember this saab? hahahah ang cute
A: No, I don’t. Haha.

Q: Done reading all your answers! And it was too late to figure out that my first and last question was already answered. Atat lang magtanong, sorry! Hehe. This 2nd one is not a quetion about you but I really wanted to get your opinion on why do I have to read Harry Potter? Thank you Saab. <3‎
A: Because it transports you into a new world where magic exists. Omg have fun reading it. I am actually jealous that you’re reading it for the first time. ENJOY!!

Q: What is your biggest fear? (:‎ – Kamilagonias
A: Any of my loved ones getting sick

Q: saab sino si doods back in incugurl? haha
A: It’s not a pet name, that’s his actual nickname. Haha. Doods Peralejo. I last saw him at my dad’s wake. He didn’t even come near me. He’s a VERY shy, awkward guy.

Q: Why is Melo with Lauren? Isn’t he Elmo’s?
A: Sometimes Lauren takes care of Melo and Joey because she loves dogs and we trust her with ours!

Q: how did you meet candy? :D
A: She’s the ex of my ex’s friend. Haha! She’s the ex-girlfriend of Julius’ friend so we used to hangout. And then she used to style me for my old show on GMA with our other friend Carla and I really enjoyed being around her.

Q: I have a pic of you kissing your bf last LakihanMoLogo2. Can I have your permission to post it on tweeter? Thanks
A: Sure, pls send me a link on TWEETER hehe @saabmagalona

-look at this!!!


Q: Ms Saab, you know what? I really love you. :) ♥ Fan from Velenzuela.‎ – Joeylyn Mallari
A: Hello! Thank you so much!!:)

Q: My boyfriend decided to accept his ex girlfriend’s (cheated on him) friend request on facebook without telling me he said he was over her when I confronted him, what’s your opinion on this I got mad at him btw
A: I think it’s not totally insane that he accepted it but if he knew it would tick you off and he still did it, I think it’s a legit cause for confrontation. I mean even my sister’s ex added me on Facebook and I didn’t accept it because.. Who are we kidding? We’re not going to be friends so what’s the point? Does he want to be friends with his ex? If not, what’s the point of having her as a friend on Facebook? If he wants to be friends with her, ask him why because there’s a million other people he could be friends with.. He can forgive her for cheating on him but he doesn’t have to be friends with her because it would make you uncomfortable (especially if you’re just new in the relationship). Talk it out. Tell him how it makes you feel (“I feel like you might see her photos on your feed and miss her..”) so he understands why you’re upset. Try to stay calm and understand what’s happening. Baka he thought nothing of it. You know how boys are.

Q: Do you have good reads account? :)
A: Yes! It’s not super accurate yet though. Here’s a link.

Q: Marunong ka po ba maglaba ng damit? :)
A: Yup I do my own laundry :)

Q: saab where do you get your pet dog groomed?
A: The Dog Spa on Libis :)

Q: pet peeves on the internet?
A: Mga pa-strong and pa-cool online pero in real life boring naman kausap

Q: so assumptionista ka buti nalang di ka konyotic girlaloo LOLSZ
A: Walang conyo sa Assumption Antipolo! Hehe sobrang down-to-earth ng girls dun

Q: what does your boyfriend think of your blog?
A: He loooves it because it’s an extension of me :)

Q: ate saab who are your past boyfriends before your current one?
A: Like… Name them? Haha. Oh God. Doods, Mikko, Carlos, Julius.

Q: sab check out this hipster blog kaaliw promise definitelyscreaming.blogspot.com
A: WOW amazing photos

Q: hi saab! why is the spelling of yor name SAAB at hindi sab?
A: Because there’s a car brand spelled SAAB and I guess my dad thought it looked cooler with 2 As.

Q: what is greatest advice your parents have given you? (one from each)
A: Not actual “advice” but my mom taught me a lot of things to prepare me for the real world haha I think I will always appreciate her nagging about putting the cap back on the shampoo bottle or the toothpaste tube. Haha. Pop taught me about appreciating my country but to not blindly be proud of it – I have to be a Filipino I am proud of and strive to be an example for other Filipinos.

Q: who is your best friend?
A: A lot, but Jim is my bestest friend

Q: this is not a question but check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Odb1UCQiDZ4 the other guy mitch reminds me of your bff nyko LOL wala lang! :)
A: Hahahaha that’s cos they’ve both got perfect eyebrows!! Omg I think I should do weekly obsessions too!!

Q: How did you lose all the fats? You’re so skinny na! Especially your arms!
A: It’s just in some angles. But I’ve been working out this week, trying to get toned.

Q: diba depende sa hiyang ng skin ang pagGamit ng mga facial wash or something eklabu na nilalagay sa muka?
A: Siguro. Use Cetaphil nalang, I think it’s good for all skin types!

Q: any thoughts about cristine reyes?
A: It was her birthday yesterday! Happy birthday!!

Q: anong masasabi mo sa mga nagsasabing snob ka daw?
A: Parang wala naman nagsasabi nun.

Q: Are you close with Janine Gutierrez? :)
A: No, but she’s a very nice girl!

Q: Nobody can ruin anything for you unless you let them. Kebs girl. Keep being you.
A: Thanks, I don’t know why you said this but thanks. Can I be pilosopo though? I think people can ruin movies/books by tweeting me spoilers.

Q: Do you watch your calorie intake? How do you do your diet? Please share some tips :(
A: Right now, yes. I try to only eat 1200 calories a day because I’ve got to fit in my bridesmaid dress in 3 weeks ;_;

Q: Bakit mas matangkad pa si Clara kay Arkin? hehe.
A: Bakit mas matangkad pa si Elmo sa akin?

Q: Hi saab, i love you. Pwede ba kita maging ate? :)
A: Hi! Haha if you want to see me as an ate, sure :) Basta wag tita.. Haha

Q: How do u keep Joey so pretty? She’s my doggy’s role model. Her name is Penny. She’s Pomeranian.
A: So cute!!! Hahaha! I take her to The Dog Spa twice a month for bathing, trim and teeth brushing – all for 500!:) And I think she’s pretty because she’s happy. Love goes a long way!

Q: any thoughts about angel locsin?
A: She’s got a good heart

Q: do you have a stylist?
A: For shoots, yes my peach Adrianne Concepcion.

Q: McDonald’s or Burger King?
A: Hard question.. I love more things on McDonald’s menu.

Q: Growing up in a big family, did you ever feel unloved at one point?
A: Never, thankfully!

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    January 8, 2015

    Hi Saab! I just wanna ask what shampoo do you use? Thanks.

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      January 8, 2015

      Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo :D