Spell Saab
Lauren and I / Photo by @meetkeso

Lauren and I / Photo by @meetkeso

Q: Do you really answer all the questions, or ini-skip mo mga umuulit?
A: I skip those that repeat and those I don’t feel like answering :)

Q: What’s your height?
A: 5’3″

Q: Hi saab, just wanna know your thoughts on my current situation: my bf and i have been together for 8yrs already. I’m turning 28 this yr and he’s 30 na. Gusto ko na magpakasal pero ayoko namang ako mag initiate. We’ve been having convos about it and our future plans pero walang usapan kung klan exactly. Should I do anything about it? Thanks!!!
A: How is your current situation with him? If you guys are doing really well and you’re in a good place, I don’t think you should be so paranoid about it. It will come :) If it’s really causing concern for you, I suggest you talk to him about the future, just try not to pressure him into anything! If I know, he’s probably already making plans ;)

Q: Hi Saab, my gf wanted to approach you after your gig para magpapicture. Nahiya ako and I think I disappointed her. She’s a big fan of yours. If someone asks for a pic during gigs, would you say yes? Even if you’re with your group?
A: Of course I would! I do!

Q: Hi Saab! What razor brand and/or shaving cream would you suggest? If you don’t mind :)
A: Gilette, the Sensor Excel green one with a nice flat grip handle. I change the blades about every 2 weeks, I don’t shave every day. I found a bottle of shaving gel while doing the grocery. It’s the first shaving gel I ever bought. It’s lasted me about 2 months now. Beauty Formulas Ladies’ Shaving Gel. Apparently it’s from the UK. I like it because it comes on clear and it works for me!

Q: saab, what online shops for clothing, cosmetics and bags would you suggest?
A: I really like @death_by_lipstick on Instagram for cosmetics :)

Q: Hi Saab, hope you read this soon. I’ll be in MLA on Sept 20-25 any gigs on these dates? Please. I wanna see you. hahaha thank you.
A: Aww man, sakto we have no gigs that week!!!:(

Q: Saab! :) You said that if you decide to have a baby, you’d want a girl because if you have a son, you won’t like every girl he’ll date. Haha! Are you the same way with your brothers’ girlfriends? Are you a protective or a possessive sister?
A: Yeah, I think so. I’m always like, “meh..” at the start but I’m never mean to them naman. I’m protective but nice hehe

Q: hey Saab! do you use sunblock? what brand can you recommend? thanks!
A: Kiehl’s Sunscreen for my face everyday via their BB cream. For the body, I like the Vaseline lotion with SPF 30+ — smells good too!

Q: Please recommend some movies (preferably underrated ones, if you know any) Thank you!! And you’re beautiful!!
A: Ex Machina, I think, didn’t get as much hype as it should have! At least locally.

Q: Since you’re with Jam 88.3 now, what songs from freshfilter do you particularly love listening to/playing on your show?
A: Rusty Machines – Forget You

Q: Hi! What’s your take on using your influence as a celebrity to voice out what citizens oppressed by the government want to say but are continuously ignored?
A: I definitely think being a celebrity is powerful in that sense. But I personally would only voice out opinions that are my own.

Q: Hi saab!!! I just watched Cheats perform in Flotsam last Saturday and I have to say, you guys were amazing! I love how passionate you are in your craft!! I have been a fan of you and your blog since I was a freshman in college, which is 6 years ago! I love you talaga!!! ❤️ I know this is not a question, hehe. But, I still wanna let you know ☺️ hope you’re having a great day, Saab!!! ❤️ keep on inspiring people ☺️
A: WOOHOO yayyy thank you!!

Q: Hi. I just read in your Ask Saab that you had a bad first impression with Jim’s parents. What happened? Haha. If you don’t mind me asking :)
A: It’s because Chelo and I didn’t get along in college. Hehe

Q: Yung hair mo ba ngayon may layers pa rin? :) Or one length nalang?
A: One length lang

Q: Hi Saab!! Someone already told you you look like carly rae jepsen? <3
A: Before, when I had bangs haha

Q: What do you and Jim fight about? Do you still fight even?
A: I get mad at him when he bites his nails, he gets mad at me when I crack my neck. Haha

Q: For the 3rd time :( Can I ask for you Steam ID number, can we play DOTA in a party? Pleasssse :)
A: This is my profile

Q: My ex goes out with my friends and I think he does it on purpose. Replacing me with his new girlfriend. They don’t even include me in their lakad anymore. Should I just move on and forget about them too? Thanks x
A: Do they ignore you too? They don’t invite you out anymore? Move on ka nalang kung medyo kups mode

Q: Saab! Will you tell us the story (if any) about songs “again professor manny” and “news paper girl”? :)
A: “Again, Professor Manny?” is about a friend who asks for advice on relationships but never listens. We named it such after our bassist Manny. Haha. “Newspaper Girl” is a song Jim wrote for me. He says I’m a great storyteller and that I’m always interesting ? “she’s building an airplane all over the world, conducting her own train” – it means my stories (hence Newspaper Girl) take him places he’s never been before. Isn’t he wonderful?

Q: Hi Saab! Where did you get your new vape? Di ka na talaga nagyoyosi as in? Anyway love you! xx
A: Jim got it for me from Master Vape in Marikina, I think!

Q: I had a boyfriend for 3 years, 2 months before we break up, I was slowly moving on and asking to break up. But he wouldn’t. He kept being around. I didn’t want to push him away until I fell in love and found my soulmate. Knowing that broke him, should I feel guilty about what happened when he knew that I fell out of love already? He knew that, because that’s what I kept on telling him everytime I try to break up.
A: You really should have stopped all communication. No means no. If you were still replying and entertaining him then I guess it’s only right that you feel guilty. But what happened has happened and such is life. Move on na kayong pareho.

Q: Does your Mom get along well with your in-laws?
A: Yes! I’m so happy!

Q: Hi saab!! R u a Directioner? O si Clara lang? ?
A: Si Clara lang :)

Q: How did your nickname end up with the car SAAB, when did you like the car? please make kwento more about yourself. love you. x
A: My dad just gave me the nickname SAAB from iSABella but since it sounded like the car brand, he stuck with the spelling as well.

Q: Fav song at the moment?

Q: hi saab! do you know any store where i can buy vinyl players/turntable or whatever it is called? thank you! :)
A: Satchmi in Megamall Fashion Hall :)

Q: saab, anong masasabi mo sa AlDub?
A: Hindi ko alam kung kailan sila magkikita in person!

Q: naging bf gf ba si elmo and loren?
A: Sino si Loren?

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve an almost relationship with someone, then he asked me if we could do IT and I said no, bec I don’t think it’s right. Then righ after that, he wouldn’t talk to me na. What should I do?
A: LEAVE HIS ASS. Omg this makes me so angry!! GIRL, tingin mo ba worth it yan?? Buti nalang nag-no ka.

Q: give me a funny dad joke
A: God made an 11th commandment: Though shall not eat salt. Because it’s A-SIN.

Q: Hi saab! Can you please suggest books for girls in their early twenties? I search online but i always end up reading books with high school plots and i’m tired of it :(
A: Tina Fey’s Bossypants is a good read! Especially if you’re a fan. If not, try Augusten Burroughs’ Running With Scissors or Possible Side Effects!

Q: are you using a macbook retina display 15 inch? or just the 13.3 inch just asking
A: Retina 15 inch and everything looks like shit cos the apps can’t handle the retina. Okay, not everything, but Photoshop and Office look like crap. I still have not researched on how to fix it. Any ideas? Tweet me!

Q: Hi!! How do you style your hair before and now? Btw, I super love you! Been reading your blogs since I was 14 and I am already 19! Mwa! -z
A: Heyy! Happy 5 years!:) I now brush my hair. and I like tying it back in a low pony tail. I think it looks tres chic.?

Q: What phone are you using now? And where do you normally buy your clothes? :D
A: Sony Xperia Z3. Topshop & H&M!

Q: Saab, When you”re still studying? In highschool and in college? I know ateneo is also one of the most tough university before you get passed. Most especially those entrance exam you took, How difficult it is? In what academics do you excel the most? like what is the hardest subject did you ever find it hard to survive before you get it done and finish? with only the help of your own knowledge and brain? Like all kinds of math, physics, statistics. how did you overcome those difficult academics? how smart you are when you’re still a student? tnx
A: I’ve always excelled in reading and english subjects. Ateneo’s logic part in the entrance test was crazy hard for me. I think I am very bad at math and logic and geography. And History. And I guess everything. Except reading and English. LELZ. I guess you just have to choose a course that fits your strengths. I applied for Creative Writing and made sure I had a killer entrance essay to go with my application form. For some reason though, when I took Math during one summer of college, I was the highest in class – I was even exempt from taking the finals. It was all about matrices and now I don’t remember anything at all. I was also very good in Physics back in my senior year in high school. I think it’s all about focus and when you don’t care about something, it’s hard to focus. I could care less about math that’s why I never excelled. Except that one time in summer when I had no distractions and nothing better to do. Also have to hand it to my teacher who always had a smile on his face and seemed SO excited to teach us about numbers. It got me excited too, like it was a game. I had horrible study habits in college. Wish I could do it all over again.

Q: Hi Saab! What kind of exercise do you try to do on a daily basis? I keep saying I’ll start exercising but up till now I still haven’t started. :( Just the thought of exercising already makes me tired. – Juana Tamad
A: Watch this for inspiration. It’s the video that got me moving.

Q: Suggest timeless, classic movies Saab!
A: Some Like It Hot!

Q: Hi Saab! I started working last June but I moved out of our house mga 2weeks ago. I think my dad kinda got hurt and is not talking to me since then. Though I told them dati pa na I’m moving out para maging independent and okay naman sya, kaso nung 2 days before ako aalis nagalit sya and everything. Any advice? PS I think you are absolutely adorbs!! Love u forevs!
A: I think it’s understandable but I suggest you stand your ground. Be independent, become successful! He will come around. If not, maybe you need to talk to him. A heart-to-heart conversation, you can tell him you are where you are now (capable of living on your own) because of how they brought you up. You are thankful for all their help but it’s time for you to leave the nest. If you can see them every week or maybe every other week so they don’t get overly sepanx. Maybe a chat group or weekly e-mail updates would help too? Invite them to your place if there’s enough space. Treat them to dinner out with your paycheck if you can. Make them feel like you are not deserting them. Good luck and I wish you the best!!

Q: where did you buy your romper? the one you wore sa flotsam? :)
A: H&M :)

Q: Favorite LOST character?
A: OMG hirap. Sun, I guess. Such a sweetheart. And so beautiful.

Q: Yehay! Ang bilis mo na sumagot ng questions ngayoooon! May nababasa na ako pag bored ako sa work. Mehehe labyuu. anyway i now i need to leave my bf for 4 yrs kasi toxic na masyado but i cant cause i love him. pero ang pangit na kasi ngayon both our parents and friends di na kami gusto. (or di na sya gusto for me) but i really cant last a day wthout him, (i already tried several times) i love him and i know that he super loves me too but when we our fighting ay nako you cant imagine parang street fighter lang. :( what should i do?
A: When you say street fighter, do you mean you physically abuse each other?! NO NO NO. LEAVE HIM. Have respect for yourself. Love yourself, please. It’s disgusting what you are doing to yourself if you allow him to hurt you. Pangit rin if you hurt him back. Hindi cute yan. I can’t stand that Love-The-Way-You-Lie-Music-Video bullshit.. STOP.

Q: Hi akin na lang yung deborah lippman happy birthday mo plzzzz
A: Okay, come to our gig and I’ll give it to you!

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment? And what did you do after? Earlier, nadulas ako sa malapit sa elevator, ang daming nakakitang student and right now, can’t still stop laughing and crying for myself. )));
A: Makakalimutan mo rin yan!!! I think I’ve blogged about my most embarrassing moments na before. Haha here’s the link

Q: are you friends with jake ejercito?
A: Nope

Q: Saab have you ever been to davao?
A: Yes for a mall show but it was straight to the mall from the airport and back lang.

Q: Hi Saab! Have you ever had Joey’s teeth cleaned before? My dog’s teeth have plaques already when we got her over a year ago. I’ve researched online and read that some dogs died after having their teeth cleaned due to anesthesia. So now I’m contemplating whether risking on having her teeth cleaned or just let it be but that would prolong her agony :'(
A: Joey gets her teeth brushed every time she take a bath. You just need to go a to a good vet for full cleaning and proper usage of anesthesia. I recommend Vets In Practice.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you still play with Duster?
A: No, Katwo moved to the States!

Q: Hi Saab! What do you get Jim on his Birthdays? I’m having trouble buying a gift for the boyfriend. I’m torn between a star wars toy (I’m the one with the star wars fan boyfriend teehee), a cap (that i know he likes), a tattoo machine (he’s a great artist he graduated from drawing on paper and spray painting walls so his next target is HUMAN FLESH! lelz) or I can get him a t-shirt (I always get him a shirt. This might be my 5th shirt gift if ever)
A: Well, we got married in January. My birthday is November, his is December and our anniversary in January. We said it’s the best thing ever because we get to save on gifts. No more birthday and Christmas gifts. We’ll just spend our money on awesome vacations every year :) Before we got married though, I think I got him an iPad and a PS4. Yes, I like to spoil him. Lelz. But I think if your boyfriend likes Star Wars, just go with a really nice Star Wars item. If he likes to draw, there’s a nice Moleskine Star Wars notebook you can get from Fully Booked!

Q: Can’t find my question being answered.. :( Anyway, who’s your favorite Harry Potter character? Hahah!
A: Sorry, backlog! My favorite Harry Potter character? Probably Ron.