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At Toff De Venecia's Addams Family-themed birthday party, October 2015

At Toff De Venecia’s Addams Family-themed birthday party, October 2015

Long overdue but I’m back to regular programming ❤️

Q: Ilang guests niyo sa wedding? :)
A: Under 300

Q: did you get discounts and freebies from your wedding suppliers/videographers etc because you’re a celebrity? :)
A: Yes, some, and I’m very grateful :)

Q: bakit di ka nakakasawa? yung blog mo ang timeless. What’s your secret? :D

Q: who thought of the CHEATS font? :)
A: It’s typography by artist JP CUISON :)

Q: do you even get “rest days”? parang ang busy mo gurl
A: Right now I take weekends very seriously hehe I don’t open my e-mail.

Q: Hello Saab ♥ You’re probably one of my favorite human beings ever. Okay, just wanted to put that out there. Haha! But anyway for my real question, what was your favorite part when you were planning your wedding? You and Jim were really hands-on with everything from the invites down to the souvenirs and I was just really curious about your favorite part. Thank you and hope to see you again in one of my few visits (unfortunately the night life’s not for me) at Guijo!
A: Awwwww!! Thank you!! Anyway, I really enjoyed going to Baguio for food tasting and checking the floral arrangements and the layout of the tables, etc. :) It was fun because it was a separate Baguio trip for the fam and a few of our friends. Other than that, I really liked making the boutonnieres with my friend Kristia. The invitations as well, I had to put some handmade finishing touches on each and every one of them. I like arts and crafts so it was very fun for me.

Q: You buy printed books, or you read them on tablet/kindle? I have a problem with space for my books.
A: I buy printed books. I also buy some on my Kindle if I can’t wait. Yup, it is a real storage problem. But it looks nice displayed proudly on shelves naman. But I’ve learned to share my books when I’m done reading them.

Q: Hi Saab, I love your style..!! I’m a tshirt, jeans and sneakers type of girl, pero dahil sayo na-inspire ako mag-upgrade ng style.. I want to dress-up din for my boyfriend pero naka sneakers pa rin, hahaha.. ano yung shoes na suot mo papunta sa Singapore, and saan mo sya nabili? isa lang shoes ko na may heels (ankle boots) pero nasira na sya then nakita ko yung sayo and type na type ko yun..http://spellsaab.juice.ph/dear-diary-sup-singapore/
A: Hehehe thanks! Those are my fave booties from Topshop. They’re kind of f-ed up (I think they’re over 2 years old). Got a new pair from Stradivarius a few months ago. Not the same but it’ll do for now!

Q: Gaano kataas grado ng mata mo?
A: 350 and 400 both with astigmatism BUT I GOT LASIK ALREADY WOOHOOOOO!!

Q: What is your favorite milk tea flavor?
A: Hokkaido, I think. Wow I haven’t had milk tea in so long haha!! Royal milk tea. With 25% sugar.

Q: Nag-uukay ukay rin kaya ang isang Saab Magalona?
A: OMG nakakairita yung “isang Saab Magalona” hahahaha that super reminded me of Nyko!!! Awwww… To answer your question though, no not anymore.

Q: How did your parents come up with your name? I like the combination of Isabella and Simone :)
A: Thanks! You’ll have to ask my mom because I really don’t know :))

Q: What made you decide to have an Ask Box? It’s cool cos it’s our way to ask you something. Parang friendz talaga tayo lelz
A: I’ve had a “kweschon vax” since 2003 when I started blogging!:D I took it out but it’s a nice way to interact with you guys!!

Q: Have you read Series of Unfortunate Events?
A: No :(

Q: Which concert are you planning to go to next?
A: Hmmm I guess Wanderland cos we’re playing!

Q: Chicken, pork or beef?
A: Beef 4evr

Q: Hi Ate Saab! How do you write the last paragraph of you blog posts? (ang weird ba ng tanong ko lol) I always find it hard to write the last paragraph in everything that I write ahaha. Parang hindi ko alam kung paano i-conclude yung post kaya feeling ko laging bitin.
A: I find it to be the hardest part as well! I usually just ask myself, “what’s your takeaway from this experiecne?” and “what can your readers takeaway from it as well?” also, “now what?” for links and info especially if I write about a place or something.

Q: Do you dance?
A: No :( Wish I could

Q: Hi Saab! I read that you founded your school’s paper! I am currently a contributor in my school’s official publicaion rn. Can I just ask some tips or articles that I may contribute under entertainment section? :) (aside from ootds n stuff/chill places, jokes, what else? thank you! PS: I blog because of you <3
A: That’s great! What about interviews with interesting people in school?:) Ask them fun questions, how a normal day goes for them, etc. I think that would be cool :)

Q: Hi Saab! I have a friend who has the same camera as your old one (nex 5n) but I find the quality not as nice as your pictures before. Tanong ko lang kung may ina-adjust ka pa ba to enhance the quality or something? Thank you!
A: Nope, I just shoot on auto mode and adjust the color temperature on Adobe Lightroom for a nice cool effect. Recently though, I downloaded VSCO filters on Lightroom. Great for RAW files!

Q: I love seeing you and Jim together. Sana kasing cute and cool niyo din kami ng boyfriend ko. Gaano katagal nanligaw si Jim sayo? <3
A: Hindi ko alam because he never asked me to be hif girlfriend. LELZ. We just started hanging out a lot.

Q: Hello, do you think its unfair with what happened to mei bastes? or you believe she deserves it?
A: Why, what happened to her?

Q: Nakalagay sa August Gig Sched mo na you’ll be at Technological Institute of the Phil last Aug. 26 :'( Yun pala sa Technological “University” ka pupunta huhu di tuloy ako nakapunta :'(

Q: How do you control yourself from eating the food you really really like? and paano pag nag dadate kayo ni Jim? I’m a foodie and I just cant stop! haha I was inspired from your weight loss and It’s Just Hardddddd! Anyway I love you!
A: Don’t deprive yourself!! It’s all about portion control. And when it’s date night, walang basagan ng trip. Hahaha!!

Q: Hey Saab! What’s your/are your favorite chick flick/s?
A: Clueless, Heathers, Mean Girls

Q: I’m in a 4 year relationship. My boyf’s ex added him in fb last Jan. I accepted him but then my boyf deleted her because he knew I would just pick up an issue against their past. The ex added him again last week and my boyf canceled her request. Since it was my boyf’s bday yesterday, the ex sent him a private message for greetings. Fortunately, I was able to read it first. What is your take on this matter?
A: Why are you touching your boyfriend’s Facebook account? I’m married to Jim and when he leaves his Facebook or e-mail logged in, I automatically log it out. I think privacy is very important and you should stop snooping around. If you feel the need to snoop around, maybe you should just break up because that means you don’t trust him. So why stay together?:(

Q: How would you react to an “attention seeker ex” of your boyfriend? PS the boyfriend doesnt bother to mind her but the girlfriend makes it an issue.
A: Just think, “I’m sure glad I’m not in her shoes.” Tapos momol kami ng boyfriend ko. Haha. Girl, KEBS! May ganyan rin kay Jim. Ang malala, hindi niya ex. Naiirita ako pero since Jim shows me her weird papansin messages I remember how good I have it with him. Once in a while magsesend yung girl ng random message. Iniignore nalang namin. If no harm is done naman, wala namang stalker vibe na pinupuntahan kami sa bahay, thank goodness.. Wag niyo na pansinin. I think tumigil na rin yung crazy girl na in love kay Jim. Hope so.

Q: My boyfriend suddenly became so suspicious of me cheating on him kahit hindi naman just because he always sees me chatting. But the thing is I’m just talking with my friends and I already told him that, but he will just say ‘talaga?’ in a sarcastic way. It bothers me not because I’m guilty, but because nagiging cold sya sa kin and it seems that he doesn’t believe me. I make lambing naman sa kanya but kebs lang :( I don’t know what to do na :( any advise? Sorry ang drama :(

A: Talk to him about how you feel. Be honest, don’t turn it into a fight. Say, “hey, I need you to know that I feel bad whenever I’m chatting with my friends and you get suspicious of me.” Tell him he’s your one and only and that he’s being silly if he thinks otherwise. And if he gets mad at you while chatting just laugh it off and wag ka magpa-apekto. Kung wala ka naman talagang ginagawa, and he still fights with you about it even after you tell him you don’t deserve being treated that way, I think you could do better.

Q: Hi Saab! Are you still looking for interns? If you are, are you okay with having a week-long intern? :( I have a week of vacation before I start school abroad and I wanted to make good use of my time :)
A: Oooh! When?? E-mail me info@spellsaab.com :)

Q: Saab, can you share us your exercise routine? Do you workout from home? I work out from home but I am easily distracted so I always end up not finishing the planned workout. Any advise? Thanks! Youre like my cyber sister :p *I hope that doesnt freak you out*
A: Do it FIRST THING in the morning :) Get it out of the way and you won’t get distracted na. Hehe. I’m not freaked out!! ?

Q: Hi Saab! I’m a huge huge fan from mindanao. :) Who is your favorite band as of the moment aside from Cheats :)
A: Sandwich

Q: Did you and Julius see each other at the AxeBlackFrank event? Did you get the chance to talk or say hi to each other?
A: No, I didn’t see him there. I saw him at the YoungStar prom and I said hello!

Q: Hi Saab, last year I wanted to join the Matrix Hair Challenge but was discouraged because my hair was keratin-treated and has (ombre) color pa. Buti you were allowed to donate even if you had your hair colored? -T
A: That’s why I colored it into a solid dark brown color before donating it :)

Q: Hello Saabae! Panuorin mo na ang movie o basahin muna ang book?
A: Book first

Q: Hi Saab! :) do you read books everyday? i so wanna be like you in everything hehe! Crazy but that is true! Xoxo
A: Sometimes TV series get in the way of my reading so it depends on my mood! Thank you :)

Q: How’d you feel if i name (saab) my baby after you? :)
A: That would be cool xx

Q: Any believable excuses to make it appear you dont want a child but in reality youre just barren? My dilemma right now :(
A: Oh wow, I don’t know what to say.. Sorry about that :( I wouldn’t know but maybe you should ask yourself why you feel the need to give an excuse? It’s nobody’s business.. Unless you are trying to have a baby with your partner, I think at least he should know the truth. God bless you.

Q: Are you a believer? do you/ did you accept Jesus in your life?
A: I never got that, “accepting Jesus in my life” I really don’t get what that means. I didn’t really have a choice as a baby being baptized and brought up Catholic. As an adult, I’ve read so many arguments about different religions. But I was brought up to believe in a miracle baby who saved us all. I pray to him (the grown man Jesus, not the baby haha remember Talladega nights?) every night before I sleep. Does that mean I accept him in my life? I’m confused because I feel like “do you accept Jesus in your life” is a Born Again Christian thing to ask. And I don’t even get why Christians are not the same as Catholics. Regardless, I pray to God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) every night.

Q: Hi Saab! Ever since u cut your hair, I noticed that u changed ur hair color. Where’d you have it done and what color? It suits you and I’m obsessed! ?
A: THANK YOU! Got the hair cut and colored at Matrix Salon :)

Q: Why LELZ among other expressions? Just curious tho still love you and your blog ♥
A: It’s just SO jej, it’s perfect.

Q: hey! what’s the story behind your band’s name Cheats? or nasa FAQs na to, di lang ako marunong maghanap? HAHAHA. luhyuh! xx
A: Haha! It’s cos we all love video games

Q: “I’m Saab Magalona. Allow me to overshare about my life ♥” — change this na to Bacarro!!!
A: AY OO NGA one year na ano ba yan

Q: Who was the first person you told when you lost your virginity (aside from your then boyfriend)?
A: Virgin pa po ako. LELZ. I don’t remember.

Q: my friends and i want to produce gigs cos local indie and mainstream bands are the biggest loves of our lives. would cheats be willing to play in our prod for free? :)
A: E-mail cheatsph@gmail.com for inquiries! But if you valued bands then you would look for a way to pay for their services kahit konti hehe just saying :)

Q: how tita can you get?
A: Not as tita as Candy who always reaches in her bag for a bottle of White Flower. She’s 3 years younger than me!! Hahaha. Hanggang pamaypay lang naman ako sa bag..

Q: how would you feel if clara tells you that she already has a boyfriend? and would you want to meet the guy?
A: Of course but I’d already know he wasn’t good enough before meeting him. LOLOLOL #PsychoAte

Q: what would you tell girls who get pregnant at a very young age?
A: Don’t you wish we had sex ed in school?

February 16, 2016


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