Spell Saab


Q: Are you the matampuhin type?
A: Well, yes, but I don’t hold a grudge. I will let you know what’s bothering me. That’s most of the time,

Q: I think it’s great that you don’t want to have kids (yet?) b’cos you want to drik beer or something. lelz. What I’m trying to say is.. Just b’cos you’re married doesn’t require you to have kids. It’s nice that you know what you want rather than rushing into things without having 100% commitment. Having a kid looks like A LOT of work. But don’t get me wrong I’m one of the people waiting for a little Magalona-Bacarro ♥ (and that long overdue jim & saab lovestory blog lelz)
A: Hhehe that’s sweet. Not really a question but I’ll just leave this here hehehe.

Q: I’m turning 24. What to do on my Birthday?
A: Have a quiet salubong with your closest friends!

Q: Thoughts on Megan Young as Marimar? :)
A: I think she’s faaab

Q: Your thoughts on same sex marriage? PS. I love you!! You are an inspiration ❤️
A: I’m all for it! Love you too ?

Q: Hi Saab! Is Sandbox having Season2 for No filter? :)
A: Yes, follow @thesandboxco on Instagram for more info!

Q: sana pumunta Cheats sa paskuhan please please!! go uste
A: Ano yunnnnn

Q: ate saab jog ka po sa ust please
A: HAHA random!! Ang layo naman nang iba-biyahe ko para lang mag-jog!?

Q: Why do you still have those sweet pictures with Julius on your blog?
A: My whole Tumblr migrated to my blog and I haven’t gone through it yet. Also, why are you surprised? He was my ex-boyfriend, shouldn’t you expect to find him in my archives? It’s not a big deal to me, neither is it a big deal for Jim :)

Q: Do you enjoy visiting museums?
A: I do!!

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your haircut called?
A: A one-length long bob I assume?

Q: Hi. Anong Hotel po kayo nag stay sa recent trip niyo sa SG?
A: Orchard Hotel

Q:Saab, how do you style your hair? Do you iron or blow dry it everyday? I love your new hair style and I’m thinking of having my hair cut as short as yours but I’m afraid my hair would look more ‘buhaghag’ because I have curly hair.
A: I don’t blow dry it or anything, it’s buhaghag sometimes but I call it “style” hehe. Magulo na nga, gulohin mo pa nang todo! Mahirap siya guluhin actually kasi one-length siya. So it depends on good hair days or whatever, if it doesn’t want to listen to me I just tie it back.

Q: tips on how to find a jim bacarro of my own?? ??
A: Hahaha go to a gig!

Q: i’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot with you but i’m afraid will never get the chance to (kasi sino ba naman ako huhu) anyways, really do hope to meet you (like meet you-meet you) and Cheats is superb <3 you are superb! <3 -Dane
A: Are you the guy who took a photo of Duster before and I made it my desktop photo?? Let’s do it! E-mail me info@spellsaab.com

Q: hi saab. my lola told me na malayong kamag anak daw namin kayo. like 6th-7th. haha just wanna say hi. btw. duran ako.
A: Kewl! Hi :)

Q: hi saab! possible kaya na makapagpost ka ng complete video ng NO FILTER play niyo?huhu wasnt able to watch kasi im working here in qatar :( I love you, my life peg! xxxx
A: Awww I highly doubt they will release a video because it will take away from the whole theater play format! :( So sorry!!! :(((

Q: How did you know you wanted to write? I was thinking that maybe I should’ve taken Creative writing instead of Marketing.
A: I wish I took up marketing instead of Creative Writing! Haha! You can take a short course outside of school for Creative Writing if you’re really interested. There are lots of books on writing tips and you’ll also probably find a free online course for it!

Q: what happened to the bruise on your knee when you went to HK years ago? How come it did not scar?
A: Oooh I totally forgot about that!! Your question just made me check my right knee and I see that there’s a VERY faint semblance of a scar.

Q: Bakit wala ka na sa Taste Buddies?
A: Their segment hosts change every season. They got me to do 1 season, then they got Steven Silva, then they got me for a 2nd season, then they got Lauren Young, I am not sure who is doing it now :)

Q: Lagi ka bang nasa Eastwood? Sana one day makasalubong kita at makapagpa picture ako sayo :) Super Idol talaga kita matagal na :)
A: When I was living there, madalas ako sa mall!! But now, not so much anymore :(

Q: Girrrrrrlllll, can you suggest some series? :D Your suggestions never fails <3
A: MR ROBOT. Get on it! I heard NARCOS is really good rin!!

Q: Hi Saab, have you tried giving/lending financial assistance to one of your working siblings? Did you also ask them pay you?
A: Hi! No, I’ve never done that.

Q: I’ve been wanting to get an “everyday” bag and I love that you use your Prada bag most of the time! I just want to ask the model? Is that your favorite? Also, you inspire to just stick to one bag. Hehe!(:
A: The model number is in one of my ASK SAAB entries! You can just search for it!:) Yes, it’s my favorite and I think I’ve used it almost everyday since the day I got it. Hahaha.

Q: Was your dad strict when it comes to suitors? :)))
A: Feeling strict lang haha he was always nice. He only ever met my first 2 boyfriends.

Q: Have you ever won something sa raffle? What was it? :D
A: At an MTV Asia event in Singapore I won a signed Justin Bieber poster, and at a Nike event I won the chance to buy the Yeezy 2 :)

Q: May uban/white hairs ka rin ba? How to manage? Huhuhuuu
A: No :(

Q: Hi Saab! :) What are your top 5 pet peeves? BTW, i’m taking advantage of your ask box kasi open pa siya! Lelz .. I hope you can answer/post my questions, i forgot to put my name the last time.. (burger/pizza question) Your blog is addicting! hihi :p- TaraBianca
A: Hi TaraBianca! Off the top of my head: scratching a plate with a fork/knife, burping out loud, people who stare, power-tripping guards, people who say things para lang “mema” (may masabi lang)

Q: Do you vocalize before going to gigs? :)
A: No but I really should, huh?

Q: Have you met Reese Lansangan?
A: Yes! I like her!:D

Q: Do you speak in English or Filipino when talking with Jim’s family?
A: Both

Q: Did you pursue the case against those who physically harmed you?
A: No because my lawyer advised me against it. It’s a waste of time and money because of our fucked up justice system. Isn’t that so sad? The perps left the country too so… Whatever. Manila is so much better without them.

Q: Is your black Prada your everyday bag? :) Why did Jim buy you a bag? I’ve always been one to appreciate the thought behind any gift. :)
A: Yes it is. I didn’t own any designer bag before it. I think it’s because when we visited his ate in Hong Kong and I what I brought along for the trip was a bag from Debenhams, the faux leather deteriorated because of the weather change?? It was quite embarrassing. So he bought me a bag for our anniversary. He knows I don’t like to splurge so he did it for me. xx

Q: When did you start working on the Odd Ventures Collection? i think it’s a really fresh input for the brand! <3
A: Couple of months ago :) Thank you! Still a work in progress :)

Q: Does Juice.ph require you to have a minimum post per week or month?
A: Yes, technically but they’re pretty lenient. But I don’t want to abuse the freedom naman :)

Q: You’re so smart. I really think that your greatest asset is your brain :) You are mature and fun all at the same time. How to make this a question? hehe
A: You’re going to make me cry

Q: Would you say that you’ve always wanted to be a musician? :) How did you decide on pursuing that path? I wish you can do a blog post about this. <3
A: Yes. Oh I just blogged about Cheats, I hope you liked that one :)

Q: Thoughts about the Kardashians/Jenners? I find them annoying as hell Well, they are fascinating at first after watching KUWTK but y’know they annoying after so many years
A: I know they annoy a lot of people but I actually like them. I like watching KUWTK. Did you hear about the new series called Dash Dolls? It’s about their Dash employees naman. Nakakaloka diba? Baka magka-Downton Abbey type of show na rin about their staff… Lelz.

Q: Do you get to check all “mention” and tweets and IG posts of you? :)
A: Not every single one but I check when I can :)

Q: What meals have you prepared for Jim that he really loved? :) Or is he on Diet Diva too?
A: He likes it when I cook him breakfast. He says I make the BEST scrambled eggs and bacon. ?

Q: Do you have your own car or do you share with Jim?
A: I have my own. It’s a hand-me-down from my mom.

Q: hi saab! i’m not sure if you already answered, but can you make kwento about how you and Jim met? And the one about your dream about him that you mentioned in your wedding vows? thank you :)
A: Okay, that will be what our first podcast will be about :D

Q: Saab, can you suggest on what MAC lipstick to get for daytime and night time? Tnx. – C
A: MAC Whirl :)

Q: Hi, Saab! I’m a college senior right now and I’m really thinking of getting my own place as soon as I graduate. Would you recommend moving out of your parents’ house right after college?
A: Yes. I moved out of my parent’s house right after high school :) I lived w my brother and sister for college! We didn’t have to take care of rent the whole time but it really prepares you to be independent!! I started working in TV when I was in 3rd year college and so I started paying for my own tuition and I just transitioned into a working student and I haven’t asked for money from my parents since.

Q: Is Jim friends with his ex gfs? Have you met any of them? :)
A: No he’s not. Yes, I do know them, they were both my friends in college!

Q: Is Candy getting married anytime soon? Btw, she’s so slaaang! hehe where did she attend HS?
A: No she’s not getting married anytime soon! Haha! She studied in Bicol.

Q: Anong wish list mo? Like if you can buy 3 things under “wants”, what would they be? :)
A: I want a floor to ceiling book shelf. And right now I’m looking for a nice winter coat for our Europe trip this October!

Q: How fast do you answer each question? :)
A: Like 1-10 seconds hehe depending on the length of my answer?

Q: Do you ask Jim for his approval on random stuff like coloring your hair, accepting certain jobs, dressing up for an event? :)
A: I ask for his opinion, not his approval. He let’s me do whatever I want. I love him so much. Huhuhu.

Q: How old are you and Chelo? :)
A: We’re both 26 right now but I’m turning 27 in November. She turned 26 earlier this year :)

October 9, 2015