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Resort's World Sentosa Singapore, October 2015

Resort’s World Sentosa Singapore, October 2015

Q: Hi there pretty! What’s your favorite COLDPLAY song?
A: The Scientist

Q: Hi Saab. What is your favorite word?
A: Pizza

Q: Hi Saab. What is your most bizarre talent? :)
A: I can do some tricks with my eyes hehe

Q: Do you have a local celebrity crush? (aside from Jim. Hehe) Thanks!
A: Piolo Pascual!

Q: bakit hindi rinig voice mo kahit nasa mic ka pag kumakanta ka sa band gigs?
A: Sama kasi usually ng monitor, I can’t hear myself! It was a habit to let Jim & Candy take the lead kaysa lakasan ko and wala pala ako sa tono. It’s taking some getting used to for me to accept it na pangit talaga sound system in most places we play at.. I’m trying though! I have to do that one finger in the ear thing that divas do haha

Q: may time ba na di ka second voice sa Cheats gig?
A: We all have our parts to sing. Mostly Candy and I are back up vocals to Jim, but some songs, like Summer are mine and Candy’s. Triple Horn is Candy’s. A new song called Talk is mine.

Q: Hi Saab! Do you personally know Franco Reyes? I have a big crush on him & I want to know how he is to his friends/colleagues. :) *Kilig* Thanks, Saab & keep rockin’ girl!
A: Aww sorry, I don’t!

Q: Were you self-sufficient since 18? Hope you can do a blog post of your teenage transition, that would be so helpful to us in taking risks and making life-changing decisions :)
A: Pretty scary to write about that. Haha. But maybe I will. Thanks for the suggestion!

Q: Who is Pauline Camille Prieto?
A: Julius and I used to hang out with Pauline! But she moved away and I don’t hear from her anymore. She’s a successful model!

Q: How long ka single before naging kayo ni Jim? :”)
A: I don’t know how to count that because we don’t have an official “kami na” date. Haha.

Q: Were you one of the first ones to know about Maxx new boyfriend? Were you surprised by their ‘sort-of-announcment’ on IG? Heehee
A: Omg ano ba, she’s my best friend. Unang nag-message palang si Rob, pinakita na niya sakin. Haha!

Q: Parang Maxx is so sweet and affectionate of you, posting so much about you etc. Ikaw parang waley!
A: Hahaha OA! Can you compare our updates as well? She posts like a gazillion times a day, I barely do. Do you seriously think social media is a measure of affection? Because I don’t and she knows that.

Q: Pansin ko lang iba iba moods mo sa pag answer ng Ask Saab. Sometimes you’re friendly and nice, sometimes you’re scary and sarcastic. Do you agree?
A: I guess?

Q: What is your definition of conyo? Are you conyo?
A: My definition of conyo, and I’m not saying this is the actual definition of it, is a guy who says “Dude, pare, sorry I got caught up in Polo Club. Shi Anton kashi wouldn’t get off the horsh.” LELZ.

Q: Did you ever need a tutor during grade school/high school?
A: I’d say I needed one in college. Haha. But I never had a tutor. Except for my college boyfriend who tried to help me with math but we’d end up fighting cos I’m stubborn. Hehe. Sorry.

Q: How is Pia Magalona as a mother?
A: Okay lang.. CHAR. The best.

Q: How many Star Wars related clothing items do you own?
A: 1 dress, 2 shirts I think! And 1 pair of socks.

Q: what’s your pagerank
A: What’s that

Q: Hi po~ Avid reader from Cagayan de Oro. Hihi. Um, just wanna ask what you think of Kpop? Thanks ^^
A: Hi! I love 2NE1’s song Fire but that’s as much Kpop as I know!:)

Q: You said that you are on a no rice diet. I want to become fit also, but I don’t eat veggies. So what food will I eat? Thank you! More powers to your blog Saab! :)
A: Kamote! Saba! Quinoa! :) Thanks!

Q: do you know where can I buy The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing? Thanks. P.S you’re so pretty :*
A: Fully Booked!

Q: What type of job do Creative Writing graduates normally end up with?
A: Funny cos my block mates ended up in different jobs. One’s a fully-booked jazz singer, one’s very good at reviewing books for a prominent magazine, one just opened up her own yoga resort in Siargao. I think people who take up Creative Writing in the first place are those brave enough to know we probably won’t have a steady 9-5 job that gives us security. But I think we’re also brave to take on a dream job that we’ll work twice as hard to keep. Normally though, I think a CW diploma would be a plus if you want to work in media.

Q: What does Frank do for a living? Hehe
A: He still acts on GMA7, just finished taping Marimar.

Q: Hi, Saab! Nakakatuwa how frank you are and infair, you’re not like the other artists na masyadong pacute sa fan. (Yep. Medyo conyo. Di naman required pure english. Di ba? Lels)
A: I’m not frank, I’m Saab! Char :p

Q: Hi Saab, as a blogger and artist. How does the media and society influence you?
A: As a blogger and artist, I influence them. GUSTOMOYUN???

Q: I’ve been following you since Tumblr days, I was 16 or 15 then, I’m now 20.. haha. Anyways, I work in the airport in Dubai, I work night shifts.. starts at 9pm and finishes in the morning and I’ve been dreading to get back on my workouts but I do not know how to start back up, since I’m awake the whole night and asleep the whole day, my question is how do you fit your workouts in your everyday life? i know time management, but for someone who works night shifts.. what are your tips
A: Hello! I just have to recommend for you to do it as soon as you wake up! 30 minutes! Kaya yun :)

Q: Hi Saab, I have just recently started my own blog, at the moment the articles i write are mostly anything under the sun which i find rather interesting which i think would be catchy for the potential readers. However it feels all over the place since it’s not entirel focused on one category, any tips on what i should do?
A: Ganun rin ako! Haha! But if you want to gain readership, I guess you have to keep them in mind. Think of one actual friend of yours that you see could be your reader. When you are talking to that friend, what would you discuss? Food? Fashion? Maybe that’s a good jump-off point :)

Q: have you completed your chiropractic sessions before? How was it? Can i expect permanent result? I am considering this treatment but since it is pricey for me I only tried it once.
A: I don’t think it’s permanent. I have 4 treatments left in my package.

Q: Hi Saab, where do you always go to do your grocery shopping?
A: Rustan’s

Q: where did you get your ‘you had me at hilaw’ shirt?
A: linyalinya.ph :)

February 15, 2016



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    February 16, 2016

    Hi Saab. Where and when can I watch your gig? I’m really a huge fan of yours. Life peg ?

    • Saab

      February 16, 2016

      Posted our gig sched on the right side of my blog :)

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