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Q: girl, ganda talaga ng style mo. effortless pero may class! so ang tanong ko girl ay, saan mo nabibili mga damit mo?! lalo na yung interview mo with Kevin Kwan?? TAGALOG para iba naman hahaha lurve u Saabae!!!! ♥
A: Hahaha madalas sa Topshop, girl! THANK YOU!

Q: Girl, nanonood ka ng Aldub? Bet mo?
A: Hindi eh pero nakanood na ako ng clips sa YouTube and nakakakilig yung unang nakita ni Yaya Dub si Alden tas na-self conscious siya haha.

Q: hi saab!:) i just wanna ask if where could i find that adiddas superstar color white like yours:-) muchas gracias gorgeous:-)-♥mhing
A: Hi Mhing! I got both my Superstars from Japan ABC Store!:) Much cheaper there!

Q: First, what happen to Grrl Scout and Duster? Sana tama spelling. Second, where do you usually buy clothes and if you have any limit or budget allotted to it. Last, what is your facial wash? Thanks Saab
A: Grrrl Scout is on hiatus because Candy and I formed a band with the rest of Cheats and we focused on that for the past few years. Duster was really a band fronted by Katwo Puertollano. She was supposed to move to the States and I was to step in as new frontman and then she didn’t move anymore and they decided to keep me (yay!). We recorded the album with all songs she wrote but then her work really did require her to move abroad. It just didn’t seem right to promote the album without her and to keep singing songs she wrote so currently it’s just on hiatus until Katwo decides to pick up the mic again. About the clothes, I’ve never had a budget and I just buy a lot at once (because I really don’t shop that often). My facial wash is Kiehl’s ultra facial wash :)

Q: Ever since you made that make up tutorial video and Maxene tweeted saying that you guys do one together, I’ve been waiting ever since!!! When are you making one??
A: We really should… Sige i-schedule ko next week. Haha.

Q: My mother always told me not to wear lipstick that much since they will make your lips pale and dark. Just wondering if you have had any experiences like this in the past? And what lipstick would you recommend for everyday use?
A: Oh I’ve never had that experience naman! I use L’Oreal Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. For everyday use, I really like using my new Dior Addict lipstick, the one being endorsed by mareng Jennifer Lawrence. Haha! It doesn’t dry up my lips and it’s a nice natural color.

Q: Can you twerk? Hahaha
A: No but I can ocho ocho

Q: Jollibee or McDo?
A: McDo for burgers, Jollibee for spaghetti hehe. Also, I like McDo fries better.

Q: Do you like Emily Strange as much as I do? Do you also collect her merchandise? Love ya!^_^
A: I was obsessed with her in high school!

Q: I have been a girl gamer since I was 5-6 years old. When did u start to play video games? Do you prefer PC or console games more? Me, console games.Much love!
A: At a very young age as well! My dad was a solid gamer and I used to just watch him play all the time. I like both PC and console games!:)

Q: What do you think of Echosmith and Paramore? Me I love em! Love u Saab!:)
A: I only know Cool Kids by Echosmith because we had to cover it for a debut hehe. Paramore songs are fun to sing along to!

Q: should i delete comments/pics of my ex on fb since i have a new bf already?
A: If you want to, but it’s not a requirement! I still have some pics of my exes on my Facebook because I don’t really use FB that much and I’m not about to go through all my albums just for that.. Haha. But if it bothers your partner, go ahead delete mo na. Haha.

Q: What’s the best advice you can give to a frustrated actress who can’t pursue her passion because of her flaws? (Pimples/pimple marks, and with a weight of 55kgs) Thanks, Saab!
A: Hey, that’s not a reason to stop pursuing acting.. Although there’s the harsh reality of cookie cutter pretty girls becoming the most famous ones even if their acting skills are so-so. But if your friend’s passion is really acting itself and not the fame, it’s not impossible to excel in the field. Indie films are always looking for “real” looking actors. The best advice you can give is to keep going.

Q: do you know john green and have you read his books? :)
A: Yes, I’ve read The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, and Paper Towns :)

Q: is fmam single? hehehe
A: No Frank’s been with his girlfriend Denise for 3 years :)

Q: kanino ka pinaka close sa mga sibs mo? :)
A: Maxx

Q: what is your term of endearment with jim? :))))
A: Belly

Q: who is your ultimate favorite author?
A: I really enjoy reading books by Augusten Burroughs

Q: if you got elected as the president of the philippines, what would you do to solve the traffic and mass transit problems?
A: Cars should not be more than 10 years old and they should be regulated. Everybody here has a car. Because people see it as a necessity cos there’s no way to get around!! More trains. If you think about it, it’s not that expensive.. Think of all the time wasted on the road. People could be more productive if we could get to places faster. Less buses but scheduled stops at designated bus stops. It’s all about urban planning. But I really don’t think I’ll see a better mass transit system in my lifetime.

Q: What do you think of Lauren’s playing kontrabida to her ate Megan in Marimar? Would you also want to play kontrabida with Maxene or Moe? :)
A: Parang it’s so much fun.

Q: Saab, advice naman, There are a lot of counseling for those who got cheated on. But nothing about the cheater. Here’s the scenario: Si guy laging galit, di marunong mag alaga, si girl palagi nalang si suyo for like 6 yrs. Then suddenly cool off, si girl may na-meet na somebody she likes and made her feel special. Si guy galit pa din as usual, he never fought for his place. Then nung si girl iniwasan na si new guy, si girl naman balik kay bf. Si bf ayun galit pa din. HAHA! Kumabaga sa restaurant ” If We Don’t Take Care of the Customer, Somebody Else Will’ LOL Masisisi mo ba everything sa tao why she looked for a sweet caress from others. Psh.
A: Paano naging cheater yung girl kung cool off sila? At bakit niya pa binalikan? Ang sakin lang, hindi ka naman mamamatay kung breakan mo muna yung kasama mo bago ka mag-entertain ng iba diba?

Q: do you answer all your questions? or pili lang? just curious. :)
A: Almost all, basta may sense yung question.

Q: How do you deal with Man’s ego? :) Well especially for others na nag-hoard ata ng ego.
A: If he’s got something to back it up (like that Beyoncé song), it’s not so bad. If it’s all ego tapos wala namang reason kung bakit mayabang eh malabo na yun.

Q: Hi saabelly. Is your band close to flying ipis? Loveyouu
A: Yes!:)

Q: Any advice on first time sex?
A: Don’t do it! Chos. Use protection and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Q: Hello, I want to go to your gig but my husband does not want to. He’s the homebuddy type kasi, but I can’t convince him to go to Route 196 with me! He says madami daw “adik” and “lasenggero” haha! Even if I say that you go there. He’s a Francis M fan but he still thinks na baka daw magulo. How can I convince him kaya? Thanks! I hope to have a pic with you and I can die the next day. Joke may anak pa ko
A: Haha! Uy, kung ako nga kaya ko sa Route 196 siguro naman kakayanin ng husband mo dun. Walang adik dun. May mga nalalasing pero laging masaya lang. Conyo nga mga tao dun madalas eh lelz.

Q: What nude lipstick would you suggest? Thanks.
A: Darling Beige ng Shu Uemura, my makeup artist used it on me the other day and it’s so nice!

Q: You said before na ayaw mo ng baby boy kasi ayaw mo sa lahat ng idedate nila. So may pake ka ba sa mga dinedate ni baby brother mong si Elmo? =))
A: Di ko naman anak yun eh. Hahaha! Pero siyempre may pake ako! As long as my siblings’ partners bring out the best in them, wala akong reklamo.

Q: How did you cope when you lost your dad? I just lost mine a few months back
A: I’m very sorry for your loss :( It was really a matter of staying close to my family and spending a lot of time together. If anything, losing my dad brought our family closer together.

Q: Ate saab, saan po kayo regular na naggiGig?
A: Madalas sa Saguijo!

Q: Saab! Do you know leloy claudio? he was from ateneo and is currently working there as an assistant professor. crush ko kasi siya huhu
A: Oh he interviewed me before when he wrote a piece about my dad on Rogue magazine :)

Q: hi saab! i fight with my sister. most of the time I have no clue as to how or why it begins but she would rather do the cold shoulder no matter how hard I try. I used to do that but I’m trying to speak out instead to just clear the air but she wants none of it. She’s dealing with a lot, mind you. But, still I feel as though we can’t always give her a free pass just because of this and rather for her to start speaking out more and well beginning to act like an adult by speaking out and discussing things. Any advice? ang hirap talaga.
A: You can write her a letter?

Q: hi saab!!! how do you do your brows and what concealer do you recommend :) I wish we could do facetime or something like that you’re so insanely inspirational!!!! xx
A: Omg thank you so much hehe. I haven’t had my brows threaded in so long.. They’re very bushy so I sometimes have to cut the top a little bit. I just ordered Naturactor concealer because Maxx uses it and I borrowed it when we went to Japan. Makeup artists also highly recommend it :)

Q: Hi, Saab! Do you own a GoPro?
A: Yup!

Q: I think my best friend is inlove with me what should I do? I wanna get some advice from you .
A: I’m gonna need more information. Haha! Do you like him/her back? What’s stopping you?

Q: Hi Ms. Saab! I am just wondering how did you get to have a talk in UP about Boosting Your Self- Confidence last April :)
A: The org emailed me :)

Q: Can I get a virtual hug from you? :( Rigby, my two-month old puppy, is currently confined at a veterinary clinic. Huhu. She contracted parvovirus and we were told by the vet that she has a slim chance of surviving. I’m feeling really sad right now cuz she’s only been with me for 2 1/2 days. :'( I don’t want to lose her.
A: OMG! How is she now??:(

Q: kapag umaalis ka ng bansa, anong sinusulat mo sa occupation (departure card)? Writer? Actress? :)
A: Writer

Q: Hi Ate Saab, where did you buy your Sony A6000? :) Was it in Greenhills as well, same where you buy your phones? Thank you!
A: No, I got it from Sony mismo :)

Q: HI ate Saab! I just want to thank you for having this awesome blog. I actually can’t sleep right now so i just got my laptop and started reading your blog (im a big fan of you and jim hihi). anyway, this is my real problem, i think i’m a frustrated english speaker (or whatever you call it ahahaha). it’s like i need to construct my sentence first in my head before saying it and that really takes a lot of time so i always ended up saying “okay”, “ahh” “sorry” :( what am i going to do? huhu ps: sorry for this long message. this is how frustrated i am with myself. :(
A: Awww.. Well, my question is: is it necessary for you to speak in English? Why do you feel the need to speak in English? How do you think? English ba or Tagalog? If you really want to start speaking in English you’re going to have to train your mind to start thinking in English :)

Q: Mom keeps telling me to save my virginity until marriage. How should I react during the times she reminds me to (I’m not a virgin anymore but she doesnt and shouldn’t know)?
A: Just say okay. Hehe. She’s your mom but she doesn’t need to know that part of your private life especially if you’re already an adult. Still, as long as you live under her roof you will have to follow her rules so.. That’s something to think about!

Q: I have thin forearms and flabby upper arms. How do I balance them out?
A: A few upper arm exercises would help! I’m not a fitness expert but I think push ups would help?:)

Q: pano nagkakilala si maxx & rob?
A: Maxx goes to gigs, Rob’s in a band.

Q: how old is chelo?
A: She’s a year younger than me so 26

Q: kilala mo ba si helga weber or camie juan??
A: Yes, we met at a dinner together once at a Nuffnang event! And I see Helga during gigs :)

Q: do you want to visit siargao??
A: Yes especially because one of my college BFFs lives there now

Q: Umakyat kna ng bundok?? If yes, saan?
A: I’m not sure but I think so back in high school. We climbed a mountain called peak 27 or peak 28? It was in Tanay. Lelz.

Q: Gsto mo bang magpa gray hair?
A: Nah!

Q: creative writing din ba si chelo??
A: Nope!

Q: my blog ba si candy??
A: Nope

Q: if let’s say 25k lang sweldo mo, mgrerent kba ng condo on your own??
A: Kukuha ako ng room mate.



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    Jayvee @ Writer For Misfits

    February 26, 2016

    I always find your Ask Saab super amusing! <3 It's great! <3

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    REENA B.

    February 26, 2016

    I just looooove reading Ask Saab! ♥

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    February 26, 2016

    Answer my question Saab plez! May sense naman yun e :( strict momma problems :( HAHAHA

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    February 27, 2016

    Hi miss Saab! Just passing by

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    February 28, 2016

    Hi Saab! I noticed in the comments that you changed your facial wash hehe. Can you do an updated skin care routine? Thank you!!! BTW, you made me switch to Kiehls! <3

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    Köurtney Love

    February 28, 2016

    “Can I get a virtual hug from you? :( Rigby, my two-month old puppy…” I’m the one who submitted this question. ? Sadly, Rigby* passed away the day after she got confined. ? It turned out that she was already infected even before we got her (we were duped by the seller). It’s so sad cuz she was given to me by my brother as a birthday gift. I waited 3 long years to get a dog and it was gone in 2 1/2 days. ?

    *named her after Rigby from Regular Show

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      February 29, 2016

      Grabe :(:( So sorry..

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        February 29, 2016

        Huhu I know. :'( Thank you!