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Q: why do you shop sa greenhills kapag gadgets? sobrang makakamura ba dun? you said you buy gadgets from janet, do you have her contact details? Thanks!
A: Actually, hindi ko alam kung nakakamura ako dun. Hahaha. Nakasanayan lang. My dad loved going to Greenhills to buy gadgets. Janet’s number: 09178068988

Q: would you ever consider to be working in an IT industry?
A: If that involves creating websites and coding, I think I would.

Q: saab im planning to buy an adidas superstar. they said that the sizing of adidas is different. is it true? btw i’ll buy online kasi hihi thanks
A: I’m normally a 7.5 women’s. My Superstars are UK 5. Hope that helps!

Q: I love you so much Saab. You’re my inspiration in life. Swear to God. My friends laughed at me nga ksi crush ko din si Elmo but mas crush lng kita hahahaha :)) When are you planning to come here in Cebu?
A: Hahaha awww! Well, no plans right now. Maybe if Cheats gets a gig there?:)

Q: Who is your fashion icon?
A: Myself.. TARAYYYY gusto mo yun?? Hmm.. IDK. Probably Daria?

Q: Ano ang common interest nyo ni Elmo?
A: Drake? Haha and video games.

Q: HI Saab! I have been scouting all the Adidas shops in the metro and I haven’t found a Superstar in my size. I know you got yours in Japan (haha! major #fangirl here) but I would like to know if you know where can I get one? Thanks! And I would like to ask for a photo op with yew! :*
A: Aww man, I really wouldn’t know because I got mine in Japan nga :( Sorry!! Yes, of course, I’m free for photo ops hehe.

Q: Do you remember familiar faces in your gigs? Just wondering if you’d remember a fan like me. Hope to see Cheats play again soon! :)
A: Yes, if they go to gigs regularly!! Hope you come to more gigs!!

Q: Do you have an idea how much a lasik procedure would cost?
A: Here’s what Asian Eye Institute says:

In general, the cost of LASIK depends on two things: the type of treatment (conventional LASIK or all-laser bladeless LASIK) and the doctor who will be doing the surgery. But we do offer installment plans with most banks. We wouldn’t want you to have to field questions about cost so you can tell them to email us directly at eyehelp@asianeyeinstitute.com or visit our Facebook page for inquiries.

What we’d encourage though is for interested patients to undergo lasik screening because as you know, not everyone can do LASIK. That costs P3,200 and involves a series of tests to determine whether he or she is qualified to do LASIK. During the consultation, the doctor will discuss the results and recommend the type of LASIK that is appropriate for them.

Right now, we have some partnerships running that can help them get the screening done and surgery done:

– Asian Eye – PNB OFW Family Eye Care Program (For OFWs and their family members)
– 15% discount on eye care services including Lasik screening and Lasik Surgery

– Pag-IBIG Loyalty Cardholders (anyone can get this!)
– – 15% discount on LASIK screening and conventional LASIK surgery

Q: hi saab ? what do you do to your pubic hair before you wear bikini?? do you shave or wax?? just curious? I always read your blog, its very inspiring ? and its my first time to ask, Love lots?
A: Hello there! I wax down there :) Thanks for taking the time to ask a question!

Q: Hi Saab! Been reading your blog for years now. Are you into the adult coloring book craze too?
A: Hello!! No, not really but I understand the craze :)

Q: Are you a fan of Hello Kitty like Maxx?
A: No. Haha!

Q: Can you do an updated beauty haul of beauty favourites blog?
A: Totes!

Q: Sino sa mga ex ni Maxx ang nagiging close mo?
A: Only Chino because we were friends even before they got together.

Q: How old is Elmo? Is he single?
A: He’s 21 and no, he’s got a girlfriend.

Q: hi Saab ang tagal mo sumagot wala na kami ng bf ko *abusive relationship* HAHAHAHA
A: Well mabuti nalang hindi mo kinailangan hintayin ang sagot ko. Siguro kasi alam mo na rin naman ang isasagot ko. At siguro dahil ALAM MO NAMAN RIN NA DAPAT YUN!!! Woohoo congrats!!

Q: Is there a time na you feel so lonely and you don’t know why? what did you do to get out from that feeling? Hmmm :(
A: Yes. Watch FRIENDS.

Q: In a modern world where being connected is so easy like log onto fb or any social media and you can talk to people yet I feel disconnected. I blamed tech for my disappointment. How you feel about it?
A: I felt the same way. That’s why I’ve become inconsistent in updating my social media accounts. I’ve been online for so long and I’m finally enjoying real life more haha so my online persona has suffered. But I know it’s part of the job, of being an online personality, so I have to keep updating. It’s just about finding a balance. I hope you find yours.

Q: Hi Saab! Nag debut party ka ba nung 18th birthday mo? :) if yes, anong theme? may pics kaba? thank you! muah :*
A: Nope, it’s not a tradition in our family!

Q: Hi, Saab! Gusto ko sana magpagupit, yung sa Matrix challenge. Kaso natatakot ako baka di bumagay sa akin yun kasi 20 na ako pero never pa ako nagpashort hair. What should I do? Gusto ko talaga.
A: Aww tapos na yung Matrix challenge! Pero kung gusto mo talaga, gawin mo na!!:) Short is the way to go. Perfect pa for summer ;)

Q: Hello, saab! When was the last time you watched a uaap game?
A: Oh my.. I can’t remember!! I think I was still in college so about 5 years ago?

Q: How was your college life like? Any ADMU tips? hehe
A: It’s all a blur. Haha! ADMU tips? Read all your required readings and prepare for each class. Daming cute sa Ateneo so you’ll get distracted easily. Don’t fall for it! A happy crush is good to have so you look forward to going to class hehe but aim to make him/her your motivation instead of a distraction. Study hard to impress them! Damn, I wish I knew all this back then. Haha! Sobrang di ako focused when I was in college. Don’t waste it!

Q: What brand of luggage do you use on your trip abroad?
A: Rimowa!

Q: Hi, Saab! How do you take care of stray eyebrows? Is getting brow threading every 6 weeks too much already? xoxo
A: Hmmm well I haven’t gotten my eyebrows threaded in about 4 months? Haha. I think I need to get this under control soon. :)) But I just cut the upper part when I see na medyo kagulo na (I swear my eyebrows have a life of their own) and tweeze a few stray ones under. I make sure never to over-pluck!

Q: Hi Saab! I admire you na despite being a celebrity you talk like a regular girl based on what I read on your posts, walang arte :) Anayway, here’s my question, how do you and Jim makeup whenever there’s a “tampuhan”?
A: Thank you :) After a few minutes of silence after arguing (usually happens when we’re both hungry hehe), one of us just reaches out for the other’s hand. And we just start laughing and we both say sorry for being so silly. And then we end up explaining why we feel a certain way about something. Just last night I read in a book (The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional by Gary Chapman, a gift from my mother-in-law) that emotions are just an indicator. Like when your gas tank lights up when you’re driving, instead of panicking you have to find a solution or you’ll end up nowhere. Your emotions are an indicator that something is off. Find a way to solve what’s wrong instead of letting your emotions take the lead.

Q: what are signs that one has moved on from a failed relationship? does moving on mean no longer loving that person?
A: Not at all, I think you can move on but still love your ex. I will always love some of my exes because they became a part of me. I have no ill feeling towards them and I think that’s a good sign of moving on. When I don’t want them to feel bad about not being with me anymore but I don’t want to get back with them either, that’s when I know I’ve moved on.

Q: Hi Saab, I am a mother of a 4 year old and I am turning 26. I don’t want to dress like a mom, but I want to graduate from shirts and sneakers. Any advise on how to rebuild a wardrobe? PS: mej budget conscious. :)
A: Buy neutral colored pieces! Comfortable skirts and tops that you can pair would be a start! Grays, blacks, whites, navy blues, moss green, etc. Keep white/black sneakers in your wardrobe. I think I’d be a sneaker kind of mom. Right now I own a really comfy pair of Muji slip-ons that I got in Singapore for just around Php1,500. My thinking: some people will see me as looking like a mom, I think I look Japanese chic. It’s all about attitude ;)

Q: Nagju-juts ka ba? hihi
A: A lot of my friends are surprised that I don’t smoke weed. You’d think I would but I’m just not into it.

Q: what schools do clara arkin and go to? is frank from ateneo also?
A: Montessori, Antipolo. Frank went to Ateneo grade school, Montessori high school and UP Diliman college.

Q: Where did you buy the green jacket you were wearing in your Ask Saab 36? Thank you :)
A: My fave jacket from H&M

Q: Any advice for a 23yr.old NBSB-career woman that people find intimidating. I have to admit that I’m kinda loud or should I say “babaeng bakla”. I think that’s the reason why nobody likes me back.
A: Awww.. That’s sad! Although awareness of the fact that you might seem intimidating is a start! Maybe you can tone down the volume of your voice when you speak? And not everything that comes to mind HAS to be said! Try not to be negative all the time because that tends to turn people off.

Q: Right or left handed?
A: Right

Q: Paano kayo naging “sworn enemies” ni Chelo? Hihihi please make kwento. :)
A: Haha ang luma. There was a guy. I didn’t know they weren’t completely over, di kasi kami magkakilala noon but the guy started messaging me. It was really the guy’s fault. LELZ.

Q: Did Jim ever told you that you stress him
A: Probably. I don’t remember but most likely. Hahaha.

Q: When did you and Jim become an official couple? :)
A: Hmm I really don’t know if we have an official date but we got serious around July of 2012, I think.

Q: Do you still hangout with clara and arkin now that they went back to school??? P.S I love you so much Saab. ?
A: Yes, we try to see the whole family every Sunday :) <3 Q: Where can we buy the rainbow cake you had on your party? Thanks
A: Epicurious in Shangrila East Wing

Q: Are you planning to maintain your short hair? Or you are going to let it grow long again? :)
A: Hmmm I had no plans, really, but as of the moment I think I’ll grow it again :)

Q: Do you watch the TV show Castle? What do you think of it?
A: No :(

Q: Who’s your favorite Friends character? Why?
A: Chandler. Because his sarcasm is the best.

Q: First book you’ve read?
A: Probably something by Richard Scarry.

Q: You should try to watch MISFITS (UK tv series) it has 5 seasons with 6 to 8 episodes each) the first two seasons were the best but the rest were okay din! Ok love you poh
A: Noted! Thanks!

Q: Do you use lip pencil with your MAC Chili? If yes, what kind? Also, do you use lip brush to apply lipstick? Or can you please describe your lipstick routine? Thanks! :)
A: No I don’t use a lip pencil. I want to use a lip brush although I haven’t gotten around to buying one! I really just apply it directly. I try to do the X thing first in the middle of my upper lip and then I just color “within the lines” of my lips hehehe.

Q: Not a question! Just want to share you something: I’m in a middle of a relationship crisis and then I heard your song ‘New Day’ (It’s from your old blog, if you can still remember hehe) from my iPod and it felt like an eye-opener. Oo nga naman bakit ako mag papaka stress sa lalaking sobrang labo when in fact, every day is another awesome chance to live my life!! I super love you 10x more because of that!
A: Omg I don’t even remember that song!!!! Awwwww I’m so happy I helped :):) Wish I had a link to that song.

Q: Hi Saab! I have a crush on a guy who used to be my classmate in college and now we’re workmates, too. Whenever I see him around, I’m too shy to say hi since we’re not that close, and he also looks a bit suplado. :( But I notice that when we’re around common friends, he acts friendlier. Could he also be shy, too? I don’t have the guts to talk to him first! Haha. Any tips? :) Btw, I get really kilig when he “likes” my FB posts (ang babaw lol)
A: HE PROBABLY HAS A CRUSH ON YOU hehehehehehehee uyyyyyy kinikilig!!! Message him on Facebook about something random!! GO AHEAD, GIRL!!! Send him a funny meme or a video. Or, this worked on me before, some guy who never really talked to me in real life messaged me about a new ice cream promo at McDonald’s. I replied with, “is this an April Fool’s joke?” cos it was April 1 and he said it’s true and he’s going to check it out the next day. I could come with him to confirm daw. I thought it was well played. We went on a couple of dates after that.




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    Ley S.

    March 2, 2016

    Thanks for always making me laugh with your answers, Saab! =))

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      March 3, 2016


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    March 3, 2016

    “Find a way to solve what’s wrong instead of letting emotions take tge lead.”

    This is a very good mantra to follow! Very true. Gusto ko basahin yang book na yan. Speaking of, I don’t know if you remember me mentioning about Shonda Rhimes’ book The Year of Yes, I finished it a while back and super ganda. Basahin mo na rin, girl! Hehehe :)

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      March 3, 2016

      Yes I remember!! Sige nga basahin ko na!:)

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    March 3, 2016

    Nag gi gym kaba? ilang beses sa isang linggo and sino mga usually kasama mo. :)
    kung may gusto kang i workout sa body mo ano pa ung nakikita mong need i workout?

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    March 11, 2016

    Hi Saab : ) I wish to meet you and jim and ohh your band cheats soon, hahaha I hope that you’ll next “meet with saab” will be held in cebu because I wanted to join yayy!!! please please please heheh my insta is @missazir ; ) I’m from cebu and I also hope that you will have a gig here in cebu. I will come really…promise!!! have a good day saab ; ) #prasaforeverwithjim #yourfan #yourfollower #silentreader

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      March 15, 2016

      Hope to go to Cebu soon then :)