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Route 196, 2015 | Photo by Bel Certeza

Route 196, 2015 | Photo by Bel Certeza

Q: What do you think of B.P. Valenzuela? :)
A: I think she’s a very talented young girl.

Q: Do you like UDD?
A: I’m a fan of their music

Q: Hi Saab! Do you watch American Horror Story? Violet’s appeal is so like yours hahahaha I love you!!!!!
A: No but everyone says I should watch American Horror Story! Coven ba yan?

Q: Hello Saab! Do you usually blow dry your hair everyday? you are sooooo hooooot!
A: No, I wish I knew how to blow dry my hair.. Thank you very much!

Q: Did you try to smoke cannabis? if you dont mind hehe loveyou and your coolness!!!!
A: I tried it before and I puked very violently hahaha it really doesn’t suit me.

Q: HOLLA! at what age nasabe mo sa self mo na “WOW, I need to more responsible and be matured already.”
A: Siguro mga 9. Charot. It wasn’t the age, it was when my father passed away and I felt like I needed to be a rock for my mom.

Q: (CAREER-WISE) Have you ever applied to any non-showbiz jobs? :D
A: No.

Q: this is a bizarre question..I know Philippines is not like Singapore or United States…What made you think to live in the Philippines for almost 26 years of your life? :)
A: I was born here and life has been good to me here. And it’s more affordable here!

Q: Hi! Saab! I feel like you are more of an Ambivert person like me. What are the downsides of being an ambivert?
A: Full disclosure, I had to Google that. Okay, so an ambivert has the qualities of both introverts and extroverts. I’m definitely an ambivert and I feel like there’s not really much of a downside to it because you get the best of both worlds. The important thing is to surround yourself with people you’re excited to talk to. I used to be more of an introvert but since my profession calls for it, I’ve learned to adjust and become an ambivert. I used to think I would die if I arrived to a party alone, now I’m a little better. I just smile at everyone and that makes me more comfortable and approachable so people start talking to me. I need to work on my small talk though. I absolutely hate small talk so I’m horrible at it hahaha. I can’t go past “how are you?” and “good.” LOL.

Q: if you had the chance to make a book, what would be the title of your book? (well, khit anong title ng book mo, bbli ako! :p
A: I was gonna write a book on my past relationships and call it “The Ex Files” but I just Googled it and that title is not original at all. Hahahaha.

Q: do you drive ba, saab?
A: Yes, I do!

Q: Hello there Saab! I know you’ve read tons of books already. I have a question for ya! :P what are your tips on how I can visualize the story of a certain book? :( how do you make it a point to apprehend all the information of it?
A: I really just make a movie in my mind. Good books usually describe locations and characters really well. Sometimes I even think of existing actors playing each role but most of the time they’re total unknown personalities in my head. If it’s not science fiction, I think of existing locations I’ve seen in movies or in real life. Like when the author describes a public school, you can think of the hallways of your favorite teen rom com. When you visualize things, it’s really much easier to understand what you’re reading.

Q: Hi Saab!! I’m one of your avid readers, like I always check you site every single day, sa bahay, sa work, sa gabi bago matulog! HAHAHA, intense! But anyway, i just wanna ask, if you are experiencing this situation what will you do? You met a guy, common friend niyo siya ng sister mo, then you both got a long well. After few weeks of talking over social medias, you decided to meet and hang out. Then suddenly, after a while, he just disappeared. Literal na nawala walang pasabi, You’re left clueless, hindi mo alam kung ano nangyari and all. :( I kept reminding myself that he is not worth it pero honestly hindi naman siya nawala sa isip ko until now…. after 4 months? Hay. PS – why do you look so fresh always!!! hehehe,
A: Hello! Thanks so much for supporting my blog! Here’s my answer: if you aren’t close enough to know where he lives or his family members, maybe it’s time to move on. Otherwise, you should really check up on him through his family in case he’s in some sort of danger? I know it’s easier said than done but in these situations, it’s usually a case of The Missing Douchebag. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but he probably got bored or met somebody new and he obviously doesn’t value your friendship for him to tell you about it. He probably thinks it’s easier that way because guys don’t really enjoy drama. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, my dear! Good luck! P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH hehehe

Q: god forbid, but what if jim cheats on you? what will you do?
A: Kick him to the curb.

Q: Bakit “Joey” name ni Joey? :P
A: Named after my favorite character Josephine March from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. She’s a rebel tomboy who loves writing.

Q: What’s your comfort food?
A: Pizza and sushi — the greatest things in life

Q: Best compliment you have received?
A: When my real life friends randomly quote something I wrote on my blog. It’s really the best feeling.

Q: May mga future baby names na bang sumasagi sa utak mo? Hihi. :)
A: Isamiah or Jerebella. Lel

Q: Worst away nyo ni Jim? :)
A: Super love how that question ends with a smiley face haha. Hmmmm I think it was that one time we broke up for 2 days. It was the worst, we just ignored each other. But Jim tells me that was the catalyst for our engagement. He felt so horrible that he wasn’t able to talk to his best friend so he knew he wanted to keep me forever. Not that I’m his property or anything but gets? Hahaha. To make it clear, I felt equally as horrible and I really felt like a part of me died a little. YUCK OA BA?? Pero ganon talaga yung feeling.

Q: Who’s your girl crush na local celebrity? :)
A: Kelly Misa hehehe

Q: Nagbabasa ka ba ng fashionpulis?
A: No, ew. Have you read the comments there? Mukha bang part ako ng demographic ng FP? Haha. Mga bored na walang purpose sa buhay ang nagsasayang ng oras doon noh.

Q: Sa mga future children nyo, sino sa tingin mo may tendency mang-spoil, you or daddy Jim? :D
A: Jim.

Q: Have you watched Breaking Bad?
A: Yaaas

Q: Who do you want as the next president of the Philippines?
A: Dick Gordon but he’s not in the running

Q: What turns you off immediately?
A: People who don’t smile

Q: Have you ever shopped in ukay ukay?
A: Yeah

Q: Hi! Kay janet ka ba bumili ng iphone 6? Plus bakit sa greenhills ka nabili? Thanks!!
A: Yung luma kong iPhone 6, gift ni Maxx sa akin! I just bought a 6S+ from iStudio in Shangri-la! I’m so excited, I’m restoring it with my contacts and other stuff now :)

Q: Do you pay for your kiehls at mac products? Thank!!
A: Some of them, yes! Some are gifts from the brands :)

Q: what’s your favorite red, pink, nude, orange/coral, dark, brown shades and brands of lipsticks? :) thank you :)
A: Right now I like diff shades of brown for my lips! MAC and Colour Pop are my faves at the moment.

Q: How much is the Creamy Eye Treatment from Kiehls? Gosh I need it I have the biggest designer bags under my eyes!! :(
A: Naku I’m not sure!

Q: hi saab i love you oh please love me back haha so where and when do you usually hangout? favorite spot or place?
A: Saguijo in Makati!:)

A: Rom com, not a movie though, watch Netflix’s new original series called LOVE. UGH SOBRANG GANDA

Q: are u an introvert or an extrovert?
A: Apparently I am what’s called an ambivert

Q: whats ur favorite fast food chain?
A: Burger King

Q: How effective is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate to you?
A: Mukha akong Galadriel pag gising ko. Lel

Q: How do you tell someone to back off snooping on your stuff without offending them.
A: “Ummmm, hello, PWEDE WAG???????” Char! Just be honest and calm. “Hi, I hope you understand that I really value my personal space and it would mean so much if you could respect my privacy.” Optional ending: “, you motherf***ing snoop!!!!”

Q: Hey Saab you please check this out! What do you think? =) https://soundcloud.com/patsaintpeter/accidents-cheats-uke-cover
A: I can’t find the track!

Q: Condition once in a while lang? not every day? omg every day pa naman ako
A: Actually, hindi ko alam! I think everyday is better for the hair, but I like my hair messy and a little buhaghag hehe.

Q: What are your blog-to-do list?
A: I try to plan what I’m going to write in advance so I don’t have a blank page when I start writing. I have topics ready. Then I look for at least one image that’s best suitable for the post, and make sure to end encouraging my readers to engage in a conversation. I also make sure I leave a link in the end to help my reader learn more information about my topic.

Q: saab, do you play COC?? if yes anong level kana?? ?
A: Nope!

Q: How do you maintain your pinkish or not dark lips? I always wear lippie because when, I don’t I look sick. Saka because I started wearing one about 4 years ago, and now my lips are dark :(
A: Nakaka-dark ba talaga ng lips ang lipstick?:( Maybe you need a better makeup remover! I use L’Oreal’s Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. And then use your toothbrush to GENTLY exfoliate your lips once in a while!

Q: HI SAAB!! I can’t wait for you to write your book!! (Sabi mo kasi before my book deal ka na hehe). Good luck!! P.S. Can I order a Cheats shirt with a message from you and the whole band? Huhu please!! I really love your album!!
A: Thanks!! Yes, you can get a shirt! Message us on our Facebook page to order!

Q: Do you ever consider having little Joey babies or gusto mo baby lang si Joey forever?
A: No Joey babies because I had her spayed a long time ago. Better for her health and there are way too many homeless pups in this world.

Q: SAAB! OMAYGAD Nakita ko finofollow mo si leloy claudio on twitter jasdhksdf sobrang crush ko siya as in!!! Kamukha siya ni Jim!!! So feeling ko Saab ako at magkakaroon kami ng Jim-Saab love story. Chos! Ang laki ng age gap namin hahaha! Pero kasi ultimate crush talaga ano ba :( But really how do you know him? And what’s he really like? :)
A: Hahaha he interviewed me before for Rogue magazine, that’s the most interaction we’ve had. Sorry I can’t give you more info on your crush :(

Q: Hi Saab, your hubby looks charming and nice :) my nagsabi naba sayo / sa kanya na hawig nya si Mark Anthony Fernandez? hihi
A: Omg wala pa pero super crush ko si Mark Anthony Fernandez!! Oo nga noh!!

Q: Its hard for me to get along with my officemates. Im planning to job hop but Im loaded with paperworks. I need a wake up punch! Any advice?
A: I need more info to give you advice but off the bat, I’d say: start sleeping early, waking up early, and smiling more. Be more patient with your officemates and just finish the paperwork. If you really feel depressed in your work environment, just quit!

Q: bb cream, naturactor or Mary Kay liquid foundation?
A: I’ve never used Mary Kay foundation so….. I’ll go for bb cream cos it’s not as thick as foundation!

Q: Hi saab. What can you say about Jadine? Do you like them? :D
A: Okay naman!

Q: Does Jim read you blog? Aware ba sya na marami kang readers na may crush sa kanya? Isa na ko dun! Haha! You are one lucky girl! <3
A: Yes!:) I’m very very lucky!!

Q: How are you right now?
A: Keribelz



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    March 15, 2016

    Omg saab! I read Fashionpulis mostly because of the showbiz news because I don’t get to watch often plus PEP site is sooo boring for me.. Hehe. Still love you saab!

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    Lian V

    March 16, 2016

    :) nakakatawa yung mukang Galadriel pag gising. ako kasi mukang Gandalf e. haha

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    April 16, 2016

    “I used to think I would die if I arrived to a party alone, now I’m a little better. I just smile at everyone and that makes me more comfortable and approachable so people start talking to me. I need to work on my small talk though. I absolutely hate small talk so I’m horrible at it hahaha. I can’t go past “how are you?” and “good.” LOL.”
    Funny, I thought it was just me. I’m 31 and I still feel awkward. I thought I am either an aggressive introvert or a a shy extrovert. I hate small talks because I always worry that others may not like them either. Na baka, they were just too polite to shoo me away. Hehe… Tsaka baka yung “small talk” ko, mauwi sa “tmi”. Madalas kasi ako kainin ng moment. Isa pa, I feel like I can’t keep a convo. Nasimulan lang, tapos, “…” Pero madaldal naman ako. ??