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Ask Saab 46

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March 16, 2016 14 Comments

Q: Have you read Paper Towns by John Green?
A: Yes! Has the movie come out yet?

Q: Watch Fear the Walking Dead plsssss
A: YES! I’ve finally caught up with The Walking Dead, will watch FTWD next!!!!

Q: do you go to church?
A: Yes

Q: Do you want kids anytime soon?
A: No, not right now.

Q: how and how often do you exfoliate your lips?
A: You mean using my tooth brush? Pag na-feel kong kawawa na yung lips ko. Hahaha. Siguro every two weeks?

Q: Hi, Saab! I’d like to ask you if it’s okay to wear tights or stockings, esp black, during daytime? I really want to wear short dresses but is not really confident coz I don’t have nice legs. Thanks in advance.
A: Yeah sure if you don’t sweat easily. I would do that but I can just imagine dying in this heat /sad

Q: Thank you for always updating your blog it really helps me kc boring ang graveyard work ko & u inspire me tlga. How do you stay healthy when you have work at night? what’s ur usual dinner? any recommended brand of green tea? ;p -Lorz
A: Hi Lorz! I try to make sure I don’t have anything scheduled early the next day when I have a gig at night so I can get enough rest. My usual dinner is whatever Diet Diva’s serving. Hehe. Usually low on carbs! Oh no I don’t really care much for tea brands, I think you should ask my mom!!

Q: What is your favorite board/card game? :D <3 <3 <3
A: Munchkins and Pusoy Dos :p

Q: Hi Saab! When are you gonna do a virtual book club again? I love you. Haha!
A: You think people would be interested in another one?:)

Q: who are your influences on non-fiction writing?
A: Augusten Burroughs, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham, I also enjoy reading the articles on Entertainment Weekly and Women’s Health. Their writers seem so fun.

Q: how did you become friends with cj de silva?
A: I can’t exactly remember but we’ve known each other since high school. Probably the Internet?

Q: Ever experienced talking to yourself then someone else enters the room and you have to pretend you were singing?
A: Hahahahahahaha that would be so awkward!!! Thankfully no but I usually talk to myself in my head. I make facial expressions but I don’t say stuff out loud.

Q: what are your mom’s hobbies?
A: She’s into watching TV series like me! She’s also really having fun taking care of her restaurant in Makati.

Q: do you and maxx talk about her kissing scenes?
A: No! Oh God, I don’t wanna know. Hahahaha. She has kissing scenes??

Q: what’s your definition of malandi?
A: Oooh.

Q: what’s the worst thing you did while you were drunk?
A: Vomited on my sister’s couch. HAHA. I was in college. It was not fun. She made me clean it WHILE I WAS DRUNK. Huhuhu.

Q: daks ba si jim?
A: What is daks?? Is this a new term?? Like scoobs??

Q: Did you like Julie Anne as Elmo
A: I don’t think Julie Anne ever BECAME Elmo

Q: Do you ever play gigs on 19 East in Sucat?
A: Yes, we’ve played there a few times! You can see our gig sched on the right side of my page if you’re interested in catching a gig!

Q: do you talk about each others past relationships?
A: Just in passing. Not really.

Q: I need advice on what business to venture on. D: I can make money grow but i don’t know where to start. I just need ideas. help naman T_T
A: Girl, if I knew anything about money… I don’t even know how to finish this sentence because I don’t know anything about money.

Q: hi saab! how much is the cheats shirt and where can we view the design? i’m from davao, btw. :)
A: You can message us on our Facebook page! fb.com/cheatsph

Q: Mejo hindi ko gets yung ”You had me at hilaw” from LinyaLinya Hahaha
A: Jerry Maguire

Q: Hi Saab! I am 22 years old and working already. I wanna introduce a guy to my dad but he’s really masungit when it comes to boys!!
A: Hahaha! Talk to your dad and tell him how important it is. Or ask your mom to talk to your dad. If he says it’s okay to meet your guy, okay lang na masungit siya sa guy! He doesn’t owe your suitor anything. Tama nga yan, ma-intimidate dapat siya kahit konti :))

Q: What made you love/like Emily the Strange before?
A: I felt like she was so relatable cos her only friends were cats and she liked being alone. I had no cats but I really preferred being alone. Emo ako noon. Haha.

Q: Bakit short hair yung mom niyo since then?
A: Moms prefer a wash and wear hairstyle for practicality.

Q: Do you pray the rosary?
A: I can’t remember the last time I prayed the rosary. I’m not against it at all, I just don’t do it. I remember one time in grade school, I was one of the prayer leaders and we’d always pray one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be just before ending the class. One of my classmates (I can’t remember which one) spoke up and said how unnecessary it was to always recite those 3 prayers every time. She said, “Jesus taught us that The Lord’s Prayer is enough.” I don’t even know if what she said is legit but that always stuck with me. I don’t know what the “rules” are but I honestly think one short sincere prayer means just as much as a really long one.

Q: Are you related to the family of Pres.Gloria Arroyo?
A: I think we’re far relatives of the late Joker Arroyo. Was he related to Gloria?

Q: Are you close to your dad’s family?
A: Yes, especially my tita Maricar’s family.

Q: Do you consider sexting a form of cheating?

Q: My sister keeps on letting her friends stay in our apartment pero nagbabayad sila and yung bayad nila e sa kanya lang yun. Nakakainis lang kasi di man lang siya nagpapaalam samin or sa parents namin basta pag punta nalang nila mama dto sa Cebu may iba nang nakatira syempre di naman pwede paalisin ni mama kasi nandyan na. Diba disrespectful yung di man lang nagpapaalam? And sobrang wala pang mga manners. Di na ako makapag aral nang mabuti bcos of them. Parang gusto ko nang magsarili. What should I do? :(
A: How old are you? I think you should talk to your parents about it. It’s their apartment and not your sister’s, right? You and your sister should be the priority, not your sister’s friends. If you’re having a hard time studying, you should really be vocal about this. Or ask your parents if they can help you find your own place. Good luck, that really sucks :(

Q: Sinong mas close mo si megan or si lauren? and thoughts about them
A: I’m closer to Lauren because Megan is more mahinhin, she’s our beauty queen. Lauren is crazy. Hahaha. I really enjoy conversations with the two, they’re totally on equal sides of the spectrum.

Q: what sport are you interested in?
A: Shit. Wala. Hahaha. I like watching NBA games sometimes when it’s an exciting match. I really enjoy watching our drummer Enzo play futsal (he’s the team captain of the UA&P team). But I don’t really play sports.

Q: Saab, itutuloy ko pa ba ang pagmmed? Just say NO, and I’ll stop it! HUHU. I love you for doing what you love to do without struggling. Stay supergirl! <3
A: Why don’t you want to pursue it? Think it through before giving up! And also, wala namang life without struggles so what you said about me is not entirely true. Good luck!!:)

Q: Hi Saab! I plan on going to Japan this winter. How’d you dress for the weather? Was it super cold or kaya na one thick coat plus scarf?
A: Invest in thermal tights and undershirts. There’s a lot in Uniqlo. You will need gloves as well ? Have fun!

Q: I also love your Superstars!!! Were they cheaper in Japan?
A: Way cheaper. I don’t even know if they have women’s sizes here.

Q: Hi Saab, Apologies for having to message you here but I don’t know how else to reach out to you. :) I am humbly reaching out to you to help Syrian refugees in your own way. You’ve probably seen photos and news all over FB about the exile that Syrian refugees are in because of the war since 2011. A lot of innocent victims have been displaced from their homes, children’s bodies wash up to shore from their families’ desperate attempts to flee the country, and so many other horrific events. This has been going on for 4 years that our brothers and sisters in Syria think that they are not worth saving because people judge them as terrorists. You can learn more about the issue here https://www.mercycorps.org/tags/syria-crisis In lieu of this, I started a fundraising campaign via Mercy Corps. Mercy Corps is one of the organizations that has really been trying to help these Syrian refugees. If you can donate even just $1 and/or share this cause it would really help a lot. Proceeds will go directly through Mercy Corps (not me). There has not been much support from their neighbouring countries so I truly believe that it is part of our moral obligation to do what we can in our own little way. Here’s the link to my fundraising campaign >https://www.mercycorps.org/people/yumipentecostes/syria Hoping for a favorable response from you! From a fan and a friend, Yumi

A: Thanks for the link, Yumi!

Q: how do i get back with my ex boyfriend when i’m the only one trying?
A: I think you know the answer to that already, my dear.:(

Q: if given a chance,bet mo din ba maging host ng eat bulaga?
A: Sure, my dad used to be part of the show! But I think mas bagay si Maxx dun. Haha.

Q: hi saab! I am dating this guy for three months and he’s awesome but i don’t think I love him though I enjoy his company. What should I do?
A: Don’t rush it. If you enjoy his company, why should you stop dating? Is he pressuring you into being his girlfriend already? If he says it’s now or never, baka never nalang kung di mo naman siya love.

Q: do you want another dog? if yes what breed?
A: corgi ?

Q: huhu newspaper girl and again professor manny? lang yung pwedeng maplay sa spotify, WHYYYYY? :(
A: Uy complete na lahat!:)

Q: Hi Saab! :) have you tried doing Revlite to your face? :)
A: What’s that? Okay I just Googled it. Nope!

Q: Are you a feminist?

Q: Who’s your favorite character from The Office?
A: Michael Scott! And Ryan!

Q: Anong tawag sa haircut na to? Please, I REALLY WANT TO KNOW :(
A: I have no idea! I just say, “magulo na wavy” haha! Just show the photo to your hairstylist!:)

Q: How do you do closet spring cleaning? You sell/throw/give away old clothes? I also want to get rid of my pinagsawaang clothes LELZ Help pls!
A: I just give them away!

Q: What is the most expensive thing you bought for somebody? Who did you give it?
A: I think a PS4 for Jim. I got it before it was released here so it was more expensive back then. Hehe. But he really loves it until now so it’s all worth it!

Q: Uhmmm what is a monolith? Jim gave one to you before your wedding.
A: It’s from 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. You can read more about it here.

Q: Sinong atista na siguro pag nakita mo magfa-fan girl ka? Local and hollywood hehe
A: Locally, si Piolo. Pero nakasama ko siya sa ASAP, katabi ko siya sa backstage tapos nakalimutan ko magpa-picture HUHUHUHU. Hollywood, lahat siguro. HAHA.


March 29, 2016



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    March 16, 2016

    Paper Towns came out last year, Saab! hehe

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      March 29, 2016


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    Louise Ramos

    March 16, 2016

    I always have fun reading your Ask Saab answers–never fails to bring up my mood! Thanks Saab. And taray ng picture niyo, ganda! P.S. I love the way you dress. Sobrang peg kita everytime. Haha.
    Caffeine Rush

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    March 16, 2016

    Paper Towns has been shown na, Saabae! It’s a cute movie <3 Nat Wolff was such a QTP2T

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      March 29, 2016

      Owem, crush ko siya

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    March 16, 2016

    Curiousssss, natuloy ba yung virtual book club??? Parang di ko nakita!

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      March 29, 2016


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    March 17, 2016

    Wow! nakakakilig pla pag nasasagot ang question, first time atang nasagot question ko..hehehehe lablab ;)

    Q: Thank you for always updating your blog it really helps me kc boring ang graveyard work ko & u inspire me tlga. How do you stay healthy when you have work at night? what’s ur usual dinner? any recommended brand of green tea? ;p -Lorz
    A: Hi Lorz! I try to make sure I don’t have anything scheduled early the next day when I have a gig at night so I can get enough rest. My usual dinner is whatever Diet Diva’s serving. Hehe. Usually low on carbs! Oh no I don’t really care much for tea brands, I think you should ask my mom!!

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      March 29, 2016


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    March 17, 2016

    I already found a brand of green tea and flavor that has the best taste for me! Dilmah Moroccan Mint you and your mom should try it too :)

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      March 29, 2016

      Where’d you get it?:)

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    March 19, 2016

    Paper Towns came out in 2015. Meh. Not a fan of Cara’s acting and trying hard American accent.

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      March 29, 2016

      Hahahaha mapanood nga

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    Köurtney Love

    March 19, 2016

    Q: Did you like Julie Anne as Elmo
    A: I don’t think Julie Anne ever BECAME Elmo

    HAHAHAH! Omg this is too funny. ? I laughed so hard when i read it ?