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March 29, 2016 8 Comments

Q: Sorry for a personal question but where do you buy your underwears?
A: Marks & Spencer for cotton panties but I recently discovered Uniqlo’s seamless underwear, I have a LOT in nude and black :)

Q: do you own any American Eagle stuff? How’d you like it?
A: No, I actually don’t! Okay ba? Haha

Q: Pls do another “Girl” blog. You only wrote Beyonce, Megan and Lauren. #leveling
A: HAHAHA oo nga noh!! SIGE!!

Q: Isn’t awkward na you’re beshies with Lauren tapos gf ni Elmo si Janine? No conflict? How’d you think of Janine? Would you rather prefer Lauren-Elmo? Lelz
A: It’s not awkward at all. I like Janine, too! I prefer anything that makes Elmo happy :) And Lauren is very happy with Robbie, too! It’s not a big deal, thank goodness they’re not immature :)

Q: Do you watch Brooklyn Nine Nine? If yes, who’s your fave character? If no, you’re making the biggest mistake of our life, girl!!!
A: Hahaha I just binge watched season 2 last week. It’s not my favorite show but I do like Peralta’s partner, Detective Boyle! And I like Santiago, too. And the boss!!

Q: what is your fave filipino food?
A: Bistek Tagalog!! And adobong pusit hehe. Haven’t had that one in a long time!!

Q: Have you watch any of the AlDub episodes?
A: I watched a “Best Of” YouTube clip before! I understand the hype hehe

Q: How did you add Nuffnang Ads in your sidebar?
A: Nuffnang’s website has a tutorial :)

Q: Did you ever like Selena Gomez for Justin Boeber?
A: YES I’m not over Jelena!

Q: Do you watch Scandal Series?

Q: After shopping, pagkauwi mo ng bahay, what do you do sa mga pinang shopping mo, like if you bought a new dress do you put it agad sa cabinet mo or just leave it in the paper bag hanggang sa gagamitin mo na talaga sya? #weirdkolang
A: I usually just leave it in the paper bag for days hahaha pinagsabihan na ako ni Jim though :p and because I’m in a constant decluttering mode, I have to store everything right away. I take out the tags and throw it in the laundry :)

Q: Did you wear a tube top underneath your floral playsuit (the one you wore recently in SG) ? Just wondering what you usually wear under tops and playsuits which are open at the back.
A: Sometimes I wear a bandeau in place of a bra or a stick on bra (La Senza has awesome stick on bras)

Q: do you still exercise even if you’re on diet diva? :)
A: Honestly I haven’t worked out in months :( But I just started my 90-day P90x3 challenge yesterday!! DAY 2 TODAY!!

Q: What would you advice your married girlfriend if her husband keeps cheating on her? Napansin ko kasi ayaw mo talaga sa cheaters and you always advice against such relationship, would there be a difference in your advice if the cheating is already inside marriage?
A: No, I would still say leave your partner if he/she is cheating. If there are kids involved, you should at least talk about it. Attend counseling, if you can forgive each other and get to the root of the problem, maybe there is still hope. Don’t stay together for the kids, you have to stay together because you love each other. Your kids will be more affected if you secretly hate each other.

Q: Most of the time I feel ugly kaya ata walang nagkakagusto sakin kasi sobrang chaka ko. Insecure ako masyado. Ano ba dapat gawin ko every time I feel this way?
A: When I feel ugly (we all have those days), I make sure to work out. Pag nag-exercise ka, you’ll blow off steam and you’ll feel better about yourself after exercising. Don’t depend on others liking you for you to feel beautiful. You have to FEEL beautiful for you to attract others. Hope you stop feeling this way!!?

Q: have you been a TOTGA? Or who was your TOTGA?
A: I had to Google that. Haha! The One That Got Away? Thankfully, wala akong TOTGA.

Q: Give me one reason that will make you break up with your bf. Question mark. hhahaha
A: Infidelity. No ambition. Dependent. Three yan ha! Haha

Q: Where did you. Uy the pink dress you wore when you guested at the Ryzza Mae show for the Matrix Cut for Cancer? Thanks :)
A: I think it was from Forever 21!

Q: Nakakaitim ba ng lips pag palaging naglilipstick?
A: Parang hindi naman!

Q: you have really white underarms. Mind if you share your secret? :)
A: DOVE DEO!!! Lelz – but really, it has a moisturizing formula that takes care of irritation after shaving :)

Q: Pano nagkakilala silva chelo and ely buendia?
A: GRRRL SCOUT gig! Ely played with Oktaves and Chelo watched Jim’s band.

Q: Hi Saab!! Help me naman, ano kayang pwede kong gawing hairstyle sa long, natural curly hair ko? Ayaw ko kasing nilulugay siya eh :( Huhuhu help me naman. Pero sabi naman nila, maganda daw yung pa ka curly ko. Parang pinakulot daw? :))) Love you, Saab! Thank youuuu! <3
A: Girl, a lot of people would love to have long, natural curly hair!! Bakit ayaw mong i-lugay? Haha! What I used to do is wear it in a bun on top of my head haha. Check this link out for tutorials!

Q: Bukod sa palladium and DMs boots, ano pang go-to boots mo? I super love your style! ♥
A: I have booties from Stradivarius :)

Q: Except for the Cheats shirt. What’s your Top 10 favorite FMCC shirts designs?
A: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Q: Hey Saab, do you own a muted purple lipstick? I think I saw a picture of you on instagram wearing it idk not sure though. If you do, what is it? :) Also, do you play sims?!!
A: Yes, I have MAC Heroine and Up The Amp :) Yes, I love The Sims!! But I haven’t played in a long time. It ruins my life hahahaha

Q: Hi Saab <3 pahingi naman ako ng tips paano mag budget. Ako kasi ang pinaghawak ni hubby ng pera. Though sabi ko sakanya sya na lang since magastos ako at di ako marunong mag budget talaga hehe). newbie lang din kami kagaya nyo ni Jim. Salamat. :)
A: OMG I love this desktop and phone app called YNAB (You Need A Budget), I finally learned how to budget through the app and tutorials online :) I’ll blog about it so I can help you!

Q: What BB cream product do you use?
A: Kiehl’s BB cream + sun screen :)

Q: if he cheated on her with me, will he also cheat on me with someone else? or do people really change?
A: I believe people can change. But be careful.

Q: Hi saab! May Spotify account ka ba?
A: Yup!

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your favorite MAC Lipstick?
A: Currently WHIRL

Q: Bakit parang di stress si Jim sa work kasi nakakapag gig and all pa kayo?
A: When he had a corporate job, he really made time for our gigs. When he moved to JB Music, it was much easier because his boss understood since they usually sponsored gigs. Now, he quit his 9-5 job and is focused on Linya-Linya so his work hours are much more flexible :)

Q: Hi Saab!! Hawig mo nga yung Bean! Hahaha pero mas cute ka hihi. Anyway, how do you avoid having a beer belly? I know iwasan ang beer pero yun lang iniinom ko kasi I can’t stand hard liquor huhu ? Love you so much sana mag-tape ka ulit sa MYX studio susugod talaga ako lol ?
A: Anong Bean???? Hahahaa. The truth is, I really get a beer belly when I drink beer. The only solution would be to lay off it. So I don’t drink as much as I used to! Hope to see you too :)

Q: You know what, you are so blessed to be raised in a well off family. Hard working I must say. On my part, I have to cancel date nights and I can’t just leave my job for something I really wanna do because I know it will be costly and risky. I can’t even see myself marrying 5yrs from now (I’m 22 btw) bec I know I still need to provide for my family and to save. I’m not being paawa but you are so blessed Saab and thank you for sharing what you have through your blog.
A: I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog and I wish you find a partner who will understand your situation and maybe even help lighten the load for you by working by your side and being creative with “date nights” xx Jim and I used to do this thing called CRUSH HOUR since he had a 9-5 job and I had a lighter workload, I would get dropped off at his place of work and ride with him home just so we could talk in traffic. That was how we used to date :)

Q: Aside from topshop saan ka pa bumibili ng damit? Your my inspiration pagdating sa pagbibihis. haha
A: Thanks! I like to get clothes from H&M too :)

Q: How big is your 2 bedroom condo?
A: It’s perfect for me, Jim, Joey and our kasambahay Mary Lyn :)

Q: Hello Saab! Yung Superstar na binili mo sa Japan, was it a WMN size shoe or MEN size? I’m planning to buy one pero kasi puro pang boy ang size :( Your thoughts please. Thank you! :) Stay fab and adorable :D
A: WMN :)

Q: Hi Saab.Advice lang. I just asked for this guy’s number thru instagram and he replied within minutes. Now I got his number and texted him but no reply yet. It’s been an hour. What do I do? I met this guy through a job at an amusement park here in Canada. We live in different cities as well. Help please. I’m going crazy na. Super cute sya.
A: Hahaha I bet he’s replied by now!! Good luck!!

Q: Hi Saab! I purchased a physical copy of Cheats’ album and sadly walang album artwork when I imported it sa iTunes huhu :( wala rin sa google. Is there any chance that I can get that amazing cover? Thank you!
A: Here you go! Thanks for purchasing our album!!

Q: where is ur regular gig po here in QC? loveyou saab!!!!
A: No regular gigs but we often have gigs at Route 196 :)

Q: gurl balak mo pa ba mag blog? nyareh??????

Q: Hi Saab! Can you ask Jim kung okay lang siya kasi nung Sunday sa Trendsetter’s Bazaar, bumigay yung inuupuan niya habang nandun siya sa Linya Linya booth :(
A: HAHAHAHAHAHA kinwento nga niya sa akin yun!! LOL okay lang naman siya :)) He was sitting on a plastic tupperware where they stored their stocks eh wala na palang laman so nasira :))

Q: Hi Saab! What ipad model do you have?
A: iPad Air 2

Q: Hey saab! Just curious lang, how do you motivate jim in stuff regarding his career? I support my bf in his career choices, i just wanted sana to motivate him without naking it seem like i’m a knowitall. Kasi it has happened na before. Thanks! Really love your blog. :) -cj
A: I’ve learned to listen more, dati kasi puro ako suggestion. Haha! It really helps when you just let him talk about what troubles him and what stresses him out. When you just listen and let him finish his train of thought, he will most likely come up with the solution himself. I just always tell him we will be okay. I’m lucky he’s very ambitious and he’s not all about passion, he’s also practical so he balances it out. I also always ask what I can do to help and he’s said more than once, “it’s enough that you listen” and then he hugs me. I think that’s motivation enough for him to keep working for our future:)

Q: Hi Saab! Would you do a post about your lipstcik collection? I’m interested especially in your MAC Lipstick collection! Keep being gorg!!!
A: A blog reader e-mailed me a 20-day lipstick challenge which I’d love to do on my blog!!

Q: At what age did you start wearing makeup? Were you good at doing it immediately? Saka anong unang makeup product ang kinahiligan mo? Was it always lipsticks?
A: After college na! No I wasn’t good haha I was always into lipstick and nail polish :)

Q: have you been to Pinto Art Museum?
A: Yes, my mom’s sister Auntie Erika had an exhibit there before. She’s a sculptor in New York, check out her stuff here.

Q: Hi Ate Saab! You’re one of my blogspirations. Anyway, how do you bond with Clara considering the age gap? Don’t you find it hard to put up with Generation Z kids? -H
A: I always try to stay “on fleek” with the latest trends. CHOS hahahahaha but seriously, I always ask her about Kylie, Kendall, 1D, Bieber, etc. And we share funny memes with each other.

Q: Hi Saab. You’re so pretty. I’m a fan, I love you. May I know what EOS Lip Balm you use and recommend? ♥ -Camie
A: Passion Fruit (the purple one) is my fave :)

Q: were you popular back in high school? random questiooon
A: Not at all!

Q: Saab! What camera are you using? Can you suggest cameras that are good yet affordable? :)
A: Sony A6000! Check out this link of the best bargain beginner cameras so far this year!


March 16, 2016



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    Liezel D.

    March 30, 2016

    Q: gurl balak mo pa ba mag blog? nyareh??????
    -benta to!!! hahahaha

    As always kakatuwa basahin :))

  2. Reply

    Janel Salcedo

    March 30, 2016

    Gotta love Ask Saab posts ❤ Also, P90x–i hate it but i love it. Haha!

  3. Reply


    April 14, 2016

    As i know abwt ure hilig.. u like tv series specially hollywood.. have u try watching Game Of Thrones??? Try mo gurl.. wow!!! Sobrang ganda ??

    • Reply


      April 14, 2016

      Of course, I love GoT!

  4. Reply


    April 15, 2016

    So what ure fav chatacter in GoT?? For me I luv Jon Snow and khalessi ?

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      April 27, 2016


  5. Reply

    Pat A

    May 1, 2016

    Sobrang late na ng comment and kwento na ‘to but since namention na, there was this one time I went to Trendsetter’s Bazaar. I was totally minding my own business then the big door at the back area opened. Some guy went in, he was looking down then to me. It was Jim! Bright light from the outside behind him made him seem extra dreamy! I was so starstruck, I didn’t even realize I was staring until he passed by me tapos nakita ko siya nag side look sakin like, “Nyare dito?” HAHAHAHAHAHA! Pabalik-balik talaga ako sa Linya Linya booth non, gustong gusto magpapicture. Then I realized sobrang uncomfortable na niya sakin. Hahaha! Sobrang sorry, Jim!!

    P.S. For about 10 minutes I actually forgot you existed. Hahahaha sorry, Saaby!!!

    • Reply


      May 3, 2016

      HAHAHA thanks so much for sharing this. It will make Jim laugh and also I’m sure he’ll be flattered hehe. :p