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Ask Saab 48

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May 3, 2016 0 Comments

Q: where’d you attend high school?
A: Montessori Integrated School, Antipolo

Q: how many years were you in the ateneo? 5? did you shift?
A: 5. Nope! Just had to move units around cos I was working at the time.

Q: Can you recommend a good vacay spot in Batangas? Thanks!
A: Tali!

Q: Saab you said you got your hair rebonded in high school? How did it become like normal hair again? Yung akin kasi sobrang buhaghag and parang walis. I had it rebonded 4 years ago :(
A: It just grew out! Here’s a link on how to fix damaged hair after rebonding, hope it helps!

Q: what was jim’s course in college? did he also study in AdMU?
A: Yes, he was in commtech management. I always forget his course HAHA I just asked him thru Whatsapp now.

Q: Hi Saab, can you please name the products from Kiehl you might/will not stop using. Thank you! :)
A: Kiehl’s facial wash, toner, and Midnight Recovery Concentrate are the things I use daily when I’m in a hurry and can’t do all the other steps. I also wear BB cream with sunscreen every morning :)

Q: Hi saab! Just wanna ask.. Where do you buy your dry shampoo and which brand do you use? Thanks! Love your hair btw xx
A: I have from Lush but I almost never use it because ang bilis ko mag pawis especially when I don’t wash my hair, I feel really hot the whole day. Huhuhu

Q: Do you have any idiosyncrasy before you write?
A: Yes, I procrastinate. Haha.

Q: What was going on in your mind before and during the no filter play? How did you overcome the anxiety and stage fright?
A: I needed to respect the text and deliver it in the way I imagined the writers would like me to. It wasn’t really about me, it was the beautifully written pieces. I overcame my stage fright and anxiety through bonding with the cast. We became very close and I felt like I was never alone on that stage.

Q: What’s the worst thing about Jim that you learned to love?
A: He’s SUCH a movie snob. Hahahaha. He criticizes almost everything about movies and it used to annoy me so much hahaha but it’s so fun because when he loves a movie, he REALLY loves it and can’t stop re-enacting the scenes. I’ve told him more than once that he should really try directing a movie. The boy’s brilliant!!

Q: What was that ‘something’ that made you so sure Jim is ‘THE ONE’? I mean how did you come to the conclusion na parang ‘Ah ito na talaga, siya na nga ang papakasalan ko’?
A: When we had a huge fight (can’t even remember what about) and he dropped me off at my condo and then we both walked away from each other and I usually would have just been “BAHALA SIYA!” but I started tearing up. Even if my head was telling me DO NOT SAY SORRY, I turned around and caught up to him. He had tears in his eyes, too. I hugged him and said sorry, and he said sorry too. It was a cinematic moment. Buti nalang nasa may hallway kami na walang tao because omg sobrang baduy ng scene na yun. HAHAHA. But that’s when I knew I really did not want to let go of this person ever. He really gets me to let go of my pride. That’s a hard feat especially for a bratty girlfriend like me. Hehe

Q: Hey Saab! Any affordable and classic lipstick for 18’s for everyday use (I dont wanna look OOOOLD) Love youuu
A: Colourpop lippie stix are nice! Try @colourpop_ph on Instagram! I think they have a stall in Tiendesitas and do shipping as well. I usually get mine from @death_by_lipstick but it seems like they haven’t been active since December. :(

Q: Is there any dream you still want to achieve in your writing career?
A: I want to publish a book someday. Right now, I just don’t think I’m ready yet. :(

Q: One haunting regret you wish you could have done?
A: My only regret is not spending more time with my dad

Q: Do you plan on being vegetarian or going vegan?
A: Nope!

Q: What was the last good thing that happened to you?
A: Woke up early this morning and without hesitation I worked out!! YAY

Q: What do you do when you wake up?
A: Just recently I had to wake up at 6AM everyday to give Joey her antibiotics for her UTI. Thank the Lord okay na siya. Hahaha. But yeah, she sleeps on our bed so when I wake up I always open the door for her so she can go outside to pee and drink water.

Q: One thing you wish you could change about yourself?
A: Wish I didn’t sweat so easily. Literally and figuratively.

Q: Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?
A: Not anyone in real life but I’d like to punch Enid from The Walking Dead

Q: What’s your favourite quote that sticks to you up until now?
A: “Only floss between the ones you want to keep” – something I came across about dental hygiene haha. Somehow I’ve applied it with people in my life. I only make time for people who matter to me. It’s a waste of time hanging out with fake friends.

Q: Did you ever experienced mid-life crisis? How did you overcome it?
A: Grabe yung mid-life crisis. Quarter-life naman please. Haha. Yes, sometimes I feel like I haven’t done enough but then I tell myself to relax and just keep going. I think I’m doing fine.

Q: Saab do you think you’re living your life to the fullest?
A: I sure hope I am.

Q: One Filipino writer you love and has become your inspiration?
A: Jessica Zafra was a huge inspiration as a teenager. I should read her new stuff!!

Q: Saab how did you know you wanted to write or that you could write? What made you decide that ‘I should be a writer’ and take creative writing as a course? Im so confused if I really want to be a writer I’m afraid I wouldnt earn as much (not really being money-obsessed but ya know) and not be successful in being one. Huhu
A: I think writing and big money don’t really go hand-in-hand except if you’re in Hollywood and you’re as good as Aaron Sorkin et al. I personally didn’t think so much about it. I don’t know if it’s a good thing my parents are so laid-back because they were never really in the corporate world either. I just knew I enjoyed writing and that people were interested in what I had to say. I didn’t know if I was any good, I just kept writing. My advice: you can take any course you want that will make your feel scure about money. Just write everyday for at least 30 minutes. Make time to read. Attend workshops during the summer. You don’t need to take up writing as a course in college. I don’t think magazines and publications are very strict about your course when hiring or accepting contributions. Good luck!

Q: Hot Topic stuff or Loungefly?:)
A: Neither (I don’t know what Loungefly is!)

Q: Top 5 recent book recommendations? And top 5 of all time? :)
A: I HAVEN’T BEEN READING. Huhuhu. Recent: “Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling, “Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl” by Carrie Brownstein, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, “The Girl On The Train” by Paula Hawkins, “One More Thing” by BJ Novak. Top 5 of all time?? Don’t make me do this huhuhu sakit sa heart

Q: Ate Saab what is your personality according to Myers-Briggs Personality Type? -H
A: I can’t remember! Last took that test in college. I just know I was an Introvert cos it started with an I… Hahaha! I tried to take a free test online but puro “borderline” yung results.

Q: me and my boyfriend are together for 5 years now. i love him but somehow im at a point right now that i miss being single. i miss the freedom of going out with whoever i want to go out with. i am very confused right now.
A: How old are you? Is he your first boyfriend? I think that’s normal for people who have not had many experiences with different groups of people and you feel like you’re missing out. I think it’s best if you talk to your boyfriend about how you’re feeling. Remember to be honest but try not to say anything hurtful (i.e. “I’m bored”). If you’re boyfriend is okay with you going to a party that he can’t/won’t go to, then there is nothing holding you back. Think about it too, though, would you be okay if it were the other way around? Be sensitive to his feelings. If you still feel the same way after talking to him, maybe you should rethink your relationship. You may not be ready for a commitment. Take note: there is no going back if you break up with him. It would be unfair for you to be all, “I’ve had my fun! I’m ready now!” Good luck!!

Q: can you upload more on your youtube? I put it on my iphone cause i really love you! You’re one of my inspiration for blogging Ate saab! Yay! Any videos will do! :)
A: REALLY? Okay xx

Q: When your haur was long back then, how do you sleep on it? Do you tie it or plain lugay?
A: I know it’s bad but I always sleep with my hair tied.

Q: Hi Saab! Can you post your gig schedules so I can watch your band perform :) btw you’r so pretty!!! :) – S
A: I put the schedule on the right side of my page but I’m thinking of posting gig posters on my actual blog page as well :)

Q: Doc Martens or Palladium Boots?
A: Why not both??

Q: Do you get annoyed by your makukulit na fans? If so, how do you handle us? LOL
A: NO I never get annoyed. As long as you’re not rude, I will love you forever

Q: Are you still friends with Lucy?
A: We don’t really talk much but I just saw her at a party last Saturday and we caught up with each other’s lives a little bit :)

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve seen you in The Ryzza Mae Show. I love your hair there! Did you have it permed? Or do you at least know a good salon where I can have my short hair permed? I like the wavy short hair that’s uso nowadays. thanks!
A: Hi! I’ve never gotten my hair permed hehe that was just curled! Hmm I guess I would recommend salons that are used to Korean hairstyles like Tony & Jackey :)

Q: Hi Saab! Do you use a planner? How do you take down notes? Would love to know more about your paper and pen journeys! :-)
A: I really do wish I had a prettier journal but I just make checklists daily :)

Q: Hi Saab! I just want to ask where you bought the c3po backpack? Thanks!
A: It was a gift from Jim! He bought it through his ate Mia who works for Disney in Singapore :)

Q: hi saab! i’m a fan of your blog. why don’t you write a book? that will be awesome and i’ll gladly buy and read it. ;)
A: Can’t decide on what I’ll write about!!

Q: how do i not freak when the ex i’ve been trying to get back with doesn’t reply to my msgs for 2 weeks?
A: Breathe in and out 10 times. 6 seconds inhale, 6 seconds exhale. Calm down. Sorry to break it to you but maybe it’s not meant to be :(

Q: how do you know you’re over someone? and, how can one be happy after a break-up?
A: I think it’s when you’re finally not hoping for that person to be miserable in life. When you feel genuinely happy for them when they’ve found happiness with someone else. When you wish them the best in life while you’re living yours not thinking about them every hour. My advice for the newly heartbroken has always been: go find a hobby. Figure out your passion. Spend your time and energy on that and you’ll soon be happy on your own because you’re doing what you love.

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve always liked your “mean” side and I want to get your opinion on this one haha. How do you deal with fake friends? Do you still talk to them or even greet them whenever you’re in the same event/room or dedma ka lang? Do you block them on facebook/twitter etc..
A: WHAT MEAN SIDE??? Hahaha. I unfriend people I haven’t talked to in at least a year. It’s no biggie, they won’t notice anyway. But if it’s someone I feel will take it personally when I unfriend them, I simply use the very useful MUTE and UNFOLLOW button on Twitter and Facebook. I am not a confrontational person so I will smile and nod but I will not make conversation with people I don’t like. If I REALLY don’t like you (I only do this to about 3 people), I pretend you don’t exist.

Q: which branch of topshop and H&M do you usually go to shop?
A: Topshop Shang or Rockwell. H&M Megamall hehe.

Q: What’s your current obsession?
A: Budgeting

Q: what’s the story of your first kiss? :)
A: My first kiss EVER? Hahaha. I was in 4th year high school and I was helping out my ate Unna with her play in Ateneo College. My first boyfriend secretly visited me and I met him outside the theater. While we were holding hands and talking about nothing, he asked me if he could kiss me. I said okay. So he kissed me. Then I went back inside the theater super kilig, I told my friend about it. All he advised me was to NEVER kiss after eating M&Ms because it’s gross. Hahaha!! I still have never tried that but thanks for the advice, Jan Parma!

Q: Which is better, BB cream from The Face Shop or Kiehl’s? :)
A: I like the Kiehl’s one better but Candy says it’s not good on her skin. I guess it depends on your skin type!

Q: Do you still receive monthly allowance from Jim’s parents? :)
A: OMG no. We never did. Since we both started working, we’ve been paying for our own utilities. That’s how it should be. I’m still shocked when I hear about some batch mates that still have their parents pay for their phone bills and gas. Kaloka.

Q: Hi saab! I’ve been in a ldr situation for a year now and recently he asked for my hand in marriage but i just turned 20 (he’s 24) i’m not sure yet if we’re ready. Do you think we’re going so fast? I just want your opinion you and jim are #realliferelationshipgoals
A: Big question is: have you met this guy in real life? It’s VERY different when you’re just communicating online. I suggest you try to attend Discovery Weekend before making an actual decision :)

Q: Hi Saab, just want to ask how do you maintain your lips to not darken, coz i notice dark lipstick sort of leave stain on the lips and darkens it.help please!
A: I didn’t know lipsticks could leave stains! I don’t do any maintenance, I guess you should just be careful with which brands you choose to use!

Q: Did you get yourself a new tattoo?
A: Not yet, but I’m thinking about it hehe