Spell Saab

Q: I just want you to know that you scare me hahaha I mean I’m scared because you’re brutally honest, direct to the point and really, really, really HONEST hahhaha it scares me. But I wanna be friends. lol stay cool!
A: Don’t be scared, I’m not mean naman!!

Q: Ate Saab! Have you been to Puerto Galera? How about Boracay? :) Ano mas recommend nyo? :) Thank you. Hart you always, girlcrush
A: Yes, Puerto Galera for the first ever Malasimbo! Super fun, ganda ng beach walang tao. Yes, Boracay is always fun siyempre. If you want a night life, go to Boracay. If you want rest and relaxation, go to Puerto Galera. But FYI I didn’t go to White Beach in Puerto Galera ha. It was another beach. Sorry, I forget! Also, consider the fact that there’s no plane ride going to Puerto Galera so it’s cheaper but longer ride.

Q: Hi ate saab :) Gusto ko po sana maging fashion blogger, kaya lang hindi naman po ako mayaman para mag-blog ng mga branded clothes and stuffs. Pero ate saab , gusto ko talaga maging fashion blogger. What should I do po? Please help me ate saab :3 Thankyoou po :*
A: You don’t need money to be a fashion blogger. You just need style. Kahit cheap camera pa yan, if you have a good eye, magagawan mo ng paraan. Kung hindi talaga okay, baka it’s not for you!

Q: did you buy your mac using your own money?
A: Of course. I’m a working girl!

Q: Are you clingy?
A: To an extent, yes.

Q: how much money do you spend everytime you go shopping? is maxx really impulsive?
A: I’m not comfortable discussing money matters.

Q: Hi Saab! Alam mo meron akong friend na sobrang love ka niya! Sobrang idol ka niya! Sa school nga namin, “Saab” na din tawag sa kanya kasi sobrang mahal ka niya eh! Siya yung fan mo sa SM Batangas na may dalang parang poster yata yon na nakalagay “I Love You Saab” :) Sweet niya no!
A: That is so sweet!!:):) I saw that poster!!

Q: Hi Saab! I have a crush on you since birth. :) Why you so gorgeous?? – Sedrix :)
A: Wow since birth?? Haha kaloka! Thanks Sedrix

Q: I guess you’ll be a better actress if you’re in ABS CBN. Sana po after mo mag gma, abs cbn ka na!! :D
A: We’ll see

Q: Are you into diets? How about exercise? Thanks
A: I am getting into the hang of exercising daily.

Q: Is it okay to text back as friends getting to know each other to guy#2 even if you like guy#1? Wala namang commitments w/guy#1…thnx ate saab!!! <3
A: Text back lang naman and hindi mo naman boyfriend yung isa. I can tell you’re young, so go have fun.

Q: wow you are so lucky sa genes mo! :P
A: Thanks!!

Q: Is there a way na makakuha ng fan sign from your sister? Or kahit ikaw please since magkapatid naman kayo. For my boyfriend’s birthday. Super crush niya si Maxx!
A: Wow, thanks. Haha. Ask her on Twitter

Q: Hi saab! of all the books you have read which books would you really recommend? those books na kahit basahin mo repeatedly hindi ka magsasawa..
A: Harry Potter, definitely. The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is amazing. I would read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn again. Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold was one of my favorite books in high school.

Q: Pls do a whats in my bag post!!!!! And pls show us your cameras :)
A: Okay hehe

Q: updated “what’s in my bag” please ^^
A: Ok :)

Q: Will you be my prom date? :) – Sedrix
A: Awww haha I’m a little too tita for prom :p

Q: Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? and what do you think about Christian Grey? haha
A: He is so annoying

Q: do you believe that chino is ‘the one’ for maxx?
A: I hope so! They’re very good for each other.

Q: would you wear plum as a lipstick color?
A: Totally! MAC Rebel was my color for a whole year back in 2010

Q: your take on deniece-vhong case?
A: I don’t like that everyone quickly concludes that the girl is lying just because she acts cheap.. A girl, no matter how she conducts herself, is never “asking for it” I hope more Filipinos understand that. And if she *is* lying, she is going to hell for it because people like her are the reason actually abused women are afraid to speak up. If Vhong really did it: I agree, the guys shouldn’t have beaten him up BUT with the fucked up, corrupt justice system we have, how can you blame guys for trying to teach him a lesson? This is of course assuming he actually raped the girl. My take: stop hanging out with the wrong people so you don’t get into fucked up shit like this.

Q: How are you? ❤- Nicole ❤ ❤
A: I’m okay!:)

February 6, 2014