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February 2, 2017 8 Comments

Question: Are you planning to have a baby na po ba? ☺
Answer: Not any time soon :)

Q: Hey Saab! Wish you could help me with this dilemma of mine. I’m graduating in two months & I’m low key panicking because I still don’t know what kind of work I want to do! One thing’s for sure — I don’t see myself being an office girl (thanks, internship!) Half of my heart says be practical, but the other half says find something to be passionate about. Huhu. Were you also in this type of situation? Whatever you say would be a big help! You’re my ultimate life peg ❤️ All my love, G.
A: Hi G! I would recommend trying out the corporate gig for at least a year or two. I know from my friends’ many stories that it helps build discipline and resilience. No matter what you decide to do in the long run, I’m sure you won’t find it as a waste of time. It’s like dating — even if you eventually break up, you will have learned something about yourself in the end. You can always work on smaller projects on the side if you’re really passionate about it. For example, if it’s photography you’re into then schedule shoots on the weekends and editing after work on weekdays! Why not try to apply for companies you respect and whose products you really like? That way you will enjoy being at the office :) Good luck and I hope I helped!

Q: Hi Saab! May mga times ba sa mga naging relationships mo na nagooverthink ka? Like “pano if di niya na ako mahal kinabukasan” mga ganyang thoughts? Or let’s say kay Jim, nagoverthink ka na ba ng mga ganyang klaseng bagay like nung bago palang kayo? Or kaming teenagers lang ang ganon? Hahaha!
A: FIRST OF ALL — TEENAGERS RIN KAMI NI JIM. Chozzz. I think it’s normal to overthink when you’re younger. Now that I’ve been married for 2 years, I can’t remember the last time I doubted Jim’s love for me. Siguro sa first few months of dating lang na may ganong feeling ako. I’m lucky because from our first date palang he never seemed to have eyes for anybody but me so it wasn’t hard. Ang ganda ko, noh??? Hahahahaha

Q: And Saab, medyo naguguluhan pa rin ako pano malaman yung love language ng partner ko. Can you give me some instances kung pano mo nalaman yung love language ni Jim? Hehe :)
A: Oh! We asked each other! He’s the one who taught me about love languages. He learned about it from his mom. It really helped our relationship so I highly recommend reading up on it! You can both take the free test here and discuss the results after!! I never read the book by Gary Chapman, you can easily find more information on it online. I’ve actually never taken the test. I’ll take it nga now!!! Hahaha! Good luck!

Q: Hi Saab, I just want to ask where do you usually buy your undergarments? I’m on my twenties now and have a hard time finding the right store to buy bras for specific clothes.
A: For bras, I only buy from Marks & Spencer. I heard they’re closing sometime this year so I might hoard. I also buy cotton panties from there. For invisible panty line underwear, I have a LOT from Uniqlo. Super comfy.

Q: Hi Saab! Have you ever felt left out? Like, you have a bunch of friends, but you really don’t belong to a certain group. Yung tipong, you’re not on top of the list na yayayain pag meron silang lakad. It’s like you’re the type of friend na “floating”. You get along with everybody, pero pag malungkot ka, di mo alam kung sino sa kanila yung kakausapin mo, because they have their own thing. It’s like, if naglalakad kayong lahat on the street, ikaw yung naiiwan sa likod. Yung feeling na marami ka lang kakilala, pero wala yung tipo na “best friend”? Can I be your friend? HAHAHAHAHUHUHU :)))) -mayang
A: Hi Mayang! That sucks! Maybe you should speak up more so your friends know how you feel? Pick one of them that you’re most comfortable with and open up a little bit. If he/she makes you feel comfortable then keep going and that person just might be your best friend! If not, maybe it’s time to find new friends? If you share the same interests, it’s hard to feel left out. Hey, I consider my readers to be my friends :)

Q: saab, macbook pro 2016 ba gamit mo
A: No, I have a 12-inch gold MacBook. I’m not sure what year I bought it! I’m not even sure if it’s rose gold or gold!! Halp, I’m not a color expert. I think it’s gold. Because my phone is rose gold. Or is my phone pink? Omg what’s with all the variations???? Basta hindi Pro yung MacBook ko.

Q: When are you planning to have your own little angel? I mean I know Joey makes you happy (uhm, I’m a pet parent too to 3 adorable dogs) but, it’s always best to have one now. :) Thanks. -yik
A: I hope you have a child if you think it’s best to have one now :) I think it’s not, so I won’t have one right now. Thanks!

Q: Do you have any top places to visit in Singapore? Also, where do you usually buy your coats and parkas?
A: Top places to visit in Singapore: Universal Studios (if you’ve never been), Samy’s Curry in Dempsey Road, Makansutra Gluttons Bay, get drinks at Clarke Quay, shop at Haji Lane! I buy coats from Zara mostly!

Q: Where did you get your black one piece swimsuit? Thank yew😘
A: A store called Swim in Powerplant Mall!

Q: Who are some of your favourite book boyfriends? :)
A: Omg wait… Ahmmmmmmm… My pahmilee…. Homaygad…. Pang Miss Universe question naman ito!! Hmm. For the past years, I’ve read mostly non-fiction and I’m guessing you’re looking for fictional boyfriends, right? I don’t know if graphic novels count but I’m infatuated with Marko from Saga. Of course Ron Weasley is my fave because I feel like I was a witness to their love story through the years.

Q: Hi Saab, i’m very very very lazy to make ayos myself to the point that my mom wants me to remove in our family tree (charot) arte ng first sentence.. haha.. Anyway, any simple steps you can give sa pag aayos? I love how simple you are yet you look so stunning! lalo na your hair. so natural.
A: HAHA! Shampoo at night and don’t wet your hair in the morning. You’ll have good hair for the day and more time in the morning. Use this time to put on mascara and cheek & lip tint. Don’t forget to smile and kiss your mom goodbye before stepping out of the house :)

Q: Can you still consider it “love” if your partner hurts you physically and verbally when he’s very mad? I mean, you can see to him that he is really into you and he love’s you pero he cant control himself when he’s mad.
A: OMG NO!!! According to a 2013 National Demographic and Health Survey, only 30% of women sought assistance after abuse. You need to know that your partner should NEVER hurt you even if he’s angry. This is a serious issue and you should talk to authorities about protection and possible counseling — Department of Social Welfare and Development (02)931-8101 to 07. Please leave him.

Q: Hi Saab! Is the Huarache comfortable? :)
A: Yes!

Q: Hi Saab! (I love you) HAHA anyway, have you read the whole 13 A Series of Unfortunate Events books? And are you watching the Netflix adaptation? What do you think of it? Hehe love you talaga huhu
A: Hello!! No, I never read the books I think I’m much older than you guys hehe. I watched the first movie and I’m biased towards Jim Carrey so I can’t bring myself to watch the NPH version huhu.

Q: Hey Saab! A guy confessed to me that he likes me and now I find it so awkward because first of all, I like him as a friend. Second, we are on both ends of the religion spectrum. He’s somewhat atheist and I am a devout Catholic. But then he said it doesn’t matter to him. I, on the other hand, thinks that this might cause some troubles in the future if we’d really want to take this to the next level. Also, I have issues with myself. I do feel I am a great person yet I don’t want a guy to appreciate the way I am. Gusto ko ako lang. #StrongIndependentWoman Do you have some advice on how to deal with my situation? Thanks
A: Sorry but did you say you don’t want a guy to appreciate you? Why? I don’t understand. I also think that’s beyond your control. Unless, of course, you become a complete douche bag then I guess that would repel men. But that would be dumb, wouldn’t it? Being a strong independent woman does not mean you should be alone. If you are strong and independent then you should be able to converse with people with opposing worldviews. It’s up to you if you want to take it to the next level. Judging from your question, it seems like you are nowhere close to being ready for a relationship. Keep working on yourself and you will know when you are. Don’t feel pressured to be with the first guy who confesses his admiration for you. When you are confident enough, they will all come running!

Q: Hello Saab! What’s one thing (or more than one) thing in college that you regret not doing? I’m on my 4th year na and I regret not being so active in organizations and school projects coz I want to take time to know myself alone.
A: Hello! I’m the same, I was never active in organizations but I don’t regret it naman. I’m not a fan of org people. SORRY. I’m not very sociable kasi. What I regret is not taking my studies seriously. I almost never read my required readings and I was just breezing by in college. As long as I didn’t fail, okay na ako. I was very distracted in college. If I went to college now, I would totally focus on my subjects and read everything. I would aim for As.

Q: Hi. Are you gonna do another Wake Up with Jim and Saab show? :)
A: Yes, planning to film a Valentine’s special!!

Q: How can you travel to Japan so often? Do you have multiple entry visa?
A: Yes, I do!

Q: If I’d go to Cup Fiction and order a drink, which one would you recommend?
A: Cortado. Don’t put sugar in our coffee!

Q: Do you watch How To Get Away With Murder? IF NOT, U SHOULD!!! though it only has 2 seasons on Netflix and they’re already on their 3rd season!!
A: Naku nakuuuuu. I’ll watch the 3rd season na nga!! Although I saw a major spoiler on Twitter. Sigh.

Q: What would you give your godchildren for their birthday/Christmas if they’re from a rich family and their parents give them everything? I can’t give them cash hahaha I’m not rich :(
A: My godkids love it when I go to their house and play with them. I think your time will be good enough. Spend an hour or two building a lego house or watching a movie or show you used to love as a kid. I made them watch The Pagemaster and Little Rascals and we all enjoyed :)

Q: Hey Saab! Ive been reading your blog for years! Still find you one of the most interesting and coolest people in the Earth. I remember you said that you and Jim used to hate each other, how were you able to see him beyond that and as boyfriend/husband material?
A: THANKS!! Well, we hated each other because we never talked to each other. The moment he asked me out and when our first date lasted for more than 5 hours, I knew he would be my husband. OMG PSYCHO?? Joke lang. I knew lang that we should give it a chance because we kept making each other laugh. Yuck, kinikilig ako sa memory.

Q: Ganda ng new blog layout mo! :) Sino nagdesign? :)
A: ME!! Thank you heehee

Q: Hey Saab! I hope you could a tutorial on how you edit your pictures :) P.S. i love the new layout and its colors! <3
A: Thank you! I bought some VSCO filters for Adobe Lightroom and play around with it lang. I’m no expert :)

Q: Hi Saab! Meron kasing nanliligaw sakin pero ang problema pag date namin hindi siya yung nagbabayad. Kaya ko namang i finance yung sarili ko pero sana may initiative siya to pay for our date diba? and pati pauwi hindi siya nag iinsist na ihatid ako kasi maaga pa naman daw and malapit lang bahay ko :( okay lang ba to or nag eexpect ba ako masyado? PS: kayo ni Jim talaga ang peg ko pagdating sa love, super cute niyo!
A: Hello!! Hmm.. Is he the one who asks you out? I get why you’d find it weird. Even some guys get turned off when a girl doesn’t offer to pay for her half of the bill. Kung nanliligaw palang siya, I do find it strange that he’s not offering to take you home. Question: kung i-minus mo ito sa situation, do you like him? If you do then maybe you should open up about it! Hirit ka lang ng pa-joke tapos transition mo into a serious talk. Wag mo siya ipahiya, be really open and don’t forget to smile so he doesn’t see it as an attack. Sabihin mo na it’s refreshing that he’s not like most guys that put their best foot forward pag nanliligaw but also say na minsan gusto mo rin malaman na he wants to make sure you’re safe kaya ka niya ihahatid. Pero kung hindi mo naman siya gusto tapos wala rin siyang effort edi baboo na!!!

Q: What tv show are you into right now? I suggest you watch This is us!
A: I’ve been meaning to!!! I just finished Terrace House and I’m on season 4 of Gilmore Girls.

Q: how’d you tell your parents that you smoke? did they support you naman?
A: No, never. I never smoked in front of my parents except when my mom smoked after my dad passed away. It was okay to smoke in front of her then. But she quit shortly after and she didn’t want us to smoke na rin. I still smoked after that but never in front of her. But I’ve quit smoking entirely so I would suggest you do the same hehe.

Q: Hi Saab, can you recommend good TV shows for me please? I learned about Stranger Things from you eh, and I loved it so much. Haha thank you! You’re awesome, you (and your relationship with Jim) are my life peg actually HAHA stay woke ⭐️ – P
A: Hello!! I would suggest Black Mirror or LOST. If you want lighter stuff, I’d suggest Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane The Virgin. If you like Japanese culture and reality shows, you should watch Terrace House!

Q: Hi, Saab! After being single for 5 years, I’m back in a relationship.. and I’ve never been more anxious than I am right now. I want everything to be perfect and I worry too much about him getting disappointed and I have this tendency to be sooo insecure. I feel that I am too ugly and fat and that I am nothing compared to his past girlfs. How do I get through this? I need help :(
A: My dear girl, I know how you feel. But there is no such thing as perfect. There will be good times and bad. You can only control yourself and if you keep being sad and insecure, then the bad times will definitely outweigh the good. You don’t want that! Change your mindset. Enjoy the fact that you found love!! Feeling ugly? Take a nap! Feeling fat? Go for a run! Send him silly pictures of cats! Tell him how cute he is. Love your thighs. There is a reason he is no longer with his ex-girlfriends. There is a reason he is with you. You are a lovable, happy, beautiful girl.




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    Catt Lea Luistro

    February 3, 2017

    i love you! :)

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    February 4, 2017


    May I know why you choose unveiled entrance on your wedding day? :)

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      February 5, 2017

      I actually didn’t. Hehe. Are there choices?? Anyway, it all happened so quickly, I was like “WHAT, ITO NA BA??” Haha if you rewatch our SDE you’ll see I was still talking to someone when they opened the thing.

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    February 6, 2017

    Hi Saab! You are my fitspiration, I’m getting married this year that’s why I’m trying to lose weight. It is already February and I didn’t lose that much despite of diet and exercise. My fiance is demanding me to get fit before our wedding day because he likes me to look fit just like when he first met me. I also want to look good but it makes me sad that he’s the one who gets frustrated because it’s taking me a long time to lose weight and he feels that I’m not eating healthy although I eat fruits almost everyday and already gave up drinking milk tea and soda which was my stress buster before,,. what to do Saab?

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    February 6, 2017

    Did Jim did this to you as well that’s why you took your diet seriously and look fab on your big day?

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      February 6, 2017

      Hi, Gemini! Not at all. Jim just kept working out and never commented on my weight or how I looked. I was simply motivated by his actions. I don’t think what your fiancé is doing is right. Talk to him and maybe reconsider marrying a man who makes you feel bad about your appearance. :( Good luck and I hope he simply wants the best for you and is not communicating it well. Ask him to motivate you instead of berating you (if he is). Best wishes!

      P.S. Next time, please use the Ask Saab box on the right! Will not entertain questions on the comments section after this :)

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    February 8, 2017

    Your advice worked regarding dun sa manliligaw na hindi nagbabayad pag date! Thank you Saab! <3

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      February 8, 2017