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Ask Saab 53

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February 5, 2017 4 Comments

Q: You inspire me to do better with my blog, Saab! Thank you! What camera and app/photo editor do you use?
A: Yay :) I’m glad to hear that! I use my Sony A6000 and Adobe Lightroom 5!

Q: What is your advice to a teenager girl who is still unsure of her feelings towards a guy?
A: Get to know him better!

Q: Sana magkaron ng SpellSaab app sa iOS and Android! Love you, Saab! :)
A: What features would you want it to have if ever?:)

Q: Hello! Can you do a “What’s in my bag” vlog? Love you!
A: Naka-draft na yung new WIMB post :)

Q: Hello Saab! I’m not sure if you have answered this before, but why did you quit radio? loveyeah
A: I couldn’t deal with the fixed schedule especially since I had to take a lot of leaves for out-of-country work opportunities at the time. I didn’t want to be an inconvenience to the boss so I had to choose!

Q: Who were your top 3 Ms. U bets
A: Prior to the actual show, I didn’t know anything about the candidates so I was happy with the Top 3 naman! Thailand, Canada, Philippines, and United States were among my top choices as well :)

Q: Who’s your top bestfriend? (except for mom and sister)
A: Lauren/Candy is that you?? Hahaha!! I would say Candy and Lauren. Don’t make me choose!!

Q: Hi Saab! Can you blog about your fave Apps, or the Apps that you find helpful (for managing finances, travel, and some productive apps) thank you! 😘
A: I’ve blogged about them na before!! Just search for apps hehe

Q: Hi Saab! Can you recommend a nice cafe or resto in Paris?
A: Ooooh well they’re all the same naman, make sure to sit outside so you can people watch :) I would recommend Miznon!

Q: Will you be having a gig here in Dagupan again this year? Your set last year was awesome!!!! I had a pic with you when you guys were roaming around the fair. SEE YOU SOON! <3
A: Hello! No bookings in Dagupan so far! Tell someone to get us hehe :)

Q: Romantic ba si Jim? 😍
A: Oo naman!

Q: Hi Saab, I just turned 19, pero find it strange na malapit na yun sa 20 huhuhu. And I can say na I haven’t done anything good for the past years. Naisip mo rin ba to during your time? And what are your experiences like major changes sayo nung nag20 ka na? Thankyouuu!!!! Love your blog!!! PS. Kahawig ni Jim yung boyfriend ko hihi ❤
A: Hello! I was a total mess around that age. I went through a breakup, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I failed a subject in college so I had to extend one more year, I ran away from home, emotionally cheated on my new boyfriend, got cheated on, didn’t speak to my family for 7 months… A lot of things happened. I call those the worst years and am contemplating writing about it but that would mean I’ll have to process all of it again. I just can’t bring myself to sit down and think about all that pain for now. Maybe someday soon! But looking at my life today, I have no regrets. Everything happens for a reason. I think everyone can bounce back from being a mess.

Q: Do you believe in best friend love stories? I used to be so in love with my guy best friend and he just laughed at me when I told him how I felt. He never reciprocated and he never changed the way he treated me. He acted like nothing happened and my feelings for him never existed. I’m in a relationship now and I think I’ve completely moved on. We’re still kind of best friends but I can’t help but still get hurt everytime I get reminded of how he never did anything after I confessed to him. It still hurts cos I feel like my feelings never mattered to him. How to deal?? :(
A: Awww man that sucks :( Maybe you need some closure? I’m not sure if I believe in closure, but if it’s the elephant in the room and you’re already in love with someone else, maybe you should bring it up with him. I think all you’re looking for is an apology for him being a jerk about it. Once he does, you can go on being best friends. Most of the time, it’s easy to fall for your best friend because you share so many things in common and you laugh at all the same things. Sometimes it works out but other times you’ll eventually realize you’re better as friends. If he laughed at your feelings, just think how awful he would have been as a boyfriend. Hehe. Try seeing him as a brother and you’ll never look at him romantically ever again. Make sure you’re completely over him and focus on your boyfriend instead! Good luck!

Q: Any tips on how to find cheap flights? I’m subscribed to airline newsletters but I’ve never been lucky to book a flight that’s within the advertised promo fares of local airlines :(
A: Naku I’m not an expert on this. I know some of my friends have the Skyscanner app on their phones. Locally, I know the Cebu Pacific app also alerts you of seat sales.

Q: What are your Travel Essentials? Lalo na when you went to Paris :)
A: Moisturizer. Haha! When I went to Paris, I was only there for 4 days so I packed light – just a few coats, thermal tights and tops, sweaters, etc. Makeup, laptop, camera, kindle.

Q: Hi Saab! I really like your personal opinions about relationships kasi your answers are very real and wise. My question is, i feel so insecure about my boyfriend’s ex gf. My bf and i were friends before we became a couple and i knew how in love he was with her. Pero i know naman na he’s over her na and he never thought about her since naging kami. Pero i can’t help but feel insecure. We’ve been together for 4 years na, pero at the beginning of our relationship, mejo papansin si ex gf kay bf pero no effect naman kay bf. I know he loves me very much, but i cant help it. I even stalk her occasionally on social media. How do i get over this insecurity? Xoxo
A: Oh wow, 4 years na kayo! Wag mo na dapat isipin yan! I think when I was younger, an ex-girlfriend was a big deal. Because you’re young and inexperienced pa. But when you have ex-boyfriends of your own, you can’t really be jealous of a boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends, right? Is this your first boyfriend? If he is, good luck nalang. Haha! I was a super jealous girlfriend with my first boyfriend. But if he’s not, you’ll have an easier time because there are reasons your exes are exes and you should understand the same thing about your current boyfriend. He wouldn’t stay with you for 4 years unless mahal na mahal ka niya. Don’t ruin it by being insecure and paranoid. Jim’s ex sent me an angry text when we started going out and she demanded they have lunch for closure. I ignored her angry text because hindi ako guilty at all noh, I’m not gonna apologize to her for her failed relationship. And I told Jim to have lunch with her because I completely trusted him naman and even if he did anything stupid, why should I feel bad about it? If a guy treats you bad, your mindset should be, “NEXT!” — Be confident that you are a catch! So instead of being controlling, be a trusting, loving girlfriend and he’ll never want to leave your side.

Q: Hi Saab, I LOVE YOU!! I watch your gigs lagi!! anyway, you’re my fashion inspo huhu, gusto ko lang ng approval mo (approval talaga?) was planning to buy a Vans Old Skool, do you own one? Hihi! TY!
A: Hi!! Thank you!!:) No, I don’t! But I think it’s cute!

Q: Hi Saab! Do another what’s in your bag hehehe :) I’ve been backreading your Ask Saab posts and I can tell that you’ve really matured. Stay fab and real! Love you xo
A: It’s coming up real soon! Thanks :)

Q: Hi Saab! I love how honest you are. So refreshing! :) What were your PE subjects in college?
A: Thank you! Omg. Haha. PE101, futsal, basketball, running.

Q: do you and Jim know each other’s passwords (phone, social media accts, bank acct)?
A: Yes but not because we needed to know. It was more of, “ikaw na mag-check, ito password ko: ___” Haha! We never ever log on to each other’s accounts unless necessary. For example if he needs a song he recorded and sent to himself, he’ll ask me to go on his e-mail and send to his friend. He’s also really bad with remembering passwords so at one point he changed all his passwords to be the same as mine so he would never forget daw. Haha.




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    February 5, 2017

    “at one point he changed all his passwords to be the same as mine so he would never forget daw. Haha.”

    —Cute!!! Relationship goals talaga kayo. huhuhu. Where to find my own Jim?

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        Seconded! Wala bang Life Hack to get our own Jims?!? :D

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          Hehehe if only I could clone him :p