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Ask Saab 55

· Photo by Ryan Ong, November 2016 ·

February 17, 2017 6 Comments

Question: Hi, nagpapa mani/pedi ka ba? Wala lang haha
A: Yes! I like Celebrity Nails, it’s a home service spa!

Q: Hi Saab! I’m planning of putting up my first business. Small time lang naman. Can you suggest any branding/marketing agencies? Thank you!!! :)
A: I would recommend my friend’s PR agency, CASTRO PR (e-mail them!). I don’t have much experience with branding or marketing agencies, I’m sorry!! Oh, wait, I also recommend STRONGHOLDMNL – they helped my in-laws with their salad business (Isabels.ph).

Q: Hey! So, I want to cut my hair but I’m afraid of what other will say about me. I just need some saabvice Hahaha. I just need some real shit slap from you, I guess.
A: Waaaaahhhh!! If you wanna cut it — *slaps you* — CUT IT!!! WHO CARES?? Do it for you! Hehe *hug*

Q: Currently watching Gilmore Girls too! How do you find it so far? – D
A: I’m on season 6 and in love with Logan huhu

Q: Hi Saab! Advice naman, I’m turning 26 and I’ve been single for 3 years na. May nanligaw noon but I was not ready that time. But now that I think I’m ready, waley naman. What to do??? :(
A: If you’re really looking for a partner, put yourself out there by going to more events and parties. Talk to new people. Gigs are the best because almost everybody is awkward so it’s not just you if ever you’re socially awkward. Hehe. Just go, “hey, nice shirt!” or whatever. Starting a conversation is not that hard! Bring a friend with you for support! Good luck!

Q: Hi Saaby! Any book/s you can suggest? Nowadays I feel bored and wana read something but i don’t know which. Yung mej light story lang.
A: Get NO FILTER. It’s a collection of essays. It’s the best. Another one is Candy Feels — short essays rin and I wrote one of them hehe. By the way, NO FILTER’s Kindle version is now available!

Q: kelan ulit blog anniversary meetup? sana this time makasali na ko. sawi ako last year! :/
A: Let’s set it up this year!!

Q: how to do this ask box dito sa wordpress? gusto ko din sa blog ko hehe.
A: Get a Contact Form 7 plug-in :)

Q: Hi Saab! This has been bugging me for days LOL. Thoughts on Riverdale? I loved the comics as a kid (I guess we still all do) and nawindang ako sa ginawa nila. Interesting, but medyo disturbing!! Labo
A: OMG it’s so bad. Why did they turn it into a teen drama??? But I’m still watching because it’s so ridiculous. Hehe.

A: If I knew the answer to that, I would just write about it everyday

Q: What’s your favorite color? :D
A: Red

Q: Hi Saab I love the new blog look! Wish I can do this on mine too but I’m CSS n00b lol
A: Thank you!! It took years of tinkering for me to get it. Hehe. It’s fun, there are free classes online.

Q: Hi Saaby! Just curious since your sister Maxene loves posting abt her relationship with her boyfriend now. Does your fam like Rob? Is your mom completely okay with them traveling always just them 2?
A: Yes, we love Rob! And yes, my mom is completely okay with it because they are 2 adults. Btw, you sent in this question before they got engaged. Hehe. Surprise!

Q: Is Elmo/Maxx still the owner of Yellow Halo?
A: They’re still investors, and it’s merged with Milky & Sunny!

Q: This is a weird question, pero haha sino naghuhugas ng plato, nag tatapon ng basura, naglalaba or nagwawalis/vacuum sainyo ni Jim? Ikaw ba or sya? Or may yaya kayo? Haha! Curious lang! Luv u guys
A: It was just us for a year and I took care of washing plates & doing laundry, he took out the trash and cooked, we took turns sa pag walis. And we hired our tita’s yaya (lives in the same bldg) to come in every so often to vacuum and clean the bathrooms. Then we caved and decided to hire a maid of our own. So worth it, our home is more peaceful. Haha!

Q: Hi Saab! Anong filipino food ang pinaka gusto mo? :)
Sana magkaron ka ng addition na food blog dito hehe.

A: Tortang talong hahaaha

Q: is their any way i can retrieve your old post? I’m a new reader of your blog. I want to start at the beginning. Your cool.:)
A: Thank you!! But no, I’ve digitally burned it all HAHAHA pls no sobrang kadiri ko noon hahaha

Q: Hi Saab! Which set of VSCO filters for Lightroom did you buy? I can’t decide between two sets and I can only afford one. :(
A: I have 02 and 06 :) You can just choose the one you like best, I’m sure you’ll only end up using one filter for all anyway!! Hahaha! That’s what happens to me. I’m just an impulsive shopper :p

Q: Hi Saab :) After you got married, did you have to change your passport/license/etc to show your married name? :) Thinking of getting married soon pero I don’t wanna deal with paperwork just yet lol
A: It’s been 2 years and I haven’t done any of it. Hehe. Maybe when I need to renew my IDs so next year yata!

Q: Hi Saab! What’s in your vanity table and how do you organize it? Do a tour please! :D
A: Waaahhh thank you for this. It’s so cluttered right now. This gives me an idea to blog about de-cluttering it.

Q: Hi Saab. No question. Just want to say that I love Chelo & Seña and I don’t even follow them! Weird ko ba? Hahaha. Nagugulohan na nga ako ako kung ano HT ko, Cheña, SeLo, SeChe, ChoSen 😂
A: Hehehe. Why not follow them? They’re so funny on Twitter. Love them as well! I think Cheña wins, but I’ll ask them what they think. Hahaha!




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    February 17, 2017

    “I’ve digitally burned it all HAHAHA pls no sobrang kadiri ko noon hahaha” — HAHAHA theincugirl days, girrrl! LOVETTE <3

    Nakakatuwa magbasa ng Ask Saab, aliw yung questions!! Which is why we should do a live one! Let's ask people to send in questions in advance na lang if ever or would you want na from the ask box yung sasagutin mo live? I should email you about this. Okay, I'll do that na lang tomorrow, gud nyt na. :*

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      February 24, 2017

      Omg maybe that should be my vlog. ACK nakaka self-conscious shet

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    Rejoyce Canaynay

    February 20, 2017

    Hi, Saab! Tell Maxx and Rob congrats for me! Hahaha! Congrats to Maxx and Rob being engaged! Anyway, I read about it in an article before about their travel photos and people are curious who take their photos and since you’re one of the people who can answer. You should share it with us. Hahaha! By the way, if you’re using a Sony a6000, what camera does Maxx use naman? And do you adjust the contrast and colour of your photos before posting it online? Thanks Saab! By the way again, glad your blog layout is like this na, it’s so hard to check every entry of yours before kasi walang “continue reading”, yun bang walang pause yung blog sa layout mo before. Love you layout now!

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      February 24, 2017

      Maxx and Rob use a tripod and bring it around when traveling! Galing noh? I wish I had the same patience. Teehee. Maxx uses a Fujifilm cam but I’m not sure what model she has. I play around with the colors using Adobe Lightroom. Thanks, glad you like my new layout :)

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    February 21, 2017

    Hi. You just posted an Ig story just today about a gym in Singapore. May I know the name and its location? Thanks a lot.

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      February 24, 2017

      It’s called Pure Fitness and has 2 locations in SG. The one we went to was in Ocean Financial Center. :)