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February 24, 2017 3 Comments

Question: Where is your next vacation trip with Jim?
Answer: We’re going to Sydney in April with Maxx and Rob!

Question: Hi Saab! can you do another TV Club blog? I really love your taste when it comes to TV series! pretty pls? :)
Answer: Will do!! Thanks for the reminder!

Question: There was a guy before that tried to court me but i was just not ready to be in a relationship, so after some time he stopped texting me and i just miss him and cant get over it? How do i move on?
Answer: POWER OF NOW!! I’m reading the book right now by Eckhart Tolle. Either do something about it or let it go. Text him and ask to hang out or forget about him! Do not dwell on things beyond your control!:)

Question: Hi, Saab. There’s a new tourist spot here in Cebu called Terrazas de Flores, its a flower terraces botanical garden. The first in PH. Hope you can swing by when you happened to be in Cebu. I love you
Answer: Sounds lovely! Thanks for the tip!

Question: Hi Ate Saab! How do you edit your instagram photos? Do you use another app or just instagram. Your photos are always on point! Hihi! <3
Answer: Oh wow, really? Thanks! I use VSCO or sometimes I upload photos I’ve edited via Adobe Lightroom for my blog.

Question: Hi Saab! Any project offer in GMA/AbsCbn? want to see you again in TV acting.
Answer: After the LONGEST time, I finally went to an audition for a TV hosting job but I was so nervous because I haven’t been in front of the camera in so long. Totally blew it! Haha! Maybe next time.

Question: Hi Saab, how to become a better person? Do I need to learn skills or travel/be adventurous? but I’m such a homebody. Help.. Thank you!
Answer: Hello! I think reading up on mindfulness and meditation really helps you relax and become a kinder person :)

Question: When are you gonna release the New Album of Cheaattts????
Answer: This year!!!

Question: Saaaaaaaaaaab, ANUNA ANG WAKE UP WITH JIM AND SAAB? Huhulabyu! :(

Question: Saab gawa ka ulit ng everyday make-up video :)
Answer: Omg ang dami kong utang sainyo

Question: Hey!!! What do you think of premarital sex? Hahaha Is it really a sin?
Answer: I personally don’t think it’s a bad thing. Some married couples don’t love each other anyway so marriage doesn’t really prove anything. A lot of couples who are in love aren’t able to marry each other because of their sexuality, too. Love is love is love. But if you’re going to feel guilty about it, don’t do it. If other people feel like it’s okay, don’t guilt-trip them either.

Question: Hi saab, can you do vlogs every now and then? Feeling ko sobrang funny and witty ng vlogs mo if ever!!! Lamyu
Answer: Okay lang ba kung through photobooth lang sa laptop hahha joke lang. Okay sige ilalagay ko na sa calendar ko, PROMISE.

Question: Hi Saab, I’m trying to start my own blog but IDK anything about coding, layout embedding; basically all technicals. I want it sana to be all physically fixed before I start publishing. Any tips?
Answer: There are a lot of ready-to-go layouts online that you can use! Depends on which platform you’re using!:)

Question: Hello Saab! Do you have an experience in dealing with someone who is diagnosed with a mental disorder? A person who is really close to me is diagnosed and I’m totally clueless on how to cope. :(
Answer: Yes, and I can’t do anything but be there for her. Be patient and encourage your friend to go to therapy. I know that talking to a professional about it really helps :) Do your research on their condition and read up on how you can help!

Question: Hi Saab! Have you ever had issues with Jim’s friends or with your exes? My bf’s friends doesn’t support us that much and even said bad things about me before. What to do?
Answer: Yes, some of Jim’s friends didn’t talk to us for months because they didn’t like our tandem. But we lasted longer than they thought and we were obviously very happy and they got over it. They were all invited to our wedding and there’s no issue at all :) You can’t control others. Just be happy and they’ll come around eventually!

Question: Hi Saab! Birthday na!! (Feb.10) Nag-abang ako kung may gig kayo that day pero wala. 😴 Then I found out meron sa Feb25 sa cup fiction. I’m TOO SHYYYY to go. HUHU. Feeling ko di ako belong dun. HUHU😴
Answer: Omg ano ba!! Everybody is welcome at Cup Fiction :) We also have a gig tonight at Saguijo!! Belated happy birthday!!

Question: Saab! Love the new lay out. Pero medyo matagal sya mag load compared before? Thank you for updating palagi mo kaming binibigyan ng something to look forward too. LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU
Answer: Thank you!! I’ll try to fix the loading problem!!

Question: Hi Saab! Travel OOTD tips and essentials please, especially when going somewhere cold, like Paris/Japan :) Thanks!
Answer: Bring moisturizer!!:) Thermal underwear and something to keep your ears and hands warm. Plan your outfits so you pack as little clothes as possible. You’ll probably go shopping there anyway :p

Question: more videos please. i sometimes re-watch your Christmas vid with Jim and laugh endlessly. fave.
Answer: Okay! More videos!! Got it!:)


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