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February 27, 2017 6 Comments

Question: I will never forget the day I saw you in person. I think it was 2 years ago. Your band went to UPLB to perform in our school’s event. I love you and sobrang ganda mo. Wala pala akong tanong hahaha
Answer: Hehehe bawal yan!! But thank you!! Hope to visit UPLB again some day!

Question: Hello Saab! What’s the title of the song on your first dance as married couple, on your wedding day? ♥
Answer: It’s the song Jim wrote for me and then the band kept playing it and he took me to the dancefloor huhuhu

Question: What’s your most favorite lipstick? :)
Answer: It changes every time. As of now it’s MAC Velvet Teddy

Question: You said before that you treat your readers your friends. Do you personally know some of your frequent readers? :D
Answer: Yes, we’re gonna get coffee at Cup Fiction soon – hindi palang nagtutugma ang scheds but hopefully this March :)

Question: Hi Saab, I’ve been you reader sine 2006 (YUP 2006!) but I never had the guts to leave something in this tiny litol box. Amazing lang how much you’ve grown!
Answer: Wow, 11 years!! Thank you for sticking with me even if I was very annoying back then hehe

Question: Hi Saab! Natry mo naba mag watch ng korean series? If not, please try watching! hahaha kahit isa lang. i know its a bit pabebe mga scene nila, but the other series has super duper nice story.
Answer: I haven’t but I wanna watch that Weightlifting kemerut!

Question: Naubusan ako ng character! lels. Try the Pinocchio by Lee jong suk and Park Shin hye if you decided to try hehe Loveyew to bits ❤❤
Answer: Hehe UGH daming TV series sa list ko but okay I will try!!

Question: Hello, Saab! I am new in blogging (beauty blog). Maybe you can share some tips? I enjoy reading your blog and you inspire me to do more :) :)
Answer: Try as much as you can to update regularly! Start with once a week, then twice a week, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself or you’ll just crash. Good luck on the blog!

Question: Teh, anu ginagamit/ginagawa mo before applying matte lipstick para di sya mukang chapped? Or any lip maintenance you do para maganda ang lips? Hihi! Thanks!
Answer: I use MAC lip primer stick but I’m sure there are a lot of more affordable alternatives!

Question: how many boyfriends have you had before jim?
Answer: Boyfriend as in yung mga nag-exchange ng I LOVE YOU ganern? Haha. 4

Question: Hi Saab! Do you read classics? Any recommendations? Have you read Austen? :)
Answer: Unfortunately I haven’t read Jane Austen huhu. I’ve read The Great Gatsby, The Catcher in The Rye, King Lear and some required readings in school. I want to read Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, The Scarlet Letter?

Question: Do you choose which questions to answer lang? I’ve asked a few just days ago that never gets published :(
Answer: Sorry, I’m just really slow to answer. This question was sent Feb 9. A lot more to go!!

Question: Dear Saab, nowadays when it comes to dating do you think women are getting less smarter or are guys getting better at their game?
Answer: I think women are becoming pickier, actually. And I think that’s a good thing. Guys have a harder time, I think, because with the Internet they have a LOT more competition. Dati, it was just the boy from a neighboring school ang manliligaw sayo. Ngayon, dami mo nang Facebook friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. Good luck, boys! May the odds be ever in your favor. Cheret.

Question: Hi Saab! 3 years in a relationship and I want to get married na. we’ve talked about it pero hindi pa siya nagppropose. huhu. How to deal with being atat?
Answer: You DON’T want to be in a marriage na pinilit. Relax ka lang. Work towards your future. Marriage isn’t all there is to aspire for!:)

Question: Ur my ultimate peg kaya when I watched #NoFilter kebs di na ko nahiya magpapic! Anyway whats ur take on being more secure than ur partner. May work ka, while ur partner just slacks off pero love mo eh
Answer: I think you can’t help but fall out of love with somebody who has no drive in life. It’s just a major turn-off.

Question: Hi Saab! Do you have your own talent agent?
Answer: Yes, my mom!

Question: Hi Saab, buhayin nyo ulit ni RA ung saabmarine teleradyo, pleeease :)
Answer: Waaahhh busy masyado si direk RA! Pero magandang idea yan!

Question: Hi, Saab. Okay lang ba na mag-confess ng feelings ang isang girl sa boy? Na ‘tong guy treated you as a FRIEND kahit never kayo nag usap sa personal. haha. puro Fb chat lang.
Answer: Oo naman! If you really feel like it, then don’t stop yourself. Just be prepared for your feelings not to be reciprocated.

Question: Hi, Saab. How to be fluent in English?
Answer: Read!:)


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    loading problem fixed! Thank you Saab the Magician. :)

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    Hi saab!Kelan b ako makakapag pa picture sayo hahah..kelan ka mag sg ulit?thank you

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      No plans right now, we just came from there hehe :)

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    Napa comment lang dahil nabasa ko ung weightlifting kemerut. May super favorite!

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