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Ask Saab 58

March 4, 2017 0 Comments

Question: Hi Saab Ganda :) San kaya ko makakabili ng Belo Sanitizer? Wala sa Mercury at Watsons e. :) Thanks
A: Hello! They’re available in all leading supermarkets!

Question: Which do you prefer underwire bra or wireless?
A: I prefer no bra hehe. But all my bras have underwires or are stick-ons

Question: Hi, Saab. how to focus on your studies if you’re distracted by a guy that you like?
A: Set a timer for 25-minutes. FOCUS on studying for those 25 minutes and then give yourself 5 minutes to look at your crush and think of how he’d be so impressed by your high grades. Then go back to studying for another 25 minutes.

Question: Hi Ate Saab! May I ask how do you prep your face before applying make-up? And your night skin/face routines? Sobrang glowing mo kasi lagi, idol talaga huhuhu. Thank you! Love the new blog skin btw!
A: I put on moisturizer before makeup :) And I remove all makeup every night no matter how tired I am. Then I apply moisturizer and Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s :) Thank you!!

Question: Saab, share some books you loved reading.
A: You can check out my Goodreads account — link is on the right side of my blog. You can also check out my previous posts under the BOOK CLUB category!

Question: What’s the size of your Anello bag?
A: I have a large ivory-colored leather one and a black mini backpack

Question: Hi Saab :) paano kayo hindi nagsasawa ni Jim sa isa’t isa? Ikaw ba ang mas nag iinitiate ng new things to try or sya?
A: Well, we’re both very happy doing the things we regularly do naman. Gigs, recording, events. We also really like just staying home and watching TV shows or movies. Medyo effort talaga na lumabas for us hehe but we know we HAVE to do it to “keep the firing burning!” Cos, really, if we’re not careful it would be like having a best friend as your roommate. So we try our very best to go on dates at least once a week. We also made a promise to go on an adventure at least once every two months. Doesn’t have to be a plane ride, pwedeng Alabang — adventure na yun. HAHA! I think we’ve been keeping our promise so far. Hindi rin kami nagsasawa because we barely talk the whole day when we’re out doing our own thing, so marami kaming kwento when we see each other when the day ends :) We both initiate things naman, but we’re still trying to fit the once-a-week date night into our scheds regularly!! I think we’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Question: Hi Saab, how do you handle insecurities?
A: I focus on the present. If I feel like a tub of lard right now, I ask myself if there’s anything I can do about it. Yes? Okay, then hit the gym and don’t eat that cake. No? Then let it go.

Question: Any thoughts about Janella Salvador?
A: I think she’s cute!

Question: Saaby, what is your favorite Incubus song? And why?
A: Omg! Haha! Fave ko ang Redefine from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album. I can’t explain why. Maybe because my brother Frank and I really bonded over that album.

Question: Hi Saab! If you & your ex-bf broke up because he suddenly became an asshole, then 4months since the separation, he sent you a friend request on facebook, in your POV, what is he trying to imply?
A: That he wants to become friends? Don’t accept it if he was a real asshole. Mag-sorry naman muna siya. You can forgive him but you don’t need to let him back into your life if you don’t feel like it.

Question: Hi Saab! How do you plan your dates with Jim? I’m having a hard time thinking new dating spots to try with my boyfriend that’s fun and at the same time affordable too :( thanks <3
A: We think of when we can squeeze in a date and saan kami manggagaling or pupunta after that. Traffic is a BIG factor in our date-planning. Haha! So kunwari may meeting ako sa BGC ng 4pm, we’ll decide to eat there nalang and then I’ll text my friends who frequent the area and ask for new spots to recommend. Well, ideally ganun ang scenario. But Jim and I just end up always eating at Mecha Uma or some other Japanese place because, who are we kidding, we just eat Japanese food every time. Hahaha. Omg thanks for this reminder. We have *GOT* to mix things up!!

Question: Top 3 books that influenced you/your life heavily. Go :)
A: The Big Fat Giant by Roald Dahl, Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, (pahabol: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides)

Question: Help! Friend is in a relationship w/ a married man & when we confronted her about it, she seems not to care. Now, it’s awkward between us esp when we go out & she’s not invited. How to handle this?
A: How exactly did you confront her? I think if she doesn’t care at all then she may not share the same values as you and maybe it’s okay that she’s not invited to your stuff anymore, right? At least you’ve said your piece. She will probably come to her senses eventually.

Question: When are you guys planning to have a baby?
A: When the world’s a better place?

Question: Hey saab! Planning my siargao trip and is it okay to bring a small maleta????di ko keri ata kasi ng backpack lang hahaha
A: Oo naman! I had a small carry-on maleta :)

Question: Hello saab! I’ve been loving your blue-red lines tatt, I’m dyin to know where’d u get that one and how much? Pls let me know pls?
A: Thanks! Both my tattoos are from P&P Tattoo – they refused to let me pay so I don’t really know! But my friend got a small 1.5-inch square tattoo and I think it was P2,000. I’M NOT SURE THOUGH. You can drop by and make inquiries!

Question: ano yung order niyo ng siblings from oldest to youngest? hehe
A: Unna, Nic, Maxx, Frank, Saab, Elmo, Arkin, Clara

Question: do you watch Riverdale? its surprisingly gooood. love youuuu :*
A: Yes, I do and nooooooo I disagree! Hahaha sorry!!!

Question: Hi Saab! Do you work out everyday? Tips naman please on how to maintain a flat tummy or how to get rid of it! Huhu love you beh
A: Yes, beh!! Fastest way for me to get rid of a belly is to cut out alcohol! Or beer at the very least.