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Q: Paano naging close ang mga Magalona sa Young’s? Paano kayo nagkakilala??
A: My best gay friends (2 are from PR, 1 is a celebrity stylist) met the Youngs at work and I guess they figured we would get along well. They introduced us and the rest is history!

Q: Suggestion lang. I think it would be nicer if you make your text posts justified. Para it looks nicer. And the “greyish” text is kind of hard to read on a desktop. Suggest lang, I hope you don’t get mad.
A: Of course I won’t get mad!! Thanks! I feel the same way about links (grey text). I will figure it out and I hope it will look better. Thanks!!:)

Q: your guilty pleasure?
A: Corny TV shows. Right now I’m catching up on Cougar Town. Haha. It’s not so bad. I mean I used to watch Jersey Shore!!

Q: Can you please fix your new blog’s RSS feeds? Thank you!
A: I have no idea how to do that D:

Q: anong pinaka-old na band ang gusto mo?
A: The Beatles, I guess. Locally it would have to be Cinderella.

Q: saab, how do you like drake bar mitzvah monologue? (Snl) it was super laughtrip! :))
A: I enjoyed the rap at the end haha!

Q: whats your typical day?
A: When I have a free day, I usually stay in my room and play with Joey. If I want to be productive, I get out and write in a coffee shop. Then I see my boyfriend after work and we watch a movie. We love watching movies and TV series! When I have work (taping/hosting/event), my day is pretty much used up preparing for it.

Q: Hi saab! are you still friends with julius valledor? I’m a big fan of Beeeyes, Ernville, cheats AND YOU!
A: No, I haven’t seen or spoken to him in a long time. Thanks!:)

Q: saab, nakakatuwa ‘to with ms. world 2013 :) she’s really simple and beautiful http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/20853280
A: Haha ang luma!

Q: Are you still friends with Lucia Fischer?
A: Yes! But she moved to Germany years ago so I don’t see her anymore. We still keep in touch through Facebook though :)

Q: Hi Saab I like your name napaka unique. Well my question is ano ginagawa mo when you feel upset or depressed?
A: Hello!:) I watch a funny TV show to sleep. I usually wake up with a clearer head and decide what to do next.

February 27, 2014
March 3, 2014