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March 22, 2017 8 Comments

Question: Should I watch Stranger Things? I just finished Series of Unfortunate Events and Making a Murderer. Thanks! :)
Answer: Yes!

Question: Hi Saab! Any tips/advice for dieting?
Answer: I’m having fun with intermittent fasting! Read up on it!

Question: Hi saab! Do you also experience belly bloating? What’s your remedy?
Answer: Yes. Drink lots of water and tea so you pee a lot. Hehe. Don’t eat food that’s high in salt.

Question: Do you love dogs?
Answer: Yes

Question: Hi Saab! Can you recommend some Netflix series for me aside from Stranger Things? PS. You and Jim are my favorite couple! #livingproofofforever <3
Answer: Aww thank you! Try watching LOVE on Netflix. It’s so good.

Question: are you going to watch coldplay this April?? :)
Answer: Nope!

Question: Hi Saab! Do you use perfume or cologne? If yes what’s your fave perfume or cologne? :)
Answer: I don’t use perfume or cologne on a daily basis, but I switch from The Body Shop’s White Musk and Gucci Guilty when I do.

Question: Hi Saab! You have great hair in all your pics :) Where do you get your hair colored and fixed? And what shampoo do you use to avoid the frizz? Thank you! btw i love your blog! <3 :)
Answer: Thanks so much! I get my hair colored and treated at Emphasis Salon in Rockwell. I use Dove shampoo and conditioner, of course :) Thanks!

Question: hi saab, how was your mom during your wedding preps? I’m getting married and my mom is causing me headaches.she wants to invite people that are either she worked with or “known”. what to do? help!!
Answer: My mom was super hands off, she just sent me some photos of pegs she thought I would like. I thought it was sweet. I asked her, “do you want to invite some of your friends” and she gave me like 3 names. Hehe. If you want to keep your wedding very intimate, I’m sure you can talk to her. I’m sure she just wants to show you off to her friends but explain the situation that you’d only like a few people who have supported your relationship with your fiancé. But I’m sure you can work out a compromise where you can give her an extra table for her friends or something. Give her nalang a limit. You’ll make her happy.

Question: What’s your fave pizza flavor and pizza parlor?
Answer: I like all pizza flavors huhu. Papa John’s Simply Cheese with cheese-stuffed crust, Shakey’s Manager’s Choice, Pizza Hut’s Hawaiian with cheese-stuffed crust, Yellow Cab’s Roasted Garlic & Shrimp, S&R Pepperoni Pizza, Gino’s Bianca Verde, etc etc. #pizzaislyf

Question: Hi Saab! If you were forced to work in your family business, would you do so for your parents? If there are also lots of opportunities for you on the other side, would you neglect those?
Answer: I would try to help with the family business, I’m sure I could learn A LOT. If I can do things on the side, I would try and manage my time and do it as well.

Question: how to pronounce saab, /sa-ab/ or /sab/? or /sey-ab/?
Answer: Sey-ab. Chos. Sahb.

Question: do you watch k-dramas?
Answer: Not yet :(

Question: did you have lechon in your wedding?
Answer: One of our ninongs always gives his inaanaks lechon baka for weddings so we served that with cocktails before the actual reception hehe hindi ko naabutan because we were taking photos after the church ceremony but it got rave reviews from our guests.

Question: Hi Saab! We’re going to Japan in April. Can you suggest the best things to haul when in Japan? So far i’ve taken note of Tokyo milk cheese, DHC lip balm, Heroine Mascara and
Cure Aqua exfoliant.

Answer: Shu Uemura’s closing in the Philippines so you may want to get eyelash curlers and their famous cleansing oil? Go to this place called Don Quijote and go crazy.

Question: Hi Saab! Currently unemployed for almost 2 years na and I feel so hopeless. Di na lang ako lagi natatanggap huhu Parang gusto ko na maggive up sa kakahanap. Pano ba to? 😭
Answer: Maybe you should reconsider your resumé? If you need more experience, why not try to gain some by working for an allowance lang. Ask your family for help! Really wish I could help more but I don’t know what else I can say, I don’t know your experience or what field you want to work in. Jobstreet.com, JobsDB.com, Kalibrr.com are some of the websites you can use to look for jobs!

Question: Hello Saab! Any advice para maging confident? Sa sobrang kabado ko lagi when I have meetings or even sa interviews nagdadiarrhea ako. I know, kadiri Haha! Pero huhuhu i need help!
Answer: Preparation is key!! Research on the company you’re interviewing for, as in the more info you know, the better. Do you actually use the product or service? Share an anecdote. Don’t forget to smile! Be sincere. I’ve interviewed people and I know they’re just nervous but they end up looking super shady like they’re guilty or that they’re hiding something so I’d rather hire the smiley, confident one because I feel like I can trust him/her. Siyempre you’ll be nervous if you’re bullshitting your way through a meeting or interview. If you’re prepared, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

Question: Hi, Saab. Are you into Bullet Journaling too? Noticed one time when you planning and packing for you Japan trip last holidays, you have a notebook? Can you blog about it? Thanks! – Carla
Answer: YES ok great idea, will do

Question: hi! How do you use Lightroom? Your photos are amazing
Answer: Yes, thank you so much!

Question: Go to The Grounds of Alexandria! Really beautiful place and food. #wheninsydney
Answer: Thanks for the tip!! Got my VISA already yay!

Question: Hi Saab. We’ve been together for 3 yrs and talked about marriage. How to not be atat to get engaged? :|
Answer: Enjoy the ride! You don’t want to be engaged if it’s not true love anyway. If it’s true love, what’s the rush?

Question: Hi Saab how many times does joey take a bath & whats his dog food?
Labyuu saab

Answer: 1-2 times a month siya naliligo. She can only eat Royal Canin Urinary S/O because she’s prone to kidney stones.

Question: Hi saaaab. I’m just wondering what’s the history behind joey’s name? Btw our 1st dog named ‘erap’ bcoz of my dad fave nya si erap huhu Now our new dog name is ‘trump’ haha chaka ksi pag duterte
Answer: Omg parang problematic yata ang dad mo because why does he like these people?? Haha. I called Joey “Chewy” at first because she chewed EVERYTHING in my condo. And cos Chewbacca. But my mom said, “if you name her Chewy, she will always chew your stuff” lelz so I changed it to Joey, short for Josephine, named after Josephine March of Little Women.

Question: Hi Saab! Getting married this year! For honeymoon get-away which is better? Local: Siargao or El Nido? , Abroad: Japan or Korea? which is cheaper? which is more tourist friendly?
Answer: Siargao would be cheapest, I’m guessing. Cos ang mahal lang ay flights. But it really depends on you and your hubby. Are you beach-lovers or do you like cold weather more?

Question: The guy that used to court me got a gf already, how to deal? :(
Answer: EH HINDI MO SINAGOT EH NGAYON MAGREREKLAMO KA??? Hehehe joke lang. Pero medyo totoo, sorry. How to deal: tell yourself it’s not meant to be. Accept the situation and that there’s nothing you can do about it. There are plenty of fish in the sea :)

Question: Hi, Saab. I hope you will have a meet and greet in Cebu. Please!!
Answer: I want! Might go there in April :)

Question: Do u guys have any plans on living abroad in the future?
Answer: We talk about possibly living abroad for a year or two just to experience it! No concrete plans though cos our businesses are just new and we want to keep our band alive :)

Question: Hi Saab! Are you by any chance gonna visit Sydney soon? If so, may I know when will that be? I’m based in Brisbane and I would gladly book a flight to Sydney just to meet you! Fangirling forever 😘
Answer: That is SO SWEET. Remind me to block off an afternoon to meet up with some of my readers in Australia!

Question: Hi Saab! I’m thinking of going on a solo trip this May for my birthday. Do you have any suggestions on where I can go? Would love to hear your thoughts! Thank you! :)
Answer: Ooooh but where have you already gone? If beach, I would recommend Siargao because a lot of people travel there alone and they make friends easily. Abroad, I would recommend Japan because it’s very safe to walk alone even at night :)

Question: What are your favorite books? :) Maganda ba yung kay Miranda july and the power of now? Planning to buy those kasiiii. :)
Answer: YES! Right now I’m reading The Conjugal Dictatorship by Primitivo Mijares and learning so much!! Go buy it!!




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    March 23, 2017

    Ngayon ko lang to nalaman!! – “Joey, short for Josephine, named after Josephine March of Little Women.” SO KYOT ❤❤

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      March 23, 2017


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    March 23, 2017

    I recently moved out and starting to live independently. It’s crazy! When you were still alone in a condo, who throws your trash? Who wash the dishes? Who washes your clothes? Are you paying your rent? Sana rin may bahay na 100pesos lang jusko

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      March 23, 2017

      I did everything myself, except washing my clothes cos I didn’t have a washing machine. I had my stuff picked up and delivered by a laundromat! I didn’t pay rent because my mom owned the studio apartment but I took care of association dues (around 6k a month) and upkeep of the place.

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    March 24, 2017

    Oh my gosh, yes to a Cebu meetup pleeease! :)

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    March 24, 2017

    Hey Saab,

    When are you visiting Sydney? Would love to give you a tour! :)


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      March 27, 2017

      April 12! I’d like to meet up with some of my readers there!!

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    Lian V

    March 25, 2017

    Hi Sey-ab! haha ;)