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Ask Saab 61

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March 27, 2017 14 Comments

Question: Hi saab! can you do more waking up with jim and saab? Please and btw You’re my 4ever crush wish to see you soon! (I’m a dude)
Answer: Hey dude! Hehe. Yes, I’m finally writing down all the requests and putting them in my calendar!! Scheduled WUWJ&S for next week!

Q: Good morning bes! Patingin naman nang Bullet Journal mo! Please blog about it! Hindi ka ba nalilito? Kasi ako, litong lito na! Hahahah ♥ love you!
A: Not at all, it’s made a big difference in my life. Hehe. Yes, I’ll blog about that next week!

Q: Do you also read some YA? If yes, pls do read An Ember in the Ashes! It’s actually really good! Tell me what you think of the plot hehe. I adore you!! Xx
A: Ooooh ang taas ng ratings sa GoodReads ha! Putting it in my to-read list! Thanks!!

Q: Hi! Are you going to blog about Maxene’s engagement? :)
A: Baka umiyak lang ako!!! Hahaha most probably huhuhu

Q: Hi Saab, sorry for asking a very personal question but I hope you can share how you coped with losing your dad? I lost mine recently and I find myself crying almost everyday. I would really appreciate
A: I’m very sorry for your loss :( It’s perfectly normal to cry that much. For me, it was the same. And then it was as if he hadn’t passed away and I felt like he was just in his room. I think it’s because his memory lives on through his fans, his music, and people constantly bringing him up wherever I go. My family loves talking about him and laughing at his crazy antics during our family dinners. I think acceptance is when you know he is not in the physical world anymore and, sure, there’s still the “missing him” pain sometimes but mostly it’s happiness in his accomplishments and the legacy he left behind. In your case, that legacy is you. Let him live through you and you’ll be more determined than sad. *hug*

Q: Any thoughts on this year’s Oscars?
A: I just saw Moonlight last night and I think La La Land deserved Best Picture.

Q: Hi, Saab. What to do if you feel drowsily while studying/reading books?
A: Sit up straight, drink coffee, listen to reading music (there are playlists on Spotify), really put yourself in what you are reading. Make a movie in your mind!

Q: Saab, how to save money? Ang hirap kasi especially when I want to buy food or some stuff haha. Its so hard to control myself for spending too much.
A: Set a budget! Sit down, think of your past expenses – set a realistic monthly budget for bills, payments, savings and then one for your monthly allowance. Kung maubos mo yung allowance mo before the month ends, sorry pero gumapang ka nalang until next month!

Q: Saaaaaaaaaaab, make-up vlog plssssssssssss! :) And anuna ulit ang WAKE UP WITH JIM AND SAAB? Hehe LABYU!
A: Makeup vlog coming up later today!!!! PROMISE! Na-shoot ko na siya!! Voice over nalang. LOL.

Q: I read na magbabakasyon kayo dito sa Sydney, I hope I could meet you here or kahit makita ka lang in person :D anyway, I just want to ask, ano yung go-to outfit mo pag super lazy ka magdress up? :)
A: Yes, this April! My go-to outfit is a Cotton On dress (no need to wear a bra!), a jacket, and sneakers!

Q: Hi saab! Can you visit at any event in LPU laguna? (Please?) 😂 I really want to see you and you’re my crush omg 😍😍💕 i love you God bless 😬😂 (sorry for if I’m awkward)
A: Get us for a gig! cheatsph@gmail.com :)

Q: Hi, Saab! Gawa ka nga ng cover ng Audition (The Fools Who Dream) ni Emma Stone, please? Wala lang. Parang bagay sa boses mo eh. Thx labyu ;)
A: OMG cry-ola levels ako dun!!! I love that song omg challenge accepted?!?!?!!

Q: How can one be more genuine in social media? :)
A: Write what you know

Q: what was the longest time it took you to get over someone?
A: Mga 2 minutes. CHERET. Hmm. Might be my college boyfriend, I wasn’t over him when I started my next relationship. Tapos nagkabalikan kami. Tapos ayun over na pala kami sa isa’t isa so nag-break kami. Haha. It gets easier after your first heartbreak.

Q: Saab! I want to have a boyfriend now but no one’s courting me! What to do?
A: Why do you want a boyfriend now? Also, nobody’s courting you because
A) They don’t know you exist. Put yourself out there. Join Tinder (I’ve never but there’s no shame in meeting potential dates online!). Go out more.
B) You are not like-able. Work on your personality. Be a catch.

Q: Hi Saab, just want to know why you don’t wear your engagement ring with your wedding ring? I noticed lang sa pictures mo sa mga Ask Saab posts and na-curious lang. :)
A: Ang hassle tanggalin everytime naliligo ako eh. It’s happened plenty of times na pag wash ko ng face ko, nag turn yung diamond inwards and na-scratch ko face ko. Huhu. But I’m practicing taking it off and putting it back on after showering.

Q: Have you ever made the first move on a guy? :) Kahit subtle move lang hihi
A: Yes, a few times. Kay Jim years before we started dating, actually. Haha! Sumabay ako pauwi sa kanya and sa guitarist nila after watching a gig. Tapos kwentuhan on the way home tapos I said I had a solo thing uploaded online (BBYGRL) and he said send ko daw sakanya yung link. Sinend ko pag uwi ko yung link WITH A HEART HAHAHAHHAHAHAA medyo tipsy ako nun hehe. He never replied!!! MAY GIRLFRIEND PALA SIYA. Kakahiya. Hahhhaahaha. Oh well kasal na kami ngayon. *confetti*

Q: Saab, anong meaning ng kinagulyow at ediwups hahahaha di ko chende e charot
A: L U M A 😅

Q: Hello ate Saab! I want to read archie, but Idk where to start? What archie series do you recommend? Do you prefer archie spin offs?
A: Original Archie comics!! But you don’t really need to start anywhere. That’s the beauty of Archie. You can buy any digest and it’s still the same fun. Get the fun ones, wag yung mga dramatic yung cover!

Q: Hi Saab ❤ i find you so confident in a positive way.. chill and so relax! how to have that kind of outlook in life? loveyew!
A: The world is a mirror. If you’re negative, everything will respond negatively. If you’re happy and positive, people can’t help but be the same towards you!

Q: Saab, you are named after Isabella Rossellini right? What about “Simone”? Who’s the inspiration?
Love you btw. Since 2006. (PS I was a sophomore in HS then. :p )

A: I just asked my mom because I’ve never actually asked her that!!! Thanks for the prompt! She told me she named me after French actress Simone Signoret. Grabe ang taas ng standards!! I need to be more sosyal to deserve my name!!! Haha




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    March 27, 2017

    YASSS to giving the people what we (kasama ako syempre lelz) want!!! *more confetti* :)))

    • Reply


      March 27, 2017

      Thanks, Mayee!!!<3

  2. Reply


    March 27, 2017

    I’m so happy you’re back in the game once again!! Hehehe <3

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      March 28, 2017

      IKR?! Cos I met up with one of my blog readers (Mayee) last Saturday and she inspired me to keep updating my blog!!

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    March 27, 2017

    I just watched your makeup tutorial, and after reading this entry too, couldn’t stop smiling. So much fun! Thanks for keepin’ it real, Saab. Haha.

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      March 28, 2017


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    April 11, 2017

    OMG😍🤣bet ko yung t-shirt ganda😃

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    April 13, 2017

    *confetti all around* I’d love to keep up with your blog like I did when I was in Dubai, but it’s become difficult now because WORK. But just like Archie Comics, I can read your posts at any given time and it’s the same FUN! Love you, girl. YOU ARE SUPER!! ;)

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      April 18, 2017

      AWWWW that’s a huge compliment — I love Archie Comics!!

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    April 13, 2017

    Saaaab! A new fan right here! I’ve been back reading your blogs. :) Just want to know if you have already watched Simone by Andrew Niccol (2002 film)? Ganda neto! Natanong ko lang since Simone ka din. :)

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      April 18, 2017

      Yes, Al Pacino! Hehe

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    April 16, 2017

    Hi, Saab! You make me happy. ❤ I keep on replaying your WUWJ&S 1 and 2 because you’re too funny towards Jim. Keep inspiring! 🖒 When will the WUWJ&S 3 be released? ☺

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    June 7, 2017

    Hi saab,

    I wrote a message to you before and did not get any reply yet from you up to this time.

    • Reply


      June 9, 2017

      Sorry, I’m slowly answering questions from March pa!