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Ask Saab 64

June 6, 2017 1 Comments

Q: Hi Saab, which brand of contact lenses you used to wear before? Any good solution you could recommend as well? THANK YOU!!!❤️
A: Air Optix! Very breathable :) For the solution, any is good — they’re all the same :) But I used to buy either Opti-Free or Renu, whichever was available.

Q: Hi Love the blog and the band. I want to know if you have any business suggestions. A day job isn’t going to help me get my dream house, so another source of income would be great.
A: Thank you! Oh, I’m not a business person 😅 I guess it depends on what you’re good at. I know some corporate folks who bake cookies or cook party platters on the side because they’re culinarily gifted. If you’re not, maybe partner up with someone who is? Cook healthy meals and start providing lunches for your officemates? This is all off the top of my head lang so proceed with caution I KNOW NOTHING

Q: Can you please do a bullet journal setup? :)
A: That’s on the agenda!

Q: Hi saab! how can you say if the guy is the right one for you?
A: If you think you’re your best self when around him? If he brings out the best in you, ika nga ng 90’s boy band na BLUE.

Q: Do you have any tips on how to get over your first love? My first boyfriend (he’s actually a reader of your blog too! I influenced him. Hehehe) just broke up with me last month. :(
A: So sorry to hear about that :( I would say keep yourself busy with small projects. It’s normal to go through a grieving process. It won’t happen overnight, but it will get better ♥

Q: Hi, wala ka na bang plano e balik ang tumblr mo?
p.s. love u saab! been an avid reader since my college days :*

A: No hehe thank you!

Q: I really love your wedding Saab. I’ve watched it several times, still it is tear-jerking. Felt like I’m also there.♥ I wish one day I can attend your blog meet-ups but how, I’m not in Pinas. :(
A: Hello! Where are you from? Maybe when I visit your country!!

Q: hi saab! what are your pet peeves?
A: It used to be a lot but now I’m a lot more patient with people. Haha. But it usually has something to do with lack of personal space. Like when people talk super loud without regard for other people in the venue lalo na kung hindi naman inuman or whatever haha. People who talk really loud in the cinema, elevator, etc. People who don’t step out the elevator when people are getting off. People who don’t let people get off the elevator/train before getting on. ANYARE BAT ANG DAMI. I guess bad manners and etiquette are my pet peeve.

Q: Hi Saab! My bf is not the sweet type. Sometimes I can’t help but feel down and ask myself if am I not worthy of sweet deeds, of flowers and chocolates, of surprises? :( What should I do? I love him.
A: You can try talking to him :) Read up on the different love languages people have and discuss with him. It doesn’t have to be a cheesy, dramatic thing. Just say you chanced upon an article on the Internet. Even if he is not sweet, if he is aware that giving you chocolates is a way to make you feel loved then he should adjust because that is what a relationship is about :) If he dismisses you and thinks he’s too cool to be sweet — that’s a giant red flag. We don’t have time for pa-macho boys who don’t think your feelings are important. Good luck!

Q: How much water do u drink in a day?
A: I drink 2 liters!

Q: Hi Saab, what’s your favorite song from Best Coast? :)
A: Oooh hard one. Our Deal.

Q: Hi Saab! What’s your current go-to lipstick? :) – Cali
A: Hi Cali! Right now it’s the Beauty & The Beast one by Happy Skin. It was a gift from the Globe team after the premiere. :)

Q: Hi Saab! What are ur thoughts about having ur best friend migrate to the other side of the world? I’m really sad abt my best friend leaving the country. Of course, who wouldn’t right?
A: It won’t be easy. Try to keep in touch as much as you can! But it’s normal to lead separate lives naman. Make new friends but keep the old, diba?:) Maybe you can practice your writing by sending a weekly letter!

Q: Have you ever considered having the rock on your engagement ring upgraded?
A: No, do people actually do that?? What for? I don’t even wear my engagement ring anymore.

Q: Is it okay to greet an ex a happy birthday. He dumped me by the way. We don’t talk. Lels.
A: Why not, if you genuinely wish him to have a happy one? If you keep it short and don’t expect a reply, you should be fine :)


June 7, 2017


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    June 6, 2017

    I love BLUE!!! Grabe memories. Chazz.
    P.S. I really love how the last couple of Ask Saab posts turned out to be like an advice column. Galing mo, grrrl! HEHE :*