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· With some of my fave blog readers Mayee and Meryll Kae at the recent Besh Buy ·

June 7, 2017 2 Comments

Q: How long did you plan/accomplish stuff for your wedding? :)
A: We got married about 9 months after we got engaged. So I did it verrrry slowly, took it day by day.

Q: Hey Saab !! I’m about to start a blog and I AM FREAKING OUT. I love you and your work and just wanted some advice? How did you start and what inspires you ? PS My BF and I love you and Jim.
A: The most important thing is to stay honest. When I started, I have to admit I was a little TOO honest. Haha! But a little growing up helped me realize that just because you can say it doesn’t mean you should. Will what you write make the world a better place? Perhaps not, maybe yes. No matter what, stay true to what you know, don’t fake it, but be aware that you are putting these thoughts out into the universe. Good luck on your blog!

Q: Hi Saab! This is my last month as a student and I want to start an investment…do you know where can i invest? thank you!
A: Hi there! I have some accounts with the bank that I don’t touch. I just put 5k every month. It’s under BPI and it’s called Maxi-savers, I think? The interest is higher if you don’t touch it. Then there’s another investment (BPI-Philam) where we put 50k a year. That’s just a little over 4,000 a month. And then Jim has other investments under what’s called a mutual equity fund — I really don’t understand any of the investments but as long as our money is far away from me, I know it’s safe. LOL. That’s why I am also paying for a condominium that I purchased in 2011. Property is a good thing to invest in, at least that’s what I’ve heard. To be honest, I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my home loan but signing that contract has made me get off my ass and work every single day. Sa awa ng Diyos, I’ve never missed a payment. Partly because I set aside money every chance I get and I have about 6 months worth of amortization payments saved up in advance all the time just in case. Seriously, just talk to someone from the bank, ask for advice and just go for it. I have no idea what I’m doing but at least I have small pockets of money saved up for a rainy day :)

Q: Hi Saab! :) Having a Spellsaab app available for your fans would be awesome!!!! What do you think?
A: I wouldn’t know where to start!! Can you help? :))

Q: Naaalala mo pa ba when you did Lipgloss? How was it like doing the show? And can you share some memories during those times? (Ang throwback at ang daming tanong, sorry)
A: Yes! I remember smoking a lot of cigarettes on set. Makes me wanna gag thinking about it. Haha! I remember when Cheska Ortega’s character got run over by a car and her makeup was all bloody. It was night time and we were shooting at a school (Lyceum), we were having fun by taking fun photos na kunwari we didn’t know she was standing in the back like a bloody ghost. As we took the picture, the lights went off. We thought somebody just turned off the lights in the classroom just for fun so we were laughing and saying turn it back on na but apparently, the whole school experienced a black out. It was very scary and we learned not to mock the dead. More creepy things happened that night but I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it!!

Q: What were your dream come trues?
A: Being in a band, falling in love with a best friend.

Q: Hi, saab. Anong gagawin mo kapag yung roommate mo, tsismosa at sobrang mareklamo like ang selan snya but she’s not that clean either. Pero she’s way older than me. I’m afraid to disrespect her
A: You can only control yourself so just clean up after yourself :)

Q: Hi girl! Fan-girling on you lately! Love your outfits! Do you do Garage sales or sell your preloved clothes? And may Linyalinya ba sa MOA? Mwa. Love Domestic Disputes! Waiting for Part 5. Lol <3
A: Omg full disclosure March pa submitted itong questions na to. I feel so horrible for letting them sit in my mailbox for so long 😱 Kaya nga ito na nga, I’m tackling them na! Publishing a Q&A every single day at 10AM!! To answer your question, yes we’ve done BeshBuy a couple of times. I’m not sure that I would do it any time soon because I have no more clothes na!! Haha. Maybe twice a year nalang ako mag ganon 😅 There’s no Linya-Linya in MOA, you can check their branches here. Rebranding my podcast with Jim!! But I want to make it a weekly show.

Q: What do you think of Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide? :)
A: I haven’t listened to it!! Ito ba yung may “owa owa owa owaaaaaaa I’m in love with your body” chorva? That song is so catchy.

Q: If given the chance to move abroad, in which country would you like to settle down with your family?
A: Canada, Australia, Japan, France (specifically Paris or Rome). Omg imagine my future baby speaking French. I would die of gigil.

Q: Hello saab! Are you using any fujifilm cameras? :) -KC
A: No but I’m curious because I know a lot of people use Fujifilm!

Q: Should i get mad if i caught my boyfriend secretly checking out a sexy chic in the mall while we’re together? Or is it normal for boys to do that? If you were me, what would you do?
A: I think it’s normal for a person’s eyes to be drawn by something beautiful but glancing is different from ogling. Know the difference and batukan mo siya if it’s the latter. Chos.

Q: Hi, can you recommend me good OPM bands? I used to be a fan of OPM bands back in hs but when I moved to Canada I haven’t been updated since then. I feel like you’re the best person to ask hehe
A: Here’s an update! A lot of the bands here don’t like the term OPM. They think it puts our music in a box. I personally don’t think it’s a big deal if some people want to throw that little “Pinoy pride” tag around. I prefer calling it music but if they want to call it OPM, I don’t find it offensive or repressive. ANYWAY. So let’s call them local bands instead? Dami kong sinabi. Listen to Ourselves The Elves, Oh! Flamingo, Autotelic! I sure hope you’ve listened to Cheats 🙈

Q: hi saab 😊 I really love everything about you, from your nails to your hair, kahit 23 na aku I still really really like u.. nagbabasa na aku ng blog mu since 13 aku. hehe 😙😙 ily
A: Tenkyuuu

Q: Hi Saab! I’ve been a fan of your blog since my 3rd year in high school (already in my 3rd year in College)! I want to start a blog too, but I don’t know where to start huhu. Any advice? :)
A: Choose a platform (Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr?) and click the create a blog button. Don’t overthink it. Thank you for still being here with me 💕


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